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  1. No concept = No thread. Please post your thread when you have something to share. Thanks!
  2. Guys - I need to start seeing some more feedback on the actual concepts posted (and maybe an actual concept from the OP) instead of "accepted" and "you're in" from here on out. From my perspective, this has become nothing more than a glorified request and a waste of the designer's time.
  3. Sorry guys, no polls in the concepts forum. Thanks.
  4. Welcome. FYI - It's not necessary to start an introduction thread. Just join in on the conversation.
  5. Oh <unnamed deity>. It's so bad.
  6. From what J-E-Double F J-A-Double R-E-Double-T (ha ha) has said, GFW will not be (pardon the pun) impacted by the deal as he's been working to establish a TV deal in conjunction with "American Ninja Warrior" production company A. Smith & Co. Productions in LA.
  7. Nothing is really going to change at first. The same goofs running the show are still in place for the time being with Dixie being the odd woman out. They have 12 weeks worth of tapings going on starting today and running through Thursday (double headers on the weekends). Apparently, it will be business as usual until those tapings are completed. That will give Anthem time to put whomever into specific positions (Jarrett has allegedly been in talks to come back as booker with Dutch Mantel).
  8. Please start a thread when you have something to post. Thanks.
  9. Only athlete I've ever met was Tim Brown about 2 years ago. My buddy and I had crashed the Notre Dame Tailgate when they were playing USC and he had passed us after giving a pep talk to the Irish fans. We asked him for a picture, but he just looked at our SC shirts, laughed and said "no way" before walking away fro us. He wasn't rude to us in the slightest and I have a huge amount of respect for that.
  10. You can be a part of the conversation without derailing the thread. You've already been asked multiple times to keep on topic. We can take it to PM if you like. I'm done interrupting this thread and apologize to @JCRGraphix for doing so. ---------------- On a side note. I am a fan of seeing the teams go through their histories and change during their respective time periods. Nicely done JCR.
  11. Seriously? Do you know what section of the boards you are on "bro"? Let's keep it on topic.
  12. Can we get back on track to covering the "concept" portions of this instead of who to be a fan of? Thanks.
  13. So... with that said, you have 24 hours to provide an actual concept or this thread is going to be shut down.
  14. Where are the concepts? I see a bunch of google-search images so far..