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  1. @TigerSharkMike My condolences

  2. https://t.co/QvS4a6H0xS

  3. I have absolutely zero time for The Doors. Do not @ me.

  4. RT @ClickHole: Playing Cupid: Barron Trump Tricked Donald Trump And Stormy Daniels Into Showing Up To The Same Romantic Dinner In Hopes The…

  5. RT @Ethan__Howe: If cows were people part:1 https://t.co/QHSpRkuYPc

  6. "I was just thinking" SMDH https://t.co/JF8pqZKpZZ

  7. Kane then threw three stacks of hundreds at Thornton while Logan Couture showered in a sweatsuit as a sign of solid… https://t.co/JiPJLKMXbA

  8. RT @panelpulp: Nancy — Just One Slice (1958) https://t.co/4ujRhgNYfu

  9. @trburton63 @Jenny_Ewart I'm rather glad and somewhat relieved that you don't find me attractive.

  10. It doesn't matter how far you are from the doors, your cigarette still smells :censored:ing horrible.

  11. An all-fat guy AC/DC tribute called KFC/DC

  12. @PhilHecken @CorkGaines The green hat from that set, in a 39Thirty, is my white whale.

  13. RT @PaladinCornelia: "People who don't clap are treasonous." https://t.co/hFg6p0RmEX

  14. Can't sleep.

  15. @IanAMartin @JustifiedBagel If it's any consolation there's almost nothing available at any price out here in the sticks.