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  1. hormone

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    So did they go with sod poodles?
  2. hormone

    NHL 2018-19

    Sorry if this has been mentioned, but the penguins wore their camo-military appreciation jerseys for warm ups tonight and not sure if this is new, but the penguin had on dog tags with that players number. Thought that was a neat touch. Also props to the nhl for keeping the military-cancer-etc jerseys to warm ups only. The warmups that are true throwbacks though...those teams should wear them on ice.
  3. Weren’t they the cakes for only like 2 or 3 years? The zephyrs had far superior logos.
  4. hormone

    NHL Adidas/Fanatics jerseys- what to get?

    Sorry to not give any info on fanatics jerseys, but I bought a penguins hoodie just recently. $50 so it wasn’t cheap. It’s a $5 hoodie from Walmart with cheap screen printing. The print was diagonal, so they exchanged it for me. I only did an exchange cause it was yellow and I didn’t have yellow. I’m afraid to wear it cause I’m sure after one or two washes, you’d think I wore it to bed as pajamas. Will never buy from them again.
  5. Uniforms-wise, the nba quickly went soccer. Skin tight jerseys (even tried sleeves), ads (how soon will the logo be the patch and the ad be the wordmark?), 3rd jerseys that are off the wall and not part of the logo or color package, no set color for home-road, and you can wear whatever color shoes you want.
  6. hormone

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    SMH. Not team colors. The only prince and basketball I know of is from Chappelle show. This is on the level of AA MiLB. Come out to the park this weekend for dollar beers and hot dogs for Prince tribute night.
  7. Since color rush is technically not a thing, but rather an option, why don’t the Giants and 49ers just call these things throwbacks and use appropriate socks?
  8. It’s just the catch and the rainbow represents all cancers. Few players still wear pink accessories or shoes the panthers finally went yoga pants. Black pants and socks. Really liked the mix match cause they were using opposite socks.
  9. hormone

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    My prediction: marlins will have a nice logo, cool uniforms, and a unique color or two. They will combine that set with throwbacks of the originals. Black will be a trim color on the new set and the following year, they will have a black hat and alternate jersey. This will soon be worn 90% of the time. The year after that, they will discontinue the unique colored hat and strictly go black. We will all be clamoring for the throwbacks or the redesign, but have Black most every game. Concept threads will continue to thrive on a website called sportslogos.net
  10. hormone

    Penguins 3rd

    So the stadium humped the 84 alt and we got this frankenjersey? It’s ok. Glad they went gold. I would have had sleeve numbers to mirror the current set and they need the triangle cause like previously mentioned, it’s the merge of the three rivers. Those would be my perfect changes, but I’ll take it as a pens fan. At least it’s new and something that fits which is more than I can say for most of the thirds. EDIT- didn’t see no hem stripes so that’s another downgrade for me. Just wished it was a color swap.
  11. Not a fan either, but at least they wear the white socks with them.
  12. hormone

    2019 MLB Changes

    Surprised Cleveland didn’t go with defend the chief...oh never mind
  13. hormone

    NFL 2018 changes

    Watching bears bucs and bears have Robinson II. What’s the difference between II or Jr?
  14. hormone

    Flyers introduce terrifying orange mascot Gritty

    As a penguins fan, this is hilarious