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  1. Mingjai

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Maybe it because I grew up in the era of mesh holes that I so much prefer the cleaner look of sewn appliqué or even silicone numbers. But then I was glad in the late 80s when I thought that trucker hats were dead.
  2. Mingjai

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Since BYU already has both white and royal pants to wear with their royal jerseys, all they would need to do is add a white jersey with royal trim and they’d be all set to wear royal on the road. I actually want to see BYU in an all white with royal trim set—it was a very rare combo, even back in the royal blue days. The only times I recall BYU not wearing royal pants on the road prior to the pre-1999 color change were maybe 2-3 away games in 1995 and 1996. 1995 Fresno State 1996 Washington
  3. Mingjai

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    So basically “At least the uniforms weren’t grey…”
  4. Mingjai

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Yep, flipping past the game, I thought it was SDSU vs Wyoming.
  5. Mingjai

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Minnesota’s new uniform scheme is very Iowa with the way that the maroon looks washed out on BTN. Dark helmet with gold stripe and logo, dark jerseys, white numbers, gold names, gold britches.
  6. Mingjai

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    University of Idaho has the same school colors and should have been doing the same thing. And Montana should be doing much more with copper, silver, and gold.
  7. Mingjai

    Colorado Avalanche Unveil Third Uniform for 2018-19

    I hate squared yokes too. One of my biggest pet peeves in current hockey jersey design. Agreed on the murky colors as well. Thumbs down from me.
  8. Mingjai

    NHL 2018-19

    On the other hand, the Bruins changed looks several times from the 60s onward, though they never had many truly terrible teams since the late 60s (maybe 1996-97 or 2005-07).
  9. Mingjai

    Your favorite color combinations

    I've always liked the claret and sky blue of Aston Villa/West Ham/Burnley: Also "rave green and Sounder blue":
  10. I grew up in Idaho, where we had no professional sports to cheer for. My parents and grandparents are all BYU grads, so I was born and raised in Cougar blue, and my professional sports fandom for my first 20+ years derived from my parents and my BYU fandom. I cheered for NFL teams with a BYU QB, so Jim McMahon and the Bears, Marc Wilson and the Raiders, and Steve Young and the 49ers. The NBA was pretty easy--my favorite color as a little kid was green plus the Celtics were BYU-laden with Danny Ainge, Fred Roberts, and Greg Kite. After Ainge left, I continue to cheer for the C's, as well as Ainge's subsequent Portland and Phoenix teams, though in truth I stopped paying attention to baseball during Ainge's Phoenix years. In baseball, I cheered for Dale Murphy and the Braves--it helped that they were the only team on TV in Idaho (we got TBS but not WGN), thought my interest in baseball began to wane just as the Braves were getting good. At the time I moved away from Idaho to attend BYU, the only things I really followed were BYU sports and the NFL. College was where I became the huge NHL fan that I am today--I somehow ended up with hockey-playing roommates: a Red Wings from Maryland, a Caps fan from Virginia, a Kings fan from San Diego. Like any good sports fan, I decide I would pick an NHL team then a there to cheer for in perpetuity. Already having an affinity for one Boston Garden tenant, I figure why not also cheer for the team with banners in the rafters--I went all in on the Bourque-Neely-Oates Bruins. (My other roommate from Atlanta chose the newly-moved Colorado Avalanche in part because they were just one state over from Utah and in part because he wanted to spite the Red Wings roommate.) My roommates were CS and EE guys, so we hard-wire networked our house and had some epic multi-player NHL Hockey games on PC. I moved to U of Minnesota for grad school, and found it easy to get behind Gopher football (I was there for the Barber/Maroney years) and hockey (they had just won back-to-back Nattys). The Twins were a team I could behind, with their Idaho (Harmon Killebrew) and BYU (Jack Morris, Rick Aguilera) connections. On the other hand, having grown up cheering for the Bears and 49ers, I just couldn't bring myself to cheer for the Vikings--plus, and relevant to this board, I never liked their colors. I didn't care about the NBA anymore, so the Wolves barely moved the dial for me. Finally, despite being a huge hockey fan, I had a hard time becoming an enthusiastic Wild fan. I respected the way they run the organization and the relationship they have with fans and I even liked their colors, but my respect never turned into passionate fandom. After I graduated from grad school, I began splitting my time between the Twin Cities and Chicago. My childhood Bears fandom took hold again, assisted by the fact that I always thought that the Bears are top 3 for NFL uniforms. Living on the North Side, I also became a Cubs fan--it wouldn't interfere with my Twins fandom as I believe it fair to have an AL and an NL team. It was very easy for me to become a Blackhawks fan, even before they became a powerhouse (this is 2007-08 time frame). Besides my Bruins jerseys, I owned a red Orr Blackhawks jersey because I thought they had the best jerseys in the league, so when I moved to Chicago, the Hawks became my Western Conference team. (I had a great run as an NHL fan from 2010-15, and for the record, I cheered for the home team in each game of the 2013 Cup, figuring I'd decide who to cheer for in game 7 when the time came.) To bring this back to this board, aesthetics has definitely affected which professional teams I cheer for (or don't cheer for): Celtics: green was my favorite color growing up Blackhawks: loved their jerseys, even owned one before moving to Chicago and becoming a fan Bears: always liked the uniforms, was easy to become more of a fan after moving there Vikings: never liked purple and gold (subconscious Celtics' influence here?)
  11. Mingjai

    NHL 2018-19

    Yeah, I was going to try to get out to that one, but I figured just like every other outdoor game, it would just be another throwaway game for the Blackhawks. The Wild sure got up for it though.
  12. The chain-stitchedcrests and patches on the Blackhawks' sweaters and Cardinal's jerseys.
  13. RSL should have been the Salt Lake Pumas (or Pumas del Lago Salado) to try to capitalize on the growing Hispanic population in the state as well as the nostalgia of LDS Church members who served missions to Latin America.
  14. Juventus' original kits were pink shirts with a black tie, and they've periodically adopted pink clash kits in the past as a nod to that history. I can't think of a top-tier soccer club more associated with pink than Juventus.
  15. The interesting thing here is that Miami is drawing on Inter for the inspiration for the name while the colors of pink and black are more traditionally associated with Inter's Derby d'Italia rival Juventus. The aren't the first team to do this--Real Salt Lake's name clearly leans on the popularity of Real Madrid while its colors of red and blue, colors used by the Spanish national team, are also traditionally associated with Real Madrid's El Clásico rival FC Barcelona.