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  1. Love his theme song and that's about it
  2. More surprised he got over a thousand re tweets
  3. Well it's clearly a crane. Nothing out of the ordinary there! πŸ˜ΆπŸ™ƒ
  4. Detroit the hate doesn't go away just because they miss one year
  5. Many of you may know me pretty well off the boards. But I have been on vacation for the week, so I decided not to shave. So here is a picture of myself with the vacation beard. I really don't want to shave this beard. Best I've looked with facial hair in a while.
  6. It doesn't matter. It's still hot! Supposed to have our first 100 degree day tomorrow
  7. Living here for 30+ years. I can tell ya. Bobby ain't lying
  8. While I would say the Coyotes are a complete mess. I wouldn't say hockey in Arizona is a complete disaster. Between the fact that Auston Matthews became a star in Arizona, ASU becoming a pretty good hockey program in the NCAA and former National Champion of the lower rung of college hockey, and high school hockey is becoming a big deal. I would say that Arizona has become a growing state for hockey. Granted the Arizona Coyotes is useless, doesn't mean that Arizona is a disaster. I would say that it is growing up as a state that appreciates hockey. Definitely a lot different from 20 years ago when it was non existent. Arizona Hockey in General > Arizona Coyotes
  9. Just downloaded the Capcom Disney Afternoon Collection for the Xbox One. Basically Ducktales 1 & 2, Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers, Talespin and Darkwing Duck that was on the original NES but in one big title. I beat these games when I was a kid and will beat them as an adult.
  10. That is the one major nitpick I have with the Uniforms. If they had to they could've done what the Raiders could've done and put the initials on the back of the helmet.
  11. You just described skinny jeans 😜
  12. I remember when the Cardinals unveiled their new logo. Had the worst time logging into the boards that day
  13. I'm going to disagree, I absolutely love this!
  14. I love these uniforms. Although I could've done without the initials on the sleeve and I'm not a fan of the number font. But I will be getting a color rush when they come out.
  15. To be fair, Grand Canyon looks like they could jump ship to another conference in the next 10 years