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  1. I will definitely be buying the new Legend of Zelda on March 3rd. With the Switch is almost a guarantee
  2. We have officially run out of ideas folks
  3. Diamondbacks sue Maricopa County, could move.
  4. That triple threat match was amazing tonight
  5. 35 2/3
  6. I honestly think if they added another wing to the other side it would be a quality logo.
  7. The smell of Bengay as the guest referee?
  8. America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been defeated in Maricopa County
  9. If Hilary wins a strong Red state then I'll agree with you 😜
  10. I sometimes get hooked on the commercials only because the girl in the commercial is hot.
  11. I voted and had to wait an hour because the machines went down for 45 minutes and I was one of the first in line.
  12. Dirty player getting off clean
  13. Tonight is game seven of the World Series. To you what are the greatest or favorite game seven you've ever seen? To me '91 and '01 World Series are the greatest. With 2011 being the greatest moment when Luis Gonzalez hit the game winner from Mariano Rivera. Still get goose bumps when I see that hit.