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  1. Looks like JoJo swallowed the buzzards!
  2. Bumping this up only a few days left
  3. If you take logo and re color it red, white and Blue. It would look like a logo for the Harlem Globetrotters
  4. Bumping this up. Anyone who wants to replace an owner. Please apply
  5. Am I the only one not interested in Extreme Rules tonight? Other than Finn Balor , I just don't care
  6. Last one reminds me of The Fantastic 4
  7. Damn it I had to click the button 🤢
  8. You're starting to sound like @JQK Although a Bayley vs Alexa is always a winner in the ass appreciation
  9. Miss Elizabeth
  10. There's my new avatar!
  11. I think The Rock would be the only reason why I'd see Baywatch.
  12. Iirc didn't they change it to Syfy because of copyright issues?
  13. You just need to stalk er follow news trucks and go on a tirade. Problem solved
  14. I'm hoping with a logo rebranding we get a G4/SyFy hybrid down the road. The programming lately has been teasing the reality.
  15. I have lived in the Phoenix area all my life. But born in Michigan. I wouldn't say switching allegiances, but a dual love for both teams. But I will never switch from my Detroit teams or the Michigan Wolverines. Even though I am a Arizona State graduate.