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  1. Dilbert

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I know Jimmy McLaughlin had MLS experience with Philadelphia and Justin Hoyte has Premier League experience. Newton had a great start to the season but when Richey took over after being injured they both played lights out. I think Spencer was maybe a smidge better. What I think may be interesting is if we pick up Mitch Hildebrant from Atlanta in the expansion draft. That would be fun to watch him come back.
  2. Dilbert

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    The expansion draft is tomorrow and FC Cincinnati can pick up to five players. So far 11 players and Coach Alan Koch are returning from last season: Alan Koch- USL Coach of the Year 2018 (His entire coaching staff is also returning) Fanendo Adi- 3 goals, joined mid season from Portland last year Fatai Alashe-1 goal, joined mid season from San Jose last year Nazmi Albadawi- 11 goals last season Corben Bone- 12 goals last season, one of the two remaining players from inaugural season. Justin Hoyte-1 goal, international spot Forrest Lasso-3 goals, 2018 USL Defender of the Year Emmanuel Ledesma-16 goals, 2018 USL MVP, international spot Jimmy McLaughlin- 2 goals, one of the two remaining players from inaugural season, fan favorite Blake Smith-1 goal Emery Welshman-4 goals, international spot Spencer Richey- 11-1-2 in 14 regular season appearances with 1.29 goals against average, played last season on loan from Vancouver
  3. Dilbert

    2018 NFL Season

    That moment when the Browns are not in last place in the AFC North, because when Hue Jackson left for the Bengals he brought the Browns failures with him.
  4. Dilbert

    Las Vegas Aviators officially announced as new name of MiLB team

    Go figure the one time we get a normal good team name and we get a horrible logo from it. Of all the rebrands and new clubs we have seen this offseason, this is the best name but worst look.
  5. Reds- Black needs to be eliminated from the teams colors. Bengals- I miss the leaping tiger, the striped B is just too simple. FC Cincinnati- a little too early to tell. Ill wait until it takes the field with their new look. Cincinnati Cyclones- I still think it looks like a toilet flushing. Colors arent bad but I miss the Twister
  6. Dilbert

    Las Vegas Aviators officially announced as new name of MiLB team

    Big downgrade. Im cool with the aviators name and wordmark but the face/helmet thing is oof.
  7. Dilbert

    Philadelphia Phillies Unveil New Primary Logo

    The Phillies were long overdue for a new look and overall I like it (although I was thinking they would have just gone with the cap logo like the Pirates, Rockies, Brewers, Padres)
  8. Dilbert

    The Freedom Football League

    If this league even gets off the ground I they will probably play at high school or small colleges. The only league I think might actually have a little success would be the AAF. The XFL will probably fizzle after their first year just like their predecessor. These other leagues probably wont even get past the planning stages.
  9. Dilbert

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    The Keys have a deal with the Orioles through 2020 and i havent heard of any rebranding or color changes for Frederick. I think its just a one off for the all star game
  10. Dilbert

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I pretty much dumped the Reds in favor of my second favorite MLB club, the Cubs, just after they hosted the all star game in 2015. Havent even been to a game since around 2014. Only been to one Bengals game my whole life, a game back in 1998 against the Packers. Both clubs have the same problem in which the ownership has done nothing to solve their problems or listen to their fans. The Reds pretty much live off of their farm system because they pay way to much for Joey Votto and for Homer Bailey to sit on the DL all year. As soon as a player becomes a decent player or a fan favorite they trade him away. Its come to the Reds being the farm club for the rest of MLB basically. They have had horrible managing from Bryan Price and Riggleman wasnt any better. I was hoping they would hire Joe Girardi or John Farell but instead we get David Bell who has zero MLB managerial experience. The ownership doesnt listen to the fans and relies on opening day, bobbleheads, anything Pete Rose, or whenever the Cubs or Cardinals come to get fans in the seats at GABP. As for the Bengals, apparently football knowledge skipped a generation in the Brown family. Marvin should have been gone years ago. When FC Cincinnati came to town, I honestly knew nothing about soccer but I watched a couple of their games and became hooked. The team is a breathe of fresh air to the city and not just because they have been winning. The ownership group listens to their fans and supporter groups.They have given us a product we can get behind without promotional gimmicks. Even when the winning dies down, I still think the fans will heavily support this team compared to the Reds and Bengals.
  11. Dilbert

    2018 NFL Season

    The Mood in Cincinnati today
  12. Dilbert

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    A lot of people here in Cincinnati have dumped their season tickets for the Bengals or Reds in favor of FC Cincinnati. Mostly out of them being tired of poor ownership and constant losing and disappointment. FCC has been quite the breathe of fresh air this city has needed.
  13. Dilbert

    MLS Kits 2019

    FC Cincinnati will release their kits according to the team in mid February, which means I wont be getting what i want for Christmas.
  14. Dilbert

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Hearing Seattle may be in now joining St Louis and assuming NY/NJ