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  1. It's an upgrade over the previous set, but it is pretty lacking in design. Pants should always have some sort of striping on it. The numbers need an outline. They hit a home run the first time out and never should have changed. Bring that back with the updated logo.
  2. Biggest Downgrades in History

    I don't get the love for the Picasso Coyote, either. And, the reality is, they didn't go from the original set to what they have now. This was the Coyotes best uniform and most certainly an upgrade over the original uniform. It's been a downgrade since, from losing the hem stripes to what they got now.
  3. Another new football league, called the Alliance Of American Football, being created to compete with the XFL. Supposedly will start in Feb 2019. Has some big names behind it like Charlie Ebersol, Bill Polian, and Troy Polamalu, and unlike the XFL, already has a TV deal with CBS to show the games on CBS Sports Network. Eight teams will be announced in the next 3 months. I know that its hard to come up with an original name for the league since there's been a couple failed leagues, but Alliance of American Football is a terrible name. Logo is not bad.
  4. This Is The Alliance Of American Football

    With the people who seem to be part of this league, I don't think there will be any dumb names like in the XFL. If they are smart, it will be relevant to the market, though there probably be a generic name or two in the league.
  5. NHL 2017-18

    Due to the tragedy that happened in Saskatchewan involving the Humboldt Broncos junior team, both the Blackhawks and Jets wore Broncos on the back of their jerseys instead of their usual names. Really unfortunate what happened.
  6. This Is The Alliance Of American Football

    First team has been announced for Orlando and will be coached by Steve Spurrier. Other teams will be announced during the rest of the week.
  7. As a Canuck fan, I actually like those. They did look better with the red socks. It's kinda what an alternate jersey should be without being too ugly like the Kings' burger king jersey or the Ducks.
  8. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    It was a one time thing for an all-star game held in Philadelphia. I don't know whether Dr. J knew about it or not, but it does appear that Dr. J was a bit of a mentor to Iverson, which is probably why he did it. http://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/the700level/watch-highlights-allen-iversons-classic-hall-fame-speech
  9. Biggest Downgrades in History

    It's amazing how Reebok's edge jersey messed up so many uniforms across so many different leagues.
  10. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Except he did it as a tribute to Dr. J. He wanted to let out his braids too and go with a big afro.
  11. Biggest Downgrades in History

  12. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I just watched a video about the return of the Jets and how they announced the name at the draft. Now, it's not likely to happen, but I thought it would be kinda cool if Seattle did the same thing. Have the draft in Seattle the year they are going to join and then have the owner go up to the mic and say "here's our GM to make the pick of behalf of the Seattle _______" Unlike the Jets, the logo and jersey would also be revealed. I know the Jets did it because of the short turnover from when they got the team and the draft. Just an idea.
  13. Welcome to the 90's

  14. 2018 MLS Kits

    It's not that I think the sponsor is more important than the club, but you would not expect the club's logo to be recoloured for an ad or anything else, so I would not think it's the end of the world if the sponsor maintained its branding on the jersey. That being said, if a sponsor is okay with matching the team's colours, that's fine, too. I honestly don't care whether the sponsor matches the team or not. I suppose it is something that is easier to do with word mark logos like Etihad compared to Youtube's.
  15. 2018 MLS Kits

    Considering how sponsors spend as much time and money on their branding, it makes perfect sense that their logos are not altered in any way on the jersey. The Youtube logo certainly stands out on the LAFC jersey, which is what you want if you're them and paying a lot of money for that visibility.
  16. Teams Due for a Rebrand

    NHL: Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canucks (logo swap), Washington Capitals, Arizona Coyotes, Anaheim Ducks, LA Kings NBA: OKC Thunder, Orlando Magic
  17. NHL 2018-19

    While we blame Adidas, I put it on the teams for agreeing to the changes. The Canucks and Leafs, I don't have that much a problem with. The Blue Jackets would be okay if the stripes were actually thicker. The Bruins, on the other hand, screwed up big time by getting rid of the yellow socks. It just doesn't really look the Bruins at all.
  18. NHL 2017-18

    I could see the Sharks going with an alternate based on that warm up. Always thought that logo made more sense on the front of the jersey instead of just being on the shoulders. I wouldn't switch it for the current logo, though. At the same time, they should switch both sets of shoulder logos to the updated fin or a version of it.
  19. NHL 2018-19

    Seems like Ottawa really forgot about the updated 2D logo, which is too bad since it's probably their best logo, certainly better than the simplistic O logo that will no doubt win the poll. As for the Canucks, it's two choices: stick in rink with the current uniform, or Johnny Canuck in the same uniform or something along the lines of the original set with the V cut into the stripes. Blue jersey might need to be tweaked a bit, though.
  20. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Done in a different era where they probably never even considered branding and merchandise sales. I also don't see the fans accepting a Seattle HC. Hockey fans aren't necessarily the same as soccer fans.
  21. Welcome to the 90's

    The Voodoo that you do. Roller hockey which might be the most 90's sport ever.
  22. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Perfect name to avoid any trademark disputes, but it's not going to happen and it most certainly should not happen. What might work in another sport, doesn't necessarily mean it works in an another.
  23. Team Color Changes

    Tampa Bay Rays. What they have now is a huge upgrade over the green, which was an upgrade over their original set.