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  1. Side note, as it's Memorial Day and the Steelers came up in conversation in this thread as a reason why people hated the Penguins. Back in 1969, my dad's best buddy in boot camp was from Pittsburgh and was quite proud of his Steelers, kept talking about them and how they would turn things around someday. My dad had no favorite NFL team, just liked watching it. Anyway, my dad was shipped (with us in tow) to a base in North Carolina, while his buddy was shipped to Vietnam, where he was killed within the first couple days of being deployed. So, as a tribute, my dad adopted the Steelers as his favorite NFL team and has stuck with them ever since... I now return you to your regularly scheduled hockey talk.
  2. 2016 MLB Season

    The Twins scored more runs than the Mariners in 3 straight games, so they got the sweep...
  3. Thank you for your answers, those of who did provide some. I understand rivalries and why you can't root for a rival. I, too, don't like Sidney Crosby, but I'm glad he's on my team. And while I accept that it's your opinion, I can't get behind the "I hate the Steelers, therefore I must hate the Penguins as well". When deciding what teams to root for/against, I don't care how I may feel about other teams from that city. I'm a SF Giants fan, can't stand the 49ers. I hate the Ravens, like the Orioles. To me they're two separate franchises that have nothing to do with each other except for both being named after the city. Oh well, thanks for the clarification, I knew people didn't like the Penguins, but recently on this and other boards, I get the impression that people would root for ISIS over the Penguins, and just didn't know that there was that level of hatred towards the team. Go Pens...
  4. NBA D-League Changes 2016

    I miss the CBA...
  5. I've been a Penguins fan since before Mario Lemieux was playing for them, so while I'm happy at making the finals, I just gotta ask - why all the hate for them? Maybe it's because I've followed them for so long that I don't see what's wrong with them, but I am actually surprised at the level of hatred towards them. My best friend just texted me that he's rooting for San Jose because "anybody but the Pens". Why are they so despised? I thought that maybe they would have a mild dislike of them, but did not image the levels to which this hatred is across the land.
  6. The Sports Media Thread

    On a side note, I hate TV networks that advertise a big event (i.e. Super Bowl, etc.) in a way that makes it seem as if you wouldn't be watching it if it wasn't on their network.
  7. Do Uniforms Matter to Recruits?

    There are certain teams, if I was a college recruit, I would give their uniform as a reason why I didn't go there, rather than tell the real reason I chose not to go there.
  8. Players You Hate

    I may not like certain players because of the team they play for, or their nationality, but I can't really say I hate any of them. They're just out there doing their job, I'm not going to hate someone who hit a game winning home run for the opposition, because the fault should lie with the pitcher from my team and not the guy trying to do his job for his team. So, no matter how bad their behavior is, there is no athlete I truly hate. Maybe it's just my definition of hate, or nobody really pops to mind. On a side note, one of the highlights of my brother's life was getting Shawn Bradley to get into a yelling match with him at a 76ers-Sonics game...
  9. Have any other teams done a throwback to another franchise still in the league? Because, shouldn't Milwaukee wear these? It is their franchise. Do the Royals wear K.C. A's throwbacks? Do the Red Sox have Boston Braves throwbacks? They might, I'm just curious...
  10. Sports Mantras

    Washington Huskies - Bow Down (older one), or Go Purple, Be Gold (newest)
  11. How do we know the Jaguars haven't already given their approval? It seems to be assumed that if a logo is copied from somewhere, it was done without approval.
  12. Worst injuries you ever saw

    I guess this counts as an injury, but at the time (around 1990), my brother was playing high school football, they had a road game in Burlington, and there was a farm right next to the stadium. During the game, a farmer walked out to the pasture with a shotgun and shot one of his cows for whatever reason. So technically, I went to a football game where a death took place.
  13. Doesn't matter how you start, only how you finish...
  14. I went to one of those Seahawks games at Husky Stadium, think it was against Denver. Being 1994, was strange to see the Seahawks outdoors...
  15. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    I wear 37 in adult league softball now and like the way it looks.