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  1. Didn't know Jebediah Springfield played for the Rays!
  2. With Andy's list as inspiration. Would love to see a tournament of greatest video game ever.
  3. Figured that we needed a gamer tag thread. We already have a social media thread as well. So without further ado Gary. XBox One: buttersvondoom Nintendo: garyw4981
  4. Last day to apply
  5. Only 6 days lleft to apply. Best baseball league in the CCSLC!
  6. Bumping this up. Only a couple weeks to apply!
  7. I wouldn't count on Jericho. He is leaving after Mania to focus on Fozzy
  8. Well Chuck go to the Actual site and recruit members there. I'm pretty much done with it. But don't mean there might be others
  9. They could've always left it in life and leisure...
  10. So do we give him a Gold_Star?
  11. Thank you Garrett. The AA is looking to replace the Detroit Dukes franchise with the deadline being February 17th. This is the premier baseball league in the CCSLC. Please have the minimum 500 posts and 6 months before you apply. Thanks
  12. Mike y'all are slipping over there
  13. How the hell is this a "dream match"? Only if this was the match of how many women Jiggalos can buy.
  14. Would love to see him on RAM tonight
  15. I will definitely be buying the new Legend of Zelda on March 3rd. With the Switch is almost a guarantee