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  1. Ziggler's also maybe my least favorite main roster worker. His offense sucks, he has no scale to those stupid overbumps he takes, and his character work is just... :censored:ing pitiful.
  2. Raw's main event guy is someone who's undefeated on the main roster and looked like a :censored:ing beast doing it. SmackDown's is someone who's been going 50/50 with Baron :censored:ing Corbin. Wow.
  3. I don't know how much sense it takes to do this a few days after having a big draft that attracted a large TV crowd and was full of wrestlers in the old brand T-Shirts. They should have had these ready to go for Tuesday.
  4. That Ambrose-Rollins match was an absolute mess. Just the worst indy excesses spread over way too much :censored:ing air time.
  5. And after the jokes and the memes about the Trump/Pence logo, it's apparently been metaphorically taken behind the barn and shot. It's been scrubbed from Trump's site.
  6. With an errant headline, the WWE App might have spoiled the SmackDown GM.
  7. As a Rangers fan... Thank god for the All Star Break. What a :censored:tastic last couple of weeks.
  8. When it comes to enabling child rape, not all views are worth being offered.
  9. The two vignettes leading to it probably topped the actual match, but that's because they contained drones Jeff chased on dirtbike and the Mexican gardener preparing the battlefield "for massacre"
  10. I feel like this both bookends the WKUK skit posted earlier and kind of sums up the Trump campaign.
  11. He's got the best campaign managers. The best. Everyone wants to be his campaign manager. People are always telling him that. His new campaign manager is going to be yuuuuuuge.
  12. That might have been Seth Rollins's best singles match ever. It might have been Roman's best since last month.
  13. Well, statistically, white people commit the most mass shootings. So I guess what he's trying to say is when white people buy guns, they should be profiled.