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  1. Has anyone mocked up the primary sans shield? I think that might have been cool...you'd end up with a "V" of the background color. Maybe that's why the shield exists? To keep the "V" a consistent color?
  2. Surely that image has been flipped horizontally so we get a nice "LV"...right?
  3. The Avs have 2 Borques (Rene and Gabriel), but I'm pretty sure that neither have their first initial on their nameplate. Is it a rule that first initial be specified if last names are the same? Also weird: R Bourque wore 24 and an "A" in the preseason, but didn't keep either! Now he's 17.
  4. It looked like all the Indiana players cut off their capris
  5. Maybe it's just this hotel TV, but is this a different shade of blue for SD? Why you no powder blue? !
  6. Did that "6" get the Oregon-top-heavy-strongman treatment or is it indicative of Adidas fabric?
  7. I think it makes perfect sense that someone who loves this: Also loves this:
  8. And not just on the damn cleats! I'm still not sure where the silver came from...
  9. "A lot of people like Scorpions, but the scorpion is a defensive animal. We're not going to be defensive. So I didn't want that." "My goal is to really have a culture that has a military origin to it " How about the Preemptive Strikes?
  10. Where are the Crocs?
  11. The Toronto crest looks very nice; I can't decide if the outline would have made it even better. Regarding the stripes, the three-stripe is a vast improvement over the two, in my opinion.
  12. Soccer players may be known for crazy styles, but check out this fashion statement: =) He had an injury in their last game
  13. -When they play in Montreal it's going to be Where's Waldo night. -Is there an alternate captain Florida?
  14. While I agree that the yellow is preferable to khaki, IMO Pittsburgh's uniforms are overrated. I know not every striping pattern is going to match, but do these uniforms bother anyone else? The sleeves, hem, pants, and socks are all different. Even the numbers on the helmet and back of jersey don't match! I miss these beauties: