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  1. hormone

    Logo upgrades that were actually UPGRADES

    Buccaneers sleeve ship to the current ship. One of the few, maybe only upgrades from the super bowl set to the current set.
  2. The socks are out of hand. Was there a charger wearing the same sock? I know players do their own thing with wearing really high white or really low color, but one chief was wearing the away socks, some chargers have no socks (just white spandex). It’s a mess out there.
  3. hormone

    Texas Rangers Bid Farewell to the Ballpark With Patch in 2019

    Funny how one team is ditching a 20 year old park and another (rays) would kill to be in it. Yes, I know the whole st. Pete vs Tampa argument, vacation destination etc, etc.
  4. Without druding up this whole thread, this being the last week and Washington wearing yellow pants and striped socks (was this the first time?) I think the uniforms we did not see this year (correct me where I’m wrong) were the panthers blue pants (which I believe were dropped),the falcons color rush, cowboys actual silver pants, Vikings color rush, rams navy jersey, chargers powder blue???? (Thought it was worn once maybe), Browns orange jersey???, jets color rush???, dolphins orange (think it was dropped), and all Texans red (pants, jersey, socks).
  5. As a bucs fan, the more I see Tennessee in action, I am thankful that Tampa has the 31st worst uniforms in the league now.
  6. hormone

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Since there isn’t a 2020 thread yet, can anyone tell me which caps the trash pandas will be wearing? I collect MiLB hats (that get worn on field) and lids has 4. The panda website only lists the flying raccoon one as primary. The red, blue, and other black are just listed as 5950. I know a lot can change in a year and maybe they just haven’t designated this or that as home-alt or whatever. I’m sure all 4 will hit the field as teams have that many at least now. TL:DR does anyone know which trash panda hats are gonna be used? EDIT: wonder if lids accidentally released them too early. Refreshed my page today and it said out of stock in all sizes and then went back into MiLB and it’s like they don’t exist. Oh well, their $112 loss (cause I would have caved and got all 4) if you search their sku, (21094385, 21094396, 21094386, 21094415) they come up, but no sizes. I did this last year and got all 4 Gwinnett stripers months before they were realesed ...but those had the sizes.
  7. A bit off topic, but didn’t want to create a new thread. The original white uniforms had orange numbers with a red outline. They swapped them the next year I believe and kept them until the redesign. I think the orange numbers looked sharp and really fit the uniform better with red being the outline. I’ve heard it was due to visibility via the press box-film. My question is, if that is the case, how did the raiders have a white jersey with silver numbers-black outline and the saints with gold-black and even the university of Tennessee with orange and no outline with no issues?
  8. I’ve said it numerous times, as a fan and as a uniform nerd, the only things I think came out better for the Bucs was the shade of red, the shade of orange, and the ship logo. Everything else was a downgrade. The flag was a slight downgrade, but the number font, facemask, shade of pewter, wordmark, and the shoulder yokes were large downgrades.
  9. Jets are in white over green with green socks. They’ve been always good about sock color, but it’s a lame duck uniform anyway. I’m starting to think, this is the nfl’s way of letting teams go crazy with uniforms without going crazy over a 16 game season. They let you do pretty much everything but change the helmet shell.
  10. At first glance, I thought they were going leotard. They have worn what I consider “wrong” socks once or twice, but they usually do the right thing and wear contrasting socks. I do think this is their “new” rush cause I heard the blue pants were scrapped and I see full black socks on the players. I wouldn’t have minded a fourth blue pant option for a game (just one), but not with the blue jersey.
  11. hormone

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    I think the sounds took a huge downgrade from the guitar pick logo. What’s up with El Paso? They have such a unique identity and logo and they seem to only want to be EP stuff or Diabolos stuff lately.
  12. hormone

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    So did they go with sod poodles?
  13. hormone

    NHL 2018-19

    Sorry if this has been mentioned, but the penguins wore their camo-military appreciation jerseys for warm ups tonight and not sure if this is new, but the penguin had on dog tags with that players number. Thought that was a neat touch. Also props to the nhl for keeping the military-cancer-etc jerseys to warm ups only. The warmups that are true throwbacks though...those teams should wear them on ice.
  14. hormone

    2019 Minor/Indy/Summer Collegiate Baseball Changes

    Weren’t they the cakes for only like 2 or 3 years? The zephyrs had far superior logos.
  15. hormone

    NHL Adidas/Fanatics jerseys- what to get?

    Sorry to not give any info on fanatics jerseys, but I bought a penguins hoodie just recently. $50 so it wasn’t cheap. It’s a $5 hoodie from Walmart with cheap screen printing. The print was diagonal, so they exchanged it for me. I only did an exchange cause it was yellow and I didn’t have yellow. I’m afraid to wear it cause I’m sure after one or two washes, you’d think I wore it to bed as pajamas. Will never buy from them again.