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  1. When the story about the NHL flipping home/away jerseys was printed in the AJC, it mentioned something about the Atlanta Thrashers looking into a 3rd jersey for the upcoming season. That was sometime in December I believe, so I'm keeping my eyes open and will keep you updated.
  2. that was a quick responce! thanks for the help!
  3. Ok.....I am looking for large copies of these logos that I cannot find since the SLE disappeared -Atlanta Falcons bird (helmet) logo -Georgia Force (Arena Football) logos..... -Force helmet logo, script logo, and 'GF' logo Thanks for any help...
  4. thats perfect.....thats for the help :cool:
  5. im looking for a plain image of the Philly Eagle wing logo....the one that appears on the helmets....I can find plenty of images of the whole helmet, but im looking for a flat plain logo.....thanks
  6. This maybe an old question, but how do you search for logo stuff on the USPTO website? thanks