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  1. It'll be "Vegas Knights" officially in a few years anyway. Hell, wouldn't be surprised if the locals are already calling them that.
  2. I always liked this version. Even rocked the shirt for a while:
  3. Ok - let's get this settled: #1. The OP already indicated that the logo in question was found via Google when the poster was 13. The fictional university grew from paper to EA Teambuilder, which was when the logo in question was utilized. #2. My understanding (via the initial post) is that the "concept" in question is regarding the UNIFORM designs and the "expansion" of the university. Nothing else. I can understand where the "logo theft" talk can come into play. Semantics aside, let's stick to the discussion of the UNIFORM concept going further, ok? Additionally, there is no "alter the logo (insert number here) percent and it's an original piece/free to use" rule. Copyrighted logos are just that: copyrighted regardless of how much is altered from the original.
  4. winnipeg jets

    Both of you - enough. Keep the discussion to the concept.
  5. Please start your thread after your concept is done and include it in the first post as a "coming soon" thread only bumps current concepts down the page without adding anything new to the forum. Thanks.
  6. Because competitive simulation transitions the league from a "concept" to a fantasy/simulation sports league. Since this is a "concepts" forum, we should try to maintain it as such. If you have any other questions regarding this, please feel free to PM me.
  7. I'll look into it.
  8. Just a head's up: this is solely going to remain as a concept series as that was the original intent of this collaboration. There'll be no competitive simulation of games.
  9. Yeah, it's real bad for her. Between not paying the wrestlers, various debts and the IRS? She's screwed. Not to mention she thought she could sucker Corgan - who's dealt with shady people from his time in the music business. Yeesh.
  10. Pull up a chair folks. Witness the live execution of TNA: To recap everything that's been going on in the past 24hrs, Billy Corgan is alleging TNA/Dixie Carter were working to defraud him of money he would be contractually owed as the true amount of debt was never disclosed.
  11. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.
  12. FTFY.
  13. Gets better. Rumors are that Dale Oliver has put in a lawsuit and Dixie hasn't paid Uncle Sam: Only TNA can out TNA themselves.