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  1. Maybe they go to NXT ? I dont know if that would work but I assume if they are only working part time they could play an interesting role in NXT. Side note are they giving subtle hints about this "Evolution 2.0"? Owens talking about playing the game past week and then this week talking about his character being "Evolution". Along with the clean suit he's been wearing (along with SJ ), who knows is this really in play ?
  2. Its good to see you again sunshine.
  3. With that incident Nikki bumping into Maryse there you have it. Miz/Maryse vs Cena/Bella at WM.
  4. Or Vince going " Put Reigns in the EC match, dammit ! "
  5. I was watching that live stream on Youtube when it all went down. It was pure gold. Side note. It looks like 2 matches rumored for WM could be in the booking.
  6. For a split second I had a feeling the ending would turn like that. But I'm glad to see SJ finally on WWE TV. SJ vs Rollins could be a fun feud.
  7. Odd thinking but (seems anything is possible at this moment ), could there be a triple threat with RR , UT and BS at WM ?
  8. Defiantly not my first. But its not like I can compare it to Shawn Michael's 1995 Royal Rumble.
  9. More I think about it, there was alot of guys laying around. I enjoy watch guys trying to eliminate each other and hanging off the ropes, double teaming , etc. Mostly it was just alot of laying around. It was okay but the ending was the focus it seemed.
  10. Didn't expect him to win it. But not mad as well.
  11. I suddenly hear Vince with his evil laugh in the background at all of us right now.
  12. Put me on that list too.
  13. By the time he gets to the ring it would be number 30.
  14. Could Jericho win it ? Have Best Friends duel it out at WM ?