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  1. Were other cities even considered? I thought the NHL just said "Vegas" and didn't even consider anyone else.
  2. Seattle hockey teams have been the Metropolitans, Eskimos, Seahawks, Ironmen, Bombers, Americans, Totems, Breakers, and Thunderbirds. Yet Totems and Metropolitans are chosen on this board due to history. I think its time for something new.
  3. The first hockey team in Seattle I remember was the Seattle Breakers. I always thought the Thunderbirds name should be "promoted" if Seattle got an NHL team, like the Canucks were.
  4. My high school played in a league with 9 teams. 2 were the Eagles, 2 were the Seahawks, and 2 others were the Tigers. I'm sure they came up with those independently, but you never know...
  5. This was a topic my middle daughter had in school, she's just looking for opinions to put in her paper. My oldest is currently studying engineering in college, the daughter working on the paper graduates in a couple months and is looking at serving in the military as a nurse, my youngest son is still looking at his options, he won't be out of school for years. I come from a long line of military men, I didn't join because my grandfather would tell horror stories about his military service in order to motivate me, but they didn't work, and I wish I had joined, but I got a scholarship and turned down the military because of those stories. Anyway, her paper is about whether or not the United States should require a mandatory service of about a year for all students out of high school. I said I would ask and get some other people's opinions on it for her paper. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just curious, but what other countries are bidding for that World Cup? Nice to see who the competition is.
  7. If you were a Patriots fan (for example) and you saw Tom Brady in a bar, would you go up to him and say "That's a nice Super Bowl win we had"? or "That was a great comeback we had."?
  8. The only thing I had remembered about the Nagano olympics was that I watched the gold medal game in a sportsbar with Brent Gretzky. I like the NHLers playing in the Olympics, but I remember the 1984 and 1988 games more than any NHL olympic games.
  9. Never mind.
  10. They may be going out of business at the end of the year, but the Alaska Aces are releasing one last jersey, based loosely on their affiliate, the Vancouver Canucks...
  11. I have no rooting interest in tonight's NCAA basketball game as I did not go to Gonzaga or N.C. I was raised not being allowed to root for college teams and I do the same for my kids. None of them have any UW gear, as they did not go there. Someone brought me a Boston College hockey hat a couple years ago that sits in my closet, I have no affiliation with B.C. won't wear it. I think that college and professional sports rooting are two different things. I've never been to Pittsburgh, but have no problem rooting for the Penguins. It wasn't until I started at UW that I became a fan of theirs.
  12. I hear Atlanta has an opening, should the Flames be looking for a new home. (poor joke, I know)
  13. I wrestled with this earlier this year, been a San Diego Chargers fan since the late 70's, but since I don't live there or have any family connection to the area, I decided I will be a Los Angeles Chargers fan now. It's the same team, all that's changed is the address, and it doesn't affect me, so I see no reason to change. I lived in the Seattle area when the Seahawks moved to Anaheim, and the Mariners kept threatening to move (my friend had a Tampa Bay Mariners shirt he wore everywhere at the time) and while I liked the Seattle teams and grew up with them, it never bothered me.
  14. Will a Canadian city ever get a team, expansion or otherwise in the NFL, NBA, or MLB? I left out the NHL because Quebec and Toronto are often mentioned as potential sites for the NHL, but I've never heard of a Canadian city mentioned as a serious possibility for any of the other leagues?
  15. Would there be a problem with the Mariners wearing Milwaukee Brewers throwbacks? The Brewers played in Seattle for one year... As you can tell, I have a problem with the Mariners wearing Pilots throwbacks, and the Wild wearing North Stars...