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  1. Alignment history question

    Why were Atlanta and New Orleans in the NFC West? I know the story behind how the alignment was picked, but what justification did the NFL give for those two teams being in the West? Let's see, Atlanta is further east than Dallas, so we'll put them in the West and Dallas in the East. Along the same lines, why reason did MLB give for putting Atlanta and Cincinnati in the West?
  2. Bad weather football games

    It was so foggy, the Netherlands looked blue, not orange. Or is it only the women's team that does not wear orange, or was it a clash with the Austria red, so they had to go with a different color? I'm sorry, it just popped in my head and I didn't register that when I first saw it.
  3. Suomi 100 jerseys

    Game officials got dressed up as well...
  4. Suomi 100 jerseys

    Rather than go with a straight white, Jukurit has gone with an arctic camo pattern...
  5. Suomi 100 jerseys

  6. Suomi 100 jerseys

  7. Suomi 100 jerseys

    Another team reveal. They usually wear yellow sweaters.
  8. Suomi 100 jerseys

    Ilves usually wears green and gold.
  9. Your city's Mount Rushmore

    I feel that any Vancouver list that does not contain Bob Lenarduzzi is incomplete.
  10. Suomi 100 jerseys

    December 6th is the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence and to celebrate, Liiga teams (hockey, for those that don't know) and the referees will be wearing special Suomi 100 jerseys next weekend. Nothing visual released yet, just a rumor that all teams will be wearing some form of their jersey, but in blue and white rather than their usual team colors.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Uniforms

    From the IIHF site: Here’s how they did it: A shift to single-layer laser-perforated numbers (instead of layering up heavy twill) that they applied by heat (rather than stitching them down), both of which increased breathability and articulation. Doing away with the previous large, heavy centre-front crest in favour of a small, intricate, badge (select teams were moved to a new configuration led by country name rather than their crest), which reduced weight, resulting in better articulation for the athlete. Consolidating fonts across kits. (Though select teams got a unique font.) Further, the idea of alchemy involves transforming base metals into gold. “It’s all about creating an extremely valuable and desired outcome,” says Toudjine-Williams. This element of the theme comes to life with the following films and flicker capabilities employed throughout the jersey: Amplification of each team’s colours through a cascading gradient. An expanded colour palette that includes secondary and tertiary colours. A new blade Swoosh (inspired by a hockey skate blade) with chrome flicker that sparkles under the arena lights. The flicker film (rather than heavy twill) addition to the top of the base for the crest and numbers increases vibrancy. Injected silicon molds make the trims pop.
  12. 2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Uniforms

    Where do you see an eagle on the Finland jersey? Or even a description saying they used something from an eagle on the jersey?
  13. MLB Changes 2017

    I see "WS" an I automatically think White Sox. Even for the college world series (CWS) I see the abbreviation and think "Chicago White Sox" before context gives it away.
  14. Las Vegas getting a WNBA team

    It's the only basketball I'll even watch. Don't like the NBA, no to NCAA (unlesss it's Washington), just don't like it, but I'll catch a WNBA game if it's on.
  15. I had a bear cub drop out of a tree behind me, and trust me, I was scared. My uncle charged it screaming and waving a bb gun at the cub and it just walked off into the forest. I had no desire to pet it and be its friend, I wanted to get away as quick as possible.