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  1. I may like several bands, but not all of their songs, so I can't listen to a whole album/cd/whatever. I make my own "greatest hits" compilation, so I only have to listen to the songs I do like.
  2. After watching this, and seeing a prior comment, it suddenly occurred to me that we did play this on rainy days during gym in 6th-8th grade. The teacher insisted he made it up and called it "Wallyball" (his name was Wally), but now that I think of it, it was basically the same, and played indoors on rainy days. When I got to high school, the sport played inside was volleyball, which I hate playing with a passion.
  3. I'm talking about team handball, which seems to be pretty popular in Europe, but is an afterthought here in the states. Is there some reason it hasn't caught on here? Is it too "European" and we like to stick to our own sports? I watched some the other day and it seems to be fast and exciting and easy to set up, but it isn't a big sport here in North America, and I was wondering why. I wouldn't mind playing a game and could actually watch more as well if it was available.
  4. Should also mention, my brother was heavily recruited by WSU. Had he gone there, I would have rooted against him.
  5. Back when Bosworth first entered the league, he wore his old college number. The NFL stepped in and said no, that's not a linebacker's number, you have to change. So he went to 55.
  6. Why BYU? Why not another Pac-12 team or Utah State?
  7. Though it's changed with the move to NCAA Division 2, I grew up when Western Washington was NAIA and the big rivalry game was against Central Washington. Though WWU's football team wasn't good until after I left, it was a big deal in town for "Central week". The rivalry even carried over to basketball and other non-football sports.
  8. A friend of my dad's was convinced his son was gonna make the NHL and allow him to retire comfortably, so he spent his retirement fund, just about every penny he had taking his son to camps (he lived in Alaska, so airfare outside wasn't cheap), paid for all the best equipment he could find, and even turned his yard into a rink. Turns out the kid just developed early, was bigger than the other kids, and when he got to high school, the other kids had caught up and he wasn't as good. Now the guy is mad at his son for screwing up his future and making him think he was so good. Won't ever admit the fault was his, blames the kid for screwing up his retirement and won't even talk to him anymore. Kicked him out of the house once he graduated and complains how his son ruined everything for him. I don't even mention this around him when I go see my dad. I have to get updates about him (he was a nice kid, just couldn't live up to his dad's unrealistic expectations) from his siblings.
  9. I flew Lufthansa over the Atlantic and back last year, and don't recall seeing any self-serve stations on the flight. Funny thing is on the way back, I was browsing through movie selections and thought I'd catch up on Game of Thrones, then decided not to because I remembered they have a bit of nudity and I didn't feel like exposing the young girl next to me to it if she glanced over. As we got into San Francisco, the flight attendant asked the lady on the other side of her if she needed help because the young girl was blind. She wouldn't have seen a thing, and it was too late to start watching them.
  10. So great, I had to look up who was in it, and quite honestly, I remember nothing about it...
  11. Were there not enough Canadian cities? The league has added an expansion team in China. The Kunlun Red Stars. I know they don't pay their players, so someone is sinking a lot of money into this.
  12. Back when the Steelers won 4 super bowls (at the time). I used to taunt my dad (Steelers fan) by pointing out that the Super Bowl was the NFL championship and several teams had won more NFL titles than the Steelers.
  13. Where do I put a picture if the player is wearing the right uniform, but the "wrong" number?
  14. Before they even have players, you'll make a prediction for them...
  15. The Baltimore Colts were a merger from the AAFC. You might as well ask who did the Denver Broncos pick in the expansion draft. Can you do me the courtesy of actually answering my question?