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  1. Just add pizza in there somewhere
  2. Nintendo NX will be revealed tomorrow at 7am tomorrow Pacific Time
  3. Forgive me for asking, but who was the guy in the gold jacket they kept turning the camera onto?
  4. Found in my Instagram account.
  5. No tail.
  6. My Australian Shepherd, his name is Pepper. I know most have seen pictures of him via Facebook. But this is the first time I have shown him off here
  7. I had to work but I made sure I had the chance to watch "Mr. Teal" @Puckguy14
  8. Justin Forsett signs with Detroit
  9. We could always go #Clownslivesmatter
  10. Embrace the clowns 👍😜
  11. Actually he is no longer in charge of the team. But still with the team. Radio station Arizona Sports 98.7 are saying that he could be penciled in as the Manager next year. But that is if he stays
  12. Reminds me of the old 90's font from the commercials that were trying to be cool...
  13. Well the Lions do play every Thanksgiving. Perhaps they wear them on Thanksgiving...
  14. I was happy to see AJ win the WWE Championship last night. He was my favorite wrestler in TNA. Now the question is when do we get that Cena-Styles match? Survival Series?
  15. I can see one of the lights exploding some how as he waves his hat in slow motion