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  1. NHL 2017-18

    I am officially on the band wagon. Watching them in the playoffs, I think they should switch the black pants for grey, at least on the road. I still hate the white gloves.
  2. 2008 Grey Cup Champions, Calgary Stampeders
  3. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Jose Bautista
  4. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    That looks wrong, but not because he's in that baseball uniform. With that thick mustache, it almost doesn't look like Lebron.
  5. IIHF World Championship Jerseys

    These jerseys are crap. Canada is the only smart country. They know they have a recognizable brand and aren't going to screw with it when they don't have to. It's one thing if these jerseys were decent, but it's entirely another story when they look so ugly, with some countries just slapping on the country name with a tiny shield.
  6. Lost Sports Logos?

    Arthur Griffiths, the original owner of the Vancouver Grizzlies, wanted to name the team Mounties, but couldn't due to licensing reasons with the RCMP. This was just a proposed logo.
  7. Lost Sports Logos?

    Ottawa Senators logo used for their expansion bid.
  8. Ottawa Senators Undecided About Which Logo to Use Going Forward

    It's a very simple cut and paste job. Copy the updated 2D logo and paste onto the centennial jersey, swapping the silver for gold (or keep as is), and fix the collar. If they can do a triple colour half collar, there's no way they couldn't do the same for the other half. If they want a primarily black uniform, then stick the 2D onto the black heritage uniform. Which ever uniform is left over, slap the O logo onto it for the third. Come up with an updated Peace Tower logo for the shoulder logo. No flags anywhere. Put it on the helmet if they really want it.
  9. Biggest lateral moves in sports history

    I will give you that the new logo is slightly better than the old, but I wouldn't say the rest of the jersey is miles ahead of the old look considering how similar they are.
  10. Biggest lateral moves in sports history

    The Leafs
  11. NHL 2018-19

    Yes, I know it's CGI, which is why I said projected onto the glass.
  12. NHL 2018-19

    As long as they don't get crazy like in Europe, I'll take the ads behind the goal line over the jersey. Eventually, the ads will become normal just like the rest of the ads on the boards, or even the ones that are projected into the glass.
  13. Favorite Goalie Masks of All Time

    Trevor Kidd and Mikka Kiprusoff with the Flames.