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  1. 2018 MLS Kits

    Miami is back in the fold:
  2. 2018 Spengler Cup retool

    That light jersey for Canada reminds me a lot of the Hudson Bay Company... I know I've asked before, but what is the reason can't use their federation logo for the tournament? And I am also a fan of the Spengler Cup. I love that arena in Davos and it is something on my bucket list to attend an HC Davos game there.
  3. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    To add to it all Bettman did say the Sens aren't going anywhere and Ottawa is safe. Melnyk looks like he's trying to pull a Katz move. Next thing you know he's going to go and tour Quebec City's arena. This seems to be the new strategy for Canadian teams to get arenas they want.
  4. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I think dark blue will be one for sure as well as a bright shade of green. You look at the 3 major league teams there as well as the Thunderbirds all use a dark/ navy blue as well as green (although Mariners is more a teal colour). Even their new rugby team, Seattle Seawolves (with an orca logo) uses blue and green. I wouldn't be surprised if the potential NHL team goes the same route.
  5. 2017 CFL Uniforms

    And to counter it, Inuit people who want the name to stay:
  6. NHL 2017-18

    Out of curiosity, who were the other jersey manufacturers who bid on the NHL contract? I would assume Bauer bid and maybe Nike?
  7. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Victoria Royals seem to be doing the same thing as the Red Deer Rebels. They will be releasing a white version of their current black alternate. Can't seem to post the picture, but it's on their facebook page.
  8. Major League Rugby

    To be fair, the article is a little out of date. For one, the Austin team is not called the Huns and Houston changed their name to the Sabre Cats. As well there have been lots of signings by some of the clubs mentioned in the article that have no signed players. I know that Seattle has signed Phil Mack from Victoria as a player/coach and New Orleans has signed Hubert Bydens (one of the beardos from the 2011 RWC). Either way though, seems to be doing a bit better than the other league. Time will tell though.
  9. Major League Rugby

    Little surprised this hasn't been added yet but there is another rugby union league starting up in the United States this April and it seems more promising than the last one. Seems to be more financial backing as well as putting teams in established rugby communities in the US. They also signed a broadcasting agreement with CBS Sports Network, which is something PRO Rugby didn't have. This season will start with 7 teams in Seattle, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, San Diego, Salt Lake City and Glendale, Colorado. There are plans to expand into Canada next season with Vancouver and Toronto on the map as potential expansion teams. Hopefully this league will flourish and will increase the popularity of rugby union in North America and help with a potential bid for a future Rugby World Cup in either the US, Canada or a joint bid by both.
  10. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Better picture of the Royals jersey:
  11. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Victoria Royals Turn Back The Clock night jerseys:
  12. Lower Island Soccer Association

    I know that came later on after I moved on. I remember they had the Trio Gravel Pit field (was up from the gravel pit and was an actual field) but its now all housing up there. I also know that Claremont has been approved to get a brand new turf field on the upper field inside the track so that will make Saanich Fusion happy... Anyways, don't want to hijack this as I'm excited to see what designs SportsDemon can come up with.
  13. Lower Island Soccer Association

    I think it was because Cordova Bay was losing numbers overall and in order to survive had to merge with another club. They tried it in the late 90's early 2000's with Propect Lake but that died for some reason. The merger became necessary for survival for both clubs (again, due to loss of numbers) and I would imagine the name change had to happen to appease both clubs. I remember that Gordon Head has many illustrious alumni such as Steve and Martin Nash and a TSN reporter (although can't recall the name). Either they clubs' catchment area grew significantly as well as more fields being made available to both clubs. Cordova Bay only had the use of Lochside Park (2 full size fields and 1 half field) and Cordova Bay Elementary (2 half fields). Either way, LISA lost 2 unique colour schemes in Gordon Head (yellow & blue) and Cordova Bay (burgundy & sky blue). Looking forward though to seeing that Cordova Bay one at the end.
  14. Lower Island Soccer Association

    Good ol' LISA... Those were the good old days. Won 2 District Cups back in the day. I do have a small request, PLEASE do a Cordova Bay and Gordon Head concept. I know they merged to become Saanich Fusion, but still have a soft spot for my old Cordova Bay days lol
  15. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    From what I've been seeing and reading, all the Flames are doing is standard protocol when it comes to wanting public funds to get a new arena. The Flames are not going anywhere. The other thing is is that the Flames are losing the public opinion on this issue. Calgary's mayor is one of the most popular and he's going to stick to his guns and he is projected to win the mayoral race there by a landslide. Bottom line is that the Flames will complain all they want but in the end this is just a ploy and from what the recent article said from The Hockey News, they will get their arena in the end. Dn't be surprised if the owners start scouting possible locations to relocate to as another ploy. Worked for the Oilers.