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  1. NBA 2K Team Designs

    Sorry - that's not how this works here.
  2. Logos Needed Help

    This item was moved to requests previously. If someone is willing to assist, they will PM you.
  3. Tennessee Titans Redesign

    There's nothing here and this belongs in the general concept area.

    New Guideline * If providing a template, please provide a direct link to the template in question. Links which re-direct to other sites will be removed.
  5. 2017 has not been my year.

    ...and we're done here.
  6. Pink Uniforms

    That's not how the concepts section works. You should be the one posting concepts, not asking others to do them for you.
  7. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

  8. Free Animal&Human Characters Sports Logo Vectors

    I've removed the advertisements and linked directly to the zip file if anyone wants to use the templates provided.

    Steee-rike 2!

    That's not how this works here.
  11. "Sports Templates" Anybody using these yet?

    So - I moved this to "Requests" initially because there's no concept here. I'm gong to lock this and delete the duplicate thread.
  12. Defunct company rebrands *REQUESTS TAKEN*

    The point is to give you help to get better as an artist. Let me help you with some advice: 1. NEVER swipe logos or even portions of a logo. It's going to get called out (and even moreso on a message board specializing in logo design) not to mention unethical. 2. Take your time and flush out an idea. That Acclaim "logo" you did is garbage compared to say the Blockbuster logo. Do your homework; SKETCH ideas. Things that may not work for one item may be referred to when you do another. 3. Color balance and font choices are very important in creating wordmarks. Again, the earlier works you had posted were so much more flushed out and involved compared to what's being posted. There are some decent ideas here. Just step back, take your time and put a little more effort in this.
  13. Defunct company rebrands *REQUESTS TAKEN*

    I didn't know Photoshop had default templates. It still doesn't explain the drastic drop off from your first set of logos until the most recent ones. My guess is that elements in some of the earlier sets aren't yours or your half assing this.
  14. Defunct company rebrands *REQUESTS TAKEN*

    Hmmm....That icon looks identical to the Forehand Web Solutions logo at the bottom of this page: In any event - I find it really hard to believe how drastic the change in artistic styles from the "logos" on page 2 until now. Going to guess that most of them have elements from someone else, so please remove any and all "concepts" with stolen work or this thread is done.
  15. WWE Battleground

    I'd say Titus O'Neil is "active". He's a good talker and sub-par in the ring. If he can get it together, he'd be one of the next good managers.