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  1. This is gibberish. We're done.
  2. Why yes, I'm sure you'd gladly take arguably a team's best skater over a 4th liner.
  3. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Expectation: going to Portland will help get over a cold with the cleaner air. Reality: some punk ass teenager burned half the forest down with fireworks so breath in that toxic cloud.
  4. What Floats your Boat?

    Leaving for a long weekend in Portland in 5 hours. Travel tip: don’t worry about the 3 oz liquid rule - get all your toiletries at the closest Target to where you’re staying.
  5. What are you watching?

    My wife is getting me hooked on Curb Your Enthusiasm. We're trying to binge the originals before it comes back next month.
  6. NCFA Basketball Ownership Opportunity

    New year, new opportunity!
  7. 2017 MLB Season

  8. 2017 MLB Season

    Who knew that babying minor injuries, forcing has-beens into the lineup coming off of prolonged injuries, screwing with starting pitchers' routines, trotting out arsonists in high leverage situations, and treating September like Spring Training could lead to a team suddenly wetting the bed? I'm shocked! SHOCKED! Seager's back tomorrow. So, minus the occasional day off, please, for the love of all that is holy, stop screwing with things and stick with this: 8 Taylor 6 Seagar 5 Turner 3 Bellinger 2 Grandal/Barnes 4 Forsythe/Utley 7 Granderson/Hernandez/Pederson 9 Puig 1 Kershaw/Darvish/Wood/Hill/Maeda/Ryu (#5 starter dependent on if Avilan, Cingrani or Watson establish themselves or if Ryu needs to step in) Baez needs to be locked in his hotel room. Morrow should set up Kenley. Stripling/potentially Buehler also can eat some innings. A-Gon's back is done and Ethier's a has been. They need to be kept as far away from a bat as possible.
  9. No more insensitive than being named the Hurricanes in the region that Hugo and Floyd hit... or a university nicknamed the Hurricanes right in the crosshairs of Irma and in the area slapped around by Andrew.
  10. Navigating Los Angeles

    Here’s an idea for something to do since you’re staying in Redondo... Drive south on PCH. Turn right into Palos Verdes Blvd (the street with Fatburger and Rock n Brews [another recommended place-it’s owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley]). When you get to the top of the hill keep right past the line of American flags. Keep going straight when you hit the stop signs. After that, just keep on driving down Palos Verdes Drive. I’ll be the best coastal view you’ll get in the area without a lot of traffic. On a clear day you can see Catalina Island and you’ll also drive past the Point Vicente lighthouse and get a little roller coaster-like section when you hit Portuguese Bend. Then keep on going until you hit Western Ave, turn left, and turn left again at PCH and take it back. It’ll probably take about an hour or so but it’s worth it.
  11. Navigating Los Angeles

    From RB (pretty much where I am) Lyft to Dodger Stadium can be a bit of a lengthy drive, especially if the driver doesn’t have a transponder for the 110 express lanes. The Harbor Gateway express bus would be less of a harrowing experience for someone not used to the stadium parking lot and since you’d be dealing with rush hour. Go east on Artesia, right on Vermont, and left into the lot. Keep in mind though that Dodger Stadium is built into a hill so you enter on the level your seats are on as opposed to entering and taking stairs/a ramp. Since you’re in RB, a few restaurant recommendations: Barney’s Beanery at the pier, Ragin Cajun Cafe, Redondo Beach Cafe (Canadian/Greek fare), Coyote Cantina (Mexican fusion), Orlando’s (Montreal-style Italian), Redondo Beach Brewing Company, and if the lines aren’t insane Eat at Joe’s and the Original Pancake House are great for breakfast (as is Barney’s).
  12. What Grinds Your Gears...

    A phone call to an attorney could have solved a lot of these issues.
  13. Unique ice designs

    The Kings do that but it's scheduled for after the season right before they melt the rink for the summer.