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  1. Las Vegas (Something) Knights NHL concept

    Hi Crabcake. I did a Seattle Kraken concept in my 4 NHL Teams... thread. Yeah, the name's a bit out there. I just like saying "Jabberwockey Hockey".Good advice on the colours. It does tie the mascot in to the colour scheme better. Thanks s. This reminds me of the children's operetta turned Disney movie I sang in high school. Here's the cover of the book that I had. If this is intentional that's awesome. If its not, still awesome.
  2. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    I guess that's why they call them the wild.
  3. Las Vegas (Something) Knights NHL concept

    Both Knights look phenomenal. I see the cartoony Knight in use for kids very easily. The shield it has looks phenomenal.
  4. Las Vegas (Something) Knights NHL concept

    I love all of the work thats been shown so far and since LV is my actual initials I find the chess piece particularly endearing on a personal level. That said, I agree that the chess motif might not be the best way to go. A knight's helmet would work very well, of course. A club would also be interesting, and go well with a "medieval weaponry" theme, while tying in cards.
  5. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    In my mind, this logo sends the same message as the flags. In fact, it might do it even better. What I thought it was and what it turned out to be when I looked it up (the rockies over the wheat field with the setting sun) was the same. Also its cool.
  6. **TEMPLATES**

  7. Miami MLS Concept

    I'm not in love with the crest. Its certainly clean and well done, but I have some gripes. Even if we're going with a very simple Miami FC/SC, I think it needs more in certain aspects. The strokes around "Miami" and the crest itself seem very thin, and overall it doesn't read well on the kits. For a new modern soccer team, I don't personally believe that the old school soccer ball is appropriate. Miami has a rich culture and history that I think could be well explored and conveyed in even a simple crest. I do like the typeface. I love the idea with the kits. I agree with Jake3.roo that maybe the secondary would be hard to see. Instead of thickening the pinstripes though, as they seem to be uniform across all three kits, maybe try a darker shade of gray? Also I think orange shorts would be a cool addition to throw in there either on the primary or the secondary, as long as an acceptable clash kit can be arranged in the case of playing Houston or any other orange based team. Overall, very nice job..
  8. Hey just saw your comment today! ...Whoops. I agree. We should start a girls club lol. Hope college is treating you alright. :)

  9. Hey, SG! Long time no talk! We should start a girls club :P

  10. Name That Font!

    nevermind. sorry.
  11. **TEMPLATES**

    Fifthed, please.
  12. Templates Requests

    I believe i got this from Les Quebicois
  13. Soft Drink/Beverages Concepts

    Personally, on the Pepsi 3rd I'd make the script going diagonally down like the Rangers.
  14. Jersey Wallpaper

    How about some vintage 1980 usa hockey??
  15. NHL Going to Uniformed Websites

    Is anybody else having problems with the sites where the top isn't showing up. Kinda like this...I outlined the area im talking about in pink for those of you who don't know.