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  1. Vegas fans, "Cool logo. Now lets go gamble" .
  2. Lmao omg. Pure gold.
  3. Holy crap its Christopher Nowinski.
  4. My body is ready for Rogue One.
  5. I think its based on the arena. They will do that time to time to adjust to each arena. Also these camera angles are annoying so far tonight. The low angle ( as if we are looking at a giant ), to the very closed in view. Its a good match but its really hard to take it in when you can`t visualize the whole concept, if any of that makes sense.
  6. Call me crazy but I like when Cena "brings it". Maybe hes bringing that back, that old Cena where he would drop bombs and get "real" on the mic. Either way it makes great entertainment. Also I love watching AJ Styles even when hes not on the mic. Those subtle things he does when the camera catches him makes him truly show his art/talent in the ring.
  7. Would this be a good time ( tonight ) for Curt Hawkins to debut and help AJ win the title. Be a good interesting way and heck, even start a new "club" on SD.
  8. For some odd reason I see Mick Foley turning heel and siding with HHH. Maybe making some new "cooperation" or w.e. But who knows, maybe they are trying to do a attitude era feel where Vince would try and take charge ( this time with HHH and Foley ) , with having Steph coming out and making the "right" call. But who knows.
  9. I think they are using the same "zoomed" angle they use with NXT. I don't really like it because it takes away from the crowd. But with NXT I makes more since its a smaller crowd. I also wish they would get rid of the coloured lights on the audience. Really takes away from the crowd. I get it but I think if they got rid of the lights, it would make the show look more open ? If that makes sense ?
  10. I had a feeling KO was guna win but not like that. That was awesome.
  11. I like it. I guess with the updates we saw from SS ( ring post, ramp , etc ) will apply to both Raw and SD.
  12. Was the ending a set up for Survivor Series ? Or a bizarre way to get SD over ( ya know the "tune into to SD to find out what happened!" ). Very interesting night with alot of mixed signals.