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  1. Well, here's a fresh brand-new atrocious color clash that might not happen ever again
  2. What do you guys think of Brazil's lime uniforms? I love both fluorescents they use, one of the few countries that can pull of such color-vibe sets!!
  3. Legit? If so, this is sick, and there will be a "Fleur de Pelican" also
  4. Nice approach by the Spurs, but I hope they mantained the same side pannels... If I'm right there's still a lot new uniforms yet to be revealed: -Brooklyn Home&Away -Denver Yellow Alt -Golden State Yellow Alt -LA Lakers possible new alternate -Phoenix new unis? -Sacto new checkboard -Wizards blue alternate?
  5. Hi everyone!! Despite visiting this site almost everyday I don't post much. It can be because of my poor english level or because my maybe-poorest drawing skills. Despite these limitations, I tried to do the cover of my own soon-to-be-published novel but, in the end, I felt there were something left on it. Then I remember one of the many awesome series this site have ever offered to the eyes of the ones who, like me, come here often. Patchez and his talents were the missing piece for the logo to be as awesome as it can be. So I asked him to collaborate on giving his great touch in the cover and, luckily, he accepted. Now my space-related book is about to launch and I'm so proud of the mission patch I ended with. I wanted to start this topic to say thank you to the great Patchez for what he did for me, a 24 year-old soon to publish his own first book in Catalonia (not Spain, for the ones who don't know lol). Thank you so much for being one of the main reasons if this books turns to be succesful. For the ones who don't know, but now on will now, PATCHEZ IS AS GREAT AS HIS TALENTS PD: Please excuse my english teachers, unfortunately they're not so much better than me on it lol PD2: I'll upload the full cover next, I don't have it on this computer
  6. It's getting better Too PSG for my taste but I kinda like it!!!
  7. I've seen every team with the exception of the Nets and the Suns. New unis'? I'm also disapointed on the Bobcats, Warriors, Knicks & Thunder, I thought they're going to introduce alternates...
  8. After doing an excel with the items logo1, logo2, colors, home uni, away uni and alternate uni here're my results. In case of missing and item I simply get the total result and translated into the same base as the others: 1- New Orleans Hornets (excellent identity, not surprised) 2- Memphis Grizzlies (they also got a nice logo package and the uniforms look sharp, much less since the lose of the stroke inline on the numbers) 3- Denver Nuggets (original and nice identity) 4- Chicago Bulls (timeless classic, enough said) 5- New York Knicks (apart from a boring primary logo they've got a solid identity) 6- Miami Heat (not a top in any category but a B+ in all items) 7- Portland Trail Blazers (close to being a timeless classic, solid, original and unique) 8- Milwaukee Bucks (the same as Miami, the classic-red and the return to the christmas color were good moves) 9- Toronto Raptors (apart from an outdated primary logo, their identity is pretty solid) 10- Indiana Pacers (shame logos, if not they will be among the best on my standings) 11- Charlotte Bobcats (the secondary logo and the away uniform are the keys of their eleventh position) 12- Atlanta Hawks (Nique era inspiration -but modern- will put them on the top) 13- Cleveland Cavaliers (if not for the logo they'll be so much lower) 14- Los Angeles Lakers (regular in every aspect but nothing great) 15- Boston Celtics (same as Lakers, timeless classic) 16- Dallas Mavericks (they miss the green train and i really don't like their new away uni) 17- Golden State Warriors (their identity is unique and solid. I really don't know why it's not growing on me...) 18- Phoenix Suns (Y U NO GET RID OF THE GREY) 19- San Antonio Spurs (solid but very very boring) 20- Orlando Magic (I really don't understand how they ended that low. The logo is horrible as hell but their uniforms are pretty nice) 21- Detroit Pistons (nice move back to the Bad Boy era, but boring logo) 22- Houston Rockets (their logo and the McDonald's unis doesn't deserve to be ranked higher) 23- Sacramento Kings (another WNBA move by a team which really needs to get a solid identity) 24- Washington Wizards (their colors are nice, and they're changing to the RWB madness and, hopefully, getting a new Bullets-esque uniforms) 25- Minnesota Timberwolves (the secondary logo save their case, horrible move on getting rid of the green) 26- Utah Jazz (the mountain logo with the J-Note makes no sense, and I'm not even discussing the New Orleans logos in Utah... Moving backwards always sucks) 27- New Jersey Nets (in really need of a Brooklyn new identity) 28- Oklahoma City Thunder (be quickly before Kevin Durant and company win a title in that horrible fashion) 29- Los Angeles Clippers (they missed the boat of a decent redesign, and the wordmarks are so down-low on the jersey. What a shame of a franchise) 30- Philadelphia 76ers (the unis' are nice, but their logo abomination return is really a bad move)
  9. Any news about Hornets, Thunder, Magic, Kings getting alternates? According with the two-year rule they can get ones this season...
