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  1. The Battle of Seattle

    I love the idea of a Seattle-based NHL franchise adopting the Totems moniker, but I'd prefer that the team's color scheme reflect that of Coast Salish art. While the Coast Salish were known to embrace a wider array of colors in their art than the Haida did (yellows and greens make appearances in Coast Salish art), I'd still love to see your concept embrace a Black, Red Ochre, Deep Teal, and White palette. Out of the color schemes you've presented, the Dark Brown, Light Brown, Powder Blue and White combination strikes me as best suiting the Seattle Sea Lions identity. That said, I'm not sold on the uniform designs you've applied it to. I'm also not a fan of the "anchor-and-rope" secondary logo for the Sea Lions. It just doesn't seem to complement the primary mark to the extent that it should. As always, top notch work, Sparky.
  2. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    How sad. Not only has one of my favorite threads of all time come to a close, but the PHENOMENAL New England Sea Devils identity was jettisoned for that of the Breakers. Thanks for the outstanding effort, WideRight. (However, I'll NEVER forgive you for the Sea Devils' ignominious end. )
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has affirmed the original order of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York which had denied the North American Soccer League's motion for a preliminary injunction against the United States Soccer Federation.Decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit After the denial of its requested Division II designation for the 2018 season of men's professional soccer, the North American Soccer League, LLC ("NASL") filed an antitrust suit against the United States Soccer Federation, Inc. ("USSF"). NASL also moved for a preliminary injunction, seeking designation as a Division II league pending resolution of the suit. This opinion addresses that motion. We conclude NASL has not demonstrated a clear likelihood of success on the merits of its antitrust claim under the heightened standard applicable to mandatory preliminary injunctions. Accordingly, we affirm the judgement of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, N. Am. Soccer League, LLC v. U.S. Soccer Fed'n, Inc. ("NASL", No. 17-CV-05495, 2017 WL 5125771 (E.D.N.Y. Nov. 4, 2017) (Brodie, J.), denying NASL's motion for a preliminary injunction. So... next steps? The NASL must decide whether it wishes to file for a reconsideration of this decision, or - potentially - appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. If they opt out of those paths, there is then the USSF's motion to dismiss that needs to be dealt with. My understanding is that back in November of last year, counsel for both the USSF and NASL agreed that within seven days of the Court of Appeals decision being handed down the parties would meet and discuss how to proceed with the USSF's motion to dismiss. During such a meeting, the NASL and USSF would decide whether they wanted to try and reach a settlement. If they opt not to settle at that time, the USSF's motion to dismiss would go forward. The process leading up to a decision on the motion to dismiss likely runs a month or two. Then, should the courts rule against a dismissal, we could be looking at a trial.
  4. The Battle of Seattle

    At this juncture, I'm of the opinion that the identity packages for the Metropolitans and Pilots are superior to those of the Sawbucks and Evergreens... and by a pretty substantial margin. Of the four, Metropolitans gets my nod. I love its iconic simplicity. It has a look that says "major league" and "traditional", without coming across as stodgy. The Pilots identity is also terrific, though the secondary marks - particularly, the pilot - strike me as being a bit too detailed. I may just be judging the secondaries as such in comparison to the elegantly spare styling of the Metropolitan package. As for the Sawbucks and Evergreens, I'm just not feeling it for either one of them. While the Sawbucks logos are all tremendously well-rendered, there's just too much going on with regard to the wordplay and the logos accompanying the various meanings of the terms: "sawbuck" meaning a type of sawhorse... a "buck" being a male deer... "Sawbucks" being a play on Seattle-based company "Starbucks". While undoubtedly creative, it all strikes me as being a bit too clever for its own good. In the case of the Evergreens, the design of the primary mark and "twig-with-a-twig" secondary just don't measure up to the level of the work you've generated elsewhere throughout these first four team identity packages. The primary mark just seems a bit pedestrian when measured by the standard we've come to expect from you, while the secondary in question strikes me as being a concept that likely works better in theory than in execution. Meanwhile, the squirrel logo is terrific work, but strikes me as being too "minor league" in feel to serve as anything beyond a secondary for an NHL franchise. As always, a joy to follow your concept series, Sparky. I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses as you introduce the remaining identity packages.
  5. Sports League Branding Hypothetical

