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  1. kiwi_canadian

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Any news on when Nike and Canada will be releasing the new kits? I know that the women's team was using a basic kit for their most recent tournament.
  2. kiwi_canadian

    IIHF World Juniors

    So The IIHF has updated their jersey section now with all the new jerseys. A lot of teams went to the new Nike template (produced by Tackla) Belarus: Bulgaria: Chinese Taipei: Hungary: Iceland: Ireland: Luxembourg: Mexico: Morocco: Netherlands: New Zealand: Poland: Romania: Serbia: South Africa: Spain: Thailand: Turkey: Ukraine: (not so much changed design, but upgraded to the new template) United Arab Emirates:
  3. kiwi_canadian

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I read somewhere that he actually opened up about the entire Nordiques thing. It had nothing to do with playing in Quebec City, it was more to do with not playing for Marcel Aubut, the Nordiques owner. Take it for what it's worth but either way, I think it worked our for the best for them as they got the key pieces that helped them to win 2 Cups in Colorado.
  4. kiwi_canadian

    AHL/ECHL/Minor/Junior League hockey uniforms 2018 - 2019

    A little disappointed that they kept the same brand. They could have started fresh with a new name, logo and jersey. Maybe timing was an issue and couldn't get it done in time for next season? Either way, Falcons could have worked or maybe use one of the names the Jets didn't use when they moved from Atlanta... Or maybe go with Winnipeg Thrashers (think there is a midget team already with that name) just as a running joke.
  5. kiwi_canadian

    WHL: Kootenay Ice Moving to Winnipeg for 2019-20

    Nanaimo was dead a long time ago after their referendum to replace Frank Crane Arena got shot down. Until they can get an arena that is completely privately financed, They won't be getting a WHL team... Which sucks because I would love to see the old Nanaimo Islanders return using the Gorton's Fishsticks logo
  6. kiwi_canadian

    AHL/ECHL/Minor/Junior League hockey uniforms 2018 - 2019

    Wasn't there plans to have the Jets AHL team play in Thunder Bay or has that plan fallen through?
  7. kiwi_canadian

    NHL changes 2019-20

    I'm going to say Ottawa for the new home, road and alternate.
  8. kiwi_canadian

    AHL/ECHL/Minor/Junior League hockey uniforms 2018 - 2019

    According to reports, this will be the final season for the Kootenay Ice. They will be relocating to Winnipeg for next season. Kind of unfortunate but I think the Ice have had some difficulty the last few years financially. Report: Kootenay Ice to relocate to Winnipeg
  9. kiwi_canadian

    IIHF World Juniors

    Some updated images: New Zealand's black jersey (looks like colours are just reversed and no shoulder yoke), Bulgaria appears to have a new design as well. Iceland's white jersey, no change to Australia: Hard to get better pictures as they have only released 4 images of the games so far.
  10. kiwi_canadian

    IIHF World Juniors

    The redesigned New Zealand jerseys in action and it looked like Iceland got new jerseys as well.
  11. kiwi_canadian

    IIHF World Juniors

    New Zealand will also be getting new jerseys: The white is the new jersey, the dark was their very first from 1987. The new black one will be unveiled at the Div 3 World Juniors later in the month. "Inside the collar features the words ‘Ake Ake Kia Kaha’ – in English it translates to ‘Forever and ever, be strong.’ The phrase is part of a marching song made famous during World War Two by the highly regarded 28th Maori Battalion, along with being the haka performed by the New Zealand ‘Natives’ rugby team that toured across Australia, Egypt and the British Isles back in 1888."
  12. kiwi_canadian

    IIHF World Juniors

    No. Nike does all the jerseys for the top divisions from U20 and up on men's and women's competitions. The lower divisions are done by Tackla and they usually never have their manufacturer logo on their jerseys (at least from what I have seen). If a team is relegated from the top division, they usually keep the Nike design and Tackla just produces it but with everything on it screen printed instead of sewn on (numbers and logos).
  13. kiwi_canadian

    IIHF World Juniors

    In other news.. Estonia got new jerseys as well as a logo: Italy as well with their promotion back to the top division:
  14. kiwi_canadian

    IIHF World Juniors

    Not world juniors but I think I've found the worst example of the new Nike templates. I give you Great Britain who will be playing in the top pool this year in Slovakia: I was hoping for some miracle but alas it was not meant to be.
  15. kiwi_canadian

    2019/20 Club Soccer Kits

    Hopefully they can create a new federation logo for them. I really dislike our country's federation logo for soccer.