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  1. LMU

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Apparently Toomgis has a new gig.
  2. LMU

    2018 NFL Season

    Or a sign that they need to eat more Skor bars.
  3. Of course, the other rumor is that the next round of expansion will result in the death of the NL and AL to be replaced with geographically-based divisions to cut travel costs/player travel fatigue.
  4. From what I've read they'll proceed once the Oakland and Tampa Bay stadium issues are resolved.
  5. Fresno's the new Las Vegas except replace God awful facilities to God awful location. Portland should be up there except for A-they may be getting too big to settle for AAA, and B-the ballpark issue. There was the proposed Escondido project a few years ago that fell through leaving the Padres to go to El Paso. The only real options moving forward would be moving lower level markets up to AAA. Spokane has a larger seating capacity right now than Tacoma. Brooklyn and Staten Island could work if the Yankees and Mets wanted to put the AAA club in their backyards. The Eastern and Southern Leagues would be much easier to pluck from as Hartford, Richmond, Birmingham, and Jacksonville could definitely support AAA baseball plus it would be easier to find A and AA markets as replacements.
  6. Looks like a classic needs to make a return.
  7. I walked by the Fresno ballpark back in April. It's in a lovely neighborhood of pawn shops, a casino, and urban blight. The Mediterranean restaurant/brewery was excellent though so there's that.
  8. LMU

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Eh, I’d think cheating specifically to break a hallowed record would be up there. #UnpopularOpinion
  9. LMU

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    I'd say that the bigger transgression for those 1.1 seasons was going after the record with corked bats. If that would have been the reasoning for the ban I'd be much more accepting of it.
  10. LMU

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Here's the thing with Rose: The Baseball Hall of Fame has admitted players and managers in separate capacities. Had Rose been proven to bet while playing? Sure, ban him. Since the Dowd Report showed that he bet while managing I don't see how his transgressions as a manager should preclude him from being admitted as a player. If we want a compromise approach, handle it the way they should handle steroid users. Admit them, but put a big asterisk on the plaque. Keeping out someone with essentially an insurmountable record due to something that happened after retirement is silly at this point.
  11. Milwaukee gets San Antonio. Of course, from a travel standpoint it would make the most sense for the Nats to get Nashville and the Rangers to get Fresno. Alas, sense has never been the deciding factor in these things.
  12. LMU

    2018 NFL Season