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  1. @rachelmillman I was ~ 6, got my Dad a Vise Grip adjustable wrench. The commercials made it look impressive. Even had it wrapped @ the mall

  2. RT @RobynHitchcock: This Norwegian cartoon has just been blocked from re-tweet: https://t.co/l887h8aB3a

  3. @alannabelak the sage who people take for a fool? I want Stephen Root to play me.

  4. @IanAMartin was it worth it, Ian? Really?

  5. It has almost as many holes as the Browns' defence https://t.co/mOGtJDBSCv

  6. Live, laugh, larvae

  7. A superhero- / wife sharing- / Spinal Tap- themed bakery named "Cucks and Capes."

  8. Moving day. I'm accepting generous donations of beer and spirits. @cityofpenticton

  9. Guys. Guys. GUYS. Pornhub has clips with descriptive video.

  10. @trburton63 apples, tree, distance, etc

  11. Download a Bear! https://t.co/q7zuhDtaQy Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear https://t.co/yCVcqfwO1W

  12. This is fine https://t.co/mI4d4BdCZU

  13. @DavidGogoBlues DADGAD that :censored:, son.

  14. Fred Schneider humming the Dick Van Dyke Show theme

  15. Jesus wept https://t.co/bXhOJRa3lP