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  1. Lions as well. Lions are wearing on Saturday Dec 16th week 15.
  2. Wasn't preseason. Regular season in Jacksonville week 2 and then in Miami week 5.
  3. Titans have worn the Columbia Blue twice already this season. They can't wear them again.
  4. Starting last year the 49ers only wore black for just Color Rush. Only one year to go off but something to keep in mind.
  5. The Browns do not have a Thursday Night game this year. Their only NFLN game is their 9:30am London game week 8.
  6. Only Rams and Dolphins are wearing white at home week 7.
  7. Browns are not wearing orange this season. Brown once in Preseson, 3 times in regular season and the rest of the season white.
  8. Well if it isn't the Eagles the only other real options this week are either the Seahawks going gray on the road or the 49ers sporting the black . Everyone else with a non-throwback alt already announced when they will wear them or aren't in position to wear them being on the road this week. I'm guessing the Seahawks
  9. They already went white over aqua at home this year as well. Week 5 when hosting the Titans. They also didn't go all white at home in the regular season last year after week 5 either. Gase doesn't appear to be a fan of the all white look.
  10. Regular Season Week 7 (Part2) Titans @ Browns Saints @ Packers Jaguars @ Colts Cowboys @ 49ers Seahawks @ Giants Broncos @ Chargers Falcons @ Patriots Redskins @ Eagles
  11. Remember any combos posted during the course of this thread prior to game taking place or posted prior to any announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed. Please give me some 24 hours from the completion of the game to make any corrections as I am normally not at a computer to make changes during the game itself. Regular Season Week 7 (Part1) (BYES: Lions, Texans) Chiefs @ Raiders Buccaneers @ Bills Bengals @ Steelers Ravens @ Vikings Jets @ Dolphins Cardinals @ Rams Panthers @ Bears
  12. No team got a new Color Rush uniforms this season except the Lions since their entire set changed this year. The Pats didn't get a new Color Rush they just for new pants so they could go all white since they had no white pants available. They just wore the new pants with their current white away jersey. Miami doesn't need any new assets created in order to go all white.
  13. Bills are already known to be going throwback week 8. Only 2 other teams at home week 8 with Throwback options, Saints who are hosting the Bears or Redskins who are hosting the Cowboys.
  14. All Blue
  15. Regular Season Week 6 (Part2) 49ers @ Redskins Buccaneers @ Cardinals Rams @ Jaguars Steelers @ Chiefs Chargers @ Raiders Giants @ Broncos Colts @ Titans