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  1. What is the plan (if any) had this happened to one of the major U.S./Canada teams? Is there something in place if (example only) the Dallas Cowboys plane crashes and kills the team? Just curious and R.I.P. to the soccer team (and others killed in the crash).
  2. Though I believe there may be exceptions, my feelings about the team strongly influence whether I like the jersey/logo or not. Teams I hate can not have a jersey/logo I like, I just don't allow it. Likewise (with the main exception of the black Huskies unis) if I like the team, they generally cannot come up with something I don't like.
  3. I know I'm in the minority, but I was much happier with the old polls and bowls system. If the Huskies weren't in it, I wouldn't care about the playoff, never have before. I will only watch the games because Washington is in them. If they win and advance, I'm happy because the players would consider it a great accomplishment, but honestly, if I had the power, there'd be no conference championship game and I'd be getting ready to watch the Rose Bowl and/or whatever bowl the Huskies are in.
  4. I know someone who says naming a team something like "Tampa Bay" is like naming a Seattle team something like "Puget Sound Seahawks" or a Portland team "the Willamette River TrailBlazers". He's not a big fan of Arizona, Minnesota, Golden State, or New England as well...
  5. I will....
  6. I worked one summer at a place that had 6 Mike/Michaels, myself included. We went by our last names, except the boss, who remained Mike.
  7. Went through my first dog attack today and spent most of day in hospital. Stray dog was in my yard and when I got back from the grocery store, was checking the mail and it attacked me. Another dog ran down the street and joined in. The only thing going through my mind was to get into the house where I had knives and not falling down, then as I'm stumbling up there, thought this is probably one of those times when my cat would be at the door to greet me and that would make the situation worse. Fortunately, they lost interest in me long enough to get in the house. Didn't get bit, the doctor later inspected me head to toe and didn't think there was a reason to worry about rabies. Just got some scrapes and sprained a finger pretty bad. Was not a good day.
  8. I have been a San Diego Chargers fan since 1980. Since their latest stadium ballot has failed, I'm just curious (because others have asked me), what will I do if the Chargers leave San Diego? Should I root for the Los Angeles (or wherever) Chargers, begin to root for another team (my #2 team is probably Seattle, since I grew up in the area), or just root for players and not care about the teams? If they don't move, then no issue. And I generally root for players more than teams unless I have a distinct feeling about the team. I don't live anywhere near Southern California, a long story how I came to root for them growing up.
  9. Does that include the amendment that repealed a previous amendment?
  10. Quick question - I went to vote this morning, and after I signed in, they loudly announced "My full name has just signed in and is going to vote", then after I turned my ballot in, the lady loudly announced "My full name has just voted". First time that's happened to me, is this a new national thing, or just something local?
  11. Way back when, I think it was around 1990, I went to the grocery store and wound up in line behind Tom Skerritt. He bought his groceries and left, the cashier was looking at him funny like she knew him from somewhere. When it was my turn, she asked me who he was, I told her, and she threw a major hissy because I didn't point him out and get all fan-boy over him. I told her "he's just buying groceries, I'll give him his privacy". She then berated me while ringing me up that I did and said nothing, telling the other cashiers how incredibly stupid I was, not pointing him out to the people around me. As I said, he was just buying some groceries, at most, I thought "this is kinda cool", but I'm not going to make a big deal of it.
  12. I used to be a 4x a week NFL viewer, now I watch the highlights on Sunday, and maybe the odd game here and there. I can't say why, and I can't speak for others, but I've just lost interest. It's not interesting for me anymore.
  13. Because of the Three Rivers, I've named my Pittsburgh teams the Triplets...
  14. Has the NBA announced expansion plans or does he plan on "stealing" and moving another NBA team, much like the Sonics were?
  15. Just curious, I have relatives from Missouri and they have been asking me if St. Louis will ever get a team in the future. I have no idea, don't really know the situation there, but they're saying Baltimore got a team back, Los Angeles got a team back, Oakland got a team back (for a little time till they go to Las Vegas), Houston got a team back, why not St. Louis?