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  2. Buffalo Bills Concept

    It's a good start, but it feels unfinished. You should try to make the face fiercer and streamline the legs. The front two look really awkward.
  3. We have statuses now Pr

  4. ,and I just finished doing this the hard way.

  6. Buffalo Bills *Final Update*

    What's the word I'm looking for... Oh, yeah: kickass!
  7. Buffalo Bills *Final Update*

    That is wonderful, the striping is genius. maybe try inverting the colours in the logo.
  8. 16,700+

    Dude, I haven't literally lol'ed in a while, well done!
  9. Dollar Rede$ign

    No All of the bills have a different colour/thickness strip, so its easier Its a security thing apparently if you link at it in the light it'll look like a 20 The reverse:
  10. Dollar Rede$ign

    Dollar Rede$ign a project to redesign the Dollar; my favorite entry:
  11. Brian makes an apology

    Classy sir.
  12. A Movement to Ban the Most Hated Font

    I've always hates the font but I was driven to loathing when I saw a t-shirt which read: KEYSER WRESTLING
  13. The Trifecta Competition

    Where is mine
  14. Your daily schedule

    5:45 Snooze Alarm 1 6:15 Snooze Alarm 2 6:20 Snooze Alarm 3 6:25 Snooze Alarm 4 6:30 Snooze Alarm 5 sometimes 6:30-45 Shower 6:45 Dress 6:50 Eat, Take Meds, Brush Teeth 7:07/8 Walk to Bus 7:15 Get on Bus 7:25 Arrive at School, Sit in Gymnasium 7:55 Walk around Halls 8:15 Block 1: Art I 9:45 Block 2: Hon. World History 11:15 Lunch 11:40 Board Bus to Technical Center 11:55 Block 3: Latin I 1:20 Board Bus to High School 1:30 "Enrichment" (organized study hall) 1:55 Block 4 Comp. App I 2:40 Band Rehersal 3:30 Leave School 3:50 Arive at Home 3:50-4:00 Eat Food 4:00 Computer/iPod Surfing, Moap About, Creamer Site 6:00ish Eat More Food sometimes 6:30 Dishes 7:00 SEE 4 o'clock sometimes 9:45 Shower 10:00 Countdown Podcast sometimes, Maddow Podcast 11or12:00 Sleep 5:45 Snooze Alarm 1 and over and over again
  15. Wolfram|Alpha Thoughts?