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  1. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    It would do just as good as a Rollins match, given how business was in the toilet during his :censored:ty reign last year.
  2. MLB sock stuff

    I will say this. I friggin love Stance as a brand. Their socks are always super high quality, in fact, I was wearing a pair of Lou Gerhig Stance socks the other day (even though I'm not a Yankees fan, I thought they were too cool and had to have them). So I'm hopeful with this deal that my sock collection gets a nice update, because I will buy the :censored: out of some nice made, out there style wise Rangers socks.
  3. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    Jerislow should not be taking up space in the MITB match. What a :censored:ing waste. He's been far and away right up there with the worst people on the roster this run. His matches with Styles were not good, and as Jericho moved away and had :censored:ty matches with Ambrose, Styles has shown that he's one of the best, if not the best, in the world with a great pair of PPV matches with Roman.
  4. Rangers New Ballpark

    Globe Life Park was built with one major, major flaw in it though. The infrastructure didn't even provide for a roof to be added on later. The team has talked about on multiple occasions that it would cost a new ballpark cost to retrofit one onto it. So if you're going to spend that money anyways, so it's not an unreasonably miserable sweatbox for half the season, you might as well build a new stadium.
  5. 2016 MLB Season

    Or maybe don't try to take out someone's legs if you can't deal with the consequences. Wouldn't plunking Fielder immediately afterwards be a baby move?
  6. 2016 MLB Season

    Yeah, the Jays are just the epitome of sportsmanship and class. Give me a :censored:ing break.
  7. Is "Here" the hot summer jam of 2015?

    I have a feeling this will be #1 for just about the entire summer. It's light, breezy, fun, and possibly JT's best Michael impersonation (which isn't an insult by any stretch).
  8. 2016 WWE Payback

    Yeah, he shouldn't have been that high, with his horrible offense, melodramatic, ridiculous selling, and self-conscious forced "epics" that filled his comeback run... but what are you going to do?
  9. 2016 WWE Payback

    So, on another board I'm on, they just finished a "Greatest Wrestler Ever" countdown with 151 total voters. I thought the results were kind of interesting, so I'll throw them up over here. This was after a 2 year vetting period of watching footage from all over the world, even if the top of the list doesn't reflect as many "niche" picks. I'll spoiler bar it so it's not a totally unwelcome wall of text.
  10. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    You say that, but that's literally what EVOLVE is becoming. Per their press release this week.
  11. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    This is probably Reigns's worst singles match in a long time. I wonder why that is. (spoiler: it's related to the restholding "ring general" calling the match)
  12. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    They used to tape Superstars and Pro at the Disney-MGM Studios in Lake Buena Vista, FL, just outside of Orlando. The Saturday Night stage was Center Stage in Atlanta.
  13. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    The Rock is Beef Supreme.
  14. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    I saw long hair and a star singlet and got hyped it was Gable and I didn't realize it, only for it to be Bo Dallas.
  15. WWE Wrestlemania 32

    With the way the booking's going tonight, I expect Tatanka to win.