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  1. FWIW, as a fan of both the USMNT and Trinidad & Tobago, I found it very disconcerting to see the USA in red and T&T in white w/ black shorts last Thursday. It took me and my dad a beat to figure out which team was which: The USMNT traditionally wears white shirts w/ dark shorts; the Soca Warriors traditionally wear red (see below). One would think that both teams could've worn their primary kits with no clash; why the switch up? I thought teams would be fine with both sides wearing dark shorts, provided that the tops were contrasting, but perhaps that's also something to be avoided?
  2. The Spurs have joined the Red Lantern Corps.
  3. It looks more like a speeding locomotive, or an extended scepter, or basketball sperm. Regardless, it's *bad*. And, it's off-brand. No one can clearly figure out what it is, or what it's suppose to represent. Is the ball whooshing through the D? If so: why introduce motion when the rest of the brand is static?
  4. I dunno about that. The DC logo is featured prominently in the background of this recent offseason interview with Wizards' GM Ernie "I get to keep my job forever" Grunfeld: I'm not a fan. The "DC" font doesn't fit in with any other aspect of the team's identity. The "dc" hand logo is far superior. It's simpler and cleaner, it's a nice nod to multiple eras of the team's history (the hand from the Unseld-era Bullets; the italicized slant from the Muggsy Bogues-era Bullets), and it looks great on a baseball cap. That's as classy a secondary logo as there is in the NBA. If the team ever became truly successful, that logo would have a chance to become iconic in a way that very few NBA secondary logos do. The DC monument logo posted earlier would undermine the dc logo, and as such should have no place in the team's current identity.
  5. I thought Adidas' current uni template can't accommodate split fonts for the jersey #s -- which is why Memphis had give up their split font #s. Perhaps Nike has a viable solution.
  6. I like it. The only thing that distracts me now is the first "T" in "DETROIT" vs. the "T" in "PISTONS." I think you should use the same "T" in both places (whether it be the block "T" or the one with the rounded leading edge on the crossbar).
  7. "anatomically-correct"
  8. I'd imagine that Nike would encourage the Cavs change up the the three-stripe trim. The stripes aren't the standard weight used by Adidas on their ubiquitous (and trademarked) pattern, but it's probably still too close for Nike's tastes.
  9. I wonder if the Wizards are emphasizing their stars & stripes alts during the playoffs because they plan to declare them as new primaries as soon as the league permits. Not necessarily because the alts are a superior or more popular design than the current primaries (reasonable minds can differ), but because the current primaries' design is not as conducive to placing a sponsor logo in upper left corner, due to the horizontal stripe. A thought.
  10. *That's* the team. They modified the yoke a bit (it ends higher on the shoulders), but that's it. Re: the Brooklyn templates: ugh. Why do the chevron stripe in *white* (instead of green or navy)? It's barely noticeable.
  11. It was cheap, admittedly, but I thought it was pretty good as far as ripostes go. (ducks)
  12. I think the back stripe was a cool and unique design choice; I too wish they had found a way to save it (while still keeping the #s legible). White #s (outlined in grey) with a blue stripe (and a white yoke) would've made the #s pop more. Or, they could've gone red yoke/white panel/blue stripe (like the home unis), only with red torsos and white #s outlined in grey. I agree that the blue alts are a big step down. Virtually every design element (aside from the contrast yoke) feels generic and untethered from the team's brand and/or history. Oddly enough, Adidas has repurposed that design as a template: I forget where I saw it, but if memory serves, either a small college or an international team used a recolored version of the blue alts.
  13. I'm surprised you give a rip about this at all.
  14. You're right that demand outstripped projections, but I suspect that the projections were extremely conservative. Wizards merch doesn't appear to sell that well. I went to the NBA flagship store in NYC ~8 years ago; I asked if they stocked Wizards shorts. The rep replied, "nah, we only carry the main teams."
  15. Is it me, or is there something different/strange about the jersey texture -- especially on the sleeves? It almost looks like felt.