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  1. Jim Zorn as a Green Bay Packer and a Winnipeg Blue Bomber. Sorry, couldn't find any pictures of him in action with Tampa Bay...
  2. So are today's Cleveland Browns the same Browns of Jim Brown, Brian Sipe, etc.?
  3. Would we have a Saskatchewan/Ottawa situation with two teams sharing the same nickname? I think there's a team in Charlotte already called the Panthers.
  4. All of this reminds me of the Soviets airbrushing photos to remove people and say they didn't exist. No matter what the team or league does, you can't change history.
  5. I have the same name as my father. Can I claim all his accomplishments and list them on my resume (I look pretty young for a Vietnam vet) if I buy the rights from him? That's basically what 'leaving the history' behind people say.
  6. My high school was the Mariners, the girls teams were the Lady Mariners. Yet, the logo was a grizzled old man at the wheel. Different name for the teams, same logo.
  7. So if my company uses an all white version of the Seattle Seahawks logo, you're fine with that?
  8. Has any NFL owner in history sold his team because he admitted he did a lousy job of ownership and if the community deserved a better team, someone else should own it?
  9. I had thought the Olympic Rings logo was sacred, reading the logo rules implied to me that it was one of the world's most protected logos. Then, I see this logo for my favorite Austrian Bundesliga team and I'm wondering how they got permission for the rings logo. It seems to violate all the Olympic rules, but it's still used and good. I assume they got permission to use them (since the city has hosted the Olympics a couple times), but it struck me as strange that the Olympic rings logo was so prominently featured on a pro team's logo. Does anybody know why and if any other cities that have hosted have the rings in their pro teams logo?
  10. I usually like hearing the stories behind a flag rather than the actual design. If there's a good story behind it, it goes up high in my book, even though I think it's a poor or boring design. I learned earlier this summer what the Austrian flag represents when I went there, and it instantly transformed it in my mind from a boring one, to a more impressive one. Sorry, I don't recall all the exact details, but during a war a while ago, the general leading the Austrian forces was mortally wounded. Back at the field hospital, they removed his sash, and the blood soaked white shirt underneath was removed and waved over the army to rally the troops to victory, hence, the red-white-red (rot-weiss-rot), they currently have. Again, I thought it was a boring flag until I read the story.
  11. I've said for years that the Palmer Moose should have an antler on the helmet instead of the "P" they currently have, I know a player on the team currently and he agrees. Both my parents went to West back in the day and even when I lived up there, I never heard people call it "Anchorage West" or "Anchorage East", just "West Anchorage" and "East Anchorage". Other than these comments, I think you did an overall good job so far.
  12. I know this is fantasy and all, but don't you think the real life New York Liberty and California Bears would take issue with your team names if this was real?
  13. What is the plan (if any) had this happened to one of the major U.S./Canada teams? Is there something in place if (example only) the Dallas Cowboys plane crashes and kills the team? Just curious and R.I.P. to the soccer team (and others killed in the crash).
  14. Though I believe there may be exceptions, my feelings about the team strongly influence whether I like the jersey/logo or not. Teams I hate can not have a jersey/logo I like, I just don't allow it. Likewise (with the main exception of the black Huskies unis) if I like the team, they generally cannot come up with something I don't like.