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  1. Name That Font!

    Anybody know this font? Thanks!
  2. Name That Font!

    Does anybody recognize the font of the numbers on this watch? Thanks in advance.
  3. Here are my new adidas soccer designs. At the moment, I've only finished the first designs but I plan to do two more. If you want to see a team with this template, tell me and I'll do an example of it. C&C is of course very appreciated. KaTo
  4. FAPL Kits 2007

    On the ManUtd shirt, the sleeve badge should look like this: And on the shorts, the black stripe does not go all around the short: Otherwise, very well done! KaTo
  5. new kits for 07/08 season

    Manchester United [?]: KaTo
  6. new kits for 07/08 season

    I think it's just another way to use the new adidas template. Here's a quick picture to show what I mean: KaTo
  7. new kits for 07/08 season

    I was told by a Citibank employee that the old Werder Bremen home kit will be the new away. The new home kit will be dark green. Away kit: KaTo
  8. Wu-Tanggggggg!

    I think the away jersey is too plain. Try to make the 2nd color blue and the lines white. Change the logo on the alternate jersey. It does not "pop out". I think a yellow logo would be cool. Everything else is good. Nice concept. KaTo
  9. Real Madrid concept...

    Here's my latest soccer concept. C&C is greatly appreciated... KaTo
  10. Sportsteam desktop calendar...

    I'm still working on an update to improve the position of the dates. I'll do your requests when I found an improvement. KaTo
  11. KaTo Design

    Here you go: I'm sorry it took a bit longer than expected. If you want any changes - tell me! Any more requests or C&C? KaTo
  12. KaTo Design

    Added new sigs. Example: C'n'C appreciated. Take requests. KaTo
  13. Sportsteam desktop calendar...

    Calendar weeks. KaTo