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  1. Brian in Boston

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    That's Toasty Vibes, the "flaming, anthropomorphic, sunglasses-wearing" mascot that team GM Chris Phillips describes as the "s'more I want to hang out with". Hey, Chris, don't sell Toasty short. He's more than just a sweet treat that's enjoyed by the fire. He's also a cure for the munchies I'm willing to bet you're experiencing right now. I mean, given Colorado's track-record as one of the first two U.S. states to legalize recreational use of cannabis, I'm betting that "toasty vibes" of a another variety played a significant role in the brainstorming that led to this identity being adopted. "Being an attitude, a feeling, an emotion, that allows us to do a million different things. The possibilities are limitless." - Chris Phillips Yep. You were definitely stoned when you signed-off on this, Chris. Rocky Mountain Vibes Baseball? More like Rocky Mountain Vibes BAKED-ball.
  2. Brian in Boston

    2018 High School Football

    The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) Football State Championship pairings are set. The games will be played at Gillette Stadium on Friday, November 30th (Divisions 2 and 4) and Saturday, December 1st (Divisions 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8). Division 1 - 8:00 PM on 12/1/18 St. John's Preparatory School Eagles (9-1) vs. Catholic Memorial School Knights (8-2) Prior to the Division 1 championship, St. John's will play their traditional Thanksgiving Eve rivalry game versus the Xaverian Brothers High School Hawks (7-2), while Catholic Memorial will face the Boston College High School Eagles (3-6). Division 2 - 7:30 PM on 11/30/18 North Andover High School Scarlet Knights (10-0) vs. King Philip Regional High School Warriors (8-2) Prior to the Division 2 championship, North Andover will meet the Andover High School Golden Warriors (3-6) on Thanksgiving Day, while King Philip will take on the Franklin High School Panthers (7-3). Division 3 - 6:00 PM on 12/1/18 Central High School (Springfield) Golden Eagles (10-1) vs. Tewksbury Memorial High School Redmen (10-1) Prior to the Division 3 championship, Tewksbury will square off with the Wilmington High School Wildcats (3-8 ) in their traditional Thanksgiving clash. Central High School has no game scheduled for Thanksgiving Day. Division 4 - 5:00 PM on 11/30/18 Nashoba Regional High School Chieftains (10-1) vs. Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School Falcons (8-2) Prior to the Division 4 championship, Nashoba will face the Clinton High School Gaels (4-7) on Thanksgiving Day, while Dighton-Rehoboth will play the Seekonk High School Warriors (4-6). Division 5 - 1:30 PM on 12/1/18 Scituate High School Sailors (10-1) vs. Nipmuc Regional High School Warriors (10-1) Prior to the Division 5 championship, Scituate will meet the Hingham High School Harbormen (7-2) in their Thansgiving Day tussle, while Nipmuc will take on the Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School Beavers (11-1). Division 6 - 3:30 PM on 12/1/18 Stoneham High School Spartans (11-0) vs. Old Rochester Regional High School Bulldogs (10-0) Prior to the Division 6 championship, Stoneham will square off with the Reading Memorial High School Rockets (8-2) in their Thanksgiving Day game, while Old Rochester Regional will face the Apponequet Regional High School Lakers (4-7). Division 7 - 11:00 AM on 12/1/18 Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School Beavers (10-1) vs. St. Mary's High School Spartans (8-3) Prior to the Division 7 championship, Blackstone Valley will take on the Nipmuc Regional High School Warriors (10-1) on Thanksgiving, while St. Mary's will meet the Bishop Fenwick High School Crusaders (8-2). Division 8 - 9:00 AM on 12/1/18 St. Bernard's Central Catholic High School Saints (10-1) vs. Pope John XXIII High School Tigers (11-0) Prior to the Division 8 championship, St. Bernard's will play the North Middlesex Regional High School Patriots (2-8) in a Thanksgiving Eve clash, while Pope John XXIII will square off with the Matignon High School/Saint Joseph Preparatory High School co-op football team (4-4).
  3. Brian in Boston

