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  1. Brian in Boston

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    So, from the looks of it, a shield containment shape that is diagonally divided by a sword (potentially, meant to be a cavalry saber). Within the portion of the containment shape that is above the sword, a depiction of the Alamo. Within the portion of the containment shape below the sword, a star.
  2. Brian in Boston

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    I'm in agreement with you with regard to the Memphis name. Given the market, going with Express just seems a bit too "on-the-nose" to me. Still, I like the logo that Mr. Bosack came up with. It emphasizes the speed implied with the word Express, while also giving "a wink and a nod" to the multibillion dollar courier industry giant that calls the City of Memphis home. I'll go so far as to say that Memphis is the only market in which I'd concede that your work in the "Wideright imagines the AAF" thread could be regarded as "more original, locally relevant and engaging" than what Joe came up with. When I hear the Memphis Beat team name, I immediately think of the title of the 1966 song and album by Jerry Lee Lewis. That leads me to reflect upon the seminal role that music - most especially, Memphis blues, gospel, rock 'n' roll, and Memphis soul - has played in the city's culture and history. Yes, Federal Express has been a significant presence on the Memphis corporate scene since 1973. Yes, the company has a tremendous impact on the city's economy. Still, music is the lifeblood of Memphis. Hence, the Memphis Beat brand's ability to outstrip Memphis Express in terms of local relevance and its ability to engage the hearts and minds of fans in the region on a more visceral level. I also feel that your Memphis Beat logo compares favorably to Mr. Bosack's Memphis Express mark on an aesthetic level. As for the other three AAF team brands unveiled so far, I don't share your disdain for them. It seems likely that the Atlanta Legends brand was conceived of, first and foremost, as an homage to the legacy of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. That said, to have dubbed a professional sports franchise the Atlanta Kings would have undoubtedly struck some as a rather frivolous honor to bestow upon a giant of the civil rights movement. So, I'd guess that the decision was made to position the brand as paying tribute to the many legends - in a variety of callings - that the City of Atlanta and State of Georgia have produced. I like the fact that the crown device within the logo serves as a reminder that Reverend King was likely paramount in the mind of league and team leadership when this squad was branded. To my mind, that renders the Legends name less generic when attached to this particular franchise. As a professional sports brand, Birmingham Iron is what it is. Iron and steel production fueled Birmingham, Alabama's growth for much of its history. Iron and steel are substances that not only speak to the idea of strength, but of strength forged under extremes of heat and pressure. A brand like Birmingham Iron not only pays tribute to the host city's history, but references the toughness and tenacity it takes to pursue a career in a sport as physically trying as professional football. Look, Birmingham, Alabama has long been dubbed "The Pittsburgh of the South". As such, Birmingham has as much right to draw upon its blue-collar, working-class roots when branding its AAF franchise as Pittsburgh did when naming the NFL Steelers. The simple, no-nonsense, "industrial" logo that Mr. Bosack has created to accompany the Birmingham Iron name perfectly complements the blue-collar brand. It's about a 45-to-50-mile drive from downtown Orlando's Lake Eola Park to the Kennedy Space Center. Not a vast geographic distance by any means, but far enough that I've always personally shied away from considering space-themed names for Orlando-based pro sports teams. Still, given that Apollo was not only the Greek and Roman god who lent his name to the third U.S. spaceflight program, but also a deity linked to the sun and light we so often associate with Florida, Orlando Apollos actually strikes me as being a rather inspired team brand. Further, of the four AAF logos unveiled to date, I have to say that it's my favorite. Finally, as to your thoughts regarding the United Football League's branding, I couldn't agree with you less. I felt that the UFL's team branding was an absolute mess. With the possible exception of the New York Sentinels' mark, the league's logos struck me as being gaudy, gradient-laden, and overdone. And even the Sentinels' logo would have been more suited to a security firm or an anti-virus software product than a pro football franchise.
  3. Brian in Boston

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    We have the first four Alliance of American Football team identities: Atlanta Legends Birmingham Iron Memphis Express Orlando Apollos
  4. Brian in Boston

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    So, we now have teaser images for the team logos of all eight of the AAF's inaugural season franchises.
  5. Brian in Boston

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    Two more AAF team logos have been teased via Twitter.
  6. Brian in Boston

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Peter B. Freund and Craig Unger - owners of both the United Soccer League expansion franchise Memphis FC 901 and the Pacific Coast League champion Memphis Redbirds Triple A baseball team - have purchased an English professional soccer club. Through Victoria Road Football Club, LLC, Freund and Unger - along with American goalkeeper Tim Howard - have acquired the majority of ownership shares in Dagenham & Redbridge FC, an East London-based professional soccer club that competes in England's fifth-tier National League.Joining Freund, Unger, and Howard in the Victoria Road Football Club consortium are Dan Schwab, Michael Schwab, Amy Silfen, and Mark Butler. Consortium Secures Daggers Future with Investment
  7. Brian in Boston

    International Football 2018-2019

    Dagenham & Redbridge FC, a professional soccer club that competes in England's fifth-tier National League, has had the majority of its ownership shares purchased by an American consortium. The leadership of said entity - Victoria Road Football Club, LLC - is comprised of Peter B. Freund, Craig Unger, and Tim Howard. Freund and Unger are the owners of both the Triple A Pacific Coast League's Memphis Redbirds and the United Soccer League's recently-launched Memphis 901 FC. Howard - currently a member of MLS side Colorado Rapids - is, of course, the former goalkeeper for the United States Men's National Team, Manchester United, and Everton. Joining Freund, Unger, and Howard in Victoria Road Football Club, LLC are Dan Schwab, Michael Schwab, Amy Silfen, and Mark Butler. Consortium Secures Daggers Future with Investment
  8. The independent American Association's Franklin, Wisconsin-based expansion franchise has revealed its identity. The team, playing out of the under-construction Ballpark Commons development, will be dubbed the Milwaukee Milkmen. Milwaukee Milkmen website Milwaukee Milkmen Launch Video
  9. Brian in Boston

