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  1. Schedule is out, draft is in the books and the uniform changes are out so might as well get this post up on the board. Remember any combos posted during the course of this thread prior to the game taking place or posted prior to any announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed. Please give me around 24 hours from the completion of the game to make any corrections as I am normally not at a computer to make changes during the game itself. 2018 Hall Of Fame Game Bears @ Ravens Preseason Week 1 Preseason Week 2 Preseason Week 3 Preseason Week 4 Regular Season Week 1 Regular Season Week 2 Regular Season Week 3 Regular Season Week 4 Regular Season Week 5 Regular Season Week 6 Regular Season Week 7 Regular Season Week 8 Regular Season Week 9 Regular Season Week 10 Regular Season Week 11 Regular Season Week 12 Regular Season Week 13 Regular Season Week 14 Regular Season Week 15 Regular Season Week 16 Regular Season Week 17 Post Season Wild Card Round Post Season Divisional Round Post Season Championship Round Pro Bowl and Super Bowl LIII
  2. Pro Bowl @ Super Bowl LIII AFC Champion Patriots vs. NFC Champion Rams
  3. Post Season Championship Round AFC Championship Patriots @ Chiefs NFC Championship Rams @ Saints
  4. Post Season Divisional Round Colts vs. Chiefs Cowboys vs. Rams Chargers vs. Patriots Eagles vs. Saints
  5. 2018 Post Season Wild Card Round (Byes: Saints, Chiefs, Rams, Patriots) Colts vs. Texans Seahawks vs. Cowboys Chargers vs. Ravens Eagles vs. Bears
  6. Regular Season Week 17 (Part2) Jets vs. Patriots Panthers vs. Saints Cowboys vs. Giants Bengals vs. Steelers Falcons vs. Buccaneers Chargers vs. Broncos 49ers vs. Rams Cardinals vs. Seahawks
  7. Regular Season Week 17 (Part1) Browns vs. Ravens Dolphins vs. Bills Eagles vs. Redskins Colts vs. Titans Lions vs. Packers Jaguars vs. Texans Raiders vs. Chiefs Bears vs. Vikings
  8. Regular Season Week 16 (Part2) Bills vs. Patriots Falcons vs. Panthers Ravens vs. Chargers Bears vs. 49ers Rams vs. Cardinals Steelers vs. Saints Chiefs vs. Seahawks Broncos vs. Raiders
  9. Regular Season Week 16 (Part1) Giants vs. Colts Texans vs. Eagles Jaguars vs. Dolphins Redskins vs. Titans Packers vs. Jets Bengals vs. Browns Buccaneers vs. Cowboys Vikings vs. Lions
  10. Regular Season Week 15 (Part2) Titans vs. Giants Dolphins vs. Vikings Redskins vs. Jaguars Cowboys vs. Colts Seahawks vs. 49ers Patriots vs. Steelers Eagles vs. Rams Saints vs. Panthers
  11. Regular Season Week 15 (Part1) Chargers vs. Chiefs Browns vs. Broncos Texans vs. Jets Packers vs. Bears Lions vs. Bills Buccaneers vs. Ravens Cardinals vs. Falcons Raiders vs. Bengals
  12. Regular Season Week 14 (Part2) Panthers vs. Browns Falcons vs. Packers Broncos vs. 49ers Bengals (wht) vs. Chargers Eagles vs. Cowboys Lions vs. Cardinals Steelers vs. Raiders Vikings vs. Seahawks
  13. Regular Season Week 14 (Part1) Jaguars vs. Titans Jets vs. Bills Giants vs. Redskins Saints vs. Buccaneers Patriots vs. Dolphins Ravens vs. Chiefs Colts vs. Texans Rams vs. Bears
  14. I know 1973 Browns only wore all white that season.
  15. Regular Season Week 13 (Part2) Cardinals vs. Packers Browns vs. Texans Colts vs. Jaguars Jets vs. Titans Chiefs vs. Raiders Vikings vs. Patriots 49ers vs. Seahawks Redskins vs. Eagles
  16. Regular Season Week 13 (Part1) Saints vs. Cowboys Ravens vs. Falcons Panthers (wht) vs. Buccaneers Chargers vs. Steelers Bears vs. Giants Bills vs. Dolphins Broncos vs. Bengals Rams vs. Lions
  17. Regular Season Week 12 (Part2) 49ers vs. Buccaneers Giants vs. Eagles Patriots vs. Jets Cardinals vs. Chargers Steelers vs. Broncos Packers vs. Vikings Titans vs. Texans
  18. Regular Season Week 12 (Part1) (BYES: Chiefs, Rams) Bears vs. Lions Redskins vs. Cowboys Falcons vs. Saints Browns vs. Bengals Seahawks vs. Panthers (blk) Jaguars vs. Bills Raiders vs. Ravens Dolphins vs. Colts
  19. Regular Season Week 11 (Part2) Eagles vs. Saints Texans vs. Redskins Broncos vs. Chargers Raiders vs. Cardinals Steelers vs. Jaguars Chiefs vs. Rams
  20. Regular Season Week 11 (Part1) (BYES:Bills, Browns, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, 49ers) Packers vs. Seahawks Bengals vs. Ravens Vikings vs. Bears Panthers vs. Lions Titans vs. Colts Cowboys vs. Falcons Buccaneers vs. Giants
  21. Regular Season Week 10 (Part2) Patriots vs. Titans Redskins vs. Buccaneers Bills vs. Jets Chargers vs. Raiders Seahawks vs. Rams Cowboys vs. Eagles Giants vs. 49ers
  22. Regular Season Week 10 (Part1) (BYES:Ravens, Broncos, Texans, Vikings) Panthers vs. Steelers Saints vs. Bengals Falcons vs. Browns Dolphins vs. Packers Jaguars vs. Colts Lions vs. Bears Cardinals vs. Chiefs
  23. Regular Season Week 9 (Part2) Falcons vs. Redskins Texans vs. Broncos Chargers vs. Seahawks Rams vs. Saints Packers vs. Patriots Titans vs. Cowboys
  24. Regular Season Week 9 (Part1) (BYES:Cardinals, Bengals, Colts, Jaguars, Giants, Eagles) Raiders vs. 49ers Bears vs. Bills Buccaneers vs. Panthers Chiefs vs. Browns Jets vs. Dolphins Steelers vs. Ravens Lions vs. Vikings
  25. They dropped the all orange as well when they made the change and elected all white for color rush.