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  1. NHL 2017-18

    Agreed. It destroyed so many good looks and the league still hasn't recovered. I think Vancouver nailed it (the 2011 final looked fantastic) but besides those two teams, there were few true upgrades. Only other team I can think of is Columbus and that's only because their previous set was terrible. The Sharks could have been put in this category if they passed on the front numbers and used silver instead of orange.
  2. NHL 2017-18

    The image just highlights how badly the Capitals need a full re-brand. The over-designed 90's set is the closest they've come to a good look.
  3. Diet Coke rebrand

    The coloured tabs are also a nice touch. Life is the Stevia sweetened version.
  4. NHL 2018-19

    This was a nice uniform. I have no idea what the team has against that logo. Just add a second flag.
  5. NHL 2017-18

    A child could design a better uniform than the Capitals Stadium Series jersey. How difficult would have been to separate the navy and red with white stripes to add contrast and balance out the uniform? The nickname wordmarks weren't cool in 2008 with the "Sens" and "Bolts" either.
  6. Evolving Uniform Opinions

    I used to think this was modern classic that should be brought back untouched... But this just blows it out of the water. Replacing the black and white stripes for a larger grey stripe makes things so much cleaner. The only thing wrong with this uniform is the bone-headed decision to outline the sleeve numbers with maroon instead of silver.
  7. NHL 2018-19

    Rather perplexing since the Hurricanes were a rare case of an identity not being completely obliterated by the RBK Edge system. All they needed to do with their original Edge set was remove the phantom yoke piping and straighten up the sleeve stripes.
  8. NHL 2018-19

    The Hurricanes original jerseys were modern classics. The new home is a slight downgrade but it's close enough.
  9. NHL 2018-19

    The Hurricanes need to make their road jersey match their home before worrying about an alternate.
  10. How much can you "update" a classic?

    I don't think it was ugly at all. It just shouldn't have replaced a look that was associated with a dynasty. It could be argued that they went overboard with the wavy stripes and watery numbers but I still think the navy version was a striking look. It would make a far better alternate look than any third they've released since.
  11. Diet Coke rebrand

    And I just realized why I like them. Coca-Cola took this basic idea and vastly the improved the design and colours.
  12. NHL 2018-19

    The Ducks current jerseys are over-designed and frankly atrocious. The only improvement over their 2006/07 set (which was also downgrade from what came before) was losing the script. The white uniform in particular with it's orange-heavy striping and black-heavy yoke is an affront to aesthetics. The orange alternate of yesteryear represents the only time they made their black, orange, & champagne colour scheme work and if they're going to keep the current trash I'm going to keep decrying the name/brand change. 10 years as the Ducks and their only good uniform lasts two short seasons. If that's not a branding Fail, I don't know what is.
  13. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Sorry, I saw that after I made my post. I still think the current striping configuration is perfect for the Canucks and that going back to the 1970 version, even with the tweaks you suggested, would be a downgrade. As for the V's, it was nice seeing them return on the 40th anniversary jersey as a one-off but I don't think they're strong enough to be used full time.
  14. How much can you "update" a classic?

    To be fair, this was a complete refresh not an update of their classic look. It's only crime was replacing the dynasty set and not being an alternate.
  15. Diet Coke rebrand

    I like them *ducks* They're clean, eye-catching, colourful and fun. The adjectives I could live without though.
  16. How much can you "update" a classic?

    I think the previous Bruins logo had the same problems of the current Sabres logo. The lines surrounding the spokes and the B are too thin and get lost when the logo is shrunken down. The update on the other hand has given them one of the leagues best logos and this is coming from someone who hates the team with a passion.
  17. NHL 2018-19

    That jersey looks great because Nashville's current homes are borderline practice uniforms.
  18. Rice Krispies new logo/packaging.

    The old logo is over-designed but I'm so used to it that the update just seems weird. Even if it is an improvement aesthetically.
  19. How much can you "update" a classic?

    In the case of the Sabres, I would say the tweaks are a necessity. The logo has definitely accrued goodwill and emotional resonance but it's extremely doubtful it'd hold up as a new mark for an expansion team today if left untouched. The WC version is a huge improvement over the frankly dated original but I think they could have improved things further, especially on the sword handles which inexplicably look better on the "lets outline everything in silver" version. Maybe it's just the new materials talking but the Brewers alternate is also a massive improvement over the original. If anything it goes to show that nothing is truly untouchable. If you can retain the original feel while adding aesthetic improvements, I say go for it.
  20. NHL Adidas Alternates (Panthers added)

    That looks absolutely outstanding! The colour distribution is perfect and the pattern adds that desert flair without going over-the-top. My only criticism is that the moon patch isn't on both shoulders but that's a minor nitpick. Stellar work!
  21. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    I disagree. The 1972 update vastly improved the striping configuration which is why you see it used on their jerseys today. The number one rule with a blue/green/white scheme is that the blue and green should never touch. The blue jersey from their original set violates this rule egregiously. The white jersey is fine enough but I still prefer the current configuration on the road.
  22. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Too bad the Canucks didn't stick with their original scheme for their entire tenure. Sure, they would have had a few different logos and likely a phase with navy and silver in the late 90's but they wouldn't have their current reputation of always changing things. That reputation is also why I'd like to see the current uniforms stick around. 10 years of the same set is almost unheard of for this franchise.
  23. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    Looks too much like a graduation gown to be used full time. Maybe as a one-off. I liked those jerseys too but their current colour scheme is so much better. Better for the Canucks to celebrate their own history instead of ripping off the Colorado Avalanche. The logo Admiral posted would be a much better option than another roundel. They wouldn't even have to change anything else on the jerseys. Just switch it from the Orca and script or if they wanted, pair it with the script.
  24. Either of the bottom two would look great. What would really put things over the top though is if you went with one of those two options and added a navy stripe on the home as well. Just above the white so the white and yellow don't touch.
  25. NHL Greatest Uniforms

    That would look great too but their current set should still be on the list. I mean, weren't the Flame's flag-laden monstrosities there choose from?