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  1. Boston fans, yes. Bruins fans, eh. Besides 2011 (I know, I know, they won the freakin' Cup I should shut up) the Bruins have let me down my entire life. Don't forget, just in the past decade they blew a 3-0 series lead and lost a Stanley Cup final in 5 seconds at home. They're kinda a**holes - and not in the Brad Marchand way, in the Bill Buckner way. But I digress. What. A. Game. Kudos to the Leafs, all series long they found the answering goal almost immediately - tremendous resiliency for a young squad. A couple take-a-ways. Rask still sucks, like... sucks. Austin Matthews was absolutely shut down by a 40 year old who looks like he skates in peanut butter - IceCap, what's your take on his performance? Really feel bad for Freddie Anderson, he was awful in the 3rd period.. but hoping he doesn't take the blame here, he's the reason they even got it to a game 7. Marner is going to be a hell of a player, really impressed this series. Finally, Zach Hyman is the fastest kid alive.
  2. You're such a homer it's making Bruins fans look even worse. A. The Bruins are top to bottom a better team BUT there's 2 glaring differences between them that explains why this series is 3-3: Mike Babcock & Freddy Andersen. Babcock is coaching circles around Big Ole Bruce, and it's tough to watch. Bruce is over here shuffling lines that don't need to be shuffled. He's getting finessed defensively, Babcock is exposing the speed of the Bruins. B. If the Bruins are thoroughly outplaying the Leafs (they are), how are they choking? I don't think you understand what choking actually is. The Bruins are playing well enough to win, but that won't happen when Rask lets up pee-wee level goals and Andersen is playing at a top, top level. Watch the game a little more objectively. Don't be a Jack Edwards, be a Doc Emrick.
  3. Wow, what a game. I don't know if Andersen stole it or Rask giftwrapped it, maybe a little bit of both. Bruins came out like Claude Julien was still behind the bench then out of nowhere pivoted back to their usual style of play and Andersen just stood on his head, hell of a performance. On another note - the refs in this Leafs/Bruins series have been atrocious, almost embarrassingly bad. And as a Bruins fans I'm not just saying that, it's been called equally as bad for both sides.. very little consistency, missed penalties on both teams. The most glaring issues have been icings and faceoffs.
  4. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    Almost everything the Bruins front office has done in the past 7 years has been a fireable offense. So....
  5. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Well, at least there was a purpose to Fenway's design - street layout, keeping fans out, etc. MMP is just a hot mess of cliche pieces glued together for the hell of it. Don't get me wrong, Fenway is really, really overrated. It's basically a green sardine can - but it's also a baseball cathedral, hence the love.
  6. NHL 2017-18

    You might be in the wrong place.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    The problem started with the 1995 redesign and their emphasis on black over gold. The traditional Bruins stripes are yellow/black/white/black/yellow. The home jerseys execute this perfectly, the roads haven't. The gold socks from 1969-1995 matched the stripes of the jersey. The gold socks from 1995 onward flipped the colors to again, emphasize black, and lost the continuity with the jerseys. Like you said, in a vacuum this is a pretty decent look - but it's not the Bruins.
  8. UNLV new logo

    Welcome to Las Vegas sign, Spring Mountains (I think), rebel. It seems pretty clever. Not Minnesota Wild level but still a decent mark nonetheless. EDIT: Gobbi beat me to it.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    Jeesh. Sounds like fun.....
  10. NHL 2017-18

    You're right, they're going to look terrible. BU does white gloves and they are really mucked up by the end of the season. Here's a shot after about 40 or so games...
  11. Detroit Tigers alternate jersey

    The red cap from the 70's was far superior IMO - mostly because of what you mentioned. White B just doesn't look right. On the other hand, the white cap is actually a pretty clean look. Wouldn't mind it as a Sunday alternate, always loved it as a kid.
  12. The Basketball Tournament 2017

    Yeah, Fraz did the logos for 95% of the teams. Some decided to go with their own or with an organizations logo. I handled the uniforms.
  13. Well then Julien isn't your guy. As much as I like the guy, it just doesn't make sense for a team in need of scoring to hire maybe the most defensively minded coach in the league.
  14. Claude Julien fired. Are the Bruins a good team? No. Is this Claude's fault? Undoubtedly, no. They've had some bad puck luck, and the numbers back up their ability to put it in the net even though they seemingly can't. This is a front office that has repeatedly made bonehead move after bonehead move, and Claude now got the axe because of those. Cam Neely should've been gone 2 years ago, but Chiarelli was his scapegoat that year. The timing is so Bruins as well. 11:30 press conference, Patriots parade starts at 11. Way to shoo your all time wins leader coach out the back door, boys. Good luck in Vegas.
  15. MLB Hotstove 2016-17

    I don't know about that. Michael Kopech has already been hit with a PED suspension, and broke his pitching hand punching his roommate in the face. He's a complete meatball, sure he throws 100+ (only recently) but so did Daniel Bard. Yuan Moncada could be something special. The knock on Moncada is he doesn't have any baseball IQ - he looks lost out there. He'll be 22 in Spring Training but I believe Sox brass soured on him with his slow development. I'm just hoping this isn't Hanley Ramirez all over again. You can't hate this deal on either end, even if the prospects don't pan out. On paper it's a win-win.