  10. Don't know if someone posted it yet, it will make it's debut against France in a few days Still not sure about the pants colour, I hope to see a Barça like Navy-Red combo or a Monochrome Navy set
  11. Jorge Garbajosa wore #15 in Toronto after Vince Carter, but with some more years in perspective, yes, maybe the Raptors will retire his number. My poll on current players whose jersey will be 100% sure retired when they finish off their careers. Atlanta: None Boston: #34 Paul Pierce, Garnett, Allen & Rondo could join him but it's not easy. Charlotte: None Chigago: None Cleveland: #23- Lebron James Dallas: #41- Dirk Nowitzki Denver: None, but Melo is going to be on that list Detroit: #1- Chauncey Billups, #32- Richard Hamilton. Not sure about Prince or the Wallace "brothers". Golden State: None Houston: None Indiana: None Los Angeles Clippers: None Los Angeles Lakers: #34- Shaquille O'neal, #8/#24- Kobe Bryant. I will retire both. What about Fisher? 4 NBA titles, and a very important secondary role on the team. Memphis Grizzlies: None Miami Heat: #3- Dwyane Wade Milwaukee Bucks: None Minnesota Timberwolves: #21- Kevin Garnett New Jersey Nets: #5- Jason Kidd New Orleans Hornets: None, but if he stays Chris Paul is very closer to lock it. New York Knicks: None. Oklahoma City Thunder: None. Orlando Magic: If not a lock, Dwight Howard is not far from becoming one. Philadelphia 76ers: #3- Allen Iverson Phoenix Suns: #13- Steve Nash. Portland Trail Blazers: None Sacramento Kings: None San Antonio Spurs: #21- Tim Duncan, #9- Tony Parker, #20- Manu Ginobili Toronto Raptors: ¿#15- Vince Carter? Utah Jazz: None Washington Wizards: None
  12. First of all the NBA as institution needs to drop the stupid fine for any team that changes the logo. With that said, let's get on topic. BOSTON CELTICS: Introduce some gold as an accent color. I will also drop out the leprechaun logo but it's just my opinion. WHITE-GREEN-GOLD NEW JERSEY NETS: I liked the gray alternate more than the current red. Despite being around since 1997 the uniforms are not so outdated. The logo it's horrible but not clipperish. WHITE-NAVY-RED-GREY NEW YORK KNICKS: An orange alternate and it's all right for me. WHITE-BLUE-ORANGE-BLACK PHILADELPHIA 76ERS: A modern version of the old logo and outlines on wordmarks please. WHITE-RED-BLUE TORONTO RAPTORS: I will be fine with Huskies, but since Raptors it's still the name I would want them to throw in a new primary logo. WHITE-RED-BLACK-GREY CHICAGO BULLS: All perfect for me except the ball in the middle-court logo. Maybe some secondary will fit. WHITE-RED-BLACK CLEVELAND CAVALIERS: 2003-2004 and still the last great redesign. Nothing to change, perfect to me. WHITE-RED-NAVY-GOLD DETROIT PISTONS: Great uniforms, boring logo. WHITE-BLUE-RED INDIANA PACERS: Serious, classic. For me a great update on their identity, but the Chuck Person era just rule! WHITE-NAVY-YELLOW MILWAUKEE BUCKS: I like their current identity, maybe they can improve the logo but the colors are perfect. WHITE-GREEN-RED ATLANTA HAWKS: Red, yellow and maroon instead of black and a new logo. It's a shame because their current unis are amazing (except of the ATL thing) WHITE-RED-YELLOW-MAROON CHARLOTTE BOBCATS: Drop out the PRIMARY LOGO and they have a great identity. WHITE-BLUE-ORANGE-GREY MIAMI