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  1. LMU

    ArenaBowl XXXI: How To Lose and Still Win

    Part? That’s like saying that the font on the can was part of what was wrong with New Coke.
  2. LMU

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    Already had a thread on this topic. Merged!
  3. LMU

    O's logo Concept

    The position of the right eye to the beak makes the bird look like it just took a Tyson uppercut to the side of the face. The beak opening should not be lining up with the forehead.
  4. LMU

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Los Angeles Angels Added

    Branching off of discrim's suggestion there'll probably be room for the St. Louis Browns going to LA since that move was thwarted by Pearl Harbor.
  5. LMU

    2018 MLB Season

    Diaz was I believe the #3 prospect. Kramer and Brannon were top 30.
  6. Miami has a taxpayer fleeced ballpark. You'd have to move a team there to not cut off the civic government money pipeline.
  7. *Contract Padres and Marlins *Move Athletics to San Diego *Move Rays to Miami *Expand to Portland and Montreal *Profit
  8. LMU

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I have been looking for this picture for years and I have the context as I actually saw this game when it happened. Griffey was wearing a Jim Edmonds jersey and was covered with bandages to rib on Edmonds' plethora of injuries.
  9. LMU

    2018 MLB Season

    The talking heads are all confused right now. Within the last hour I've seen Morosi say he's heading to Philly while Heyman has him going to LA. Which of course means that he's probably going to be a Brewer.
  10. Theory: The Padres brass knows that brown and gold are popular. They're intentionally sandbagging until their decade-long rebuild starts to show promise so that any huge redesign doesn't get held back by the on-field product. If you're going to pull the trigger, might as wait until the team's decent enough for people to actually pony up the money.
  11. Forgive the poor Paint editing but here's where I'm seeing a problem with Conrad's rendering: The photoshop is angled so that there's no possibility of seeing the side panel on the shorts as any side panel would appear behind the shorts striping. Additionally, if you are matching the new striping on the jersey to the shorts the white at the bottom of the shorts striping continues along the bottom hem which matches the current striping. And it's also possible that the continuing of the white on the back side of the V notch is simply continuing striping like was seen in the Showtime era. So, in short, there's no evidence yet that the side panels are going away.
  12. Could it be at all possible that they striping is different on the white than the other sets? Since they're obviously going more Showtime with it I wouldn't be surprised that since the white wasn't around until the 2000s that they might remove the side panels from that one just to make it stand out more. I keep looking at the Fanatics photoshop of the gold jersey on LeBron and my eye keeps looking to the left side of the shorts thinking that there's a thicker purple panel there.
  13. Bragging about being a better fan of a team because you sat through a 20 win season (NBA/NHL), 4 win season (NFL) or 100 loss season (MLB) is like bragging about being a better Star Wars fan because you sat through Attack of the Clones. Granted, there are annoying aspects of the not-as-dedicated fans, such as the annoying novice fans at Dodger Stadium who: get up and crawl across the row to get a beer in the middle of a bases loaded, two-out at bat; bring five beach balls; and repeatedly try to start the wave in another bases loaded, two-out situation. At the end of the day? The owners still get their money.