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  1. How much crap does Tnak need with him? Is he going to a ballgame or a week long safari?
  2. A tradition unlike no other... The Sharks elimination, on NBCSN. [/JimNantz]
  3. The current county situation:
  4. I'm on vacation right now, currently in Austin. Last night, around 1:30 in the morning this loud chirping sound echoed off the walls of the hotel room. I checked the AC and there wasn't a problem there. I shook the curtain and it stopped. It started up again fifteen minutes later and same thing. Finally after the third time I got on my hands and knees with my phone flash on and found a cricket against the window. It moved before I could do anything so I grabbed a heavy bottle and finally smashed the son of a bitch when I saw movement. Insult to injury? Got a case of rug burn on my knee.
  5. Shame that he had to wait this long and stick the taxpayer with the cost of a second trial.
  6. So, this time last year I was diagnosed and was treated for acid reflux. I've been on the same medication ever since but wouldn't you know that a couple days ago it decided to come on back despite still being on the medication. The timing couldn't be better as A-I'm heading to Texas for a week on Monday and B-my primary decided to leave the practice and technically the insurance switch to the new guy doesn't kick in until the first of the month. Better hope TSA will let my Gaviscon through I guess... (note-it was a bit better today than yesterday. It only really flared during Easter Vigil mass since my stomach and esophagus kept getting jerked around all night thanks to Catholic Simon Says)
  7. Most of the issues have been the passive aggressive reports that he had sent in for months, some totaling double figures in a day for complete non-issues. The posts today were escalating what he was already doing in a public setting.
  8. There were two posts that he made earlier today that we hid from view. One was him saying "not more of this crap" when someone updated a concept thread and another was him responding to someone who hadn't posted awhile with an unprovoked attack.
  9. I swear by online ordering. It's especially convenient at Panera where I don't even need to talk to someone. I just go to the shelf, find my salad, and get the hell out.
  10. I have an estate attorney who's dealing with the aftermath of my mom's death. I'm sure I could get referrals from her for any other issue that comes up. It's best to not be caught with your pants down if something happens.
  11. Besides, if you're on Tinder with religious objections to one nighters you're wasting your and everyone else's time.
  12. If not for the for-profit thing I could see them as a WCC team if Gonzaga or BYU bolts. Or possibly an expansion to 12 if Seattle bails the sinking WAC ship. Which would actually work out nicely for travel partners. Gonzaga/Seattle Portland/BYU Saint Mary's/San Francisco Santa Clara/Pacific Pepperdine/LMU San Diego/Grand Canyon
  13. Version 1... Vanguard 1 Hope it's just a slow burn.
  14. IP says...