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  1. Or is it the other way around? You like/hate uniforms because of the team? For me, it's mainly the latter. In my mind, the Cowboys, Rangers, Wazzu, etc. can never look good in my mind because I hate the team. However, can't say the same the other way around, as I absolutely hate the Huskies' black gear. But if a new league springs up, I generally pick which team I'll root for based on how they look, unless there are other considerations I may factor in (I used to live there, I like the QB they signed, etc.)
  2. I wish the Washington Huskies would abandon all black uniforms, from football to softball, there will be no black anywhere...
  3. I was going to just put Scott Gomez in his Alaska Aces uniform (played with them during the lockout), but forgot he finished his NHL career with Ottawa, so here it is...
  4. My brother's wedding was in Maui 8 years ago, and all of us groomsmen had Hawaiian-print shirts on for it, so I don't know what the colors were. The bride and groom wore subtle hawaiian prints on, not as bright and loud as the rest of us, but still multi-colored.
  5. I got official notification the morning that the Aces will cease operations at the end of the season. Bummer, I used to work for the team back in the 90's, sad to hear of their passing. One season, they signed Link Gaetz and there was a lounge under the arena where the players would go after the game and socialize with some ticket holders, team workers, and there was catered food and a bar. After one game, Gaetz walked in, slammed his fist on the bar and announced loudly "The warrior needs a beer!" It was quite scary and intimidating. Other teams would have at least one player who would want to test himself by getting in a fight on ice with Gaetz.
  6. Because they suck. Funny thing is I was looking and wondered why there wasn't a listing for the San Diego Chargers before it clicked in my brain to look for Los Angeles Chargers.
  7. Reminds me of a guy I used to work with whose hobby was to photograph volcanoes. He thought he was at a safe distance from one until he noticed it was getting closer. Turns out the ground was melting the soles of his shoes and causing him to slide towards the lava flow. He and his partner got food poisoning that night and had to go to the local hospital, leaving their campground and equipment in place for the night. When they got back, the entire campground and their stuff was buried under a lava flow.
  8. I found one in 1991, couldn't believe people are like that, didn't expect to see it a booming industry last summer, but there were shirts and souvenirs in all the stores, some had stuffed kangaroos wearing the shirts outside their shops for advertising, and one restaurant we went to had kangaroo on the menu as their vegetarian option (figure that was a joke). Hey, if people believe it, and you can capitalize on it, more power to you.
  9. I hate people who confuse Austria and Australia. There's a whole industry in Austria that sells materials saying "Austria - we don't have kangaroos". A shop owner I spoke with in Salzburg told me there are a lot of people who go to Austria and wonder where the kangaroos, and the Great Barrier Reef are, and why are they not speaking English there?
  10. I don't have a problem with extra inning games, but if you want to get rid of them, or alter them, just eliminate them and institute ties in the standings.
  11. Just got the new Washington Huskies baseball jersey announcement in email today. I don't like the pattern around the back number, but at least it's not black.
  12. The Port Angeles Lefties of the WCL (summer collegiate baseball). if you're a righty, do you get to play?
  13. I missed the Randy Johnson no-hitter because it was raining out and my friend and I didn't want to be stuck at the bus stop in the rain.
  14. I just got back from the store, where the checkout lady told me how much she liked the song on the radio, Kokomo by the Beach Boys. I told her that while it's not the same place the song is about, I spent a summer in Kokomo and the song reminds me of that. She immediately switched personalities from nice checkout lady to shrieking harpy, calling me a liar and that there was no such place as Kokomo and I was making it up. I feel like going back there with an atlas and pointing out Kokomo, Indiana to her. But I have better things to do now instead.
  15. When I was a kid, it bugged me that Seattle could play Washington for the title because i thought they should be friends before it was explained to me that Washington referred to D.C. and not the state I was in.