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  1. Atomic

    2017-2018 NCAA football helmets

    Wait.. is this just you posting existing or planned helmets? This isn’t a concept.
  2. Atomic

    Southeastern Conference Super Expansion

    Ok, so it’s been over 24hrs and still no actual concepts have been posted. I appreciate the effort put in this, but before anymore realignment takes place, there needs to be an actual concept posted. So, instead of locking this right away, I’m giving the OP 12 hrs to get something up. After that, I’ll be locking this thread.
  3. Guys - just a reminder that there’s a no politics rule on the boards. Please keep the discussion on the topic at hand. Thanks.
  4. Atomic

    CCSLC Championship Ring Thread

    Only person I know of who did was this guy: Wonder whatever happened to him...
  5. Atomic

    NFL Expansions v2

    So you really haven't learned anything despite your claim of "refining" your artist skills. With that said, we're just going to stop this right here as everything I've seen posted so far can be done with a couple clicks of the paint bucket tool in MS Paint. Add in the poorly pixelated logos, lack of numbers on both sides of the jersey and this "series" is clearly not ready for prime time. @heavybassX - spend some time working on your design skills and take the time for something presentable before jumping into any kind of series.
  6. Atomic

    Team Cycling Association TCA

    Some great advice given here. Suggest you take it and get better before posting.
  7. Atomic

    Team Cycling Association TCA

    In 2018, “minimalistic style” isn’t lazy and uninspired. The league logo you presented isn’t even close to being considered minimalist. I’m giving you 24hrs to produce an actual concept (team or league). If your draft is your next post, this thread is over.
  8. 2 years is the current set-up for the autolocking feature. Even if that happens, hit up a mod and we can unlock it for you when you're ready.
  9. Atomic

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Sounds like they're finally getting something going. 30 markets though? C'mon now.
  10. Atomic

    How to Upload Pictures to New Topic Post??

    Please see below regarding the photo upload policy. This information is available in the Forum Policies and Announcements section of the boards:
  11. Ok - Stepping in here and locking this. @ReesDaKing - please take some time and refine your concepts a little more before posting another thread. Flesh out the ideas a little more and then start another thread.
  12. Atomic

    Las Vegas 51s rebrand concept

    Rule of thumb: if it's not yours, provide credit for it. @CaliforniaGlowin - please take some time to go over the concept forum rules. Thanks.
  13. So... it’s been a day and we have one concept and whole lot of simulation/prep. I’m going to lock this due to this fact. If you’re going to focus on the story instead of the art, I’d recommend looking into a personal blog to tell your story.
  14. Please start the thread when you have a concept to share. Additinally, please take time to read the rules of the concepts forum.
  15. Yeah.. I'm going to go ahead and lock this. Seems like you're rushing just to get something out. Take your time and hone your skills a little bit. The boards will still be here when you have something to share.
  16. Atomic

    Minor League Football

    When that happens, we can move it back. Until then it's just a concept.
  17. Atomic

    NCAA Custom Courts

    No concept = Locked thread.
  18. Atomic

    NCAA Custom Courts

    ...and since I know you two are just going to keep the heckling from the other thread on over here, this one's done as well.
  19. Atomic

    Custom NCAA Courts

    ..and we're done. Both you goofs were told to knock the heckling off. Get back to class.
  20. Atomic

    Custom NCAA Courts

    Moved to Concepts.
  21. Atomic

    NCAA Custom Courts

    Doesn't matter; He can start his own topic. There's no threadjacking here.
  22. Atomic

    NCAA Custom Courts

    I've already given him detailed instructions to start a topic. There's no need for you to post on his behalf.
  23. Atomic

    NCAA Custom Courts

    Umm... why are you posting his concepts?
  24. Atomic

    Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    So, since we can't seem to keep the discussion civil as mentioned earlier today, this discussion is ovah.