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  1. The major difference is that sleuthpanther did all the recruiting beforehand. Other threads of a similar nature have been based on a singular design, then requested help for the other "x" amount of teams to complete the league. The whole purpose of the concepts forum is to showcase artwork, not post one thing and have everyone else finishing it. Collaborations can be done here, just do the legwork behind the scenes.
  2. M10

    Please start a thread when you have something to share.
  3. And with the other thread taking over, there's no need for this.
  4. Considering that it's been 6 months since the last legitimate update, I'm going to lock this to prevent unnecessary bumping.
  5. Got your back solider.
  6. Going to bump this up as today is Dribbble's Draft Day. I have ONE invite up for grabs if a CCSLC'er wants it.
  7. I'm officially on Team Braun. Brilliant.
  8. You are correct sir. On that note, were done here.
  9. Threads have been merged.
  10. Legitimate question: what's the difference between the thread you started today and the old thread?
  11. Please repost when you have actual concepts to post.
  12. Sorry. You need to be the one who does the work for the league as it's your idea.
  13. Please restart the thread when you have a concept to post. Thanks.
  14. There's rules pinned at the top of the forum for a reason. Please take a look when you get a moment. Thanks! - that "damn mod".
  15. That's not how this works.
  16. Brilliant.
  17. Yeah. Not happening.
  18. That's not how this works. Either you want to showcase the artwork or you don't. Should you decide to, please start the thread again.
  19. Both the Dodgers and Angels already have set up shop in the Inland Empire via their California League Single-A teams (Rancho Cucamonga and Inland Empire/San Bernardino, respectively). If a Triple-A team were to relocate to the Inland Empire, the only issue would be how it would interact with the rest of the California League teams, since they have a huge presence in the Inland Empire region. However, if an Inland Empire Triple-A team were to set up shop, their best bet would be Ontario, CA. You already have the Regin there and there's sufficient plots of land near Citizen's Business Bank Arena to get a stadium built.
  20. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Sinclair bought Tribune recently. They would (at least) have markets in LA (KTLA) and Chicago (WGN) now to help them grow. And for what it's worth, I'd probably put Lucha Underground as the #2 promotion (as long as they can secure a third season).
  21. Exactly what was posted in the announcement: started a thread to bash a poster here. Nothing more, nothing less. The thread was subsequently removed.
  22. I've moved this to "Sports in General" since it's just discussion without an artistic concept.
  23. 2 things: 1. I think some of the icons would get lost when put on an actual jersey or hat. They would just blend into the team's color scheme. 2. What happens when a team exceeds 8 championships? I think the colored-in stars idea loses some functionality once that happens.
  24. Placeholders are frowned upon in the concepts forum. Please post when you have something to share. Thanks.
  25. You're taking images from Google and re-coloring them. Not happening. Please post when you have original artwork to share.