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  1. New CFL Uniforms

    Here ya go... Anyone happen to have a decent pic of the Als sleeve logo that appears on their alternate?
  2. NCAA Uniforms

    Here's Arkansas and Oregon
  3. NCAA Uniforms

    Here is a new project I've been working on - NCAA Uniforms. I also tried doing the BC Eagles using a Revolution helmet template. You'll notice there aren't numbers on the uniform - if anyone has a good pic of the BC Numbers, I appreciate if you could send it to me at I have Oregon completed too, but Imageshack doesn't display it correctly (since there are 3 unis). I'm trying to find another method of getting them posted. I'll continue to add the ones I complete to this thread. Please let me know if I have any glaring mistakes.
  4. New CFL Uniforms

    Guys, here are some updates to the CFL Alternates that have recently been unveiled.
  5. Renegades in Red

    Can you tell me if the striping pattern on the pants is correct, as well as the sock color?
  6. Renegades in Red

    Does the red alt look like this - including the sleeve logo?
  7. Metallic NFL helmets

    Yes, there are several different finishes that are considered metallic. For instance, Ohio State uses a silver metallic that I believe they consider a "flake" finish. The Raiders use a silver (although different color) that is a less metallic finish. I'll try to take some photos this week and post - it's easier to see the differences. Swisher - I take it you live in the Houston area. What part do you live in? I live up in the Magnolia/Woodlands area. Kevin
  8. Metallic NFL helmets

    Actually, the Texans do have metallic helmets. Like some of the teams, it's hard to see on tv. Here is a pic of their proline helmet.
  9. Metallic NFL helmets

    Here is what I know regarding metallic helmets in the NFL. Miami - metallic white, but different different finish of metallic white from other teams. Last year they also switched to metallic decals and stripes. Jets - metallic white Ravens - I remember hearing that they were metallic, but everything I've seen doesn't look metallic. Plus, when the Falcons unveiled their new unis a few years back, they stated that they were the first team to have a metallic black helmet. Texans - metallic navy Colts - metallic white Titans - metallic white Broncos - metallic navy Chargers - flat navy Redskins - metallic cardinal Falcons - metallic black Packers - metallic gold Vikings - metallic purple (the white and gold on their decal is also metallic) Rams - metallic navy (appears to be different finish from Broncos and Texans) Cardinals - metallic white Browns - as far as I know, they have stayed with a flat orange. A couple of NCAA tidbits regarding metallic finishes: Florida, Clemson and UTEP all use metallic orange Tennessee and Auburn use a finish called Pearl White North Carolina uses metallic columbia blue Arizona State uses metallic sunflower (with metallic decals) Cal uses metallic navy (with metallic decals) Many teams use metallic black helmets (Cincinnati, Texas Tech, etc). I think Arkansas and San Diego State use a Candy finish on their helmets. If you want a better look at some of these finish, try checking out They list the different finishes of the helmets, and there are alot! I'll try to snap some photos of these different finishes (I have a huge mini helmet collection), and post so you guys can see the difference. Hope this helps. Kevin
  10. WLAF Uniforms

    Actually, in 1991 the Orlando Thunder had the plain white sleeves. In 1992 they added the lime green sleeves on the road jerseys. Also in 1992 the San Antonio Riders added the logo to the sleeves of both jerseys. I'll try to post these versions tonight.
  11. New CFL Uniforms

  12. USFL Uniforms

    I've been working on these for the past year and a half (off and on), but didn't have a way of posting (until I discovered imageshack). I have most of the AFL completed too for 2004, and a couple for 2005. I need to modify these though (to include the unique ball). I'll post once I'm completed.
  13. WLAF Uniforms

    Tried to mix things up and use the funky looking facemasks that they wore. Not sure how accurate my rendition of this mask is.
  14. CFL USA Uniforms

    Craig created this template as well as all the NFL uniforms on the Football Uniforms Past and Present website.