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  1. Has there ever been an example of a team holding a name the team contest then choosing something different other than the winner? I ask because I was reminded today that when I was in 5th grade, my elementary school had a name-the-team contest to choose our mascot. Huskies was the clear winner, but the principal stepped in and said Huskies was too violent and he was going with the second place winner, Hornets. The theory around school was he was a WSU graduate and couldn't stand the name Huskies. Never confirmed, but was the prevailing idea around campus when he said Huskies was too violent for elementary school, but Hornets was OK. Happy Valley elementary in Bellingham, WA in 1979 by the way...
  2. I just read an article that says the Las Vegas newspaper has compiled the top candidates for a name: Infantry, Cavalry, Storm, Atoms, and Commandos. Can't say I like any of them.
  3. Forgive my ignorance here, but what is solo synchronized swimming? What or who are you synchronized with?
  4. I used to watch the Olympics on Canadian TV, when I was close enough to. They may emphasize Canadian athletes, but at least they acknowledge and celebrate other athletes and events.
  5. of the St. Louis Rams changing their name upon the move to L.A. or was it always going to be Rams no matter what?
  6. For as long as I've watched the CFL, I've always wondered, why do they still measure things in yards? Other sports have made the transition to the metric system, just not football it seems. Is it because they figure the American players won't understand, or is it just because it's traditional, even though other sports up there do use the metric system? Back in the late 70's, my teacher taught us the metric system and said we'd all be using it someday. Hasn't happened yet. Of course, he also took us on field trips to look for Bigfoot too.
  7. My friend's definition of sport is anything where the final outcome is not determined by a judge. So to him, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, etc. are not sports, just "athletic competitions". He is fine with judging or refereeing, as long as it's not the sole determination of the final outcome. According to him, a boxing match loses its "sport" qualification if it comes down to a judges vote and not by knockout. There are other loopholes in his definition, but I'm sure he has those covered.
  8. I consider myself a patriotic person, love my country and all that, but does that patriotism mean I have to root for American athletes and teams in major competitions such as the Olympics? Because I don't. I was recently called unpatriotic for saying I don't cheer for certain American teams in international competition, but I never felt that rooting for Americans or their teams was a part of patriotism.
  9. I forget what we called it, but we had a game where one person would throw a football into the crowd, and everyone would try to catch it. If you caught it 3 times, you got to be the thrower. Only reason I remember this is we played it at halftime of the Denver-Giants Super Bowl and one guy cut my legs out from under me and I landed on my head. Had such a concussion I couldn't enjoy the spread my mom's friend put out for the second half.
  10. Just out of curiosity, and because I don't feel like looking it up right now, what was the Rangers trade that was overruled?
  11. Is it me, or is the NBA draft full of players who get drafted, then shipped off to another team? Why isn't the pick traded before it's made, then the team that wants the guy can draft the guy? Why pick someone, he goes through the motions, then gets traded to another team? Sorry, I don't follow the NBA draft much, except when players from UW are in it, but this seems to happen a lot, more than any other league. Is it a cost savings or something like that?
  12. What was misleading about it? So I take it you would find it too confusing if I said the Blues were changing their name and logo? Because they are...
  13. Sorry, not New Orleans. The Pelicans of the Finnish Liiga went from this cartoony logo to this:
  14. I would change the Bellingham elementary school basketball championship of 1980. The winners got an all-expense paid trip and introduction before a Sonics game. Unfortunately, the team/individual photos were taken after the game, so my dad, in a bit of cruelty has put that picture on his wall in the guest room. I looked very tired/upset, as did the whole team. I know it's not a Super Bowl or World Series, but that one has sit with me since, the closest I got to winning any sorts of sports title. I don't know who it was against or the final score, all I know is we lost...
  15. I would like to see them sell USFL jerseys.