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  1. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    I thought nothing of the Budweiser comment, other than it reminded me of old Seattle Pilots manager Joe Schultz telling his players time and again to "go pound those Budweisers"...
  2. Rob Manfred: BLASPHEMER!

    Eliminate the DH completely, only have the 8 position players hit...
  3. Ranking the Teams You Hate (All Sports)

    Washington State (if I see someone wearing Wazzu merchandise, or see a Wazzu bumper sticker or decoration on a car, I always mutter the same thing under my breath, not safe for this board) New York Rangers Chicago Blackhawks Dallas Cowboys (I even own "The Dallas Cowboys Haters Handbook" published in the 80's, but the hate still is strong) Atlanta Braves When I liked and watched basketball, I hated the L.A. Lakers Any team that plays in Paris or Sweden
  4. Can they sell this? I was looking at some stores to possibly buy stuff from when I saw this. Wasn't there a lawsuit that prevented Jacksonville from using this logo and switching to the head logo? If so, can a store legally sell these online?
  5. Weird things you noticed in sports

    As an aside, I always wondered why the CFL still used yards instead of switching to Meters...
  6. Sports Time Travel: Where Do You Go?

    I'd like to go back and watch a Seattle Pilots game live, just to say I did.
  7. U. of North Dakota nickname - Have they announced one yet?

    Our arch-rival high school was the Red Raiders and had an Indian head for a mascot. When it became unacceptable, they kept the name, but found new imagery and mascot (a bird of course). I wonder why in some of these cases (not specific tribes), they can't just change the logo/mascot and keep the name.
  8. Attacks in Paris

    My sister was to fly out tonight to Paris and meet up with her husband for a romantic week visit. She hasn't said what exactly has happened to him other than that he is alive, but curled up in a ball in his hotel room with a bottle of whiskey trying to calm down. The flight stops in Amsterdam, she thinks she'll get off there and see if he can meet her there and they can spend their week there...
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    While looking for some college hockey scores, I came across this from the Maine football team...
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    Silly admission here - In my youth I used to think the Washington Bullets played in the state of Washington and couldn't figure out why they played Seattle, they were from the same place, they should be friends...
  11. I remember that in Earl Weaver Baseball. I would create some unique, bizarre stadiums. My Phoenix team played in a stadium called The Grand Canyou, where the outfield dimensions were normal except for the wall in center field which was the max allowed and highest allowed so it created a canyon in center field.
  12. Your Favorite Teams?

    The closest team to me growing up was 2000 miles away, so I didn't have local teams to follow and chose a wide variety of them. But I've told the story of how I became a Giants, Chargers, Dolphins, and Huskies fan before. My favorite story is how my dad became a Steelers fan. His buddy in USMC boot camp in 1969 was from Pittsburgh and was always talking about how much he loved the Steelers and they were going to bust out and be great soon. Right after boot camp, my dad was sent to mechanic school in Memphis and his buddy went to Vietnam where he was killed on the first day. So my dad decided to honor him by rooting for the team he loved so much. Worked out well for him I guess...
  13. Les Canadiennes

    Montreal's CWHL club revealed their new jerseys today... I'll still follow the NWHL though, don't know what team I'm gonna root for...
  14. Strange Playoff Structure

    Sailbandyliiga in Finland. I was curious and reading up on floorball, and this was the description of their playoffs. Didn't know the D-League did it. So not only do you get home floor advantage by finishing first, you can choose your opponent for a better matchup.
  15. Strange Playoff Structure

    Was reading about a league where the top 8 teams make the playoffs, but the top 4 have a "draft" to pick who they want to play in the first round. So the top team picks who among 5-8 they want to play, the #2 team picks from who's left, and so on. Couldn't find info on how the next rounds go, other than they are all best-of-5. Never heard of that before.