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  1. I'm shocked 2017 has had enough time to piss on other people with all it's been doing to my family. Since Jan. 1 (in chronological order): *Dad nearly dies of a heart attack *Dog diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his eye and has eye removed *Mom passes away Yeah, I'm done.
  2. This is a sports logos message board. If you want to share your faith please find a Christian board. There are people of all creeds and beliefs (or lack thereof) here and we aren't going to allow them to feel uncomfortable by your need to be an online missionary. And before it goes there, I'm a practicing Catholic so I'm not just here to Christian bash.
  3. And then you have Trombotine slide lubricant (get your damn mind out of the gutter). Box is colorful but it's the same old tube that's been around for decade upon decade.
  4. Yeah, my wife got a stock payout with the Safeway/Albertsons merger and we're still waiting for the damn 1099 from it.
  5. Purple and cream/vintage white.
  6. I was just in Vancouver in December. It's absolutely phenomenal. If possible try to take a day trip up to Whistler.
  7. The current one for my wife and I is to travel to all 30 MLB parks. The current ones done so far are: LAD LAA SD SF OAK SEA ARI COL KC STL DET TOR BAL (technically we've both been there but we're going back together). In April HOU and TEX will be checked off.
  8. I can confirm that in the area I live, about 5 miles west of StubHub Center, I've seen AT LEAST half a dozen pieces of Chargers apparel being worn. Take it for what it's worth. ---------- Oh, and this is what we had to deal with yesterday...
  9. Thank you, Netflix, for sending the first two seasons of Schitt'$ Creek south of the border.
  10. I'll go to my grave with the opinion that the Nike alternates were light years better than their main look.
  11. Would the same person posting over and over that the world is going to crap qualify as a sign that the world is going to crap?
  12. Let's put a team in 7000' thin, smog filled air in a place that doesn't even know what an ice rink is for the most part. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?
  13. New tire smell. It's divine.
  14. The sad reality is that men's basketball is an arms race whereas a vast majority of schools maintain women's basketball solely for Title IX compliance.