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  1. Buffalo Bills Concept

    It's a good start, but it feels unfinished. You should try to make the face fiercer and streamline the legs. The front two look really awkward.
  2. ,and I just finished doing this the hard way.

  4. Buffalo Bills *Final Update*

    What's the word I'm looking for... Oh, yeah: kickass!
  5. Buffalo Bills *Final Update*

    That is wonderful, the striping is genius. maybe try inverting the colours in the logo.
  6. 16,700+

    Dude, I haven't literally lol'ed in a while, well done!
  7. Dollar Rede$ign

    Its a security thing apparently if you link at it in the light it'll look like a 20 The reverse:
  8. Dollar Rede$ign

    Dollar Rede$ign a project to redesign the Dollar; my favorite entry:
  9. Brian makes an apology

    Classy sir.
  10. A Movement to Ban the Most Hated Font

    I've always hates the font but I was driven to loathing when I saw a t-shirt which read: KEYSER WRESTLING
  11. The Trifecta Competition

    Where is mine
  12. Your daily schedule

    5:45 Snooze Alarm 1 6:15 Snooze Alarm 2 6:20 Snooze Alarm 3 6:25 Snooze Alarm 4 6:30 Snooze Alarm 5 sometimes 6:30-45 Shower 6:45 Dress 6:50 Eat, Take Meds, Brush Teeth 7:07/8 Walk to Bus 7:15 Get on Bus 7:25 Arrive at School, Sit in Gymnasium 7:55 Walk around Halls 8:15 Block 1: Art I 9:45 Block 2: Hon. World History 11:15 Lunch 11:40 Board Bus to Technical Center 11:55 Block 3: Latin I 1:20 Board Bus to High School 1:30 "Enrichment" (organized study hall) 1:55 Block 4 Comp. App I 2:40 Band Rehersal 3:30 Leave School 3:50 Arive at Home 3:50-4:00 Eat Food 4:00 Computer/iPod Surfing, Moap About, Creamer Site 6:00ish Eat More Food sometimes 6:30 Dishes 7:00 SEE 4 o'clock sometimes 9:45 Shower 10:00 Countdown Podcast sometimes, Maddow Podcast 11or12:00 Sleep 5:45 Snooze Alarm 1 and over and over again
  13. Wolfram|Alpha Thoughts?
  14. Photographers

    Some personal Favs of Mine
  15. Photographers