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  1. I like it. I guess with the updates we saw from SS ( ring post, ramp , etc ) will apply to both Raw and SD.
  2. Was the ending a set up for Survivor Series ? Or a bizarre way to get SD over ( ya know the "tune into to SD to find out what happened!" ). Very interesting night with alot of mixed signals.
  3. The boo's everytime the belt is shown. This should be interesting.
  4. So I guess SD WWE tittle will be the same expect in blue ?
  5. I was actually guna reply with a "woof!" .
  6. Once Ziggler came out I knew by his reaction that there was something more to this. I guess due to time limit Ziggler just seemed disappointing right from the start. Shame too with good promos you'd expect them to shine more. I guess they gota build up Reigns status again.
  7. Owens and Jericho are too good. I hope they keep them together for awhile. Reminds of Edge and Jericho ( even for that very very short time ). "I love you Chris ! " , " I love you too man ! "
  8. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
  9. When Smackdown first started, it was Blue.
  10. I'm confused lol. So the new Universal belt with be blue on a show base around the colour red?
  11. I'd be okay if they went with something like this. I do hope the belt has some "traditional" look to it. Heck even the big eagle belt would but if they come out with something like this, i'll be okay with it.
  12. Well I for one is glad to see the Red Ropes back. I wounder if they will do the same for SD ( I'm assuming) and maybe a different set up using the same equipment if that makes sense. Either way it was interesting and fun too. I look forward to seeing SD live and how it plays out.
  13. Is SD only been shown from the panel show ?