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  1. This may be a silly thought but why couldn't they paint the inside of the Trop like the ceiling of the Paris casino in Vegas? It wouldn't fool anyone but it'd at least give some sort of an illusion of being outdoors.
  2. I am officially getting sick of the irrational praise being heaped on Mark Few. He makes the tournament every year? With how awful the WCC is of course he does. Only 5/10 teams in the conference finished the regular season over .500 with the bottom 4 at 13-18, 9-22, 11-22, and 11-22. Pacific, Santa Clara, and San Francisco all had a new coach this year and other than Few, Bennett, and Rose no coach has a tenure longer than 5 years max. In Few's tenure, he's only cracked the Elite Eight once. He was bounced from the first round 3 times, bounced from the second round 8 times, and made 6 Sweet Sixteens. Since he took over for Monson Marquette, Louisville, George Mason, Memphis, Butler, VCU, and Wichita State managed to get Final Four bids from mid major conferences (counting C-USA as one). All I keep hearing from the talking heads is how amazing a job that he's doing with what he has and how he has such life balance with his fly fishing hobby. This leads me to two conclusions: 1. Gonzaga has topped out in where it can go from the WCC and needs to look into upgrading its conference to have a shot at growth, and 2. Few is complacent with being a perennial choker and won't look for a better job since it would add to his workload and take away from his hobbies. If that's what he wants to do with his life, that's fine. Let's just stop giving him credit for overcoming obstacles that he put on his own success.
  3. Québecjacquéd.
  4. Bill Paxton Memorial Region 1. Endless Tacos 9. Giant Anthropomorphic Eggplant that s Grenades Endless food supply equals endless $#!+ grenades. The tacos never stop coming but there's only one eggplant. Once the first explosive turd goes off the eggplant becomes moussaka. 5. Sinking Depression of Remembering Robin Williams Killed Himself 13. Harambe Williams is thought of in more of a nostalgic vein. Harambe became powerful in death. 3. PBJ the Size of Maine 6. Bill Belichick in an Ironclad Warship Bill takes "NO DAYS OFF!" He easily dispatches the sandwich so that it doesn't hinder his schedule of continuing his blood feud with Goodell. 2. The Sinking Depression of Living in Trump's America 7. Goro Even Goro is depressed. GD Batman Memorial Region 1. Sacred Moose Leg of Flin Flon, Manitoba 9. Accidental Curly Fry The joy of a curly fry is fleeting. The joy of a moose leg is eternal. 5. Outback's new 3-Point Bloomin' Onion 13. The TV Guide Channel With the TV Guide Channel now POP TV, the greatness that is Schitt's Creek is cancelled out by the awfulness that is Impact Wrestling, leaving death by fake Aussie appetizers an easy road over a bunch of reruns. 3. Nostalgia Boner 6. Breakfast for Dinner Breakfast for dinner can lead to a nostalgia boner for some. 2. THX sound before movies 10. Tangled Slinky The deafening THX sound causes more permanent damage than a bent plastic spring. Sentinel Prime Memorial Region 1. Anti-Trump Bald Eagle 9. Ancient Aliens' Robot Osiris The eagle's reflexes are too quick for a robot deity that hasn't been oiled in three thousand years. 4. Buffalo Sabres' skate-wearing buffalo 5. Team Israel's WBC Mascot The Mensch on a Bench not only wins in the battle of relevancy but in the battle of earnings potential. 3. Russell, MB Goalie Beer Thief 11. Freaky Mr. Rogers Statue Russell can probably get his line mates to help steal the statue as well. 2. OG Aaron Burr 10. Tom Brady's Sex Toy Burr would treat the flying phallus as a duel challenge and we all know what he does in those. Bernie Kosar Knows What it Means to be a Cleveland Brown Region 9. 1974 Winnebago 16. Kellyanne Conway's Next True Statement All Conway has to do is give the Winnebago directions to move straight to the next round. 4. Chimp Biker Gang - Darwin's Disciples 5. Detroit Detroit's urban renewal is taking away the grit that it needs to counter the bad ass simians. 6. Real Life Sharknado 14. Russian Dash Cam The sharknado looks cool on the dash cam footage until the cam and the whole dashboard are sucked up and bitten in half. 10. Righteous Indignation of Keith Olbermann 15. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants Olbermann gives a 37 minute special comment video on the threat the pants are to our future.
  5. @infrared41 the 2/10 matchup in SPMR is a duplicate of the Williams/Harambe battle.
  6. Because God forbid that an empty, decrepit storefront actually become something. There's a reason NIMBYs that the place has been vacant for more than a year. NO OTHER STORE WANTS TO MOVE IN!
  7. Since this adds to its résumé and wasn't covered... the Israel mascot is actually the Mensch on a Bench - a product pitched on Shark Tank to be the Hanukkah version of the Elf on the Shelf.
  8. This is a month ahead of time (haven't been to Texas but going four weeks from Monday). Throwing it up now so I won't have to tweak it. Legend: Green-home Red-one visit, no nights (including airport layovers) Yellow-either one night spent or multiple visits with no nights Blue - Multiple nights spent And, globally speaking:
  9. Being covered here.
  10. The New York Liberty at Radio City Music Hall
  11. A logo being posted on a message board does not mean that it was designed first. There's a little thing called the trademark application process to go through. There's also a reason there were rumors swirling around for weeks/months. This whole crusade against Foley ends NOW.
  12. My wife and I use it exclusively for LAX rides. Especially like the option to tip drivers.
  13. I tuned out when they got to Turbo. A little kid getting morphing powers lost me. Then again, that was around when Saban, where my dad was an executive at the time, was bought out by Fox.