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  1. IIHF World Championship Jerseys

    Couple of things: - Austria is not wearing what was posted. They are wearing the eagle front and center with "Austria" in red on the red jersey and white on the white jersey. Also there is no black on the red jersey, only on the numbers on the shoulders. - Switzerland is now wearing white helmets instead of their usual black ones.
  2. Full list of teams with neon colors?

    Edmonton Oil Kings 3rd and 4th:
  3. IIHF World Championship Jerseys

    Interesting note, what is listed for France on the website is different from what they are wearing for their white jersey:
  4. IIHF World Championship Jerseys

    Canada: Denmark: Finland: Germany: Korea: Latvia: Norway: United States:
  5. IIHF World Championship Jerseys

    Czech Republic: France: Russia: Slovakia: Sweden:
  6. IIHF World Championship Jerseys

    The World Champs are underway and it the Olympic jersey design has taken centre stage in the tournament. All teams (apart from Canada) had adopted the new look from Nike. Swiss: Austria: Belarus:
  7. National Team Names

    I think soccer and rugby are the sports where this is most popular. Here are a list of rugby ones: Argentina: Pumas Georgia: Lelos Romania: The Oaks Spain: Los Leones USA: The Eagles Canada: Canucks France: Les Bleus Italy: Azzurri Japan: Cherry Blossoms Samoa: Manu Samoa Tonga: Ikale Tahi Fiji: Flying Fijians Portugal: Os Lobos Russia: Bears Chile: Los Condores Uruguay: Los Teros Brazil: Tupis Australia: The Wallabies Belgium: Diables Noirs Kenya: Simbas Namibia: Welwitschias Hong Kong: Dragons Ivory Coast: Les Éléphants Zimbabwe: Sables Austria: Capricorns Andorra: Els Isards Botswana: The Vultures Cambodia: Koupreys Cameroon: Indomitable Lions Cayman Islands: Caymans Cook Islands: Cookies
  8. Rugby Canada Rebrand

    Also saw that the American u-19 teams (men's & women's) were wearing the Adidas kit for the Youth Olympic qualifiers in Vegas as well and they were sponsor-less kits... seems it was more of a changing the sponsor logo than a dispute between the 2 parties.
  9. Rugby Canada Rebrand

    Here's the reason. There were claims that USA Rugby thought the kit was not as good as the ones given to New Zealand or France, however it more had to do with the short time frame of putting the new shirt sponsor on the kit in time for the Vegas 7's. Switched from Emirates to DHL. Here's the link to the story:
  10. Rugby Canada Rebrand

    Saw that as well... Although I didn't see any BLK markings on it. Maybe because they are hosting, it was a more patriotic jersey?
  11. Rugby Canada Rebrand

    Maybe easier to get the new kit to Vegas than it is to Santiago?
  12. Rugby Canada Rebrand

    Currently watching Chile vs. Canada and Canada is still playing in the Under Armour jerseys. All the graphics though have Canada's new logo... I'm guessing they couldn't get the new kit down to Chile in time for the game.
  13. Victoria Highlanders new logo

    The Victoria Highlanders of the United Soccer League’s Premier Development League have unveiled a new logo for the upcoming season. They also switched kit providers from Umbro to Macron for this season. Old logo for reference:
  14. Rugby Canada Rebrand

    Rugby Canada made a major announcement today and signed a new deal with Canterbury of New Zealand. With the new partnership comes a new logo. Old logo: New logo: New kit as well: More about the new brand:
  15. 2018 MLS Kits

    Miami is back in the fold: