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  1. And yet the Kings couldn't be troubled to take the opportunity to add a matching hem stripe to the home sweater...
  2. Yeah, my mom died at 60. She had her leg amputated right after Thanksgiving but even with that ultimate "come to Jesus" moment nothing clicked. After lying to my dad about insurance kicking her out of the rehab facility she was in we went over to the house one night and saw that she'd ordered herself 6 slices of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake and 5 lbs of chocolate through DoorDash. That was pretty much the moment we knew that it was a completely lost cause with her and wouldn't you know that she was gone in two weeks. I know in my mom's case there was some "I'll show you!" self sabotage afoot. When I was in middle school she started going to the gym and after my grandmother made a comment that she was spending all her time there she ended up almost intentionally ballooning up to north of 350. Between that and the excuse she had for everything it's almost for the best that things happened the way that they did. I don't know if Tank is trying to sabotage himself to spite someone but with what I've dealt with I just can't take people who pull that. Hell, my mom's whole thing prompted me to lose about 100 lbs so I didn't become her. And, honestly not to humble brag but it really wasn't hard. Just cutting out carbs and walking the dogs every day. So, if this doesn't prompt him to at least try to help himself with all of the pictures of him on Twitter resembling Monty Python and the Meaning of Life's "Mr. Creosote" then he quite frankly deserves whatever ridicule he gets.
  3. I'm not going to lie here... after my mom passed three months ago from diabetes that she refused to control I'm a bit bitter towards people who refuse to take care of themselves. Seeing someone not only not care about their wellbeing but spiral this far past the point of morbidity really touches one hell of a nerve.
  4. The frightening thing is that he actually found jeans that are baggy on him.
  5. Didn't he also post thong pics of his internet girlfriend?
  6. Rain work will injury your timetable.
  7. I was dreaming about Soundgarden and woke up with the CNN update. Creepy.
  8. That (minus the cap Å in the right sleeve) would be perfection.
  9. In all fairness I don't think a delay of sweater availability when it's 120°F out is going to harm them all that much.
  10. My father-in-law got to meet the bald orange man dancing with penguins in my avatar.
  11. To get the "Midnight" name you have to block the sun.
  12. The Samueli olive branch must have been massive.
  13. You'd be salty too if you knew nothing outside of pizza on saltine crackers with chemical cheese.