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  1. Lower Island Soccer Association

    I think it was because Cordova Bay was losing numbers overall and in order to survive had to merge with another club. They tried it in the late 90's early 2000's with Propect Lake but that died for some reason. The merger became necessary for survival for both clubs (again, due to loss of numbers) and I would imagine the name change had to happen to appease both clubs. I remember that Gordon Head has many illustrious alumni such as Steve and Martin Nash and a TSN reporter (although can't recall the name). Either they clubs' catchment area grew significantly as well as more fields being made available to both clubs. Cordova Bay only had the use of Lochside Park (2 full size fields and 1 half field) and Cordova Bay Elementary (2 half fields). Either way, LISA lost 2 unique colour schemes in Gordon Head (yellow & blue) and Cordova Bay (burgundy & sky blue). Looking forward though to seeing that Cordova Bay one at the end.
  2. Lower Island Soccer Association

    Good ol' LISA... Those were the good old days. Won 2 District Cups back in the day. I do have a small request, PLEASE do a Cordova Bay and Gordon Head concept. I know they merged to become Saanich Fusion, but still have a soft spot for my old Cordova Bay days lol
  3. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    From what I've been seeing and reading, all the Flames are doing is standard protocol when it comes to wanting public funds to get a new arena. The Flames are not going anywhere. The other thing is is that the Flames are losing the public opinion on this issue. Calgary's mayor is one of the most popular and he's going to stick to his guns and he is projected to win the mayoral race there by a landslide. Bottom line is that the Flames will complain all they want but in the end this is just a ploy and from what the recent article said from The Hockey News, they will get their arena in the end. Dn't be surprised if the owners start scouting possible locations to relocate to as another ploy. Worked for the Oilers.
  4. Colorado Eagles Unveil New Uniforms, 15th Anniversary Patch Soon to be AHL Eagles have new jerseys for the upcoming season and they have a very Colorado Rockies feel to them. I think they look pretty good.
  5. NHL 2017-18

    All you have to do is look at who was GM then. Lou Lamoriello stuck to his guns when it came to the brand change and he's also the reason why the Devils never had an alternate jersey. I also recall hearing that Reebok had to modify their template for the Devils as Lou was not willing to change the look of the Devils at all, could be wrong though but wouldn't surprise me if this was the case.
  6. So yours was the one that was on Bardown
  7. Seattle Arena

    So Seattle has apparently approved a new... or rather renovated Key Arena.
  8. Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    Okay last team and it is the Atlantic Schooners, the failed Atlantic coast based CFL team from the 80's. Jerseys have the 4 maritime provinces flags on the back to represent the region they represent as well as the maritime map of the provinces on the alternate.
  9. Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    Bonus team tomorrow
  10. Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    Okay the East division... For Hamilton, I took inspiration from the 2014-15 Leicester Tigers kit.
  11. Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    Yeah I understand the entire argument with the piping and people's dislike of it but for me, I sort of don't mind it in certain situations as an alternate like Ive done with these. The piping that I have used I also wouldn't consider it piping in the sense of what the Reebok hockey jerseys had. These are more an alternate colour of thread used in the stitching along the seams of the pieces of fabric within the template. As for the numbers, I also get what you are saying, but I was going for more of a Super Rugby style where all of the New Zealand based teams used the same font. And yes I know sublimation seems to be my thing and it has been when I do do the soccer kits and rugby ones. I would say that yes Calgary does have it but as for BC, was sort of sublimation but then again not really. For BC's I wanted the lion to stick out a bit more than the usual sublimation. Anyways, The east won't have as very prominent sublimation and some without any... Plus a bonus team that evens out the division (and most can probably guess which team). I'll post those later tonight.
  12. Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    Okay, as mentioned, here is the rest of the west.
  13. Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    Now I'll start with posting the West Division. First up, the BC Lions. I took their current helmet logo and transferred it to the jersey. Their alternate is based off of their signature jersey that they wore a couple of years ago. I'll post the rest of the west tomorrow morning. As always, C & C are always appreciated. (Just a side note that I don't usually make suggested changes because the presented kits are shrunken down to fit on the presentation template and are difficult to make changes to)
  14. So haven't posted any concepts in a while so I thought I would get back into one before school starts back up for us teachers. Interesting fact: The CFL's Grey Cup was originally for the sport of rugby. This got me thinking about the what if's. So what if the CFL never came to fruition and the Grey Cup stayed in its original sport? So what I've done is taken the existing CFL teams and put them into the sport of rugby and renamed the league the Canadian Rugby League (for you rugby enthusiasts this is rugby UNION and not rugby LEAGUE, so there is no confusion on the format) Foe the league logo, I changed the existing league logo to the CRL (and french LCR). League stays with Adidas and uses their most recent template. (using a modified Flakeband KooGa rugby template converted to Adidas) All teams wear the league logo on their right sleeve and a league wide sponsor on the left. I used CN Rail for that one. Each team has a front jersey sponsor as well as a sponsor on the back above the number. No player names as rugby in the 15's game there usually are no names as the numbers associate with the player position on the field of play. So without delay here are the league logos:
  15. Been missing your concepts and templates. Just wondering if you are still active in this and if so, do you have any rugby templates? Cheers