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  1. NHL 2017-18

    I thought the Vancouver script is officially part of the logo. On the NHL.com and Canucks.com, the script is there. They need to ditch the entire logo, not just the script. Losing the script just makes it slightly more bearable, but not enough for me to get off the 'get rid of the Orca' bus. The Canucks whole identity was pretty much copy and paste from the team's history, except for the Skate era. It's possible the Vancouver script either came from the Millionaires or when the WHL Canucks had an arched Canucks on the front. It's too bad the Canucks couldn't find a way to have Johnny Canuck as the primary. Even the stick in rink, no matter what other people say, is a more classic logo than the Orca.
  2. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Seals and Whales I would say are no go due to them being names (or similar) to now defunct teams. I would give Whales an exemption if it meant the Canucks would then change their logo, but they had a great opportunity to ditch the Orca with the Reebok makeover and didn't, so that's probably never going to happen. Sockeyes could work. Ties in with the Pacific Northwest and the Pike Market isn't too far away from where they will be playing. Too bad that can't go with Salmon Kings. Renegades if they want to go against the grain and have colours that would probably be completely different from the teams already in the city. I see black, red, and orange. Kraken would be great if they are able to get Liam Neeson to record a video dressed up as Zeus and yell out "Release The Kraken" just before the team takes to the ice.
  3. NHL 2017-18

    Are you talking about NHL jerseys only or other sports? A long time ago when the Vancouver Grizzlies were born, the retail versions didn't have the west coast trim that were on the authentic jersey. I believe others have mentioned other examples on this board. Honestly, I don't think not having the 3 stripes on the Fanatics version is going to be a big deal. Those 3 stripes shouldn't even be there considering how visually unappealing it is on the jerseys regardless of Adidas needing everyone to know it's an Adidas jersey immediately. I'd be more worried if they started changing much more important details such as if the colours were off or the stripes might be slightly different. For example, the detail on the gold stripe and logo of the Golden Knights.
  4. same name, same team, same number

    Didn't realize Peter Statsny also played for the Blues. So, here he is again and his boy, Paul.
  5. NHL 2017-18

    Both the Bruins and Canadiens are wearing a patch in honour of the 60th anniversary of Willie O'Ree breaking the colour barrier in the NHL in tonight's game. The Bruins were also able to run a video tribute to Claude Julien in his first game back and celebrate Willie O'Ree. How 'bout that.
  6. NHL 2017-18

    I think Adidas got tired of people complaining about the lack of a proper hem stripe on some of the jerseys, so they went overboard with the Caps jersey. Is it just me, or does it seem like this particular template has been reused a few times now for the World Cup and Stadium Series jerseys, adding or subtracting elements like the shoulder yoke as needed.
  7. NHL 2018-19

    According to an article about the new Hurricanes' owner and the changes that he's already making, it appears like they will be ditching their black alternate for something completely new for the next season.
  8. same name, same team, same number

    It's the same franchise, so technically it fits. Peter Stastny and his boy Paul.
  9. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    I would go with both, too. Only question is, what colour is it? Orange? Red and bad lighting?
  10. NHL 2017-18

    The reason they are partly in this mess in the first place is because they can't use just the name Knights. It's been discussed before, but the London Knights own the trademark to Knights in Canada, so they couldn't use it unless Foley paid them the rights to do so, which he had said it would be too costly. Sand Knights seems to be the fall back since that is the only other alternative name that Vegas still kept trademarked, while allowing others to expire. I agree Knights would make the most sense. Much better than Sand Knights. But, Foley is going to have to pay up, and that price, whatever it was, probably went up with the success of the team and the current bind that they are in. Unless its in the tens of millions, Foley probably should just bite the bullet and pay London. Then again, most people probably refer to the team as the Knights, any ways. They can save money by just going with Sand Knights officially, while unofficially be the Knights.
  11. NHL 2017-18

