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    Found this beauty, a pipe smoking hockey player. Looking to see an update ...
  2. Ty Conklin's new Sabres mask

    i think that the mask looks great. although there arent too many ugly ones out there anymore check out the old buffalo sabes masks on this site, just be thankful they arent like these -Clint Malarchuk 1 -Daren Puppa 1 -Grant Fuhr 3 - all while with the sabres
  3. Looking for corrections

    lets just hope that the blue jays never adopt the nickename, "phillies"
  4. Can you tell?

    9 / 10 the diamonds got me, they looked to conspicuous to be fake, few good clues with the fake ones and some unrealistic smudges and some surfaces that would be insane to duplicate
  5. your hometown city logo

    city of St. Catharines
  6. What's your favorite scoreboard?

    I like what the Jays have done to the Skydome/Roger Centre, it will always been known to me as the "Skydome." All the updates they made with the scoreboards and outta town boards are great. They finally got rid of the terrible grphics that they had on the outta town scoreboards on the walls in field with bubbly diamond shpes that took 30 seconds to interpret, but by then a score from another game would be up. Good job on the new graphics
  7. Will the Raptors take the Atlantic

    it was actually with 0.9 seconds left, and they practically lead for the whole game (dallas took the lead for the first time with about 2 minutes remaining in the 4th) your right on that, but i consider the missed shot with 13 left, O reb, and a back to back jump ball, in the dallas zone, and then the loss a the "losing" point of the game (they had an advantage in both jumpballs), i knew that dallas was gonna get a good look. the Raps are getting better at closing games, but definitely their weekness
  8. Erik Christensen's comment after Pens/Isles

    Oh jesus, the guy must not really care about hockey or he's none too bright if he doesn't know Crosby. Fair or not, the guy has come into the league with the burden of being the NHL's savior and the hype has followed accordingly. i would say that he IS from NYC, but he wasn't alone. I talked to 10 different co workers who are sports fans who follow the usual selections of Giants, Rangers, Knicks and Yanks. I asked them for there opinion of Romo, since i figured he isn't known to much out side of dallas. Most of there comments were general Giants homerism. Then I asked about Sidney Crosby since i figured he was more well known than Romo. most of them went "who?" one actually said, "Isn't he that guy from Crosby, Stills and Nash?" I swear to Ball-in-GLove that somebody actually said that. The sad part was, last year when the rangers made the playoffs they were like 'go rangers' and the usual general homerism. the point is i struggle to find people that know who crosby is. The only person i found that knew who crosby was was a guy that came in to the store wearing a flyers jersey. sad, and the north east is usually pretty good with hockey names. funny how the only person that knew was a flyer fan, i bet he wishes he didnt know that name
  9. Dont look now, but the Raps have won 6 of their last 8 including a loss with 8 seconds left to Dallas after leading the whole game. What are the chances that the Raps can hold off NJ, NYK, BOS, and we surely dont have to worry about PHI. This is BIG news for anyone above the border, with not much to cheer about since the VC playoff days, other than CB4 of course
  10. Erik Christensen's comment after Pens/Isles

    Sid is the posterboy for the new NHL. He has the most raw talent in the league, and has made the Pens games the most exciting games to watch. Cant wait till he comes to TO. Name 5 players with as much promise in their first 2 years of their career. And he doesnt even have a full time 80 point winger at his side
  11. SAUNDERS is back

    wow i have been waiting for this for 3 years, baltimore just went from awesome to amazing!!
  12. Charlotte Bobcats Logo Overhaul

    same wish i was there to see it

    hey AAO i dont know if you are still reading these remarks, but i think the job is amazing. i am just a rookie paiter and i know that what you do is amazing. i love the colour scheme and logo. the only suggestions that i have would be to move the bear down until it is almost touching the font, and secondly, what if you widened to top of its head a little bit. this would give a fuller look to the bear. i love it.
  14. NHL Discussing "More Offense"-ive Rules

    i believe that this is jsut a trend, althought it will not fix itself, i believe that you would see much better play if the salary cap was introduced and lineups were shrunk. this would make everyone try harder for their positions and you would have guys that are passionate about playing and not about money. what would the league be like with everyone making less than 2 million. you would have guys that paly for the game. also dont take away from defense just add to offence