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

  4. Brian in Boston

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    So, the financing plan for a proposed soccer-specific stadium in St. Louis, Missouri is beginning to take shape and, in fact, be acted upon. The facility would be home to a Major League Soccer expansion franchise that members of the Taylor family - the money behind Enterprise Holdings - and World Wide Technology CEO Jim Kavanaugh are hoping to secure. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch and KMOV-TV, the nine-person Taylor-Kavanaugh group would pay $250 million in cash to build the stadium, with Carolyn Kindle Betz - executive director of Enterprise Holdings Foundation - going so far as to say that the potential MLS investor/operators had no plans to borrow money for the construction. In exchange, the group is asking for help from city and state officials in the form of free land and tax breaks, including: * free use of land upon which to build the stadium * a full tax exemption on stadium construction materials; * a 50% break on ticket taxes (with the 50% collected reportedly being set aside to pay for future stadium improvements); * a 3% tax on stadium goods (reportedly dedicated towards backing construction bonds); * a $30 million tax break from the state. Yesterday, the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority of the City of St. Louis approved two of the aforementioned tax breaks. First, the authority agreed to send an application to the State of Missouri Development Finance Board asking for a contribution tax credit of up to $30 million over two years. The development board, which is scheduled to meet next month, would have to approve the tax credit in order for it to be issued. Second, the authority approved the full tax break on stadium construction materials. Today, the Board of Aldermen of the City of St. Louis are expected to take up a resolution that would address the free use of land (a site just west of Union Station on Market Street), the 50% break on ticket taxes, and the 3% tax on stadium goods. St. Louis City leaders taking steps to support the push for professional soccer Downtown St. Louis soccer stadium would be paid for with cash by would-be team owners One step forward: City board OKs its part of tax incentives for downtown soccer stadium UPDATE (11/16/18): Alderman Christine Ingrassia wants any resolution that provides the investor/operators of the proposed St. Louis-based MLS expansion franchise with free land and tax breaks to also specifically identify said parties as the owners of the soccer-specific stadium, as well. She estimates that between 6 and 8 other members of the Board of Aldermen agree with her proposal. MLS stadium hitch emerges at St. Louis Board of Aldermen
  5. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    That's true. And, in my opinion, FC Cincinnati will enter Major League Soccer with one of the league's top logos.
  6. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    I suppose you could, but I wouldn't. Why? Read on. I don't see motion lines. First, why would motion lines appear on both sides of the ball, from two opposite directions? What I see is a white stripe, similar to the other flag stripes under the word mark banner. I've always felt it was meant to give the logo six stripes, just as it has six stars in the ball... in each case, signifying the six New England states. As such, it doesn't strike me as an "extraneous" detail. Nor do I think it is "poorly-integrated" into the logo's overall design. Now, I'll grant you that the American flag's top stripe should be red, but - given that the topmost stripe under the banner is already red - I simply presumed that Mr. Walls exercised artistic license and opted to render said stripe in the alternating color. Whether that was his intention or not, I don't know. Said distressed font calls to mind a typeface style associated with the era in which the American Revolution - namesake of New England's Major League Soccer franchise - took place. Again, given this distinction, I don't find the detail "extraneous" or "poorly-integrated". I don't agree. I feel that the examples of extraneous and poorly-integrated components I referenced in my assessment of the clip-art logos were truly egregious, while Mr. Walls' mark strikes me as a simple, straightforward, well-crafted logo design... one in which each of its component elements serves a purpose. I honestly don't see any of the design elements Mr. Walls utilized in his New England Revolution concept being extraneous. In terms of poorly-integrated, I don't know that I feel the "type that doesn't quite follow the banner right" to quite rise to that level. Truth be told, I think it is barely noticeable. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have our own opinions. You consider the New England Revolution's current logo to be "the better executed of the two". I consider said mark to be a ham-handed, dated-the-minute-it-was-created failure. Which is where we have our disconnect. I'm not someone who applauds graphic designers for nailing a style I find aesthetically lacking. All of this said, it will be interesting to see just how long it takes the Krafts to have the Revolution's logo redesigned... or, if they ever actually manage to shake-off their apathy as investor/operators of the team long enough to do so.
  7. Brian in Boston

