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  1. Quick question, is this being broadcast anywhere online or TV?
  2. Worked for the Oilers. I also don't believe the Flames will go anywhere. Hell, even Oilers fans would be against it as it takes away from a great provincial rivalry.
  3. The same thing with the shoulders for the Flyers and Kings alternates they just had. They had the same template but the shoulders were rounded instead of square. I think that most templates that already exist will easily transfer over to the new template. The Habs WC from last season was this new template so no reason why they just can't carry their current design over to the new template.
  4. Same with the Panthers and the Stars.
  5. I remember that as well. The Canucks wore the dark blue jerseys then switched to their vintage alternates for game 7 against Dallas and then won. They continued to wear them for the series against the Ducks as well when they played at home.
  6. Don't see the topic yet for this season. So to start off, the promotion going on right now is players with new teams and it appears for the Alouettes that they are going full time with the white helmets for the upcoming season... now if they would only go with the white pants then we could have a winner. I'm just speculating of course as this was on twitter and only a promotion photo.
  7. Yeah from what I read people do not like the Nanaimo city council very much and, like what you said, this was a firm GFYS from the citizens. It's disappointing (as I'm looking to move there in a few years) but completely understandable. It will happen though in due time as the WHL does not want to let Nanaimo go as a potential market.
  8. Anyone else think that the Whitecaps inaugural white jersey was their best look and have got worse year by year?
  9. So the WHL has outright said that if the citizens of Nanaimo vote in favor of building a new arena on March 11th, then a WHL team will be playing at Frank Crane Arena in September and will effectively boot the BCHL Clippers out. Rumors are that the Clippers could possibly move up island to Campbell River or Courtney/ Comox area. With that, do we see the Clippers brand graduate to the WHL or do we see a resurrection of old Nanaimo Islanders name from the 80's who are now the current Tri-City Americans? Or do we see an entire new brand? Kind of excited at the potential of another WHL team on the island especially with plans to move there soon.
  10. Streit to Pittsburgh for a 4th round going to Tampa
  11. I loved his mask when he was with the Canucks and the meaning behind it makes me appreciate the design of it even more. He was one of my favorite Canucks goalies during his brief time there.
  12. Would it be out of the realm of possibility that IceArizona sells the team to Quebecor Media who move the team to Quebec City and as part of the deal the NHL gives an expansion team to IceArizona who put the team in Seattle?
  13. From the way things are going, it looks like Seattle will be getting a relocation. I'm not a business major but it really baffles me how the league can allow a team to stay in a market where it continues to lose money and how the other member club owners aren't more pissed that they have to keep this club afloat. I read somewhere that this team has not made a cent since moving to Arizona and have been in the red for their entire existence. There must be some major conspiracy theory as to why they are still around and why Bettman continues to allow them to stay. Perhaps there was an agreement between the league and their current owners that they have to stick it out for a certain amount of years before they were allowed to look at relocation and we are now seeing that happen... Or this all goes to Portland and the NHL does award an expansion team to Seattle. Either way I think that we can move the Arizona Coyote from the threatened list to the endangered list.
  14. I'll second these jerseys from the movie as my inspiration. As well as those books I would always get at the Scholastic Book Fairs at school with the player photos in them. I remember the one with Trevor Kidd and his dragon mask when he was with the Flames.
  15. Wasn't there a report somewhere that all teams would be looking at wearing jerseys of their past for the 100 year anniversary? Also weren't the Leafs going to be doing something like the Habs did and wear a bunch of different jerseys from their past? The only new Leafs jersey was the outdoor one.