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    UFL in 2010

    Wait a second, MLS Clubs would welcome to house a UFL team in their Soccer Specific Stadiums? MLS owners will do anything for a buck. Seriously, why wouldn't the UFL want to play in SSS? A smaller stadium with boxes, concessions and parking? Helps pay off the cost of a SSS and doesn't conflict with their season? Seems like a win win to me. Plus, a few of them seem to be in places that the UFL would be smart to consider for expansion: Salt Lake, Columbus, Los Angeles, Portland, with several more in the planning stages.
  2. dfffd61

    Texas Tech's New Uniforms

    Tech wore red pants on the road last night against UTEP. pictures are available at http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/photos?gameI...638&confId=null
  3. dfffd61

    MLB changes for 2007?

    I wish they would ditch the black altogether. They should wear the non-pinstiped uniform at home, the road, and the alts, all with the red cap.
  4. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dfffd61/album?.dir=/1d2cscd These were shown on the website www.redraideroufitter.com and are supposed to be the new Texas Tech football jersey.
  5. dfffd61

    new texas tech football jersey

    The font is the same as the one that Tech uses in the endzones.
  6. dfffd61

    MLS Kits

    I redid all of the MLS Kits to get rid of a lot of the white. All I have is MS Paint, so a lot of the color quality is lost when I saved them as jpegs, so please take that into consideration when giving comments and suggestions. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dfffd61/albu...m/ph//my_photos On a similar note, I redid some of the logos for MLS teams. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dfffd61/albu...m/ph//my_photos Comments?
  7. dfffd61

    Collegiate Athletic Nicknames

    UTEP's alma mater is a redone version of the Marty Robbins song El Paso.
  8. dfffd61

    help me out? jets idea.

    Maybe this is better? http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dfffd61/deta...re2.jpg&.src=ph
  9. dfffd61

    help me out? jets idea.

    This is an idea for a Jets Logo that I came up with. It's based on the Insignia that the US used to have on planes, but with the colors changed. I just made a logo, but was hoping someone could take it, clean it up and make some uniforms to go with it, as all I have is MS Paint, and I'm not very good with the uniform concepts. I picked navy blue for the trim color for two reasons, I like the combo, and it references the old NY Titans teams. If you want to change the colors then I'm all for it. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dfffd61/deta...scd.jpg&.src=ph
  10. dfffd61

    help me out? jets idea.

    nobody wants to help me out?
  11. My brother and I were watching the Rockets play the Heat on Sunday and started talking about why both teams couldn't wear colored uniforms with the Rockets in Red and the Heat in their black ones. That led me to speculate why the NBA has required white uniforms to begin with. With all the alternates available, there is no reason that teams couldn't wear colors as long as they don't clash. Also, they could change the alternate every year or go with a throwback for a little while. Team - Primary/Change Nets - Navy/Gray Sixers - Black/Blue Celtics - Green/White Raptors - Red/Purple and Black Knicks - Blue/White Pistons - Blue/Red Cavaliers - Champagne/Yellow Throwback (I don't like the blue) Bucks - Purple/Green Pacers - Blue/Yellow Bulls - Red/Black Heat - Red/Black Wizards - Blue/White Magic - Blue/Black Hawks - Red/Yellow Bobcats - Orange/Blue Nuggets - Powder Blue/White (Skyline Throwback) Timberwolves - Teal/Black Jazz - Navy/Green Throwback Sonics - Green/Yellow (the one with Sonics in cursive) Blazers - Black/Red Suns - Purple/Orange Clippers - Blue/Red Lakers - Yellow/Purple Warriors - Blue/Orange Kings - Purple/Gold Spurs - Black/Silver Mavs - Navy/Green Grizzlies - Navy/White Hornets - Teal/Yellow Rockets - Red/White
  12. dfffd61

    Why does the NBA even have white uniforms?

    I believe the jersey you are calling "champagne" is actually their wine (red) colored jersey. Champagne is more of a gold color just to let you know My bad. I knew that was wrong the second i hit post, but for some reason couldn't remember the name of the actual color (I had the right idea though ) I agree that gold Kings jersey is awful, and i would prefer the sky blue throwback as a change. I actually dig the Cavaliers gold throwback.
  13. dfffd61

    Fightin Irish Concept

    slap the script Pitt logo on it and send it to their Athletic Director.
  14. dfffd61