HEAT: Ten years in and still looking good, a solid identity and part of the league's history. WHITE-MAROON-BLACK-YELLOW ORLANDO MAGIC: If they get a real logo the colors and uniforms are perfect. WHITE-BLUE-BLACK-GREY WASHINGTON WIZARDS: Same as the Magic, I really like blue, black and gold more than the red-blue monochrome. WHITE-BLUE-BLACK-GOLD DALLAS MAVERICKS: Drop the two-blue madness and return to blue and green as the main colors. I will also make them look more westernish, something like GFB's redesign of the Dallas Stars if someone remembers it. WHITE-BLUE-GREEN HOUSTON ROCKETS: Get a logo less Toyotish and add orange instead of grey or yellow. WHITE-RED-ORANGE. MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES: I loved their global identity until they presented that horrible alternate. It will be great if the design was the same as the home and the road unis. WHITE-NAVY-SKY-GOLD NEW ORLEANS HORNETS: Great redesign, but still not feeling the yellow wordmark in the road uniform. WHITE-TEAL-PURPLE-YELLOW SAN ANTONIO SPURS: A grey alternate will do it. WHITE-BLACK-GREY DENVER NUGGETS: I liked the redesign for the Carmelo Era alot but the shiny fabric hurts my eyes every game I watch. Just change the jersey's material and I think it's perfect, the alternate it's too gangsta but I still love it. WHITE-ROYAL-BLUE-YELLOW MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES: Blue, green and black don't work well together. I will adopt the current alternate as the primary logo and change the blue to green. Twenty years after the franchise creation I will give the blue and green combination for the Mavs and will go with Black and Green. WHITE-BLACK-GREEN. OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER: I don't like the childlish colors they've adopted, and of course I hate their current logo. Hoping to see changes very soon. WHITE-BLUE-NAVY-RED. PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS: I like the rebranding Conrad made for them, with gold instead of grey. I will buy it! WHITE-BLACK-RED-GOLD UTAH JAZZ: Change navy for purple, forget the J-note logo and get in some real uniforms. WHITE-PURPLE-SKY GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS: A good looking identity, maybe too agressive. Changing the logo is the number one priority. WHITE-NAVY-ORANGE-YELLOW LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS: A logo worst than the Thunder's it's a very horrible one. I will adopt a light and greyish purple as the main color, with red and navy as secondaries. WHITE-PURPLE-RED-NAVY LOS ANGELES LAKER: Just some logo modernisation and it will be fine. YELLOW-PURPLE-WHITE-BLACK PHOENIX SUNS: Less grey more orange. Black instead of grey. WHITE-PURPLE-ORANGE-BLACK SACRAMENTO KINGS: Gold as an accent color instead of grey. A lion as a symbol. WHITE-PURPLE-BLACK-GOLD
  13. Worst than expected, I was hoping for them to mantain the same basic design and just change navy for baby blue and white letters or something cooler. The font and numbers are to big, same for the side-panels. I was really hoping for a beautiful uniform like the other two, for me this is a step back.
  14. Looking for some C&C to my first attemp at redesigning the Clippers, pay special attention to the purple colour used Too many outlines? A good start?