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  1. I seriously have to spell it out for you?
  2. Glad we have your permission.
  3. I get why Bischoff is doing it, but it should have been Jake Roberts or Scott Hall honestly.
  4. Nope. You do the work. This isn't a free logo factory.
  5. That's not how this works. Do it yourself first, then if people offer, go forward from there. When you get it together, start a new thread.
  6. Pretty much.
  7. ...but you do have to stay on topic. Atomic reminding you, help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered. Also - my son's stoked for this. If it doesn't have a cameo by Amy Jo Johnson, it's not even worth it!
  8. Her music is a hybrid of her original and Blake & Murphy's (which she was managing). Regardless, she needs something a hell of a lot better. On the TNA side of things, Anthem (Meh-TNA spelled backwards ) needs to blow up the Impact brand. It's way past redemption at this point. GFW is only good for press releases and shilling Jarrett's pyramid scheme.
  9. Ok, so I just removed a bunch of nonsense from two individuals. Let me make this crystal clear to the two guys involved (you know who you are): Keep. It. On. Topic.
  10. Hideo's gotta be going back to NXT. Sadly, he's coming off as "injury prone" and off that reputation, he should be a part of the main roster. As for Finn? Wouldn't be surprised if a new heel group of NXT-ers forms with Triple H at the helm.
  11. It's not. End of discussion.
  12. Please post in the concepts thread when you have an actual concept to share. Thanks.
  13. Looks like the Owl logo was short lived. New one is leaps and bounds better: