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  1. keynote

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Actually, I think that might be a graphical error -- that else, or a design choice by Nike that's specific to their swingman replicas. Here's a pic of new Wizards rookie Troy Brown, taken during his official photo shoot. The shorts still have the dc logo.
  2. keynote

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Are the Wizards removing the "dc" from the front of the shorts? On This listing is for the "Washington Wizards Nike Icon Swingman Basketball Shorts – Red": This listing is for the "Washington Wizards Nike 2018/19 Icon Edition Swingman Shorts - Red":
  3. keynote

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I like that OKC wordmark -- but is that black and not navy? If black: why not go with navy?
  4. keynote

    U.S. Space Force Logo Vote

    Like that matters. This is a revenue grab. MAGA hats sold despite spending zero effort on the design. A shirt or cap with one of these logos will sell like *hotcakes*. On a related note: a few folks have apparently rushed to the USPTO to file "intent-to-use" applications to register "SPACE FORCE" as a trademark. I'd be surprised if any of them succeed.
  5. keynote

    U.S. Space Force Logo Vote

    None of these are good designs. But, they're all a lot better than the MAGA hats, which look like they were embroidered at a shopping mall kiosk. And, as long as the designs tap into the same nostalgia/child-like appeal that the name "SPACE FORCE" has, the Trump campaign will make a mint off of "Space Force"-branded merch.
  6. keynote

    Sierra Mist? Mist Twst?

    "MIST TWST" sounds like the brand for a caffeinated soda. Did Pepsi briefly introduce caffeine to the formula, like they once (briefly) did with Orange Slice?
  7. keynote

    NBA Literal Jersey Series

    Agreed. And, perhaps, a hood in the back? I'm not sure if the robe needs embroidery, astrological symbols, etc. -- something else to connote wizardry. Perhaps a magical-looking brooch, e.g, an Eye of Agamotto. You could also add a white beard down the front. I'm digging the series overall.
  8. keynote

    New Batgirl Costume

    The 2014 version was great: more functional, more realistic, less sexualized, and easier to transition into a live-action look. The 2014 design generated a *ton* of accolades and great press at the time; it was part of a welcome trend that included Marvel's redesign from Ms. Marvel in a one-piece french cut bikini with a sash to Captain Marvel in a far more practical, zip-up military-esque jumpsuit (and a sash). (We can guess which version Brie Larson will wear in her upcoming movie) Given the resurgence in books with female leads -- and a growing recognition of the buying power of the female comic book fan audience -- I'm surprised that DC went in this direction.
  9. I'm surprised they didn't incorporate a red-and-white gingham trim motif to evoke a pizza parlour tablecloth.
  10. keynote

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    The Mile High shorts need a gold border to make the mountains pop more.
  11. Former Sec. of State (and possible future NFL commish?) Condoleezza Rice: Jimmy Carter in Braves gear. Rep. Gerald Ford in a Senators uni. Gov. Bill Weld (MA) and Sen. Paul Tsongas in Lowell Spinners gear:
  12. Indeed -- they were the hosts.
  13. DC mayor Muriel Bowser with the Nats jersey and the ice.
  14. German Chancellor (and candidate for Leader of the Free World) Angela Merkel, resplendent in a football kit and bubbles.
  15. It feels more like early-80s to me -- like a screenshot from "Benson."