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  1. Seth Rollins should use the Springboard High Knee as his finisher. His new finisher looks confusing and weak.
  2. I guess/assume they are really trying to spread out SD Live with new superstars with in the show. If it gets over, I'm okay with that. So we shall see what happens with the way they are going with this.
  3. Fantasy thinking here. At the end of SD Live tonight with the triple threat match, have Brock Lesnar come out and destroy them all claiming his new home on SD Live. With Bray Wyatt moving to Raw have him win the Title from Orton, moving each belt to the opposite brand. Heck they could even re-design The Universal Title ( maybe blue lether, etc, or a completely different design like they did with the NXT titles ). I think this reason gives Bray Wyatt some hope at still being at the top rather than bury him. Plus it gives Balor some hope at putting him back into the title shot ( Since he got injured and had to forfeit the title ). They could also have Corbin win the IC title from Ambrose and bring it back over to SD Live but with a new title design and, the same with the US Title ( since there are rumors of new belt designs for the US and IC titles ). So in the end It might be crazy idea but , I think imo this way would be a great way to bring in the New Titles Designs. As well as the idea of Wyatt winning the Title and bringing it back to Raw.
  4. AJ vs Nakamura... bring it on. Maybe reform The Club on sd too... Take my money SD !
  5. Alexis Bliss ... Bangerang.
  6. INB4 RR shows up on SD tomorrow night.
  7. Bray Wyatt to Raw. Another Bummer. I guess this means big changes to SD's roster.
  8. I was hoping he was going to stay on SD as well. Its not the same mocking DB when they are not even on the same show. Plus like you said he did great work on SD. So I hope this move to Raw only gives him a bigger push let alone, maybe a future title shot. IMO he deserves it.
  9. A funny man who always made me laugh. You will be missed Mr.Warmth.
  10. I dream of Nakamura vs AJ Styles in WWE one day... one day.
  11. Fans are savages tonight lol. Not even muting out the F word.
  12. Could ya Imagine RR coming out on Raw tomorrow with The Undertaker's Coat and Hat claiming its his yard now. Be great way to Milk it with the fans.
  13. I think it was more of The Undertaker. What do you expect from a 50 year old man trying to pull up with his legs. Ya can only do so much.
  14. Here is a great way to get RR over as a top Heel imo. Have him win tonight against The Undertaker. Buy destroy him almost like what HHH did at WM 27. Then have RR drafted to SD Live. Slowly turn him into a heel on SD Live. Then as next years WM arrives have The Undertaker ( who claimed SD is his yard ) return to SD but as a broken down old man ( basically like in the movie Logan ) to say he wants redemption. Then for next years WM have RR finally end The Undertaker. It would put the curse of New Orleans on The Undertaker with his past but imo a good way to really shove it in the fans face to not only be the only guy to defeat The Undertaker twice at WM but to finally end to The Undertaker.