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  1. Mike y'all are slipping over there
  2. How the hell is this a "dream match"? Only if this was the match of how many women Jiggalos can buy.
  3. Would love to see him on RAM tonight
  4. I will definitely be buying the new Legend of Zelda on March 3rd. With the Switch is almost a guarantee
  5. We have officially run out of ideas folks
  6. Diamondbacks sue Maricopa County, could move.
  7. That triple threat match was amazing tonight
  8. 35 2/3
  9. I honestly think if they added another wing to the other side it would be a quality logo.
  10. The smell of Bengay as the guest referee?
  11. America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been defeated in Maricopa County
  12. If Hilary wins a strong Red state then I'll agree with you 😜
  13. I sometimes get hooked on the commercials only because the girl in the commercial is hot.