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  1. There's got to be more to it than just that last part. From the 2 comments (pic and ha ha comment), it seems like him and the chick were having a friendly conversation prior to that interaction. Unprofessional, yes. But possibly out of context? I can see it like that. Honestly, he'll get humiliated on TV (probably a backhand comment from JBL) and that'll be it.
  2. I think some of you guys need a quick reminder as I've been seeing quite a few of these:
  3. 1. You obviously didn't read why I closed down the other thread. Let me provide a refresher: it was closed because all you did was post logos. Not sure how to make it clearer, but if you post a series of logos with no changes or modifications, it's not a concept. 2. Of the Metro conference teams, 2 have some kind of change. This should honestly be a NJ Devils concept thread because all you've done is recolor the black to green. The rest are "No Changes". Because of the so many "No Changes", I'm declaring this a "No Concept".
  4. We're not doing competitive simulations here.
  5. 1. Until there's stats or simulation, it's just a concept. 2. Agreed 100% on Inkscape 3. Leave the moderating to the mods.
  6. So.. It's been a few days and there's no concept here. Please re-post when you have something actual to share. Thanks.
  7. Seriously though, the crowd really couldn't hear her. I was about 12 rows back and couldn't understand a damn thing she said.
  8. Let me know if you want to restart this and I'll unlock the thread.
  9. If you decide to pick this back up, please let me know and I'll unlock the thread.
  10. #Locked
  11. #Locked
  12. Please don't start a thread unless it's your concept you are posting. Thanks.
  13. Your 24 hours to post something starts now..
  14. 1. You already have a thread open on the concepts side of things. 2. Unless you have an actual concept to post, please do not start a thread. 3. You need to provide the first few sets of concepts before you start asking people to add to it. This isn't a free work factory.