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  1. I did my best to make some quick changes ( hopefully good ) to what you suggested. I made the strap thicker around the edges and something that resembled the WWE Championship belt. I did like the edges sticking out sorta like the wings on the WWE Winged Eagle belt. As for the side plates, it was more complicated than I thought so I just messed around and kept that "royalty" look. Hopefully it works and blends with the front. Again its just based off a mock-up that I did ( I may get into it one day unless someone else wants to jump on it and make it look more professional ). Other than that I had fun doing this and may keep working on it. I'll post it in the spoiler. Side note, I came across watching Hulk Hogan return as Hulkamania back in the good old WCW days. But I was curious how long did WCW ( even into the invasion angle I believe ) did they use the Big Gold belt with the dent on the top ?
  2. Its happening !!! I think. I did a quick mock-up on what I had in mind with the UK Championship belt. An idea on what I'd like to see. I'll put it in the spoilers ( mind you its a quick rough up job but the idea is there... I hope ).
  3. I'd imagine if they got rid of that border on the UK belt and sized up the front design it would look even better imo. But one can dream huh.
  4. I've mentioned it before about the colour scheme in the audience. How it takes away from the crowd. Even on the screen they don't even show the match now, its just show logo on the screen. I really wish they would take away the lighting in the background. Imo it would make it more opened, rather than feel like a show at a bar ( it that even makes sense ). But too much colour for both raw and sd is really over the top. With the belts going with the colour scheme as well, I dont know how the contrast on a person's eyes does not get over the top to look at.
  5. Poor AJ. Worst spot to get a cut.
  6. Vegas fans, "Cool logo. Now lets go gamble" .
  7. Lmao omg. Pure gold.
  8. Holy crap its Christopher Nowinski.
  9. My body is ready for Rogue One.
  10. I think its based on the arena. They will do that time to time to adjust to each arena. Also these camera angles are annoying so far tonight. The low angle ( as if we are looking at a giant ), to the very closed in view. Its a good match but its really hard to take it in when you can`t visualize the whole concept, if any of that makes sense.
  11. Call me crazy but I like when Cena "brings it". Maybe hes bringing that back, that old Cena where he would drop bombs and get "real" on the mic. Either way it makes great entertainment. Also I love watching AJ Styles even when hes not on the mic. Those subtle things he does when the camera catches him makes him truly show his art/talent in the ring.
  12. Would this be a good time ( tonight ) for Curt Hawkins to debut and help AJ win the title. Be a good interesting way and heck, even start a new "club" on SD.