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  1. mania

    2018 NFL Season

    The people in the costumes are either singers, athletes, actors, reality personalities, etc. Some are professional performers but a lot are not. The first person unmasked this week was Antonio Brown, who was the Hippo. The deer is definitely a quarterback, which leads to said speculation.
  2. mania

    2018 NFL Season

    My fiance wanted to watch the Masked Singer. It's not good, but it kills time. I had the Deer pegged as Andrew Luck. Current division rival to the Ravens, likes Horses, and seemed to be around the right size.
  3. The OSU program can 100% get :censored:ed, and more than just on the program, them winning the National Championship with a convicted :censored:ing child molester on the team stains all of college baseball.
  4. Nope. While my ex-wife very much got into my love of sports, my fiancee does not get any of it. She'll even watch me play any video game, except for sports ones. She does have some interest in soccer, with her being a first generation immigrant from England, but even then I think it's more in regard to her memories with her father than a genuine enjoyment.
  5. mania

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I'm not usually a get off my lawn kind of old person.... but REALLY?
  6. mania

    The Battle of Seattle

    Sparky, I want to say that the overall work is just excellent. There are so many amazing things about the scope and variety of looks included. Mets - I think the two color palette is great and I really like the primary. The secondary feels maybe a little over designed. I think it might immediately read cleaner with the removal of a couple of lines. Sawbucks - Very clean logo, look. My favorite thing is the faux plaid jersey template. Pilots - Really nice logo set. I know you were playing around with one color. Maybe a steel blue, evoking the color of an aircraft carrier? The current color scheme isn't jumping out at me but there's a lot of good stuff here. Evergreens - The squirrel is awesome but the primary doesn't jump out at me. It's functional but I don't see it exciting a market. Like I couldn't see myself buying a shirt with the logo. Sea Lions - Love the logos. The teal is the strongest color scheme, Sharks be damned. Emeralds - Dude. That frog. I would buy every piece of merchandise with the frog. But the only logo in the set I do not like is the primary. It doesn't really read as EC to me. Have you tried an S in a similar design? Totems - Really digging it. The S is such a nice logo. I would be very happy with this look. Sockeyes - That color scheme is dynamite and I love the Native American influences in the logos. Possibly my favorite. Kraken - The primary is awesome. The secondary maybe feels redundant. It's another trident but not as strong of a trident as the primary. It's a banner but the primary just does all the ideas better. It feels uninteresting compared to a strong primary. Again, just incredible work overall.
  7. The logo is over-shaded in a PDW-esque way, but I still kind of dig the look overall. The Griffins wordmark, while not perfect (the G and the r connecting just seems weird), will still probably look very good on a jersey.
  8. mania

    Scrubs in Stars' Jerseys

    When Pudge Rodriguez left the Rangers, they continued to issue the #7, most notably to David Murphy. When Rodriguez was traded back to the Rangers, Murphy switched to 14.
  9. mania

    Unlocked Fitness Design

    Have you thought about, as weird as it sounds, giving the keyhole guns? Basically by making it a fit person as well, it would tie more into the Fitness part of the name. I'd also look at a thicker, more impactful font.
  10. mania

    NFL 2016: The Regular Season Thread

    I'm not sure the Texans are a a real football team. This is ridiculous.
  11. mania

    New WWE RAW and Smackdown Live logos

    I don't know how much sense it takes to do this a few days after having a big draft that attracted a large TV crowd and was full of wrestlers in the old brand T-Shirts. They should have had these ready to go for Tuesday.
  12. mania

    Political Logos

    And after the jokes and the memes about the Trump/Pence logo, it's apparently been metaphorically taken behind the barn and shot. It's been scrubbed from Trump's site.
  13. mania

    2016 MLB Season

    As a Rangers fan... Thank god for the All Star Break. What a :censored:tastic last couple of weeks.
  14. mania

    Say it ain't so, Joe

    When it comes to enabling child rape, not all views are worth being offered.
  15. mania

    MLB sock stuff

    I will say this. I friggin love Stance as a brand. Their socks are always super high quality, in fact, I was wearing a pair of Lou Gerhig Stance socks the other day (even though I'm not a Yankees fan, I thought they were too cool and had to have them). So I'm hopeful with this deal that my sock collection gets a nice update, because I will buy the :censored: out of some nice made, out there style wise Rangers socks.