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  1. Please don’t bump old threads.
  2. 8BW14's MLB Redesign: Anaheim Angels

    Please don't bump old threads. This thread was inactive for over six months before it was bumped.
  3. United States Pro BasketBall

    Please repost when you have a concept to share.
  4. Please repost when you have concepts to share.
  5. Locking this pending approval from the Competition Council.

    Since we've had some confusion regarding image uploads: To reiterate: You need to host your images on a 3rd party site as they can not be directly uploaded here anymore.
  7. The only way to upload images is through another site like imgur. Get the code from there and then paste it here.
  8. NBA 2017-2018 City Uniforms

    Let’s keep this to one thread.
  9. 3v3 basketball assignment

    Here you go: Overall, it's a nice logo. A few thoughts: The navy keystroke needs to be consistent around the ball and spikes coming off of it. Right now, it's a little unbalanced in the streaks versus the area surrounding the ball. I think the streaks are too much. With the wordmark and simple ball logo, I think you need to keep the retro vibe going and just keep the ball. I'd like to see an element of the "triples" incorporated into it. Even if it's the 3TC abbreviation.
  10. Marquette Basketball Uniform Concept

    May want to double check your images. I'm not seeing them.
  11. 3v3 basketball assignment

    No, you can't. You need to host your pictures on another site such as imgur and then paste the code/url here.
  12. PLNAF

    I would suggest getting an imgur account. Upload it there, then paste the link here.
  13. Yeah. We're done here.
  14. NCAA Basketball Concept Uniforms

    You can start the thread tomorrow then.
  15. Ok. You can do that on a blog and link to it in your signature.