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  1. The inspiration for the new Air Force alternate helmet.
  2. Not sure, but it was posted by Duchene on his Instagram account
  3. This was posted by Duchene on his official Instagram account.
  4. The time when the Rockies messed up giveaway jerseys for Tulo.
  5. The pic came from a Broncos beat writer for Twitter account...he said he was looking at the AP Archives.
  6. Cool story about this woman who has 3 championship rings. KUSA - It takes a team to help THE team win. The Broncos players and coaches all received their flashy Super Bowl 50 rings last week. This week the supporting staff received theirs. Peyton Manning went out on top with two Super Bowl rings. “This one's absolutely enormous. In ten years it's going to blow out somebody's shoulder!” joked Manning. But Liz Coates, who does game time entertainment for the Denver Broncos and Denver Outlaws, has three championship rings. “It’s incredibly special and it doesn’t happen often. So when it does you really have to appreciate the moment and the history behind it,” Coates said. She got her biggest ring this week thanks to the Broncos big win over the Carolina Panthers in February. She also has a ring from working with the Denver Outlaws.They won a Major League Lacrosse championship in 2014. In 2007 she worked for the Colorado Rockies when they defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks in the National League Championship Series. Todd Helton would finish his 17 year baseball career with one NLCS championship ring. Liz got one too. “Matt Holliday’s dramatic play at the plate to win, honestly after that I don’t remember a lot about the playoffs because it was such a blur,” Coates said. Some players will never get one. Liz Coates now has three rings. “The ring symbolizes a championship, and a team coming together in all the right ways,” she said. A player's hard work can't be missed. But the work of the hundreds of staff behind the scenes often is. So this is a reminder that the team isn't just the people playing between the sidelines. It's also someone who tends be there at the right time. “I don’t know if I am a good luck charm,” Coates said. “But maybe! Hopefully I bring another one to the Broncos! That’d be fun.” Copyright 2016 KUSA
  7. Does anyone now how legit this was from happening?
  8. The Broncos Super Bowl ring boxes
  9. The Colorado Avalanche.
  10. Brandon McManus ‏@thekidmcmanus 14h14 hours ago Possible Week 6 uniforms for our Thursday Night game @NFLonCBS against the Chargers for @NFL #ColorRush