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  1. I thought Adidas' current uni template can't accommodate split fonts for the jersey #s -- which is why Memphis had give up their split font #s. Perhaps Nike has a viable solution.
  2. I like it. The only thing that distracts me now is the first "T" in "DETROIT" vs. the "T" in "PISTONS." I think you should use the same "T" in both places (whether it be the block "T" or the one with the rounded leading edge on the crossbar).
  3. "anatomically-correct"
  4. I'd imagine that Nike would encourage the Cavs change up the the three-stripe trim. The stripes aren't the standard weight used by Adidas on their ubiquitous (and trademarked) pattern, but it's probably still too close for Nike's tastes.
  5. I wonder if the Wizards are emphasizing their stars & stripes alts during the playoffs because they plan to declare them as new primaries as soon as the league permits. Not necessarily because the alts are a superior or more popular design than the current primaries (reasonable minds can differ), but because the current primaries' design is not as conducive to placing a sponsor logo in upper left corner, due to the horizontal stripe. A thought.
  6. *That's* the team. They modified the yoke a bit (it ends higher on the shoulders), but that's it. Re: the Brooklyn templates: ugh. Why do the chevron stripe in *white* (instead of green or navy)? It's barely noticeable.
  7. It was cheap, admittedly, but I thought it was pretty good as far as ripostes go. (ducks)
  8. I think the back stripe was a cool and unique design choice; I too wish they had found a way to save it (while still keeping the #s legible). White #s (outlined in grey) with a blue stripe (and a white yoke) would've made the #s pop more. Or, they could've gone red yoke/white panel/blue stripe (like the home unis), only with red torsos and white #s outlined in grey. I agree that the blue alts are a big step down. Virtually every design element (aside from the contrast yoke) feels generic and untethered from the team's brand and/or history. Oddly enough, Adidas has repurposed that design as a template: I forget where I saw it, but if memory serves, either a small college or an international team used a recolored version of the blue alts.
  9. I'm surprised you give a rip about this at all.
  10. You're right that demand outstripped projections, but I suspect that the projections were extremely conservative. Wizards merch doesn't appear to sell that well. I went to the NBA flagship store in NYC ~8 years ago; I asked if they stocked Wizards shorts. The rep replied, "nah, we only carry the main teams."
  11. Is it me, or is there something different/strange about the jersey texture -- especially on the sleeves? It almost looks like felt.
  12. Oops. I knew that.
  13. I'll also note that the numbers are far easier to read on the alts than on the primaries. I like the primaries' homage to the classic Bullets unis, but two "modernizing" design choices -- the selection of a condensed # font, and the use of a single grey/silver keyline -- result in a design that doesn't provide enough contrast between the jersey #s, the horizontal stripe, and the jersey # itself. The classic Bullets design used a double keyline and a traditional block jersey # font, resulting in more legible jersey #s. The original version of the Wizards primaries was even worse in this regard, because the horizontal stripe continued around the back. E.g., Wall's jersey from his rookie (EDIT - second) year: The Wizards fixed that the following season; here's the current version: The stars and stripes unis, of course, don't have any horizontal stripes that intersect with the jersey #s. And, they've replaced the silver keyline with a double keyline reminiscent of the double keyline used in the Unseld era. All this said: I don't think the stars and stripes design works well as a primary, because: i) features the city name instead of the team name; and ii) I'm not sure that the template design lends itself well to a navy or red road version.
  14. You'll find some good examples here.
  15. Hmm. I thought these threads weren't allowed to include rappers.