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  1. I'd be okay if they went with something like this. I do hope the belt has some "traditional" look to it. Heck even the big eagle belt would but if they come out with something like this, i'll be okay with it.
  2. Well I for one is glad to see the Red Ropes back. I wounder if they will do the same for SD ( I'm assuming) and maybe a different set up using the same equipment if that makes sense. Either way it was interesting and fun too. I look forward to seeing SD live and how it plays out.
  3. Is SD only been shown from the panel show ?
  4. Was anyone else expected a plot twist when Vince was making a decisions on who runs what show ? From the past and what we usually see, I was expecting Vince to say ",and running Smackdown will be...ME!". Either way I like the choices on who is running each show.
  5. Brock representing Canada. I dig it lol.
  6. That was my first instant thought. The whole thing just seems bizarre. What he could of done like you mentioned in Jan to waiting 2 days before July 1st on what he already knew he wanted ? I'm so confused at this point lol.
  7. I wont lie at first seeing the jerseys alone I was skeptic. But seeing the full set I'm okay with this. It does have a nice heritage look to the new uniforms. I like the custom fonts as well and the larger crest. I will miss the socks but I guess it works since It is all matching now. I'm okay with this overall and why they went with that they did representing a part of each area of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  8. So I dont know if this is true but apparently a leak came out of the PPV Schedule for 2016 ( I'll put it in spoilers for the sake of it ). If true this is very confusing lol.
  9. What i saw was just the introductions of each Wrestler ( which was broadcaster live on Facebook, very odd ). BUT apparently they are already taping the matches. I was hoping for live live but, if this is the case like you said its going to be a pain.
  10. I just got the end of the CWC via facebook. Looks pretty good. Has a WCW feel to it but im really look forward to this.
  11. A great logo ruined by a bland uniform design. I mean its okay but I expected something completely different with the uniforms. Its one of those uniforms that will grow on me.
  12. Lebron finally got what he wanted. What a game. Congrats to the Cavs !
  13. I love "The Club" new attire. A big, big, big reference to the Bullet Club ( and njpw ). I'm surprised WWE allowed it, either way I'm all for it.
  14. So, is there any updates on the Maple Leaf uniforms ? I know the rumors of unveiling on/around the time of the Draft and, since that is nearing I'd figured someone knows something ( plus I'm getting anxious lol ) ?
  15. What the hell lol.