    Pittsburgh Steelers Concept

    Whenever someone does a concept for an existing team everyone says that they ruined the uniform or destroyed a classic. I like to think of it as if there were an expansion team called the Pittsburgh Steelers and whether or not the idea looks to represent the city and the name. I like this quite a bit, it looks traditional without looking dated, and the stencil P within the circle seems like something that would appear die cast into sheet metal. Great Job.
  15. dfffd61

    mls kit concepts

    I redid all the kits in MLS out of sheer boredom. Pardon the color quality - I use MSPaint and had to convert them to jpg to post on Yahoo Photos. I hate white kits, so I tried to get rid of as many of those as possible. I recolored a couple of the logos to fit more what I had in mind for those teams. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dfffd61/albu...ffd61/my_photos I posted this in the main forum not realizing that there was a separate one for concepts, sorry (I had the sports logos board bookmarked instead of the index). Any comments and criticism would be appreciated.
  16. dfffd61

    mls kit concepts

    I redid all the kits in MLS out of sheer boredom. Pardon the color quality - I use MSPaint and had to convert them to jpg to post on Yahoo Photos. I hate white kits, so I tried to get rid of as many of those as possible. I recolored a couple of the logos to fit more what I had in mind for those teams. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/dfffd61/albu...ffd61/my_photos
  17. dfffd61

    If I ruled the college helmet design world

    Alright, If I ruled the college helmet design world: (using the Helmet Project as a reference). ACC - all keepers except for Maryland, I agree go back to the Black helmet with the red. If they want white helmets, that's fine too, either way the flag with the M is pretty cool. Big East - Pitt - keep the same colors, but go back to the script. South Florida - put the green back on the helmet, the logo seems like a miami ripoff, but if that's what they want, so be it. Big 10(11) - The only one I really don't like is Illinois. I think they either need to go with the block I or go to a blank orange helmet. Big 12 - All these are pretty good, I'm not crazy about the Iowa St. helmet, but its ok and I can't think of what else they could put on there. CUSA - Memphis - make the M white so its easier to read. Southern Miss - I agree, use the eagle head logo. Tulsa (can you tell, I hate when teams just put the name of their university on the helmet) - either put the TU logo, or the hurricane flags. UCF - I like the one from 1981-1982. MAC - Central Michigan - Go back to the spear, or come up with something new. Eastern Michigan - go back to the 1999 version. Ohio - they need something different, maybe the state outline would be cool. Toledo - i would like them to drop the Toledo text and place the rocket over their UT logo. MWC - Wyoming - i would like to see them switch to a gold helmet. Pac 10 - Oregon St. - I like the one from 1983-1984 UCLA - I like the Bear head in the circle with UCLA written underneath, like the one on this page http://www.nationalchamps.net/NCAA/college...edules/ucla.htm. SEC - Florida - I like the 1944-1945 helmet. Ole Miss - they have an M with stars inside it that they use on some merchandise that I think would look pretty sharp. SunBelt - La.-Lafeyette - go back to the old Fleur-de-lis logo from 1997. La.-Monroe - take the one from 1997, and drop the U and the M North Texas - white helmet, new diving eagle logo. WAC - Boise State, maybe put BSU underneath the logo instead of the full name of the university. Idaho - They have a block I that looks pretty good. New Mexico State - It'd be cool if they put the Zia Sun from the state flag on the helmet.
  18. United Spirit Arena - its named after a local grocery chain.
  19. dfffd61

    The Molina Jersey Conundrum

    The Rangers have left off the initial as long as I can remember. When we bought A-Rod, both him and Pudge had just Rodriguez on the back of the jeresey. Currently both Mike and Chris young are "initial-less".
  20. dfffd61

    Nationals Uniforms to be Unveiled

    what about san antonio and the alamodome as an option?
  21. dfffd61

    Viva cinco de mayo

    Actually, it was the defeat of the French in one battle at Veracruz in 1862. The French ultimately won the war and subsequently control of Mexico under Maximillian.
  22. dfffd61

    Ot kinda: my band's logos

    http://www.geocities.com/dfffd61/stn.htmlhttp://www.geocities.com/dfffd61/stn.html These are the logos for my new band. Comments?
  23. dfffd61

    Tampabay devilrays concept *fixed link

    they play in st. petersburg, so tampa rays will never happen
  24. dfffd61

    Denver nuggets new uniforms (2003-2004)

    My car is metallic powder blue,er, most of it is. Its a neat looking color, but metallic colors as the principal color on basketball uniforms don't seem to work well
  25. dfffd61

    Texas rangers

    I made a few changes. Made the home and away sleeveless, and tried my hand at a logo Sorry, I don't know hardly anything about hockey.