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  1. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    I like it. Better than what I expected with the rumors. But in the end I'm looking forward to the final results !
  2. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    I took a shot on what i'd like to see for the Argos, based on the teaser image ( I'm sure it will be completely different ). But I did this concept a while ago ( in spoiler below to see ). Now seeing that they are bringing a light blue outline to the jerseys, I touched my concept up a bit based on what I see. I know there is no stripe down the middle but, it would be nice if they went something similar to this ( but that's just me ).
  3. 2016 WWE Payback

    Pretty much. I also love the little subtle hint of, getting the "band" back together with AJwearing all black.
  4. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    Bullet Club will for sure debut at Paypack and cost AJ the match.
  5. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    3 ROH guys in the main event... Im digging it.
  6. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    With HHH entrance and RR's this match will be maybe 5-10 mins !
  7. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    So I guess hes guna Introduce RR ?
  8. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    Oh god, now hes guna talk.
  9. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    Maybe they come down and help HHH which will lead to the Rock helpingRR ? Who knows but im sure there will be some involvementwith that match.
  10. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    Shane is nuts.
  11. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    That Spanish table has a thick coating of padding on the top. Be prepared.
  12. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    Maybe its part of the brand split? That way we haveSteph takeover SD ( maybe even face ? )and Shane with Raw. Leaving HHH to take fullcontrol NXT and off TV.
  13. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    I have a feeling the Rock comes down and helps RR win the belt. Maybe even set up HHH vs The Rock for WM 33 ?
  14. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    That was a good.... Women's match.
  15. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    Must be something big to haveATGMBR go on after the Divas Championship Match.