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  1. So criticism is not allowed?
  2. I would like it more if the team names were in Korean. I don't like the Japanese Baseball League having names like Giants, Whales, etc., and displaying those names in English on their jerseys. I can handle the numbers being in English script, just don't like the team names in English, and not the native language.
  3. Is it true that they've won every game by shutout and win the Olympics every time? Other than that admittedly dumb joke, I like them, might even buy one.
  4. I chose my favorite teams originally without having a "local" team to follow. When I later moved just north of Seattle, I kept my allegiances, and it took some time before I started paying attention to NW teams. They are now my #2 team in pretty much every sport, but I have kept my original fandoms and favorites.
  5. To watch and/or play. I like playing basketball, I can't stand watching it on tv, except for women's NCAA. I hate playing volleyball, I don't mind watching it. I like playing soccer, was the first sport I participated in, and I enjoy going to games, just can't bring myself to watch a match on TV. Just had to rant because my brother doesn't understand the difference between liking to watch and liking to play. He thinks if I hate a sport, I shouldn't like to watch or play it. There is no either/or with him. Just wanted to see if I was alone in this belief.
  6. My high school had an original logo, but they are now transitioning to the old Seattle Mariners upside-down trident. School colors are staying the same though, so on the baseball hats, it's yellow on green. Funny story, when changing, someone mistook the Arizona State pitchfork for the Mariners trident, so until it was pointed out to them, the football helmets featured the ASU pitchfork in place of the trident.
  7. I had to look up the last all-Canadian final, and felt old when it said Calgary-Montreal in 1989. Although I am a Pittsburgh fan and rooting for them, if they don't make it, Edmonton-Ottawa is fine with me.
  8. Has anyone here had melon on their burger or chicken wings rolled in cornflakes? Looking at a menu for places I might go this summer and those two jumped out at me. I don't know what kind of melon, it just says melon (apparently in place of tomato), and I've had french toast rolled in cornflakes before, but haven't heard of these two before.
  9. As long as the new Seattle NBA team isn't the Jet City SuperSonics, or Emerald City SuperSonics, or any of a myriad of nicknames for Seattle.
  10. Why do only the Blazers use "Rip City"? If it's a nickname for Portland, why have the Winterhawks, Beavers, or any other team in Portland ever used it?
  11. If an owner (say, Sacramento) decides to move his team to Seattle, is he required to rename his team the SuperSonics? Or can he stick with Kings, or choose an entirely new name?
  12. that I attended MLB - Baltimore at Seattle NBA - L.A. Lakers at Seattle NFL - Cincinnati at Seattle (scab game in 1987, oh well, it still counts) NHL - Calgary at Vancouver NCAA football - California at Washington WHL - Saskatoon at Seattle MLS - New York at Seattle Sporting event - Alberta at Anchorage (CBA) World Cup game - Romania vs. Colombia
  13. I can't find a video of this, but in 1985, I was at a game where Phil Bradley hit a walk-off grand slam with the Mariners down by three and two outs. The part I remember most and probably won't appear in any video was the Twins fan who walked up the aisle taunting all us Mariner fans just before the pitch. I wonder what happened to him.
  14. What about the Angels? They moved, changed their name, do you consider the original Los Angeles Angels (MLB) to now be defunct? Or is there a minimum distance involved in a move which makes it OK?
  15. So if the Sacramento Kings move to Seattle, rename as the SuperSonics, are you saying they have more of a claim to the 1979 title than the Oklahoma City Thunder? Can they hang a banner for their 1951 championship? And (not basketball), why do the Washington Nationals have retired numbers for former Expos, if the Expos have ceased to exist?