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  1. IIHF is putting on a bracket challenge for the World Juniors and their jerseys. You can also see some updates to the new Nike templates (Czech Republic using their new federation logo and Slovakia using a new federation logo instead of the Coat of Arms as previously used). IIHF World Junior Jersey Bracket Challenge
  2. kiwi_canadian

    IIHF World Juniors

    It's that time of year again. The Division 1 A & B have finished up their tournaments and all of the teams in Div 1A have the Nike template from last year that everyone loved. In division 1B, Hungary, Italy and Japan have adopted the template. Poland got new jerseys and Ukraine has stuck with their jerseys for what seems like a decade now. Link is below to see them. IIHF U20 Div 1B
  3. kiwi_canadian

    KHL Logos

    Was browsing the old interweb and I came across a website that has a decent history of KHL team logos. Some don't have updates or any... and it's also all in Russian. But it has a lot of logos. KHL Logos
  4. kiwi_canadian

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    We could have the name by June:
  5. kiwi_canadian

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    No no, Telus, Rogers and Bell hate freedom... Us Canadians would love some unlimited data plans.
  6. kiwi_canadian

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Why wouldn't the "Totems" name fly? It's not like it is derogatory like "Red Skins". I think if they do go with that name and if they do it right by going through the proper channels, then I don't believe there would be an issue with it. Kind of like what the Edmonton Eskimos did with their name. They talked to the Inuit community and the majority of the community didn't actually mind the name and actually found it an honor.
  7. kiwi_canadian

    Major League Rugby 2019 Kits

    I really like the Seattle away kit. Love the skyline in the jersey. Also a fan of Toronto but I would swap the shorts and socks on the home and away.
  8. kiwi_canadian

    Major League Rugby 2019 Kits

    Austin Elite: Glendale Raptors: Houston Sabercats: New Orleans Gold: Rugby united New York (2019 expansion team): San Diego Legion: Seattle Seawolves: Toronto Arrows (2019 expansion team... renamed from Ontario Arrows) Utah Warriors:
  9. kiwi_canadian

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    NHL and IIHF: - While some sunbelt teams just have not worked, I feel others have. With that though, I think we can all agree the Coyotes need to go. They have been a joke since day one. Move them to Hamilton. With that I'd move Columbus back to the West. - Carolina moves back to Hartford with stable ownership and a new arena that is suitable for NHL use - Seattle still gets their expansion team with the name Totems with a green and white colour scheme - Florida moves to Quebec City and the Nordiques (with Adidas versions of their 1995 jerseys) are revived with all history reverting back to them from the Avalanche - Wins-Losses-Ties are back, shootouts are gone and it goes from 5 minute 4v4 and if still tied, 5 minute 3v3 then a tie after that - Icing goes to IIHF rule - Playoffs are back to the old way with division semi finals --> division finals --> conference finals --> Stanley Cup finals - have an agreement between the IOC, IIHF and NHL for player participation in the Olympics and make it last - have a exhibition tournament between the Continental Cup winner, Champions League winner, KHL champion and Stanley Cup champion play for the Victoria Cup. Alternate the tournament between Europe and North America - have a uniform system similar to the NBA with 4 jerseys. League (white), City (dark), Statement (alternate) and Heritage (this can either honor the team's history or hockey history within the city/state/province)... jersey names are not what I would necessarily suggest but to give an idea - ads will NOT go on game jerseys - The World Cup will not happen again - season reduced by 20-30 games and season will start the same time as European games (September), playoffs end early this way - IIHF World Championship will not be played during Olympic years for the top division (same as what happens in women's) - European expansion will not happen Major League Rugby, World Rugby & Rugby Canada: - make it more mainstream with a major network TV deal in both Canada and the US - Teams in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec and Halifax (games played in CFL stadiums with areas covered to reduce seating) - have a 7's tournament with the teams during the pre-season, alternate the location every year - Rugby World Cup FINALLY comes to North America with co-hosting duties between Canada and the USA. Games in Canada are played in cities with MLR teams, US games in NFL stadiums, Canada gets half the quarter finals and one semi final and bronze medal game, US gets other half and final - Get rid of the old boys club and fix the issues within Rugby Canada for the men's side of things... women's side seems to be doing pretty well for themselves - expand the Rugby World Cup to 24 teams
  10. kiwi_canadian

    Unique Team Names?

    I always enjoyed the Macon Whoopee. The play on words is clever and rather amusing for the old days of The Sims 2 & 3 computer games.
  11. kiwi_canadian

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    And they are a pretty good team. They won the BCHL title last year and lost the semi final of the RBC Cup to the Wellington Dukes.
  12. kiwi_canadian

    Forgotten Rivalries

    A few that I can think of: Canucks-Avalanche: They had a good battle going through much of the mid 2000's. There was the year that Forsberg and Hedjuk pretty much stole the scoring title and goal title from Naslund and Bertuzzi on the last game of the season as well as taking the division that year as well on the final game. Of course there was the Steve Moore incident and the Naslund hit leading up to it. Oilers-Flames: not to say it's forgotten but the hate just isn't there like it used to be. I think part of that is due to the 1-8 playoff seeding system instead of division semi finals-> division finals format they used to have, it was almost a given that there would be an Oilers vs. Flames playoff series. Also I think both teams have struggled on ice the past 20 years. Flames-Canucks: Same as above Habs-Leafs: Again, not forgotten but the hate isn't there any more. Both teams on ice have struggled and with the addition of more teams, the chances of playoff meeting have dwindled significantly. As well the English vs. French hatred isn't really there these days like it was in the past. All original six rivalries: Again, not the same as they used to be. It was bound to happen with the addition of more teams. (Some have made a bit of a comeback like the Leafs and Bruins) To me a good rivalry has playoff hockey during the regular season. Teams would go out to physically beat each other as well as on the scoreboard. With the way hockey is now and with how, you physically can't do that. It would be impossible to stay healthy all season and be ready for playoffs. Plus with the awareness of health issues and what not, I don't think we will see good old school rivalries like we used to. Not that that is a bad thing, just an observation.
  13. kiwi_canadian

    Arena Rafters & Banners

    And as Canucks fans we have 15 of those "We Failed" banners lol
  14. kiwi_canadian

    NHL 2018-19

    Has any other relocated team done a throwback jersey to their original city? This looks to be the first. Atlanta --> Calgary Kansas City --> Colorado --> New Jersey North Stars --> Dallas Quebec --> Colorado Winnipeg --> Phoenix Hartford --> Carolina (doing Whalers throwback) Atlanta --> Winnipeg
  15. True... but at the same time, (Unless they worked directly with and indigenous group and/ or designer) I don't think there is a way to make a culturally inclusive logo that does not insult indigenous people. While the idea behind the name works for the area, the logo also works as a PC safe logo so to not insult anyone. I also don't mind the logo