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  1. i cant even.... dumpster fire
  2. believe in the shield!
  3. to all sharks haters, just gonna leave this here.....
  4. as a kings fan, purple and gold are lakers colors, maybe a dark silver would work
  5. stay tuned next week for the nest instalment of "brandmooreart yells at cloud"
  6. it'll get torn down ias a result of the reggie bush injury lawsuit Kappa
  7. it's really not as bad as people think... it really isnt
  8. i woulda perferred turquoise roadies instead of grey. but they are gonna be unique, so not bad actually.... it;s not the yankees, but it doesnt need to be
  9. those are really not bad....... honestly... it's a new millennium, teams dont need to be completely traditional.... there are 30 teams in MLB, i dont mind one or 2 even being a bit out there... wish they woulda used turquoise
  10. honestly we should wait and see... IMHO not EVERY team needs to look like the classic teams.... one team out of 30 can be a bit out there... wish they would have turquoise road unis like the old powder blues
  11. That's a great bio, and I'm happy to include him into the AFA Universe. He sounds temperamental and entertaining, and will work his way up to being a national sports radio figure. That being said, he wouldn't have been offered a spot on the council, as he has a publicly stated interest in bringing a team to his home market. I'm definitely going to count your votes, and we can treat Napier as a separate character. If you'd like to submit a different bio, feel free, if not, that's cool too. . i modelled him after grant napier from KHTK in sacramento. i wanted to try to make him the voice of the angry fan, who got his team taken away from him through no real fault of his own and he's upset.
  12. it was suppsote to be the views of the fans from the area and a suggestion to the committee sorry if it came out wrong. never really done this rp stuff before but i felt the opinion should be out there also kinda wanted to show the reaction of a area where a team got removed through no fault of the fans, everyone knew it was the owner being an idiot, but it affected the fans regardless and they coulda forced the owner out i would have imagined. i think it would take some major goodwill on the afa's part to get fans back after losing a team,but what do i know. i'm just a moron spouting opinions
  13. Part of being on the expansion council is not showing any bias towards any of the applicants it was more venting towords the league and being a voice of the fan type more than anything else... you guys dont have to count the votes if you dont want
  14. John napier, sports anchor on KFBK radio, has been very outspoken about northern california's loss of the san francisco AFA team, and has been ranting on air ever since the AFA revoked the team the other day he remarked " all of northern California can hear me. i urge all of you to call and write to the AFA demanding we get a team back in the bay area as soon as we possibly can. yes the whales owner was bad and needed to be removed, but it could have been done without removing our team. it's time to roll our sleeves up to our freakin' necks and get this done. all of northern California is in this together. i propose Sacramento becomes the training camp location for the new San Francisco team. for that matter the afa should go back to Richmond as well.if we all work together and use our collective voices, the afa will listen. they have to. we are the paying customers after all and without us there wouldn't be an afa" napier ovbiously only selects san francisco and richmond ( decided to go with the "voice of the fan" angle and them being mad at the afa for taking the team)