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  1. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    California Condors Minnesota Blue Ox
  2. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 10 Voting

    GOLD - 10 SILVER - 2 BRONZE - 8
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Back in October, ESPN cited a Major League Soccer spokesman as texting that an announcement regarding the league's 25th and 26th franchises would be made "likely around Dec. 19-20."
  4. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Jorge and Jose Mas join Beckham bid in shake-up that sees top partner exit MLS venture The Miami Herald is reporting that investment banker Todd Boehly - a co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the majority partner in David Beckham's Miami MLS expansion bid since April 25th of this year - has pulled out of the soccer venture. Meanwhile, Miami business executives Jorge and Jose Mas - the brothers behind the family-owned construction and engineering firm MasTec - have joined Beckham's efforts. While the addition of the Mas brothers softens the blow of Boehly's departure, this kind of revolving-door tumult involving the lead investors of a professional sports franchise can't be construed as a positive when it occurs just days before Beckham's group was to deliver a progress report and was hoping to get a thumbs-up on its bid from MLS brass. I have to believe that patience - both on the part of league executives and franchise investor/operators - has grown exceedingly thin with Beckham. No matter how much the league covets the Miami market, how long do they give Beckham to close the deal before they conclude that he is likely incapable of doing so? Further, given that MLS expansion fee has risen to $150 million, how much longer will the league be willing to stomach allowing Beckham to buy-in at a discounted $25 million price tag? Frankly, if it were me, I'd bump Miami from the 2019 slot and award a franchise for that year - the league's 24th - to Sacramento. Then, I'd tab Cincinnati and Nashville for the 25th and 26th MLS teams in a pair of 2020 slots. Sacramento's had all of their ducks in a row for quite some time and is ready to break ground on a stadium. Hopefully, the league will have settled the situation in Columbus by 2020, so a Cincinnati-based club will know if it is entering the league as Ohio's sole representative in the league, or as part of a "Hell is Real" derby. The 2020 entrance date will also allow Nashville SC to get a season under its belt in the United Soccer League before joining MLS. Beckham can be told that he's "on the clock" and that if he can't get every aspect of his bid signed, sealed and delivered by the time the league is ready to award its 27th and 28th franchises, then he's out of luck. He'll have to bide his time until the league decides to expand beyond 28 teams. I mean, enough is enough. Whatever positive attention Beckham brought to the league with his signing, it is now being undermined by the protracted dog-and-pony show that has been his bumbling pursuit of the Miami expansion team.
  5. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    As a former season ticket-holder for both the WHA New England Whalers and NHL Hartford Whalers, these were my favorite uniforms.
  6. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    At last Friday's MLS State of the League address, Don Garber stated that "it's conceivable" that the entry of David Beckham's Miami expansion franchise could "move... back in the pack", with the 24th spot in MLS being taken by (A) one of next week's two anticipated expansion franchises moving up and launching in 2019, or (B) three of next week's four expansion candidates being awarded franchises, with one launching in 2019 and the other two grabbing spots 25 and 26. As for any of the expansion candidates who are passed over in this year's voting sticking around to compete for the two spots announced next September, that's not solely in the hands of the potential franchise owners. While one would hope that the leaders of said bids wouldn't simply fold their tents if passed over this year, there's no guarantee that political leadership in said markets will remain supportive of pursuing a Major League Soccer team over the course of another year. Some elected officials who are currently in favor of pursuing an MLS franchise may change their minds with the passage of time. Some supportive officials may be voted or term-limited out of office in the interim. Others may pursue other elected offices, or simply leave the political arena. Perish the thought, but still others may pass away.
  7. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    My choices for USFL expansion markets would be Minneapolis-St. Paul and Seattle, with the franchises branded as the Minnesota Mammoths and Seattle Steelheads. As for team identities in the other potential expansion markets, I'd suggest... New York Centaurs or New York Knights Miami Mantas or Miami Morays Louisville Thunder or Kentucky Thunder Indianapolis Racers Omaha OmaHawks or Omaha OmaHogs Oklahoma Roughnecks California Condors
  8. With the exception of those teams operating in the complex-based development leagues in Florida, Arizona and the Dominican Republic, the vast majority of minor league baseball teams are not owned by their parent-clubs. Rather, they're independently - sometimes, locally - owned. As a result, the potential for affiliation changes is all too real. Under your preference, a minor league franchise's identity would be replaced, on a whim, whenever its parent-franchise changed. In my opinion, it is far better when minor league affiliates adopt branding that is tied to local culture and history. Not only are such brands more likely to resonate with local fans, but they need not be changed in the event that a new parent-franchise comes to town.
  9. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 9 Voting

