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  1. I think the m twins hat is better than tc. Just my opinion. What's funny is, on here you get crucified for wearing a special uniform and not matching the batting helmet. If you don't think the twins are going to get heat for this half a-- job, your silly. I think the whole set would show how inferior the current set is.
  2. I don't follow basketball, but me just being a super casual observer here, my thoughts are they are trying to be soccer with "global" logos, sleeved jerseys, no set home/road, color vs color, and worst of all, uniform advertising. I mean good for them if that's their goal, but I have a feeling this isn't what Naismith envisioned. Lol
  3. I collect MiLB hats (have almost 200). Quick question. The Montgomery biscuits had a fan design a hat. The winning entry (the biscuit lid) is now showing up for sale. My question is, is this just a "fashion hat?" Are they going to wear it on field? I heard it won't be worn on field, therefore I'm not sure about adding it to my collection. Thanks
  4. And normal caps. Those caps threw off the whole look. If you're going that route, might as well make the uniform different too. Not what I'd pick, but I can't get over it for some reason.
  5. Maybe I missed something or misread the posts about the cards, but do you not consider the cream St. Louis as an alternate? I'm a little more modern, but I don't mind a rarely used color jersey. There are 162 games in the regular season and if the tigers wore navy say 10 times, it wouldn't kill anyone.
  6. Sorry I don't have the answer, but it looks like a ripoff of the Greensboro bats logo.
  7. What is the reason why the NHL disbands alternates when they switch jersey manufacturers? Did the other leagues do it? I don't think they did. 82 games is too many for white vs color (imo) or to be stuck with a head scratcher (Edmonton in orange).
  8. That orioles jersey looks too minor league. The special jerseys are plenty. Leave the one-off gimmicks to the MiLB...plus the outfit is hideous. What is it with teams from Maryland and Texas? They are totally obsessed with their state flags.
  9. Whatever happened to that safety helmet prototype from about a decade or so ago? You know, the one that looked like lord helmet from space balls. It was so outlandish, it made don beebe's helmet look small. Lol
  10. Has anyone kept track of the food? Fresno grizzlies (tacos)...3 styles too, Lehigh valley iron pigs (bacon and cheesesteaks with and without onions), Richmond flying squirrels (brunch), reading fightins (whoopie pies), Brooklyn cyclones (Coney Island franks and now pizza slices), Albuquerque isotopes (cheeseburgers). Didn't the Toledo mud hens do something with eggs vs the bacon team?
  11. What's with all these players wearing white cleats? I thought only the Oakland A's and the All-Star teams wore white cleats.
  12. So I quickly ran through four pages of this hoping to see the Dallas Stars moo-terus and...
  13. I'm not liking these new darker gray unis teams are wearing. Most teams have a dark number/name and its bleeding in too much with darker gray. I saw a high school team in our local paper today with one. They had a far off shot and I thought it was a black uniform with black numbers and gold outline. The up close shot showed it is Black numbers/gold outline but it's a really dark gray jersey. I think to make them work, the lighter color needs to be the number, but the dark outline would then get lost. To sum it up...just use the standard gray please.
  14. Any one with a sponsorship ad, sleeves, or both
  15. Since the rays are on topic and sone fans are chiming in, I'll try to ask my question again since it got buried... Can someone answer some rays questions? Apparently, they have three spring training hats this season. The navy blue one, the Columbia blue one, and the new white panel hat. I only remember them using the navy one and keeping it for batting practice. A few years ago I think the navy one even made it into a few games. Do they plan on using all three this year? Will the white panel one be a batting practice one? I would like to get the white panel one, but without the spring training patch. If it's only going to be spring training, then it would be stupid for me to get it without the patch. Thank you.