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  1. Don't see it happening. But the new President has said he wants to see something different. So who knows
  2. I like Corey Graves. Good interviewer, commentator. I have a feeling he'll become a manager somehow in the near future
  3. These look like something I would see a 5 year old wear
  4. I agree with WildWing, I don't have a strong desire to grab the Switch yet. Probably when Super Mario Odyssey comes out in the Holiday season I might.
  5. The Nintendo Switch comes out today. Anyone buying the system or at least interested in playing?
  6. My copy of Breath of the Wild has been shipped. Going to have it Friday. I've been waiting 7 years since Skyward Sword to play a console based Zelda game.
  7. Didn't know Jebediah Springfield played for the Rays!
  8. With Andy's list as inspiration. Would love to see a tournament of greatest video game ever.
  9. Figured that we needed a gamer tag thread. We already have a social media thread as well. So without further ado Gary. XBox One: buttersvondoom Nintendo: garyw4981
  10. Last day to apply
  11. Only 6 days lleft to apply. Best baseball league in the CCSLC!
  12. Bumping this up. Only a couple weeks to apply!
  13. I wouldn't count on Jericho. He is leaving after Mania to focus on Fozzy
  14. Well Chuck go to the Actual site and recruit members there. I'm pretty much done with it. But don't mean there might be others
  15. They could've always left it in life and leisure...