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  1. I'm guessing Meghan Markle's rate for doing Reitmans ads just went way up

  2. RT @cogentanalysis: (walking quickly in a skirt suit, swinging a clearly empty to-go cup) I'm a modern gal with a punishing job and no reas…

  3. Emotional support dingo

  4. Geddy Lee has never uttered the phrase "let's party" during a gig, but did once ask a New Haven crowd to be quiet b… https://t.co/qQT6lcWvWo

  5. @jrlind Phew. I mean, I know that last game was rough, but...

  6. @hockey_brunch This is the first tweet you haven't tagged me in in like a week

  7. @johnmoe Adrian Vandenberg (guitarist for Whitesnake), downtown Winnipeg, trying desperately to be noticed.

  8. Today I love Boston. Tomorrow I'll go back to thinking they're :censored:, but today I love them. #gojetsgo #anyonebuttoronto

  9. Anybody have experience setting up a WordPress site on Amazon s3/cloud front?

  10. If my dog had a podcast https://t.co/obtA7gR2Z0

  11. @MichaelDanger19 Specifically, Wahoo teeth

  12. @hockey_brunch I guess you'll have to continue wondering.

  13. @amybp76 We have this set, but in sapphire blue

  14. RT @anthonyjeselnik: She probably just went to shoot one person and then went down a rabbit hole. https://t.co/RZGZmvAdyE

  15. I AM THE SUPPER MAKER https://t.co/LRVeJUH7hf