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  1. WWE Fastlane 2016

    That was more surreal than I thought. That really sucked but, I guess for the benefit of his health its a good thing. Anyone watch after raw with that awkward hug with Vince ?
  2. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Plus, hes only has less than 10 mins for his retirement speech ? Ric Flair had up to 20. Like you, something is up.
  3. WWE Fastlane 2016

    I feel like this is a work for DB. I don't know why but I remember when Edge retired there was no promo hype of his career, he basically just came out and told everyone he cant wrestle anymore. Even then people thought that was fake.    But at the same time I remember a interview with DB saying that when I'm done with wrestling I'll probably just shave off all of my hair and beard and live in the woods. So at the same time It could be true. So at this point I dont know. Wrestling can be a very odd place, yet entertaining when it comes to it being real or not. 
  4. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    Jennifer Coolidge has aged.
  5. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    I'm surprised hes not ejected for that play. He could of done some serious damage.
  6.   Because I want to join in on the fun on the "idea" of what the Leafs Uniforms will look like, here is my take :     May not be the greatest but, with Shanny talking about Conn Smythe, this was my initial thought on what direction the Leafs may go.  Either way like the logo, the uniforms will probably have a meaning/tradition regarding the Maple Leafs.    
  7.   You and your co-worker did an amazing job on this. Taking the time to acknowledge the history of Leafs and making sure it was done right... no pressure of course right ? lol Did you also take part in the uniforms as well ( or is that too much to spoil ) ?
  8. And there she is. I like. Very retro.  I like the little subtle details and the representations of and in the logo. Is it me or did they also go back the the lighter blue ?
  9. If true, I'm completely okay with this. Cant wait to see the full set with uniforms and all.
  10. Mainly the biggest reason why I'm all for this change.
  11. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    I think AJ Styles theme is a clean version of:  DMX - Ain't No Sunshine. If not its very similar. 
  12. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    HES HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    That was an awesome match. Entertaining from the start. 
  14. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    Here are my two cents on the RR match.  With Roman Reigns going #1, I think Brock Lesnar will go #2. I also think it will end with those two ending the RR match. With there feud history and how Raw ended last week with those two brawling, I could see them both starting the RR. Then you have them brawl during the RR match, of course taking out others as more come along with those two only in the ring for a while brawling ( say Bryan Wyatt comes in and then the ring fills up ). 2 options, if not 3. One would be Roman Reigns wins the rumble match ( outside interference maybe ? ). The other option would be the help of HHH helping Roman Reigns win the rumble match ( heel turn of course ). No one would guess that and, I think it would help escalate the feud ( even story ) to WM but with a pure heel vs a lovable face. Because at this point the two are basically looked at as two faces in the WWE.  Other option would be, having Daniel Bryan ( yes I'm still sticking to that lol ) win the RR and the title. I could see Roman Reigns being eliminated half way during the RR match ( say around #16 with the cost of HHH's help ). I think doing that would obviously give the hint of HHH vs Roman Reigns at WM, but eliminating him that early , no would expect and give the RR match more hope and potential as to whom the next champion could be. Because at this point Roman Reigns going at #1 is pretty predictable at this point knowing hes either going to win or come down to the last 2 in the match. Then of course with that option, the RR match would end with Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan with Daniel Bryan winning the match and the title and, hopefully a feud going into WM 32 giving us a potential David vs Goliath match I realized that none of this will come true but, I've clearly had to much time to think about this lol.
  15. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    If Steelers win this, then they deserve to win this.