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  1. Take this with a grain of me it looks like a generic logo for the Rockies. Are the Rockies teasing a new logo?
  2. That Rockies purple is really bright imo..
  3. CU will have "RS" decals on the back of their helmets to pay tribute to Rashaan Salaam
  4. New court for the University of Denver.
  5. The Broncos equipment team getting their helmets ready for this Thursday night.
  6. Colorado uniform combination for this Saturday against Oregon State.
  7. Take this for what it's worth... Jon Heath ‏@JonHeathNFL 2m2 minutes ago Confirmed w/ an official apparel provider for NFL that these are #ColorRush jerseys for #Broncos / #Chargers Oct. 13
  8. Looks like someone can't spell Arkansas.