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  1. I wonder if he's actually gave one of his victims a "Cosby Sweater*"?
  2. What members would you like to see come back?
  3. I know I'll be on that list some how ūüėú
  4. I have heard they will be bringing generation 2 Pokémon out in the Fall.
  5. I think it warrants a thread based on popularity. Who plays? Who has been robbed at gun point or found a dead body?
  6. That's a laughable statement.
  7. I could imagine the Rays being Ray Ramano
  8. I have it on my dvr and will probably watch it tonight...
  9. Just won Arizona Coyotes tickets for naming the Tucson Roadrunners in the name the team contest
  10. Product hasn't changed, same taste in a square packaging.
  11. July 24, 2016 Verizon Center, Washington DC Question, am I the only one happy that it'll be Ambrose and Rollins carrying this feud while Reigns is suspended?
  12. Would be fun to see emo Chameleon dance around New York City
  13. They want Kris Dunn from what reports are saying. Back to to your regular scheduled Golden State vs the Boards conversation
  14. All I can say is go Santa Barbara!
  15. Mighty No. 9 came out today. Supposed to be the spiritual successor to Mega Man. I have it bought and now just waiting for it to download.