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  1. The major difference is that sleuthpanther did all the recruiting beforehand. Other threads of a similar nature have been based on a singular design, then requested help for the other "x" amount of teams to complete the league. The whole purpose of the concepts forum is to showcase artwork, not post one thing and have everyone else finishing it. Collaborations can be done here, just do the legwork behind the scenes.
  2. M10

    Please start a thread when you have something to share.
  3. And with the other thread taking over, there's no need for this.
  4. Considering that it's been 6 months since the last legitimate update, I'm going to lock this to prevent unnecessary bumping.
  5. Got your back solider.
  6. Going to bump this up as today is Dribbble's Draft Day. I have ONE invite up for grabs if a CCSLC'er wants it.
  7. I'm officially on Team Braun. Brilliant.
  8. You are correct sir. On that note, were done here.
  9. Threads have been merged.
  10. Legitimate question: what's the difference between the thread you started today and the old thread?
  11. Please repost when you have actual concepts to post.
  12. Sorry. You need to be the one who does the work for the league as it's your idea.
  13. Please restart the thread when you have a concept to post. Thanks.
  14. There's rules pinned at the top of the forum for a reason. Please take a look when you get a moment. Thanks! - that "damn mod".
  15. That's not how this works.