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  1. When Pudge Rodriguez left the Rangers, they continued to issue the #7, most notably to David Murphy. When Rodriguez was traded back to the Rangers, Murphy switched to 14.
  2. Kind of an offshoot of this, but still fitting, here are some of the sketches of some of their 90s characters (including Mankind, Goldust, and Doink)
  3. I know I'm standing in the minority, but I kind of hated Omega/Okada. Omega alone I find insufferable as it is, so hammy and melodramatic with his facial expressions that even latter day Shawn Michaels would tell him to calm down a little. The match length is absolutely unwarranted, seeing as how the first half of it is completely :censored:ing pointless. Then it turns into video game wrestling. A collection of spots without meaning, for the sake of looking "cool". And god forbid we have any selling or story telling going on, we need that time for more STUFF~!
  4. Power Rangers has all the makings of a bomb. March is so, so crowded next year, for one. Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Guy Ritchie's King Arthur, and Ghost in the Shell (which will also likely bomb). It seems to be doing a weird mix of nostalgia with hopping on several trends. It's got a lot of hype now, but will this online hype really translate into money? I just don't see it doing very well at all.
  5. Saw Dr. Strange tonight. The bright side of having to close on my day off . Really amazing visuals. I never say this kind of thing... but see it in 3D.
  6. She was Plan A, but is pregnant. So Mickey became Plan B.
  7. Have you thought about, as weird as it sounds, giving the keyhole guns? Basically by making it a fit person as well, it would tie more into the Fitness part of the name. I'd also look at a thicker, more impactful font.
  8. I'm not sure the Texans are a a real football team. This is ridiculous.
  9. This is like a Skip Bayless talking about Tebow level :censored:ty take. She's a raw project in the ring and was assuredly rushed to main roster TV, but has shown glimpses of being the female Vader type they want, and given time, wouldn't be surprised if she gets there. Her NXT series with Bayley showed just exactly what it could be.
  10. I'd say that's more "welcome to wrestling in general". The difference is a lack of adherence to kayfabe and everyone having a voice making everyone think we want to hear them complain.
  11. She worked as Cherry Bomb on the indy scene. Honestly she's been pretty brilliant as the character so far in TNA. Just has the perfect level of someone who can wrestle trying as hard as she can to look like she can't. The finish showed the issue with Marti's baton... the same issue that Triple H has with his sledgehammer. If you have to cover it completely to gimmick the shot so you don't seriously hurt someone, you should probably find a new weapon.
  12. I prefer Donald Maroney.
  13. I interviewed for the position above mine today. It's a major jump, from leading a team of 10-15, to running a program of over 100. It's intimidating but I also know I can do it if I'm selected.
  14. No. That was the following night in Houston. The show I went to ended with Nakamura cutting a promo in Spanish, which was pretty damn cool.
  15. Went to NXT last night. It was a great show. Mojo Rawley over Wesley Blake. The crowd was into Mojo's manic energy and "He ain't hype!" is a fun chant. Baymella over Mandy Rose and Daria. Team Tough Enough showed quite a bit of potential. Daria's MMA gimmick will be a nice change to NXT TV in a year or two. The crowd went, deservedly, ape :censored: for Bayley. Austin Aries over Tomasso Ciampa. Aries sleazed it up good. Finn Balor and Hideo Itami over The Revival in a non title match. The Revival are the best tag team on the planet. The crowd adored Finn. Johnny Gargano over Buddy Murphy. This was a total indy GMSI spotfest, but damn if it wasn't a lot of fun. Asuka over Nia Jax. Asuka is something else to see live. Just so chaotic and explosive in everything she does. Shinsuke Nakamura and Andrade Almas over Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode. Team NJPW vs Team TNA. A Nakamura entrance is unlike anything else. :censored:ing goosebumps. This was a really good main event to cap a great show.