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  1. Saint's new jersey patch

    Here's a close up of the patch they were wearing. Since this logo (with Saints in it) isn't in their offical logo guide, I wonder what the purpose of it is.
  2. New NCAA Bowl Games for 2006/2007

    Just wanted to give you guys the heads up that there are a few new bowls for this coming year: International Bowl New Mexico Bowl Birmingham Bowl - no logo yet Emerald Bowl - slightly revised logo Fort Worth Bowl renamed to Alltel Wireless Bowl (no logo yet) Outback Bowl - Cleaned up logo Alamo Bowl - seeking new sponsor, so most likely new logo coming
  3. NFL Europe Uniforms

  4. NFL Europe Uniforms

    As you guys may or may not know, I've been a long-time supporter of Craig Wheeler's work on the Nfl Past and Present website. I've been trying to keep the spirit of the site alive by working on the recent NFL uniforms, as well as other leagues. Just so you guys know, I am by no means a professional graphic artist (more like a hack). Any suggestions or comments are always welcome, since I'm still trying to learn new techniques with this stuff. Anyways, here is what I came up with for NFL Europe.
  5. New Oregon unis

    I whipped up the new Oregon uniforms using Craig Wheelers template. One thing I modified is the sleeve length - I made them shorter to look more like the jerseys players are wearing these days. Let me know if you think the sleeves look ok, or if I need to modify them.
  6. "History of NFL Uniforms" Website Gone?

    I've actually been working on NFL uniforms for the 2004 season through now, as well as uniforms for the Arena, CFL, USFL and XFL. Donovan and I have been discussing ways to continue the spirit of Craig's Football Uniform site. We'll keep you guys updated if/when we get something going. kevin
  7. New Vikings Unforms *merged*

    Unfortunately I don't know the color of the shadows yet. However, if you look at how the updates "blend" into the outer portion of the horn, it would suggest that they are purple (since the entire horn is not going to be trimmed in black. Just my thoughts.....
  8. New Vikings Unforms *merged*

    Although this is a pic of a mini helmet, it gives you a pretty good idea of what the updated logo looks like.
  9. New Vikings Unforms *merged*

    found the link over at purplepride. A couple of observations about these jerseys: 1. Although initially when I saw the graphics that Phat kid posted, I thought that it appeared they were trying to get the viking horn into the striping on the jersey. When I look at it now, it almost looks exactly like the Patriots striping. 2. I'm thinking they are going to have 3 pairs of pants. A separate white pair for the purple and white jerseys, and another pair of purple pants to go with either the purple or white jersey. kevin
  10. New Vikings Unforms *merged*

    I think these are officially the jerseys......
  11. New Vikings Unforms *merged*

    Hey guys. redesigned their site, and they have what most likely will be the modified helmet logo in the upper left corner. kevin
  12. USC Trojans Helmet Sticker

    Does anyone have a picture of the logo on the back of the Trojans helmet? It appears to be square with the top half gold and the bottom half cardinal. Kevin
  13. New CFL Uniforms

    Here ya go... Anyone happen to have a decent pic of the Als sleeve logo that appears on their alternate?
  14. NCAA Uniforms

    Here's Arkansas and Oregon
  15. NCAA Uniforms

    Here is a new project I've been working on - NCAA Uniforms. I also tried doing the BC Eagles using a Revolution helmet template. You'll notice there aren't numbers on the uniform - if anyone has a good pic of the BC Numbers, I appreciate if you could send it to me at I have Oregon completed too, but Imageshack doesn't display it correctly (since there are 3 unis). I'm trying to find another method of getting them posted. I'll continue to add the ones I complete to this thread. Please let me know if I have any glaring mistakes.