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  1. Regular Season Week 7 (Part2) Patriots vs. Bears Bills vs. Colts Texans vs. Jaguars Saints vs. Ravens Cowboys vs. Redskins Rams vs. 49ers Giants vs. Falcons
  2. Regular Season Week 7 (Part1) (BYES:Packers, Raiders, Steelers, Seahawks) Broncos vs. Cardinals Titans vs.Chargers Bengals vs. Chiefs Browns vs. Buccaneers Panthers vs. Eagles Vikings vs. Jets Lions vs. Dolphins
  3. Regular Season Week 6 (Part2) Bills vs. Texans Bears vs. Dolphins Rams vs. Broncos Ravens vs. Titans Jaguars vs. Cowboys Chiefs vs. Patriots 49ers vs. Packers
  4. Regular Season Week 6 (Part1) (BYES:Lions, Saints) Eagles vs. Giants Buccaneers vs. Falcons Panthers vs. Redskins Seahawks vs. Raiders Colts vs. Jets Cardinals vs. Vikings Steelers vs. Bengals Chargers vs. Browns
  5. If the Ravens do go all white the only thing that might be different is a solid white sock but I wouldn't call that an alt. I think it is a type-o. I'd be surprised if the Saints wore the CR in back to back weeks. I'm changing that to normal white then.
  6. NFL will not allow the Ravens to wear purple and the Browns to wear brown. That is why the Browns wore all white 2 years ago on Thursday night against the Ravens in the Color Rush game. I am guessing it is just a type-o. 2 CR are Browns and Patriots 2 Alts are Bengals and Chargers. Is the other non-primary white at home a CR uniform or Alt? Only 2 teams with different white Alts and that is 49ers and Bills who both have white throwback alts. Teams with different white CR are Saints (just wore them), Bengals (Already announced orange) Giants (announced they are wearing them next week), Raiders, Cowboys (on the road). so if is is a CR it would have to be the Raiders and if it is a Alt it is likely the Bills and I think the 49ers announced the all whites for Oct 21.
  7. No for Ravens Browns announced only 2 of the 3 color rush games
  8. Regular Season Week 5 (Part2) Dolphins vs. Bengals Raiders vs. Chargers Cardinals vs. 49ers Vikings vs. Eagles Rams vs. Seahawks Cowboys vs. Texans Redskins vs. Saints
  9. Regular Season Week 5 (Part1) (BYES:Bears, Buccaneers) Colts vs. Patriots Titans vs. Bills Falcons vs. Steelers Broncos vs. Jets Jaguars vs. Chiefs Packers vs. Lions Ravens vs. Browns Giants vs. Panthers
  10. Regular Season Week 4 (Part2) Bengals vs. Falcons Seahawks vs. Cardinals Browns vs. Raiders Saints vs. Giants 49ers vs. Chargers Ravens vs. Steelers Chiefs vs. Broncos
  11. Regular Season Week 4 (Part1) (BYES: Panthers, Redskins) Vikings vs. Rams Jets vs. Jaguars Dolphins vs. Patriots Eagles vs. Titans Texans vs. Colts Bills vs. Packers Lions vs. Cowboys Buccaneers vs. Bears
  12. what about Week 4 White at homes... are there any?
  13. Regular Season Week 3 (Part2) Giants vs. Texans Titans vs. Jaguars 49ers vs. Chiefs Chargers vs. Rams Cowboys vs. Seahawks Bears vs. Cardinals Patriots vs. Lions Steelers vs. Buccaneers
  14. Regular Season Week 3 (Part1) Jets vs. Browns Saints vs. Falcons Packers vs. Redksins Colts vs. Eagles Bills vs. Vikings Raiders vs. Dolphins Broncos vs. Ravens Bengals vs. Panthers