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  1. Hockey Template

    raster and/or vector format please...can't wait to try this one out my email is wiaaagoaler27@earthlink.net
  2. Another Aussie about to make it big in the NFL

    Definitely the body of a Kicker/Punter...check out that upper leg...wow that sounded a tad queer, Ill leave now
  3. New College Football Uniforms

    I love that helmet, that is a great logo. Very original, but I don't think it looks like it should be for a team called the VIKINGS. Same here. It would be great for Florida State and even the Kansas City Cheifs or Redskins. Or how about Hawaii could possibly still fit the H on their too haha
  4. Toronto Blue Jays Concept

    I agree...it needs a little red on the jersey to tie in to the hat...but just a little maybe some piping that said HUGE FAN of this concept from day 1...loved the way it progressed now to get them to change
  5. Toronto Blue Jays Concept

    Already loving the jerseys by the back teasers...if only they switched to something like this
  6. VB Basketball

    I agree it looks a little rugbyish...but then again alot of international basketball teams jerseys do look rugbyish, but I love these- I love how you incorporated the logo into the number that has to be the best part of the concept
  7. Yes, another signature set

    thanks...those are awesome
  8. soft drink baseball league

    Here ya go
  9. soft drink baseball league

    To be honest I dont know how large the RC Cola brand is...but we have it around here so here it is RC Cola Sorry for the pixelation...thats paint for ya...I cant get a white out line around some things when it appears on the board
  10. advertising, when will it stops?

    i know in some euro leauges the leading scorer on the team wears a gold helmet i guess in this teams case they saw him as "on fire" so he got the fire helmet..haha
  11. Taking it back to the U-N-I-VER-SI-TIES...

    I love the update...still hate the school, but I think it would be awesome if they wore something like this 10/10 (Gold Helmets + Golad Pants = Awesome) The all gold alternate = even better
  12. soft drink baseball league

    Im lovin these especially the hawiian punch...the cokes are awesome (just lose the black and the bottle on the hat) my next will be RC cola
  13. Taking it back to the U-N-I-VER-SI-TIES...

    I'm not sure about the white helmet either...I would have liked to see a gold helmet here and possibly gold pants but I understand not wanting to come to close to USC...overall a great job
  14. soft drink baseball league

    Post Away, pretty sure this one is a team effort... 3 different people have already posted concepts
  15. soft drink baseball league

    Thanks guys...McCall-is there a reason the arm numbers should be flipped? Is it just customary in baseball...I never knew that it made a difference? I'll fix it when I come back from summerfest!