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  1. I'm betting this is a one-year stopgap to the Nike redesign of everything in 2020.
  2. LMU

    Geographical Fantasy Football

    This is the equivalent of a conceptless sports fan fiction league. As such, we're done.
  3. LMU

    Finest City Pogo Sharks: A Brandiose Design!

    For pure Brandiose effect the shark should be swinging a pogo stick while riding a pogo stick.
  4. Look at the bright side... Brandiose spared us from its overdone trope of "mascot swinging random object as if it was a bat."
  5. LMU

    2018-19 NHL Season

    That's two goalies with torn menisci. #CurseOfLMUBuyingSeasonTickets
  6. LMU

    2018 NFL Season

    Oh look, Dez already tore his achilles.
  7. LMU

    2018 NFL Season

    This week might be a bigger test for the Rams than last week. Not only do they have the aftermath of the Thousand Oaks shooting but now the whole area around their headquarters is on fire.
  8. LMU

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    That Cavs look... yeesh... it's like Nike tried to recreate a retro super hero costume.
  9. LMU

    2019 MLB Changes

    The Dodgers need to stay away from anything involving outlines. Ideally they'd also rip the piping off of the "Los Angeles" road jersey but with the "LA" on the sleeve removing it from the rotation entirely wouldn't be the worst thing. The look is classic and looks best with the simplicity of single color lettering and numbers. If they were to do ANYTHING I wouldn't mind them having the spring training jerseys as an extra option (with the sleeve piping removed and the regular cap). It's a clean look that fixes everything wrong with the triple-silver-outlined FOX abominations.
  10. LMU

    2018 NFL Season

  11. LMU

    2018 NFL Season

    The Ravens are a team that's so irrelevant that even their two Super Bowls feel like afterthoughts. The team's worn the same exact look since they got sued for ripping off their first logo and decades later hasn't bother to fix the obvious flaws. The only thing they've put any real effort into is their haunted house of a headquarters.
  12. Yeah, I didn't want to go that far into the weeds but since you bring it up, we have all these major concert/stage venues in competition: *Walt Disney Concert Hall *Pantages Theatre *Microsoft Theater *Hollywood Bowl *Dolby Theatre *Forum *FivePoint Ampitheatre *Greek Theatre *Segerstrom Center for the Arts/Concert Hall *Dorothy Chandler Pavilion *Ahmanson Theatre *Mark Taper Forum *Orpheum Theatre *Saban Theatre *Hollywood Palladium *Wiltern Theatre *Numerous clubs, community theaters, college theaters, etc. Then for museums we have, but not limited to: *Hammer Museum of Art *Gene Autry Museum of the American West *USS Iowa *The Broad *California Science Center *Getty Center *Getty Villa *Grammy Museum *Griffith Park Observatory *LA County Museum of Art *Museum of Contemporary Art *Missions San Juan Capistrano, San Gabriel, San Fernando, and San Buenaventura (not going as far as Santa Barbara for this purpose) *Museum of Tolerance *LA County Natural History Museum *Page Museum/La Brea Tar Pits *Petersen Automotive Museum *Skirball Cultural Museum *Under construction Academy Museum of Motion Pictures And, of course, amusement parks include: *Disneyland *Disney's California Adventure *Knott's Berry Farm *Knott's Soak City USA *Six Flags Magic Mountain *Six Flags Hurricane Harbor *Universal Studios Hollywood *Legoland (on the way to San Diego but close enough for this purpose) *Pacific Park (Santa Monica Pier) *Raging Waters *Wild Rivers (closed a few years ago, being relocated) Even with all this competition when the population of the metro area per the Census Bureau is over 13 million, not including visiting fans and people making a longer drive, getting 70,000 fans a game isn't a sign of a mistake.
  13. It's not like LA was sitting around for 20 years waiting for some form of entertainment to show up. The Rams (and the Chargers), besides each other, have to compete with the following for fans' disposable income in the market: Dodgers Angels Lakers Clippers Kings Ducks LA Galaxy LAFC UCLA football USC football Non-football sports for 10 NCAA D-I universities Sparks And, mind you that housing prices in this city are so astronomically high that a dollar doesn't go as far around here. Of course, this doesn't factor in that it's been so long since there has been a team here that many people hitched their wagons to other teams and that transplants brought their fandom with them when they came out here.
  14. Things nobody gets about the Coliseum: *It’s in a God awful part of town *There’s hardly any parking (people living a half mile away charge a hundred bucks to use their front lawns) *There’s no shade whatsoever, which is great for a 90° 1:30 PM kickoff *Concessions are so lacking that they’ve run out of water several times *The stadium is a construction nightmare *The light rail options, while there, require multiple transfers for most people and most rail lines snake through even worse parts of town (if I went I’d have to drive 5 miles to the Green Line then take that to the Blue Line to the Expo Line) And you wonder why they’re not leading the league in attendance?