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  1. Has the NBA announced expansion plans or does he plan on "stealing" and moving another NBA team, much like the Sonics were?
  2. Just curious, I have relatives from Missouri and they have been asking me if St. Louis will ever get a team in the future. I have no idea, don't really know the situation there, but they're saying Baltimore got a team back, Los Angeles got a team back, Oakland got a team back (for a little time till they go to Las Vegas), Houston got a team back, why not St. Louis?
  3. When I first saw this picture, I was wondering what Mel Gibson was doing in a Wolverine movie. Took a more careful look before I figured it out...
  4. I've never even been to Cleveland or Toronto, so I guess I am "outside" those two, yet I want one of them to beat the Cubs in the Series (assuming Chicago makes it there). Only thing saving the Cubs for me right now is they're playing the Dodgers, a team I really despise). Never had any love for the Cubs, generally for me to root for them, they have to play a team I really dislike, ala the Dodgers...
  5. The first sporting event I attended and my first favorite team was the old CBA Anchorage Northern Knights. We just called them the Knights. To me it doesn't matter what prefix they come up with, they'll just be the Knights to me...
  6. I'm neutral on the whole Cleveland Indians/Washington Redskins debate. But I still to this day wonder why the hockey team in Frolunda, Sweden is called the Indians?
  7. I just spent two weeks in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France) and nowhere over there was the tournament no more than a footnote on the sports pages. Kind of a "Oh by the way, there was a hockey tournament and these are the scores", but no more than that. Those countries are not considered hockey hotbeds, but I got more MLB scores over there than from the WCH, and I speak fluent German, so it wasn't a translation problem. They just didn't care. Might have been different if those countries had their own teams rather than a Team Europe, but even the players from those countries barely got a mention.
  8. Has there ever been an example of a team holding a name the team contest then choosing something different other than the winner? I ask because I was reminded today that when I was in 5th grade, my elementary school had a name-the-team contest to choose our mascot. Huskies was the clear winner, but the principal stepped in and said Huskies was too violent and he was going with the second place winner, Hornets. The theory around school was he was a WSU graduate and couldn't stand the name Huskies. Never confirmed, but was the prevailing idea around campus when he said Huskies was too violent for elementary school, but Hornets was OK. Happy Valley elementary in Bellingham, WA in 1979 by the way...
  9. I just read an article that says the Las Vegas newspaper has compiled the top candidates for a name: Infantry, Cavalry, Storm, Atoms, and Commandos. Can't say I like any of them.
  10. Forgive my ignorance here, but what is solo synchronized swimming? What or who are you synchronized with?
  11. I used to watch the Olympics on Canadian TV, when I was close enough to. They may emphasize Canadian athletes, but at least they acknowledge and celebrate other athletes and events.
  12. of the St. Louis Rams changing their name upon the move to L.A. or was it always going to be Rams no matter what?
  13. For as long as I've watched the CFL, I've always wondered, why do they still measure things in yards? Other sports have made the transition to the metric system, just not football it seems. Is it because they figure the American players won't understand, or is it just because it's traditional, even though other sports up there do use the metric system? Back in the late 70's, my teacher taught us the metric system and said we'd all be using it someday. Hasn't happened yet. Of course, he also took us on field trips to look for Bigfoot too.
  14. My friend's definition of sport is anything where the final outcome is not determined by a judge. So to him, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, etc. are not sports, just "athletic competitions". He is fine with judging or refereeing, as long as it's not the sole determination of the final outcome. According to him, a boxing match loses its "sport" qualification if it comes down to a judges vote and not by knockout. There are other loopholes in his definition, but I'm sure he has those covered.
  15. I consider myself a patriotic person, love my country and all that, but does that patriotism mean I have to root for American athletes and teams in major competitions such as the Olympics? Because I don't. I was recently called unpatriotic for saying I don't cheer for certain American teams in international competition, but I never felt that rooting for Americans or their teams was a part of patriotism.