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  1. Gary.

    2018 NFL Season

    You didn’t miss much, kind of a boring game
  2. I think maybe $19.99 is enough, don’t need to ruin your future over a pop up ad
  3. Gary.

    2018 MLB Season

    Must’ve been the kickers fault.
  4. Gary.

    Austin Bold FC

    I would’ve had Steve Austin as HC. With Jim Ross as as announcer.
  5. Is Urban going to step down again from heart complications again???
  6. Gary.

    ArenaBowl XXXI: How To Lose and Still Win

    I’m just glad the Arizona Rattlers got out when they did
  7. Gary.


    So that we know that @CRichardson is KWos. I can officially mess with you during the Territorial Cup!
  8. Gary.

    the admiral

    He liked the movie The Crying Game!
  9. Suns extend Devin Booker to a 5 year, 158 Million Dollar Deal
  10. This has become the Amazon Easter Egg Hunt
  11. Would you get perks? One Chris Creamer appearance at CreamerCon
  12. I didn’t know they had a wing for overzealous trolls
  13. Gary.

    Top 5 Tries Of The Week

    Couldn’t this just went with the MLR thread?
  14. Gary.

    2018 MLB Season

    Shelby Miller pitched tonight in the first time in a year just to remind the Diamondbacks why we lost the trade with the Braves
  15. Gary.

    2018 MLB Season

    Just too bad that the Diamondbacks are just as hot. Let’s see how you guys do against the Cubs