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  1. Iirc didn't they change it to Syfy because of copyright issues?
  2. You just need to stalk er follow news trucks and go on a tirade. Problem solved
  3. I'm hoping with a logo rebranding we get a G4/SyFy hybrid down the road. The programming lately has been teasing the reality.
  4. I have lived in the Phoenix area all my life. But born in Michigan. I wouldn't say switching allegiances, but a dual love for both teams. But I will never switch from my Detroit teams or the Michigan Wolverines. Even though I am a Arizona State graduate.
  5. I'd apply but unless you guys go to 12. I'm pretty sure this is LMU's pony race to win
  6. Wonder if his 15K followers would love to see his racist tweet rants that he claimed was hacked because of "the government "
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing Charlotte. She has a very nice body
  8. I never knew that it wasn't for the PS4. I assumed that it was for both.
  9. I just pay $5 a month for EA Access and play all of the games for free when they become available
  10. San Francisco are trading up to grab him with the 30th pick
  11. I hope not. Go for a defensive player like Taco or Watt...
  12. Love his theme song and that's about it
  13. More surprised he got over a thousand re tweets
  14. Well it's clearly a crane. Nothing out of the ordinary there! πŸ˜ΆπŸ™ƒ
  15. Detroit the hate doesn't go away just because they miss one year