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  1. I am a Penguins fan, I do not care for Sidney Crosby, but I'm glad he's on the team. I am a SF Giants fan, I never liked Barry Bonds, but I was glad he was helping my team win. What players are on your favorite team, but you really don't like other than he helps your team?Though the Mariners are not my team, I still like them, and never liked Ken Griffey Jr., though I saw his minor league debut in Bellingham and began my dislike of him there.
  2. Personal preference: 1. Winnipeg (Laine) 2. Vegas (Fleury) 3. Tampa Bay 4. Washington (always disliked them and my friend is a big Ovechkin fan who likes to rub it in)
  3. Lost Sports Logos?

    So why Baltimore Browns? An expansion team taking the same name as an existing team? Surprised we didn't have Carolina Colts or Jacksonville Jets then. No matter how "official" they try to claim it, I know what happened.
  4. Corporate Sponsorship Examples

    When I worked for the Alaska (then Anchorage) Aces, the players had individual sponsors listed on the back under their number. Most were car dealerships, fencing companies, construction companies or stuff like that, but there was an argument every year about who would get to be "Mr. Prime Beef".
  5. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Again, I don't know if this counts, but my program from the 1983 MLB All-Star Game in Comiskey had a 2 page ad spread touting the possibilities should MLB ever expand to Vancouver. I went to a Mariners exhibition game in Vancouver a couple years later and the people of Vancouver were hoping to use it as a convincing point should MLB expand.
  6. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Would the Seattle Pilots count as a failed expansion? They only lasted 1 year before moving to Milwaukee.
  7. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    As did the Giants and to a lesser extent the Mariners. I even had a Tampa Bay Giants t-shirt at one time.
  8. Will Seattle (or whoever is next) get the same expansion draft opportunities as Vegas, or does the NHL not want that situation to happen again?
  9. IIHF World Championship Jerseys

    Why are some countries names in their native tongue, while others are in English for a tournament in Denmark?
  10. Graphics: What if Teams Could Never Change a Logo?

    Or the Milwaukee Pilots? And what about teams that kept their name, but only changed the letter of the city on the cap?
  11. Biggest lateral moves in sports history

    The "most lateral" I can think of that I noticed was when the Seahawks went from arm stripes to the full bird head on the sleeves. Even then, I thought that was an improvement and better than anything they wear now, so maybe it wasn't lateral. Just the closest I could think of.
  12. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Has any Mr. Irrelevant actually had a decent NFL career? Doesn't have to be a star, but sticks around for a few years and makes a contribution.
  13. NFL Draft Picks

    Tevita "Vita" Tuli'aki'ono Tuipulotu Mosese Vaʻhae Fehoko Faletau Vea
  14. Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    I have had 2 incidents that I can think of over the years: 1. A lady asked me where I got my Oregon Ducks hat with the different, yet cool logo. I told her it was a UAA Seawolves hat, but she kept insisting it was the Ducks and she couldn't understand why I wouldn't confirm that. I told her I bought it in Anchorage, showed her that it said "Seawolves" on the back, yet, she still insisted that it was an Oregon Ducks hat and still was mad as I left that I wouldn't tell her where she could get one. (Apparently Anchorage was not the answer she wanted, we were in Portland, surely some place closer had that Ducks hat.) 2. I was wearing an All Blacks rugby jersey, someone got mad at me and said that a) all lives matter, not just blacks and I was (and still am) white, what's my angle for supporting and speaking for all blacks? I tried to explain that "All Blacks" was the name of the New Zealand rugby team and that's what it referenced, but he said that was an excuse and where did I come off thinking I spoke for all blacks? 3. My purple UW jersey has been mistaken for a Minnesota Vikings jersey multiple times. I will be in the grocery store, someone will say "Hey, a Vikiings fan" and I'll politely explain to them that it's the Huskies, and I really don't care one way or the other about the Vikings. Has anyone else suffered through incidents like this? Where people seriously misunderstood your gear like this. They thought it was one team, or something completely unrelated to sports, when it was something completely different?
  15. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Are kickers not football players?