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  1. Please start a thread when you actually have artwork to share. Thanks.
  2. I seriously have to spell it out for you?
  3. Glad we have your permission.
  4. I get why Bischoff is doing it, but it should have been Jake Roberts or Scott Hall honestly.
  5. Nope. You do the work. This isn't a free logo factory.
  6. That's not how this works. Do it yourself first, then if people offer, go forward from there. When you get it together, start a new thread.
  7. Pretty much.
  8. ...but you do have to stay on topic. Atomic reminding you, help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered. Also - my son's stoked for this. If it doesn't have a cameo by Amy Jo Johnson, it's not even worth it!
  9. Her music is a hybrid of her original and Blake & Murphy's (which she was managing). Regardless, she needs something a hell of a lot better. On the TNA side of things, Anthem (Meh-TNA spelled backwards ) needs to blow up the Impact brand. It's way past redemption at this point. GFW is only good for press releases and shilling Jarrett's pyramid scheme.
  10. Ok, so I just removed a bunch of nonsense from two individuals. Let me make this crystal clear to the two guys involved (you know who you are): Keep. It. On. Topic.
  11. Hideo's gotta be going back to NXT. Sadly, he's coming off as "injury prone" and off that reputation, he should be a part of the main roster. As for Finn? Wouldn't be surprised if a new heel group of NXT-ers forms with Triple H at the helm.
  12. It's not. End of discussion.
  13. Please post in the concepts thread when you have an actual concept to share. Thanks.