    It's the NHL. It's a league that has previously allowed fraudulent people to own teams when they have absolutely no money at all. John Spano bought the Islanders in 1996 and William "Boots" Del Biaggio had a piece of the Predators. There's probably a few others that I don't know about. So, the NHL dropping the ball on this shouldn't be surprising to anybody. They probably figured that nothing would happen, or were crossing their fingers and hope all will go well.
  12. NHL 2017-18

    Nope. Just going off what was on the front page about Army officially opposing the trademark. Honestly have no idea whether Army has a case or not since I don't really feel the logos are similar, though it is pretty clear Foley has based the name and look of the team off of West Point. If Army wins, then I'm thinking it might not be as simple as changing the name to Sand Knights or something like that since they are also saying the logo is similar. If Vegas is forced to not only change their name, but also their logo, you would think that all that Vegas Golden Knights gear would become collector's items and maybe have some sort of value down the road Question to the Americans. Is the Army's parachute team being called the Golden Knights a well known thing?
  13. NHL 2017-18

    It's because the Kitchener Rangers use to be a farm team of the New York Rangers back when the Original 6 sponsored junior teams. That ended in 1967. http://historicalhockey.blogspot.ca/2012/12/the-sponsorship-system-pre-expansion.html
  14. NHL 2017-18

    Everybody quickly buy all of the Golden Knights gear you can since they might become collector's items soon if Army gets their way. If they do, I really hope they don't go with Sand Knights.
  15. Arena Rafters & Banners

    Gone, but not forgotten. This banner hangs at the Bell Centre. Just found out today.
  16. NHL 2017-18

    Ottawa will be wearing their Centennial Classic jerseys another 7 times. I'd expected they would wear at least once or twice more, but surprised they'll be wearing them that much. Much better looking jersey than their current jersey, except for the logo. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/senators-wear-nhl100-classic-sweaters-7-times-season/
  17. NHL 2017-18

    Connor McDavid and the Pacific Division will be wearing the white jersey that has already been posted, but here's a reminder. P.K. Subban is the captain of the Central and their jersey will be black. Alex Ovechkin is the captain for the Metro and it will be a grey jersey. Steven Stamkos is the captain for the Atlantic and it will be blue.
  18. NHL 2017-18

    I might be one of the few people who doesn't really have a problem with the current Sabres uniforms (except for the chest numbers), but if they don't switch to the Winter Classic jersey in the next couple of years, then they are stupid.
  19. NHL 2018-19

    I'm kinda surprised that more teams haven't jumped on the vintage uniform band wagon and actually worn them in the game and not just for the warm ups, especially for these past 2 seasons, even with the no alternate rule for this year. Then, I remembered that some teams are kinda cheap and don't want to fork out for the extras like making sure the helmet and pants match the jersey.
  20. NHL 2017-18

    I prefer the 2015 version, but I'm not sure it would work as a primary logo. Then again, the Capitals current logo isn't really that great of a primary, either, so anything is possible.
  21. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Around this time of the year, Canada puts together a group of players who play in Europe to compete at the Spengler Cup. They continue to use the old logo instead of the more iconic one that replaced it. I was able to dig up a really old thread for an explanation as to why. Simply put, it's to protect Hockey Canada's regular corporate partners, since they don't sponsor the Spengler Cup team.
  22. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Sleeve stripes are opposite of hem stripes. I'd like to see an alternate with black and red base on this jersey.
  23. Outlandish yet restrained designs

    Long time fan of the Canucks, but I honestly never realized the back of the hem was curved like that until a couple of years ago. It's such a weird decision.
  24. NHL 2018-19

    The Panthers jersey is not great, but not bad. If I were to only change one thing about them, I would make the bottom hem stripe thicker, similar to Detroit's. The numbers I could live with how they are, but I'd prefer them down on the sleeves instead of the shoulder. The same goes with swapping out Florida and Panthers on the logo depending on home/away. I get why they do it, but it seems unnecessary on the home jersey.
  25. The Worst Jersey Clash I've Ever Seen

    Exhibition game last year in London, Ontario, where Florida thought Dallas would be bringing their home set, despite the Stars being listed as the road team.