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  1. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    Alright, team number 5...the Green Bay Gamblers. I kept it pretty traditional because the team has been making some what of an effort to tie in the city's original Professional/Junior hockey team, the Bobcats, to their identity. Instead of tying it into the logo, I payed a more subtle homage to the Bobcats by using the Bruins jerseys although the yellow is slightly different. The Bobcats used very similar jerseys right before they folded. Now the reason I went this way...I understand the reason for the Bobcat logo, but the main depiction of a team named the Gamblers should not be a Bobcat. I decided to bring back the Cowboy logo, but change the colors to the black and gold color scheme currently being used again to tie in the Bobcats. For the alternate I went with some barber pole just because I liked the way it looked. Here is the Gambler's website if you want to check out their current look. White: Dark: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
  2. lets_go_red

    Draw Brawl 2009 Challenge 1 Results

    Tier 1 1 - G 2 - J 3 - E Tier 2 1 - L 2 - K 3 - D
  3. lets_go_red

    EA Sports Wallpapers

    Looks fantastic... thank you
  4. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    Really??? What doesn't make it buccaneer-ish? I figured they really aren't far off from Admirals, although one is considered the "good guy" and one the "bad guy"...both are battling on the high sea which is where the waves come in. Care to expand so I can make it better?
  5. lets_go_red

    CHL Redesign

    I think thin white lines around all the light blue lines would really make it pop.
  6. lets_go_red

    *Toronto now up!* Bringing Minor League Ball Back To Canada

    Haha, my brother and I played as the Wisconsin Warriors in our fake hockey league
  7. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    Okay, after a little time off (lots of stuff outside the boards going on) we are back with the fourth team in the USHL to be redesigned. That team is the Des Moines Buccaneers. After a couple of rough seasons maybe a new look is just what the Bucs need. Here is the Buccaneers Photo Gallery if you want to see what the team is currently sporting. I like their current look but I also really like the way these came out. Used the Milwaukee Admirals old jerseys as inspiration with the waves, and changed the shoulder patch to a simple sword. First alternate, going for the college look again with use of Bucs wordmark. Second alternate, a throwback look for one of the oldest teams in the league. White: Red: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: C&C as always. **EDIT** Probably my favorite player name in the league as the model, Yasin Cisse
  8. lets_go_red

    Milwaukee Brewers "BC" Cap

    Milwaukee is both... ilwauk- I like it in concept...especially because of all the reasons "BC" works which have been mentioned. I'd buy one in an instant but I'm not sure if I'd like to see it on the field.
  9. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    Alright, team #3 USA National Team Development Program. I didn't use them USA hockey logo because I love the block lettering look for the US. The jerseys are nike, it is what USA Hockey uses so I didn't switch them over to Reebok. White: Dark: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
  10. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    Tri-City Storm, take 2: I went with the old alternate jersey cut as the new primary. It has actually really grown on me. For the black alternate I went with the diaganol lettering. White: Dark: Alternate 1: Alternate 2:
  11. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    He's good goaltender...I am going with players in the league last year who are returning this year...Cody Murphy, the Tri-City model, actually played with me in Cedar Rapids last year but got traded during the draft. In regards to some other responses, I will be changing some things up with Tri-City. Stay tuned!
  12. lets_go_red

    EA Sports Wallpapers

    1200 x 800 of ME! Troy Grosenick preferred background image: Cedar Rapids logo Thanks in advance
  13. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    Well, the next installment will be the Tri-City Storm. I'm sorry to say Sioux City and Omaha are 2 of the teams that are still in limbo (I haven't really decided the direction I want to go with them, although I havemultiple jerseys for each). Here is the Tri-City Storm Website if you want to see what they currently wear. Went pretty modern here, and played with the lightning mottif. White: Dark: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: If there is a set that will be changed with your suggestions...it will be this one. Which is one of the reasons I posted the Storm early- hit a bit of a creative wall.
  14. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    Purple- already gone! White alternate...let me know what you think.
  15. lets_go_red

    USHL Jersey Redesign

    After a year in the league, I have decided to redesign each teams' jerseys. Overall only minor tweaks in colors/logos, things I thought were needed or was a simple fix to make it look better, basically because I only have paint. The league does not currently use the EDGE, but it will probably trickle down eventually so I used it in the concepts. Quick note...no real home and away as home colors switch half way through the season...every team will have the 2 "Home/Road" jerseys and 2 alternates. C&C is much appreciated and will be taken into consideration in updates. Feel free to request a team, most of them are close to done. Lets get to the first concept!!! Here is the Sioux Falls Stampede Website. You can see their current jerseys and so forth there. For the Home/Road jerseys went with a college style jersey, using the wordmark. What I call the "abstract" buffalo on the shoulders. Kept the same logo on the shoulders for the alternates and modified the stampeding buffalo logo for the crest on the coyotes template. White: Dark: Alternate 1: Alternate 2: