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  1. We'll see. It certainly sounds as though the NHL league brass are open to giving the powers-that-be behind Seattle's bid the same expansion draft opportunities that the Golden Knights enjoyed. "I have no doubt that if there is going to be another expansion team they are going to insist on having the same expansion terms." - Commissioner Bettman Would-be Seattle owners say they'll get favorable expansion rules... Gary Bettman: NHL expansion draft for Seattle would follow Vegas blueprint Seattle's possible NHL expansion draft would have same rules as Vegas
  2. Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    While I'll agree that this barnstorming tour of market reveals and coaching announcements isn't optimal, it hasn't hit the 90-day mark quite yet. From revealing that Steve Spurrier had been hired to coach its Orlando-based franchise to introducing Rick Neuheisel as the coach of the Phoenix area franchise, it has taken the Alliance of American Football 42 days "to announce five areas and the coaches" that will lead the teams in said markets. In other words, just under a month-and-a-half. In fact, it took 79 days for the Alliance of American Football to announce its launch, identify five of its eight inaugural markets, and name the head coaches for those five franchises. Whether the league will roll-out its remaining three markets - as well as name the coaches who will lead said teams - in the next 11 to 48 days remains to be seen. However, whether you chose to start the AAF's launch countdown clock at the moment it announced its very existence, or opted to begin when the league introduced Steve Spurrier as the coach of its Orlando-based franchise, we still haven't hit the three month mark of "drawn out" launches.
  3. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    As MCM0313 mentioned, the use of a yeti as a design element in the logo for a team named the Ice is fitting, as the cryptozoological creatures are said to live in snowy, icy habitats. Further, in the case of this particular logo, a word mark of the team name "ICE" has been incorporated into the design in the form of shaded areas in the yeti's fur.
  4. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Fred Saigh was more than indicted for tax evasion. He pleaded nolo contendere to two counts of the charge in January of 1953 and ended up serving nearly six months of a 15-month prison sentence at a federal penitentiary in Indiana before being paroled for good behavior. It was the "no contest" plea that truly gave Commissioner Ford Frick and Saigh's fellow National League owners the moral leverage they needed to force Saigh to sell the Cardinals.As for Milwaukee being the clear favorite over Houston to land the Redbirds in time for the 1954 National League season, the argument can be made that quite the opposite was true. While the major league-caliber County Stadium was under construction in Milwaukee at the time, Boston Braves owner Lou Perini controlled the big league territorial rights to the Milwaukee market, as the city was home to the Braves' AAA farm team in the American Association from 1947 through 1952. That's why Perini was able to pull the trigger so quickly on the Braves' relocation from Boston to Milwaukee in time for the 1953 National League season. While it was an open question as to whether Houston's Buffalo Stadium could be brought up to major league standards in time to play host to the relocated Cardinals, it can be argued that the Texas city would have had the inside-track to obtaining the Redbirds, as the big-league team's AA affiliate at the time - the Houston Buffaloes - gave the Cards organization control of Houston's big league rights.
  5. Given the propensity of Cleveland's NFL franchise to repeatedly "sh1t itself" in every aspect of its operation, I can't help but think that this is a particularly appropriate turn of phrase.
  6. New Carl's Jr./ Hardee's Logos

    If we truly want to get "retro" with our fast-food talk, we need to reminisce about the Burger Chef chain, the restaurants that introduced America to the Burger Chef and Jeff mascots. It was only after General Foods sold the Burger Chef chain to Hardee's parent company in the early 1980s that Burger Chef and Jeff started showing up in marketing campaigns for Hardee's. Speaking of Burger Chef, I remember reading somewhere that the introduction of their Funmeal pre-dated the roll-out of the McDonald's Happy Meal by at least 5 years. When McDonald's introduced the Happy Meal in 1979, Burger Chef sued them, but ultimately lost.
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Yes, I read the linked article in November of last year and remember the news being discussed in the North American Pro Soccer 2017 thread. As you mention, the inclusion of Ricketts takes this to an entirely new level.
  8. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Tom Ricketts - owner and chairman of the Chicago Cubs - has announced that he will serve as the majority owner of a United Soccer League franchise that would play in a proposed 20,000-seat soccer-specific stadium near the City of Chicago's Lincoln Park and Bucktown neighborhoods. The stadium, part of the Lincoln Yards project being pursued by developer Sterling Bay, will be sited along the Chicago River. Ricketts to Own New Chicago Soccer Team
  9. Wideright imagines the AAF

    The creator of the thread suggested a pair of team identities for the proposed Tucson-based franchise that utilize Arizona as the place name. That tells me that he's just as open to branding a team with Arizona as with Tucson.
  10. Wideright imagines the AAF

    Atlanta Resurgence (though I'd suggest Atlanta Rising or Atlanta Phoenix) Navy Blue helmetNavy Blue jerseyCopper pantsStylized phoenix for the logo, rendered in Red, Copper, and Yellow.Arizona Attack (though I'd suggest Arizona Venom) Gila Pink helmet with Black reticulated band striping (think a gila monster's striping pattern meeting the stylized helmet of the Cincinnati Bengals)Gila Pink jersey Black pants
  11. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Long Beach was apparently Gene Autry's first choice to become the new home of the Angels after he failed to get a new ballpark built for the team in Los Angeles. However, given that the City of Long Beach was going to be ponying-up the dough to build the Angels their new ballpark, city officials were insistent that the team be named the Long Beach Angels. Autry wouldn't agree to it, which put the kibosh on the deal.
  12. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Joey Alfieri of Montreal's TSN 690 is reporting that the Canadian Premier League's lineup of member-clubs for its inaugural season in 2019 will be based in the following markets:British Columbia (thought to be based in either Surrey or Victoria)Calgary Edmonton Halifax Hamilton Ottawa Winnipeg York (expected to be York 9 FC)
  13. Will St. John's ECHL Team Be Named Newfoundland Growlers?

    I'm expecting the Newfoundland Growlers' logo to feature a polar bear drinking craft beer from a 2-liter glass bottle while sitting atop a small iceberg.
  14. The ECHL has registered the name Newfoundland Growlers with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Could this be the name that will grace the new St. John's-based ECHL franchise that is set to take to the ice beginning with the league's 2018-19 season? Previous domain registrations had indicated that the names St. John's Regiment, St. John's Shamrocks, and St. John's Storm were possibly under consideration.
  15. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    Certainly not the best uniforms the Jacksonville Jaguars have ever worn. In my opinion, falling a bit below the mean on a scale of Jags looks. These rate a... "meh".