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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Here's a better look (in context)
  2. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Watching a the fake trailer for the "movie" Moreyball on the Ringer I came across with this Houston Rockets logo... I didn't see it on the main site and I've never seen it before, new logo in the works?
  3. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Sneek-peak on the new Clippers identity from Rare Design's video on the Minnesota Timberwolves' Facebook page? Or just some logo brainstorming?
  4. Rare team matchups

    Well, here's a fresh brand-new atrocious color clash that might not happen ever again
  5. Rio 2016 Olympics

    What do you guys think of Brazil's lime uniforms? I love both fluorescents they use, one of the few countries that can pull of such color-vibe sets!!
  6. Templates Requests

    Hi, I would love to receive some basketball templates in a format compatible with Adobe FreeHand. Thanks in advance :wink:
  7. I've writted an article about that in my NBA blog. I wish someone could read that 'cause it's in spanish Sorry about ortographical or grammar errors, I speak catalan and spanish and I am not used on writting english http://taylorwolves.blogspot.com PD: I visit sportslogos and them forum once a day. Thanks to everyone who post here!
  8. What the... is this?

    I really never liked the purple either, but on this jersey as an accent I think it works rather well. Oh and I am hoping to avoid the red alt jersey as well. Given our past alt histroy (That crazy green Buckhead jersey and the never used green script uni) I think we may go out and do a complete redesign of the jersey. Just hope it works better than the Buckhead jersey. Any buckhead photo? Searching in google I don't find any
  9. Best and Worst NBA alternate jerseys

    I can't see the image, so I suppose you are talking about the buck-green alternate jersey of mid 90's. Could you or someone post the image or another similar. I was searching a photo about that jersey for my basketball blog (taylorwolves.blogspot.com) but I didn't found any...Thanks a lot!!
  10. 2007 Chicago Wolves St. Patrick's day

    When I read Chicago Wolves, I thought that you're gonna talk about a Wolves St Patrick jersey