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  1. The problem with Montréal that hasn't been mentioned is that Olympic Stadium is a pit and a pain to get to.
  2. I just muted the word "Kardashian" on Twitter. My life has immediately improved.
  3. Dieter Ruehle, organist for pretty much every team in LA with an organ, had a nice tribute last night.
  4. Apparently it happened right down the road from me.
  5. Chris Hardwick's mother-in-law is Patty Hearst.
  6. Watching ANW made me realize that in my entire life I had never bothered to measure my wingspan. I can report back that my wingspan beat my height by half of an inch.
  7. Why a roadside memorial to a Redondo Beach girl fatally struck by a bus was dismantled — twice
  8. I just order whatever unsweetened option's available whenever I go out anywhere. The bottled stuff is crap because they insist on putting citric acid in it. Starbucks and Coffee Bean have pretty good iced green tea.
  9. It’s definitely not the most unique handle.
  10. While they're at it when are the completely outdated conference logos going to get jettisoned?
  11. Actually, the exterminator said that the beekeepers in the area are charging upwards of $500 to take in bees so that, while the preferred method, wasn’t exactly viable.
  12. We've got room in the inn! Apply HERE!
  13. After finishing the installation of my new built-in BBQ I happened to look over and see a nice big swarm of bees. Now the BBQ can't be tested because we have a bee hive ten feet away. Joy.