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  1. I loved his mask when he was with the Canucks and the meaning behind it makes me appreciate the design of it even more. He was one of my favorite Canucks goalies during his brief time there.
  2. Would it be out of the realm of possibility that IceArizona sells the team to Quebecor Media who move the team to Quebec City and as part of the deal the NHL gives an expansion team to IceArizona who put the team in Seattle?
  3. From the way things are going, it looks like Seattle will be getting a relocation. I'm not a business major but it really baffles me how the league can allow a team to stay in a market where it continues to lose money and how the other member club owners aren't more pissed that they have to keep this club afloat. I read somewhere that this team has not made a cent since moving to Arizona and have been in the red for their entire existence. There must be some major conspiracy theory as to why they are still around and why Bettman continues to allow them to stay. Perhaps there was an agreement between the league and their current owners that they have to stick it out for a certain amount of years before they were allowed to look at relocation and we are now seeing that happen... Or this all goes to Portland and the NHL does award an expansion team to Seattle. Either way I think that we can move the Arizona Coyote from the threatened list to the endangered list.
  4. I'll second these jerseys from the movie as my inspiration. As well as those books I would always get at the Scholastic Book Fairs at school with the player photos in them. I remember the one with Trevor Kidd and his dragon mask when he was with the Flames.
  5. Wasn't there a report somewhere that all teams would be looking at wearing jerseys of their past for the 100 year anniversary? Also weren't the Leafs going to be doing something like the Habs did and wear a bunch of different jerseys from their past? The only new Leafs jersey was the outdoor one.
  6. Here they are:
  7. They Tweeted out a small b & w preview of their uniforms and logo for today's unveiling:
  8. Because then they can't charge $120 for a one season jersey. They'd rather have that $120 than $20 for a patch... CHL teams would never admit that though as they are trying prevent their financial records going public right now.
  9. One thing I noticed at the World Juniors was that Latvia changed from a black helmet to a burgundy one to match their dark jerseys. Other than that, I didn't notice major changes at the WJHC this year.
  10. Lets not forget bores and sows... or if we really want to get technical, we could go with bores and gilts (a female pig who is either a virgin or has not yet given birth)
  11. Sens are also wearing their anniversary patch... They weren't doing that before now, were they? Also quick question, will Canadian teams wear something to commemorate Canada's 150th anniversary? I would think something like a helmet decal of what the world junior team is wearing right now.
  12. 2002 Men's Gold Medal hockey game 2010 Men's Gold Medal hockey game 97th Grey Cup and the infamous 13th man... What an emotional roller coaster that was 2011 Western Conference Finals game 5 and Bieksa's "duck" shot that neat Niemi for the series win for the Canucks. 2016 Women's Bronze medal game for 7's rugby and Canada beating Great Britain 2016 Vancouver 7's Bowl Final Canada vs. France and Canada scores with no time left on the clock to tie the game. Nathan Hariyama kicks to convert converts to win the Bowl Final for Canada.
  13. I've skimmed through while monitoring students writing a test on the last day before winter break... If this was mentioned before, apologies for repeating. With 1 team in MLB and NBA, odds are stacked against them and that is obvious. In regards to the NHL, I think there is more at play. Our weak dollar right now is not helping things but also the fact that many of the Canadian players (who make up the majority of the rosters) do not want to play in Canadian cities. There was a report on TSN a while ago with a player agent who said that when GM's ask players for a list of team they do not want to be traded to, many players have Canadian teams on the top of the list because of the Canadian dollar as well as media scrutiny in those markets. Those are probably the 2 main reasons why Canadian teams won't win a Cup for a while because it is hard to attract talent to those markets.
  14. That's the entire reason the WHL is back in Victoria. Goes back to the Jets coming back to the NHL. The rumor was that the Canucks would set up their AHL team in Victoria but the WHL didn't want to lose Victoria as a market. RG Properties number one goal when they built SOFMC was that they wanted a WHL tenant. Once the Chilliwack Bruins became available RG jumped at them and applied to move them to Victoria right away. Once the WHL approved the move, they folded the Salmon Kings of the ECHL. If the WHL blocked the purchase or move of the Bruins, then Victoria would have the AHL. I think the best move was the WHL because of what was said before with Canadians more supportive of the CHL rather than an NHL affiliated team.
  15. Just saw this on their facebook... Looks a wee bit fake to me