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    If that is, in fact, going to be the placement of the new logo on the helmets, I don't see said positioning lasting more than 3 to 5 years... at the LONGEST! After that, I believe the new logo will be reduced in size and placed in the more conventional position on each side of the helmet. Bottom line? This is shaping-up to be the CFL's version of the "Jacksonville Jaguars' Two-Tone Helmet" experiment.
  8. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    Well, then we'd better prepare ourselves for a good long wait on a rebrand. Whispers about the viability of a soccer-specific stadium for the New England Revolution within the Greater Boston urban core, as well as rumors about development of such a facility coming to fruition, have been kicking around for over a decade with no concrete progress.
  9. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    The suggestion of an American flag with the "NE" is clever, particularly the latter letter being formed by the banner's stripes. That said, there's a bit of dissonance with the weight of the "N" being heavier than that of the "E". I'm not sold on the top of the badge being rendered in the same wave as that of the letters, though I'll concede that the letters would look off if the top of the badge were simply flat. I don't think the star between "REVOLUTION" and "FC" is necessary, particularly if you're going to incorporate a star element into the bottom third of the shield. The design of the soccer ball within the star needs to be refined. I'd like to see you take a crack at the stars forming the panels of the ball - similar to what the Revolution and Mark Walls designs both do. Or, could the soccer ball be made larger, with the panels rendered as stars and the "96" contained within the center star-panel? Or, perhaps, with just the outer five panels rendered as stars and the "96" taking the place of the center panel? As far as the shield is concerned, I'd like to see the bottom point be a bit more pronounced... sharper. It seems too rounded compared to the upper left and right corners. And I think the line-weight for the shield's blue outline should be the same all the way around.
  10. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    Of course, the important distinction between Peter Good's Hartford Whalers logo and the New England Revolution's current mark is that the former is a well-designed masterwork, while the latter is a ham-handed aesthetic clunker.
  11. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    From where I'm sitting, none of the logos you've cited is anywhere near as well-designed or aesthetically-pleasing as Mark Walls' New England Revolution concept. In each and every logo you've shared, there is some aspect of the design that strikes me as being completely extraneous or poorly-integrated: motion lines, randomly-placed founding dates, needless gradients, extraneous stars, crowns, flames, laurel sprigs, awkwardly-shaped shields, etc. By comparison, Mr. Walls' logo concept is a testament to the strength of simple, straightforward, effective graphic design.
  12. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    See above. What you see as "a great big 'F yourself'" to conventional logo wisdom, I see as dated, insipid, aesthetically offensive design. What it says to me is, "Yeah, we're the token mid-90s, 'it looks like our team owner let his kindergarten-age grandchildren design the club logo with crayons' team in our league." It has always struck me as a looking completely bush-league. To each their own, I guess.
  13. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    We'll have to agree to disagree. To my mind, Mr. Walls' concept for an updated New England Revolution logo retains familiar elements of the team's current graphic identity (star-paneled soccer ball... U.S. flag striping); presents those elements in a more refined and aesthetically pleasing manner, while also bringing them within a traditional badge-like containment shape; renders the team's name in a font style that more directly ties to the era in which the inspiration for said sobriquet (the American Revolution) took place, and more effectively integrates the word mark into the overall composition of the resulting emblem. The result is a New England Revolution mark that, in my opinion, would instantly become one of the top team crests in all of Major League Soccer.
  14. Brian in Boston

    FC Cincinnati

    I couldn't agree more. In my opinion, the New England Revolution's logo is both poorly-designed and dated... and has been since the moment it was foisted upon the public. The only reason that someone might successfully argue the Revolution didn't sport the absolute worst of Major League Soccer's original team logos is because all of said franchises' inaugural visual identities were absolute abominations. I'm still of the mind that Mark Walls of St. Paul, Minnesota-based CEMA Graphics designed the best New England Revolution logo/crest I've ever seen. This design would ensure continuity of the team's visual identity by retaining elements of the logo that the Revolution have sported since the franchise's inception (namely, the star-paneled soccer ball and U.S. flag striping). At the same time, execution of said components would be rendered in a more visually-appealing fashion and contained within a more traditional shield-shaped badge.
  15. Brian in Boston

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Here are my passing thoughts: * The team name is ASININE... even by Brandiose standards. * I'm not a fan of the way in which the PRAIRIE DOG's head is emerging from the hole in a couple of the logos. I understand what the designers were going for, but the manner in which the edge of the hole was rendered does, indeed, make it look as though the PRAIRIE DOG's head has been torn. On the logo featuring the State of Texas, the PRAIRIE DOG looks as though it's partially submerged in a liquid. * The fact that the PRAIRIE DOG is rendered in the same color as the cowboy boots it's wearing, as well as the grass seed it's chewing, bothers me. In my opinion, the boots would look better if they were white, powder blue, or red. As for the grass seed... I don't know what you'd color it, but I don't like it colored the same shade of yellow as the PRAIRIE DOG. * I don't think that the four logos featuring solo depictions of the PRAIRIE DOG all need to feature the animal chewing on the grass seed. We get it - the PRAIRIE DOG is chock-full of "western grit" and a "John Wayne" attitude. Figure out another way to convey said West Texas character besides chewing on a grass seed. * Between the Sod Poodles and Soddies word marks, the roundel, the "A" on the cowboy hats worn by the PRAIRIE DOGS, and the "A" that a solo PRAIRIE DOG is leaning on, it would appear that there are at least three - and maybe four - fonts at play in this suite of logos. The one on the roundel seems most out of place. I'd suggest losing one. Did I mention that Sod Poodles is an ASININE team name? Just checking.