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  1. Reminds me of the old 90's font from the commercials that were trying to be cool...
  2. Well the Lions do play every Thanksgiving. Perhaps they wear them on Thanksgiving...
  3. I was happy to see AJ win the WWE Championship last night. He was my favorite wrestler in TNA. Now the question is when do we get that Cena-Styles match? Survival Series?
  4. I can see one of the lights exploding some how as he waves his hat in slow motion
  5. I'm more amazed with the ending of the game. I don't think I've ever seen the game end with a Safety .
  6. Starting to think this Texas Tech v ASU game is really Arena Football. 65-55 it's getting ridiculous
  7. Kalen Ballage is unreal tonight. 7 TD tonight. One away from tying a FBS record
  8. Wilkins is pretty good but don't think he's as good as Kelly but that can change. However anyone is better that Bercovici
  9. Still a young Defensive squad. But the offense is clicking on all cylinders at the moment.
  10. From the University of Arizona website "In the fall of 1926, John Byrd “Button” Salmon was newly installed student body president at the UA, a promising student and member of note of several of the school’s honor societies. He also was a varsity quarterback, a baseball catcher and generally acclaimed popular campus figure. He embodied all-around. In early October after the Wildcat varsity defeated the freshman squad in an annual match at the time, Salmon and several friends were returning from a visit to Phoenix, and an automobile crash north of Tucson near Florence left the young athlete critically injured. Salmon, then 22, lost his battle and died the morning of Oct. 18. A memorial service was held on campus that week, drawing a reported thousand mourners, and a line of cars stretched miles to his burial plot. The coach at the time, J.F. “Pop” McKale, had visited Salmon in the hospital regularly before his death, and later told the squad the young athlete’s last message to his teammates was, “Tell them... tell the team to bear down.”
  11. I haven't dated a Asian girl in 5 years. No more Asian persuasion
  12. 63-3 in the 4th in Ann Arbor. Someone tell Michigan that Hawaii is dead
  13. I thought you'd like the third one Mings #asianvaginasoutformings
  14. Either Oklahoma is that overrated or Houston is that good...
  15. Willy Wonka is one of the few movies that will automatically put my frown upside down. I still know every song by heart