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  1. Political Logos

    Reminds me of this (even though the fonts are different):
  2. Fielders obstruction after dropped tag

    But to try and answer the question, my take is that because the runner's progression to the base was impeded by the player making the attempt to get the out and subsequently dropping the ball. Because the runner didn't have a clear path to the base, obstruction was called.
  3. Nationals / DC Baseball Concept

    Fair warning - keep it on topic to the concepts. Thanks.
  4. What Final Four Court is the bomb

    This isn’t going to end well, so let’s stop this before it gets too far out of hand.
  5. Football Uniform Template

    Please do not spam in multiple areas of the forum for the same thing. Your thread was moved to "Requests" twice now. If someone wishes to assist, they will PM you.
  6. Football Uniform Template

    A similar thread was moved to requests earlier today. If someone wishes to assist you in obtaining this template, they will PM you.

    Feel this needs to be stated here as well:

    We’re done here.
  9. Just as a reminder: no polls are allowed in the concepts forum.
  10. Nike Vapor Untouchable Template PSD

    Please don’t bump old threads. This thread was dormant for almost 2 years on something that could have been handled via PM.
  11. What If....the XFL was a success??

    A mod will shut down the thread. Its pretty clear in the concept forum rules that taking logos without consent is frowned upon.
  12. New Soccer Template by raysox

    Please do not bump old threads. This thread was dormant for over 2 years when a simple PM to the original poster would have sufficed.

    Then we’re done here.

    Ok - so are these all your designs or are they someone else’s that you compiled?
  15. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    That’s enough. Get the discussion back on track.
  16. I’d like to know specifically which ones are your “original” designs. I see a few that are done by some of the designers on here...
  17. My suggestion is to host them on a site like imgur and copy the url here.
  18. Sports Font Database

    Not on this forum. In fact, I'm locking this. We've been over this ad nauseam .
  19. MLS Expansion

    And we’ve been through this before... You supply the concepts. You do the work and attempt to get better.
  20. MLS Expansion

    Yep, you need to do the work in this instance.
  21. MLB x UA 2020 (indefinite break)

    Please don't bump dormant threads. No one had responded to this thread well over a year prior to your post.
  22. The WCRFL (Combined Rules Footy)

    Try uploading to imgur instead of Google Drive and grab the URL from there.
  23. And we’re done here. At some point, there’s gotta be some desire to get better as a graphic artist. If you specifically want to write about your league, you’re more than welcome to on another site.
  24. I really want to like this, but I can't stop seeing "TarBons". Otherwise, it's a great set.
  25. Canadian Baseball League

    How old are we?