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  1. 2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Uniforms

    From the IIHF site: Here’s how they did it: A shift to single-layer laser-perforated numbers (instead of layering up heavy twill) that they applied by heat (rather than stitching them down), both of which increased breathability and articulation. Doing away with the previous large, heavy centre-front crest in favour of a small, intricate, badge (select teams were moved to a new configuration led by country name rather than their crest), which reduced weight, resulting in better articulation for the athlete. Consolidating fonts across kits. (Though select teams got a unique font.) Further, the idea of alchemy involves transforming base metals into gold. “It’s all about creating an extremely valuable and desired outcome,” says Toudjine-Williams. This element of the theme comes to life with the following films and flicker capabilities employed throughout the jersey: Amplification of each team’s colours through a cascading gradient. An expanded colour palette that includes secondary and tertiary colours. A new blade Swoosh (inspired by a hockey skate blade) with chrome flicker that sparkles under the arena lights. The flicker film (rather than heavy twill) addition to the top of the base for the crest and numbers increases vibrancy. Injected silicon molds make the trims pop.
  2. 2018 Winter Olympics Hockey Uniforms

    Where do you see an eagle on the Finland jersey? Or even a description saying they used something from an eagle on the jersey?
  3. MLB Changes 2017

    I see "WS" an I automatically think White Sox. Even for the college world series (CWS) I see the abbreviation and think "Chicago White Sox" before context gives it away.
  4. Las Vegas getting a WNBA team

    It's the only basketball I'll even watch. Don't like the NBA, no to NCAA (unlesss it's Washington), just don't like it, but I'll catch a WNBA game if it's on.
  5. I had a bear cub drop out of a tree behind me, and trust me, I was scared. My uncle charged it screaming and waving a bb gun at the cub and it just walked off into the forest. I had no desire to pet it and be its friend, I wanted to get away as quick as possible.
  6. 2017 NFL Season

    Does Kaep have to have a football job? If nobody wants to hire him, maybe football isn't for him.
  7. Football and CTE

    My brother played high school football, and also was in track&field. Guess which one he had the catastrophic injury in that cost him a scholarship? Hint- it wasn't football.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    Do you refer to the University of Minnesota as the Gophers, or the Golden Gophers?
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    I feel a loyalty towards ARCO because they sponsored my soccer team in 5th grade. I don't go out of my way for one, but if I have a choice between ARCO and another gas station and the price isn't that big a difference, I'll hit the ARCO every time.
  10. Unpopular Opinions

    How many of the Bills are from Buffalo? You're not rooting for hometown players, you're rooting for a corporation. Maybe if hometown teams had hometown players, I'd be more inclined to root for them. Also, if you moved, say to Boston, would you keep your Buffalo allegiances or switch to Boston teams? I was fortunate to grow up in a city 2000 or so miles from any pro team. It let me come up with my own criteria on who to root for.
  11. Unpopular Opinions

    I said there were exceptions, people just getting into the sport were one of them. People who switch to their local team because it's local are disloyal to their original team, and I don't like that. When MLS was founded, I became a New England Revolution fan for a myriad of reasons. When Seattle got a team, I stayed with the Revolution, I showed no disloyalty or change of heart. My friend was a Chicago Blackhawks fan, when Anaheim got a team, he chose to root for them, even over Chicago, because his mom and some family lived there. I questioned this and we had several arguments about this.
  12. Unpopular Opinions

    1. I think playoffs in any sport are a flawed structure that rely on hype to convince people to watch them. 2. There should be no fans over 10 of the Vegas Golden Knights. If you changed to Vegas for whatever reason, I consider you disloyal and have no respect for you. There are always exceptions to this, but they are few and far between. 3. Just to make this uniform related - if I hate the team, I hate the uniform. No matter what the New York Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Wazzu Cougars, L.A. Dodgers or any other team I dislike, come out in, I will hate it. On the flip side, if a team I like wears something I am not happy with, I'll let them know I don't like it. (Washington Huskies and any black). Are those unpopular enough?
  13. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Not a favorite, but better than black...
  14. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    When I went to UW, night games were rare, and only for major non-conference opponents, like Nebraska. I don't like the games going late, I liked the standard 1:00 p.m. starts, but as time moves on, I'm used to changes. But Cal is no Nebraska, and it is getting late here. Game might be over by midnight local time. I just didn't care for Herbstriet's condescending attitude in his response.
  15. Does this include European clubs, where they play multiple sports and all the teams share the same name? For example, Grasshoppers Club Zurich has teams playing soccer, basketball, hockey, and a multitude of others, and they're all known as the Zurich Grasshoppers (or variations thereof).