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  1. NHL 2017-18

    Taking this quote at face value, for such an Army guy it's funny he doesn't even realize that the Golden Knights is not West Point's parachute team, but is the US Army's elite parachute team (the Army equivalent of the Air Force's Thunderbirds or the Navy's Blue Angels). Imagine a former Navy guy, despite warnings from the Navy, starting a franchise called the Seattle Blue Angels using a blue and gold color scheme...
  2. How much can you "update" a classic?

    I think it's possible to update a classic look while still maintaining its spirit. Probably a minority opinion, but I thought the 49ers late-90s update (post white pants) did a good job capturing the look and feel of the franchise while trying something fresh: The Eagles' update was not as good primarily because the green is just too murky--I'm fine with darkening it, but Philly went too far--but in the end, Philly's modernization ended up leaving a more lasting mark. I suppose if the Niners had won a Super Bowl in the updated look, they might not have changed so quick.
  3. Question about Asian leagues

    In terms of numerals, Chinese (whether in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong) uses Arabic numbers in most standalone situations, just as English does. Chinese characters for numbers are usually only used in copy. For domestic competitions, I'm sure the reason why Chinese teams don't always use Chinese characters for branding purposes as well as to mimic the aesthetics of leagues/teams they're trying to emulate--e.g., NBA, Premier League, etc. For international competitions, they use Latin letters both for branding and for broadcasters and fans in foreign countries to be able know who players are.
  4. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Agreed on the point about athletic gold and RTB, but it's interesting you blame Mason when he was the guy who changed away from old gold.
  5. NHL 2018-19

    Yes, and the "incorrect" C has a much flatter profile (similar to the Bears C aspect ratio, but without the "tail"). Also the X's representing the string holding the tomahawks together are very different.
  6. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    1994 USMNT denim and stars kit (both elements being unique): 1998 Czech Republic hockey jerseys with Czech on the back:
  7. NHL 2018-19

    For example:
  8. NHL 2018-19

    Tell me about it. I have some CCM 550's from the mid 90s that use the incorrect secondary logo, and they never made a correction (with a few minor exceptions)--at least Reebok fixed that on their Premier jerseys. Anyone happen know the origin of the incorrect logo?
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Maybe he could just build next door in the new space that just opened up...
  10. What throwbacks do you want to see?

    These for the Boston Bruins:
  11. Time to rebrand the Panthers?

    The other Panthers should rebrand too--both Pitt and Florida.
  12. NHL 2018-19

    Agreed at least that the outline doesn't look good on red... but it's necessary on black to make the logo more visible.
  13. NHL 2018-19

    I'd prefer the outline on the black jerseys, too. Something like this then: The Hawks used to have a tan outline on their logo up until 1999.
  14. NHL 2018-19

    I too would prefer the throw/fauxback look instead of the more standard black jerseys. But if they do go with standard black, I'd prefer a couple of subtle changes: 1) Have the striping more closely match the red jersey, so instead of red-black-white-black-red, make them red-white-black-white-red. 2) Change the shoulder logos from the red jersey version to the white jersey version. I've mocked it up below:
  15. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    In which case Bonderman and Bruckheimer would have to buy the rights from the ECHL Idaho Steelheads, which is probably more expensive than buying the rights from an economically-threatened WHL team. Think the NHL would allow the Seattle Sockeyes?