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  1. Baseball Hall of Fame Retires Chief Wahoo From Plaques

    Will they also remove any mention of baseball's segregation history? I think not allowing blacks to play for a time is far worse than the Wahoo hat.
  2. Welcome to the 90's

    I find it weird that I currently own a lot of the jerseys featured in this thread.
  3. Lifespan of new-age arenas

    I don't recall the specifics of the MLB contraction plans, but didn't the owners propose increasing roster size per team to make up for the teams lost?
  4. Fielders obstruction after dropped tag

    Where did he say it was softball?
  5. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    Griffey had already left the team, I don't count 2001 as part of his "era".
  6. 2018 MLB Season

    The first MLB games I attended were a free ticket giveaway to students in Western Washington with a certain GPA.
  7. I thought Halfbreeds (Aniak HS) was the strangest team name I had heard of until I learned about this team in Austria.
  8. Should Clemente's #21 be retired by MLB

    Sorry, my Japanese is limited to counting to 10, and a few words/phrases picked up here and there. And they may not have swear words, but they knew how to swear in English, which is what they did. It probably means more to swear at an enemy in his language, though if you shouted at him in Japanese, maybe you could distract him enough to kill him while he's trying to figure out what you said.
  9. Should Clemente's #21 be retired by MLB

    As an aside, I wore 23 in all sports since the late 70's, but lately over the past decade or so, it's been "Jordan fan, eh?", even though I hate basketball. It is probably the time and circumstance, but Japanese soldiers on a banzai charge would yell "To hell with Babe Ruth" or something similar, but unprintable here. That's a greater honor than having your number retired league-wide, to become a "swear-phrase" for the enemy.
  10. Should Clemente's #21 be retired by MLB

    If they hadn't retired it and made it unavailable, would anyone else dare to wear 99 in the NHL?
  11. PyeongChang 2018

    Unlike the American skiing for Hungary who found a loophole to let her in (Must have certain number of top 30 finishes, so she only entered events with less than 30 people) and did no tricks in her routine on the halfpipe. Basically, I can ski better than her and I haven't skied in 20 or so years, and that was cross-country. Though I guess she did her best.
  12. PyeongChang 2018

    Just found out from this morning's Sports Illustrated: NBC cut away from the women’s Super G race and deemed Austria’s Anna Veith the winner, saying all the skiers outside the top 19 had no chance. Czech Republic’s Ester Ledecka -- better known for her snowboarding exploits -- then borrowed Mikaela Shiffrin’s skis and won the gold. Which makes me feel a bit better, at least I didn't miss it, but also gets me madder at NBC's coverage.
  13. PyeongChang 2018

    I went to bed thinking Anna Veith was the winner based on NBC coverage. Only this morning, do I find out the event wasn't over. I've said for years, NBC coverage is terrible. Last night (when I thought Veith has won), Bode Miller showed a slow mo of her run and criticized every move she made, commenting how much better Lindsey Vonn had done (We are watching the Vonn/Shiffrin Network however), and I'm thinking, "If she did so much worse, how did she finish ahead of Lindsey?" Might have been a stronger-worded thought, at the time I though Veith had won it. From his comment earlier in the Olympics the Veith skied poorly due to being married, to this, I think he has it in for Anna.
  14. NHL 2017-18

    It didn't until you pointed it out. Now it bugs me intensely.
  15. PyeongChang 2018

    You're an announcer for Finland-Canada, how hard is it to say the name of the Finnish goalie as "Rat-too"? How hard is it to point it out to the announcing team? I understand if maybe you forget one in the heat of the moment, but you're there for one game, maybe only that game, learning the proper way to say it shouldn't be that hard. I also understand that people here aren't used to umlauts, but an approximate version can be used. It drove me crazy to hear "great save by Ratty" or "Ratty passes the puck". I don't speak Korean, but I'm sure there were many people, places, and things said wrong over the last few days.