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  1. Ok - so we're going to centralize all these template threads into one. However with that said - PLEASE be cautious of clicking the links on these files as they re-route to another message board.
  2. Gotta love this quote:
  3. Merged the threads together
  4. Let's keep this on track. If there's even a remote possibility of spoilers, use the spoiler tags.
  5. Mod Tip of the Day: Learn a program or Draw and Scan something, then please repost once you have something to share.
  6. Please repost when you have something to share.
  7. It's a good logo. I just don't think it resonates with "California" really well. This really needs a California landmark/iconography instead of a generic mountain and water. To me, the colors give off an Arizona-vibe, while the center icon reminds me more of a Hawaiian island in the ocean at sunset.
  8. We're done here.
  9. The major difference is that sleuthpanther did all the recruiting beforehand. Other threads of a similar nature have been based on a singular design, then requested help for the other "x" amount of teams to complete the league. The whole purpose of the concepts forum is to showcase artwork, not post one thing and have everyone else finishing it. Collaborations can be done here, just do the legwork behind the scenes.
  10. M10

    Please start a thread when you have something to share.
  11. And with the other thread taking over, there's no need for this.
  12. Considering that it's been 6 months since the last legitimate update, I'm going to lock this to prevent unnecessary bumping.
  13. Got your back solider.
  14. Going to bump this up as today is Dribbble's Draft Day. I have ONE invite up for grabs if a CCSLC'er wants it.