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  1. Truth be told... not a fan of the shoulder design. I like the integration into the NHL game though. -- George.
  2. 2002 was ridiculously easy to edit. I was 13 and able to do it easy. Haven't really played any of the newer ones. -- George.
  3. Both formats to please. Thank you very much. -- George.
  4. That is absolutely amazing!
  5. What he said.
  6. There's a bunch of places that site is located... now I ask anyone who used it, is it real?
  7. "So Cold" by Breaking Benjamin to be followed by "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park
  8. Very very addicting game... I got to about 1400 or so.
  9. I hate "The Streets", the dude makes Eminem look good. I have "Break my Fall" by Breaking Benjamin on right now. I absolutely cant get enough of this CD.
  10. you're probably right there zer0 ...Its just a mindless topic started for mindless reasons ..probably to get a mindless reply from somebody... Are you looking for a mindless response from a mindless idiot?
  11. Great concept, but could use some cleaning up... Try using Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Good work.
  12. I love threads like these: "Breakdown" by Breaking Benjamin... If you get the chance, check out their new CD, "We Are Not Alone", it is absolutely awesome!
  13. Do any of you guys have any tips/suggestions? Tutorials... or anything? I use Photoshop 7.0 and have decent knowledge of it, however I can never start with nothing... I may have an idea, but it comes out looking like crap on the Adobe canvas. I use the pen tool for virtually everything, could that be a problem? Any advice is much appreciated.
  14. Not bad, simple but nice, and the cleaned up versions look nice... however Im more of a fan of modern style jerseys. Very nice concept overall.
  15. Now its "Heavy" by Collective Soul and MoJoTo... what are you talking about when you say nobody cares?