    NLL Expansion 2018

    The Tlingit people historically occupied a territory well to the north of present day Vancouver. The Coast Salish people - particularly, the Squamish - were much more prevalent in and around what is now the City of Vancouver, British Columbia.
  10. Brian in Boston

    NLL Expansion 2018

    I'd go with Blackfins, Kodiaks, or Totems. BC Blackfins Vancouver Kodiaks Vancouver Totems
  11. Brian in Boston

    Australian Baseball League expands to New Zealand with Auckland Tuatara

    Brandon... I'm sure that you and Brian were pleased when Baseball New Zealand's U13 Ripken All Stars team took to the diamond in the "NZ" cap logo and "NEW ZEALAND" word marks that you designed for the organization. Knowing that the New Zealand U13 Ripken All Stars would be competing at the Cal Ripken World Series, I made a point of checking out the Facebook pages of both the team and governing body during the course of the tournament. I figured it would be just the type of high-profile event at which Baseball New Zealand might opt to unveil your work. Bingo! Baseball New Zealand U13 Ripken All Stars Headed to the United States Baseball New Zealand U13 Ripken All Stars Postgame Press Conference Baseball New Zealand U13 Ripken All Stars Press Conference Baseball New Zealand U13 Ripken All Stars Coaches Baseball New Zealand U13 Ripken All Stars Team Really impressive. Thrilled for you, Brian, and Maori designer and tattoo artist Dave Bishop.
  12. Brian in Boston

    Australian Baseball League expands to New Zealand with Auckland Tuatara

    This story, as written, is not quite accurate. The report closes with the line: "The Tuatara will make their debut November 15, along with a second international expansion team in Geelong, Korea, which has yet to release its nickname or branding." Geelong isn't a municipality in South Korea. It is a port city in the Australian state of Victoria, located approximately 75 kilometers (about 46.5 miles) southwest of Melbourne. Geelong-Korea is the name of an Australian Baseball League expansion team that will be based in Geelong, Victoria and have a roster comprised of Korean players. Geelong to base Korean team
  13. Brian in Boston

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Frankly, I'd be shocked to see Major League Soccer embrace a promotion-relegation system, even within a closed/self-contained structure. At least in my lifetime. And there is a far more pragmatic reason than preserving rivalries. Namely, that the minute Major League Soccer instituted such a system, they'd be saying goodbye to the likelihood that state and/or municipal governments would be quite so willing to invest public dollars - at least major league amounts of such dollars - into the construction of soccer-specific stadia to benefit privately-held MLS franchises. Political officials - to say nothing of their constituents - are already growing leery of the public subsidization of sports facility construction. The minute Major League Soccer investor/operators can't guarantee that their clubs will be competing in a "First Division" competition year in and year out is the minute that politicians start anteing up less and less dough towards stadium construction projects. MLS owners will stress all they like that the second tier of MLS is still part of Major League Soccer, but the vast majority of the American sports marketplace - including public officials - won't see it that way. "Second Tier" MLS will be seen as Minor League Soccer... and will garner fewer public dollars towards stadium construction as a result. Personally, I won't mind the owners of privately-held professional sports franchises being forced to pay for the construction of their own facilities. That's how it should be. That said, without significant public subsidy of soccer-specific stadium construction projects, the rush of potential investor/operators to get in on the soccer craze is likely to slow.
  14. Brian in Boston

    Bye Bye, Baby Cakes - The Great American AAA Shell Game

    I don't think a Texas League franchise will replace the Triple A Baby Cakes in New Orleans. * As a market, New Orleans would fit better in the Southern League's territorial footprint than it would in the Texas League. * The Midland, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area (pop. 170,675) and Midland-Odessa, TX Consolidated Statistical Area (pop. 251,842) are larger than the Jackson, TN MSA (pop. 129,235) and Jackson-Humboldt, TN CSA (pop. 160,398). Further, the population of the Texas statistical areas is growing, whereas that of the Tennessee statistical areas is shrinking. * The Odessa-Midland, TX television market is the 144th-largest amongst Nielsen DMAs, with 153,830 television homes. The Jackson, TN television market is the 177th-largest Nielsen DMA, with 85,540 television homes. According to Nielsen radio market statistics, Odessa-Midland ranks 164th, with 266,200 listeners over the age of 12. The same Nielsen radio statistics have Jackson, TN ranked 277th, with 82,400 listeners over the age of 12. * Midland's attendance numbers have historically been much better than what the Jackson Generals / West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx have drawn. Bottom line? I have to believe that the suits at MiLB headquarters would rather see a New Orleans-based franchise replace Jackson, TN at the Double A level than Midland, TX.
  15. Brian in Boston

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Word on the street is that MountainStar Sports Group is poised to announce the name of their new El Paso-based United Soccer League team soon. Further rumor has it that the team is going to be dubbed... El Paso Estrellas El Paso Lagartos EL PASO LOCOMOTIVE El Paso Stars El Paso Tejanos We shall see.