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  1. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Wonder Woman is really good. Some of the action scenes are too green screeny but poor CGI physics happen more often than not. Gadot is great here,and more than anything, the movie gets the tone right. It carries the film light but never forces the humor and also knows when to make it serious.
  2. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    The Wonder Woman review embargo has lifted and holy :censored:, it's at 97% on RT with almost 40 reviews in.
  3. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Re: Baywatch. It's not a good movie by any stretch but it's well cast and there were some decent comedic scenes. The issues are a tone that has a lot of issues. It can't decide if it wants to be a 21 Jump Street style send up or a genuine tribute to the corny original, and because of that it doesn't really do either. It's also way way too long at just around 2 hours. A 90 minute version might have fared much better. I get the feeling it added some serious action scenes for international markets, particularly China.
  4. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    King Arthur is the first film in a long time that I've walked out on. Fortunately, nobody else came to our screening so I was able to do that. Seeing Baywatch tomorrow night. I'm hoping that it's at least funny enough to make it worthwhile. Recent things I've seen and really micro-reviews of each: T2 Trainspotting - A nice, but much mellower affair than the original, but I enjoyed seeing where these characters went in the last 20 years. Colossal - Much darker than I was expecting. A film where you think you have it figured out, and then it throws you for a loop. I didn't love this as I saw it, but it's one that's definitely stuck with me as I've thought about it since. Jason Sudeikis is really good here, really off kilter. Kong: Skull Island - I enjoyed most of my time with this, even if it felt really inconsequential. John C. Reilly's character was great, and exactly what the movie needed, as a lot of the other characters were... more than a little thin. I'm hoping to see Sleight this week before our key expires. Maybe Wednesday evening.
  5. WWE Extreme Rules: 4 June 2017

    Scurll feels way too much like he is noticeably playing a character, with all the subtlety of a community theater actor. Just way too over the top and hammy.
  6. The logo is over-shaded in a PDW-esque way, but I still kind of dig the look overall. The Griffins wordmark, while not perfect (the G and the r connecting just seems weird), will still probably look very good on a jersey.
  7. THE Video Game Thread

    I've been playing NBA Playgrounds for the Switch for the last few days. The learning curve at times seems to be insanely high, but I'm enjoying it overall.
  8. Scrubs in Stars' Jerseys

    When Pudge Rodriguez left the Rangers, they continued to issue the #7, most notably to David Murphy. When Rodriguez was traded back to the Rangers, Murphy switched to 14.
  9. Wrestlers not in their signature looks

    Kind of an offshoot of this, but still fitting, here are some of the sketches of some of their 90s characters (including Mankind, Goldust, and Doink)
  10. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    I know I'm standing in the minority, but I kind of hated Omega/Okada. Omega alone I find insufferable as it is, so hammy and melodramatic with his facial expressions that even latter day Shawn Michaels would tell him to calm down a little. The match length is absolutely unwarranted, seeing as how the first half of it is completely :censored:ing pointless. Then it turns into video game wrestling. A collection of spots without meaning, for the sake of looking "cool". And god forbid we have any selling or story telling going on, we need that time for more STUFF~!
  11. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Power Rangers has all the makings of a bomb. March is so, so crowded next year, for one. Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Guy Ritchie's King Arthur, and Ghost in the Shell (which will also likely bomb). It seems to be doing a weird mix of nostalgia with hopping on several trends. It's got a lot of hype now, but will this online hype really translate into money? I just don't see it doing very well at all.
  12. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Saw Dr. Strange tonight. The bright side of having to close on my day off . Really amazing visuals. I never say this kind of thing... but see it in 3D.
  13. 2016 WWE No Mercy/HIAC

    She was Plan A, but is pregnant. So Mickey became Plan B.
  14. Unlocked Fitness Design

    Have you thought about, as weird as it sounds, giving the keyhole guns? Basically by making it a fit person as well, it would tie more into the Fitness part of the name. I'd also look at a thicker, more impactful font.
  15. NFL 2016: The Regular Season Thread

    I'm not sure the Texans are a a real football team. This is ridiculous.