    I don't know about that. Personally, I'd opt for the Calvinball America League.
  6. That's terrific news. The Blue Ghosts moniker was under consideration for the team's identity prior to its 2005 debut season. Personally, I'd hoped that it would be selected, as it is a truly unique name with ties to an important local landmark. I love the Blue Ghosts logos that have been unveiled for the weekend. They capture the feel of the crudely-drawn tattoos that many U.S. Navy personnel opted to get during the World War II era.
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Apparently, during the first round of balloting in the USSF Presidential Election, there were some technical problems with the electronic keypads that were being used. The vendor who supplied said keypads corrected the issue. Subsequently, the initial round of balloting was conducted again. In order to be elected President of the United States Soccer Federation, a candidate had to receive at least 50% of the votes cast, plus one vote. In the first round of balloting, Carlos Cordeiro received 36.3% of the votes cast, Kathy Carter captured 34.6%, Eric Wynalda garnered 13.7%, Kyle Martino pulled in 8.6%, Steve Gans landed 4.1%, and Hope Solo picked up 1.6%. Michael Winograd and Paul Caliguiri both received less than 1% of the votes cast, with Caliguiri dropping out of the race prior to the second round of balloting. In the second round, Cordeiro's percentage of the votes cast increased to 41.8%, with Carter's share dropping to 33.3%. Amongst the other five candidates, none saw a significant rise in his/her percentage of the ballots cast. Reportedly, Winograd didn't receive a single vote in the second round of balloting. Both he and Gans dropped out of the race before the third round of balloting commenced. In the third round of balloting, Cordeiro received 68.6% of the votes cast, securing election to the post of President of the United States Soccer Federation. Carter and Martino each finished with 10.6% of the vote, Wynalda wound up with 8.9% of the vote, and Solo earned just 1.4% of third round votes. Carlos Cordeiro Elected U.S. Soccer Federation President Former Goldman Sachs Executive Carlos Cordeiro Elected UUSF President After Contentious Election
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Hopefully, Coughlin had the good sense (and taste) to advocate for bringing back the uniforms that the Jaguars wore from 1998 through 2000.
  9. The Durham Bulls have unveiled new uniforms ahead of the 2018 International League season. They're billing the look as a "return to tradition". Durham Bulls - A Return to Tradition
  10. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    While a tremendously interesting twist in terms of narrative, it strikes me as a downgrade aesthetically. In my opinion, the Dallas Aztecs, Charlotte Hounds, and California Condors sported some of the USFL's best looks. I'm truly disappointed to see them go.
  11. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Dear God... NO!!! Despite Yarmouthport, Massachusetts being the birthplace of the Christmas Tree Shops retail chain, there's no need to have New England's NFL franchise garbed in Yuletide-hued regalia. That said, you've created an absolutely outstanding update of the "Pat Patriot" logo.
  12. Return of the Whale Imminent

    I was doing some freelance sports journalism work in New England during the 1990s. The first talk of moving the Patriots to Connecticut that gained much traction took place in 1993. That's when Francis Murray - a former minority owner of the team during Victor Kiam's stewardship of the franchise - began to claim that he was going to submit a bid to Pats' owner James Busch Orthwein, with an eye towards moving the team to a downtown Hartford stadium in time for the 1996 NFL season. Connecticut Governor Lowell P. Weicker was supportive of the idea and I believe I recall the Connecticut legislature actually agreeing to finance construction of a stadium... if Murray could secure ownership of the team. After Murray's efforts fell through, novelist Tom Clancy stepped up in early January of 1994 as the lead investor in a group that was seeking to buy the Patriots. However, within a week or two of Clancy announcing his bid, Bob Kraft had closed the deal to purchase the Patriots from Orthwein. I want to say that I recall the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing stadium "footsie" with Connecticut in the mid-90s. Then I know that Kraft and the Mashantucket Pequots met to discuss the possibility of building a stadium on tribal land. That didn't end up going anywhere. And about a year after the meeting with the Mashantucket Pequots was when Kraft got serious about negotiating with Connecticut Governor John Rowland.
  13. Return of the Whale Imminent

    The New England Whalers played their home games during the WHA's inaugural 1972-73 season in Boston. They split the home schedule that year between the Boston Garden and Boston Arena (today, Northeastern University's Matthews Arena). Regular season Whalers home games during the 1973-74 season were played at the Boston Garden. The team didn't play a game at the Eastern States Coliseum in West Springfield, Massachusetts until the WHA playoffs began in April of 1974, when the Whalers hosted four games in a best-of-seven quarterfinal series versus the Chicago Cougars.
  14. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    I'm going to be honest. While well-rendered, I'm not in love with the logos. The primary mark doesn't say "Titan" to me. It strikes me as looking more like Nicol Williamson playing Merlin in Excalibur. As for the secondary logo, all I can see is a Quidditch Snitch.
  15. The New England Collegiate Baseball League's North Adams SteepleCats have unveiled a new logo and color scheme. SteepleCats Reveal New Look, New Logo