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  1. Well, its better than what they had before I suppose.
  2. I suddenly have a massive headache right now.
  3. Good lord, those collars suck the life out of each uniform. Its the NFL Toilet Seat Collars all over again.
  4. Will there be a online stream to watch the unveiling of the NHL Adidas uniforms ?
  5. Someone had to relive the toilet seat collars....
  6. If true. Colorado... welcome home. What in the blue hell did they do with the Leafs collar?
  7. Looks like the Oilers leaks are true... dear god. From what I can see, The Vegas Golden Knights looks surprising good. But I'm very curious to see all NHL uniforms and how the new collars play with the uniforms ( yes I'm hooked on the collars ).
  8. Like other(s) have said, the collar is going to have a big effect on how each uniform looks. It certainly works for Columbus.
  9. That trust fall is hilarious.
  10. I ain't even mad.
  11. Breezango remind me of Team Hell No. I think you need some comedy in WWE. As long as they dont get buried I think it could work.
  12. Welp he lost. I was hoping for good momentum in his character. Also did they just show a fan/kid's reaction with a TNA belt on ?
  13. I think DZ will win this match. I think its the only way he can get over as a heel let alone his character. I think its the only way they can convince the fans as DZ being a heel. SN will get over regardless even with this lost. But that's just me.
  14. Big shocker when I found out. I'm a big fan of the Seattle Grunge bands. More importantly, a band I grew up listening too. Its a big shocker and like others said he will be missed.
  15. Uh oh, they have....Broken the Hardys...