    GOLD - 4 SILVER - 11 BRONZE - 7
  10. Except that most NBA G-League teams don't, in fact, share the nicknames of their parent NBA clubs. The majority of NBA G-League franchises - 15 of the circuit's 26 teams... 16 of 27, counting next year's Capital City Go-Go - have unique monikers.
  11. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    It will be interesting to see whether Major League Soccer's ardor for expansion to Cincinnati is cooled by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's threat to block the possible relocation of the Columbus Crew through the invoking of Ohio Revised Code 9.67, a law that was passed in the wake of the Cleveland Browns' move to Baltimore. Might the league be less inclined to do further business in a state where legal statute requires a professional sports team owner to give 6 months notice of a potential relocation and offer either local investors or a local governing authority the opportunity to buy the team if said franchise has received aid in the form of public tax dollars?As for next year's expansion race, while MLS has long eagerly eyed the San Diego market, it remains to be seen whether the current bid will even exist there. The so-called "Soccer City" bid put forth by local Mike Stone and his FS Investors team is locked in a struggle with a rival development proposal for Mission Valley that is being championed by San Diego State University. While a ballot initiative that would authorize the City of San Diego to sell the Mission Valley site to Stone and his partners will be on the ballot in next November's municipal election, supporters of San Diego State University are in the process of securing the signatures necessary to place an initiative on the ballot that would direct the City of San Diego to sell to the educational institution instead. In all likelihood, both of the competing ballot initiatives will be put before voters next fall, and there is no guarantee that the "Soccer City" plan will best SDSU's proposal at the polls. And though SDSU's pitch maintains that a pro soccer team could be a part of the mix in the stadium that is included in its plan, it remains to be seen whether MLS would be open to a scenario in which a member-franchise was a tenant in a stadium owned and operated by SDSU. The league has moved towards a model where it wants its franchises controlling the revenue streams in and around their stadia. Given the enmity that has developed between FS Investors and SDSU, would the school be willing to cede enough revenue to an MLS side to make placing an expansion team in an Aztec-controlled stadium worth the league's while? Stay tuned.
  12. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Plenty to discuss in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Who amongst Cincinnati, Detroit, Nashville and Sacramento will get the nod for MLS franchises #25 and #26? Will Major League Soccer's original franchise commit long-term to Columbus, or are they Austin-bound? How will LAFC fare in its first season in MLS? Will David Beckham's efforts to bring an MLS franchise to Miami finally come to fruition in 2018? Will the North American Soccer League survive to play another season? Which current NASL sides might follow North Carolina FC to the United Soccer League? Have at it, folks.
  13. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Quite a season for Toronto FC. The 2-0 victory over Seattle Sounders FC in the MLS Cup Championship was the third leg in the treble for "The Reds", after capturing the Canadian Championship and the Supporters' Shield.
  14. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    David Bonderman and Jerry Bruckheimer dig a bit deeper into their horde of cash and pay the Kent, Washington-based major junior Seattle Thunderbirds to part with the name. Frankly, the WHL T-Birds may not be long for the world after a Seattle NHL franchise sets-up shop, anyway. If not the Seattle Thunderbirds, then go with the Seattle Steelheads or Seattle Cutthroats.
  15. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 8 Voting

    GOLD - 9 SILVER - 14 BRONZE - 16