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  1. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    I’m just glad that Alan Trammell finally gets a statue at Comerica Park!
  2. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    I picked a great year to go to Cooperstown. Watching my boyhood idol go into the Hall of Fame. With Chipper, Thome and Vlad. I’m ecstatic to watch them get enshrined!
  3. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Mall I can think are the pretty patties from SpongeBob
  4. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    FYP 😛
  5. 2018 NFL Offseason

    And a new receiver if the right coach isn’t hired. I see them drafting a QB in the first round and signing a receiver in the off season
  6. When was the last time that ASU vs UA was the matchup of the weekend? Never, this is bizzaro world happening. Plus with the fact that ASU is #3. I hope the train keeps rolling and we defeat the kitties
  7. TuneIn Radio new ... logo?

    Eh I’ll take the old one. New logo looks like it wants to manage my business firm
  8. Xavier is #12. Point is that piggyback or not. ASU will probably be in the top 10 and undefeated. For alumni this is great for us.
  9. Who also beat Xavier, and St. John’s. Dustin Fork ‘Em!
  10. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    ALAN F****** TRAMMELL IS IN THE HALL OF FAME!!!!!! You have no idea how much this made my day, my year, my generation and my Life. My all time favorite baseball player is now a Hall of Famer .
  11. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I still like to see the Browns win. Keep the 0-16 for only one team. The 2008 Detroit Lions!
  12. Bobby Hurley is becoming a great coach. I’m loving this
  13. ASU just beat Kansas by 10. They beat impressive teams like Xavier and Kansas. They’re 9-0 and could be 12-0 when they face Arizona. Could be weird to see ASU in the top 10.
  14. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Germ Edwards will interview for the job At ASU this weekend and is now considered the favorite for Head Coach. I hope this is just a rumor. I will lose all faith in Anderson if this happens
  15. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Would love for the Devils to make a splash and go after Frost. I know it won’t happen but it sure would be nice a