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  1. Gary.

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    But it’s not Lake Havasu City. That’s basically the choice for ASU students. Also 58 school districts are basically divided within the cities and most of them divide the high schools and elementary school districts
  2. Just give him a PF Chang’s restaurant and he’ll sign the franchise over pronto!
  3. I’m watching the Commanders/Fleet game and thinking how much greater the Commanders logo would be if they made the sword smaller or got rid of it completely. Because that would easily become my second favorite logo if they did that.
  4. Gary.

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    You get rid of the wings and the logo basically becomes an online college logo
  5. Gary.

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    John Delaney’s D looks like the Obama O
  6. Gary.

    2019 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Looks like Bruce Arians is going to the Bucs and Klingsbury is going to the Cards
  7. Gary.

    NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

    I’m going with Chiefs 34 Eagles 31
  8. Mid that’s the case, we should do away with divisions and go with the top two per conference, but then we’ll be at 20 teams. Which would mean that we would have 4 teams that would be on a bye week.
  9. I had to switch from Safari to Google Chrome. Now I have no problems with the ads.
  10. Gary.

    Fremont Moo honor Nebraska cow population

    That Cow looks like he belongs in the Cowboys of Moo Mesa universe.
  11. Gary.

    New Arena League logo for 2019

    Tarnished? At least that was part of the original league that died, this new logo is what should considered tarnished for how much of a joke this league is!
  12. Gary.

    College Basketball 2018-19

    We’re not too bad, but maybe jump to 15. I mean we beat Kansas, but get dumped by Vandy. So who knows
  13. Gary.

    2018 NFL Season

    So he still had 139 and 3 TD if you take that away.
  14. Gary.

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Seattle Metropolitan Divisions?
  15. Urban Meyer quitting as Ohio State HC? I haven’t seen the details yet, but is there a heart tumor that we don’t know about or is there about to be drama?