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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    we got nagled!
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    screw FC cincinatti and screw nashville FC.... we shoulda been in instead of nashville... MLS is dead to me... we'll never get in and i feel strung along by MLS as a SRFC fan
  3. Utah Stars New Orleans Jazz rename back to basic

    maybe use the colors of the utah "city" unis
  4. i just wanna see the whale win a victory bowl, and play that brass bonanza
  5. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    the pants are hot garbage
  6. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    laser burned holes!
  7. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    i have a feeling we will hear one chant when they are revealed, at least here, "they're so s****ty they're unbelieveable"
  8. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    inb4 the jersey numbers are basically replaced with the trollface emoji
  9. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms
  10. niner fan here as well.... if the blue was limited to drop shadow and was jeany, it MIGHT work better, but as it is, that's gonna have to be a no from me, dawg
  11. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    ah, tim lie weekly, as us former san jose earthquakes fans used to know him as before the team moved to houston
  12. MLB changes 2018?

    dont make me gibbs slap you
  13. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    garber told us at a rally when we broke ground on the stadium it was a matter of "when, not if" that we were gonna get into MLS, we were under the impression our ownership was enough, then when we pitched again to them in NYC, apparently they said we don't have enough money, which we'd have when we got into the league, and they knew we'd have york and meg whitman when we got in... now we need more money... it's a case of "telling us one thing and doing another" aka moving the goalposts
  14. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    but MLS keeps moving the goalpoasts on us, so i doubt we'll get in. if so, MLS is dead to me
  15. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    but in all honesty, central florida, who went undefeated and beat BOTH bama and auburn, is the real national champion.
  16. a male marge schott? interesting
  17. Say it ain't so, Joe

    state penn should be forced to wear orange and black uniforms with the lion logo reversed so it's turning its back, as the the administration, coaching staff and fans did to the sandusky thing
  18. NBA court database

    and i think the kings have 1 more court coming(i assume for the city edition jerseys)
  19. UCCF Alt. History - New Polls Open

    would love to see championship game field designs for these. would be pretty cool.
  20. port still ARE the SANFL magpies... both teams have the same ownership and i believe always have
  21. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    sacramento sting, could do a bee themed identity in green/gold/silver or something. the colors of the sac city flag are green/gold/blue/white if that helps. if you dont wanna go with the sac state shout out, maybe capitals or something railroad related
  22. 2018 MLS Kits

    as someone who was a fan of a team that was moved(san jose) i cant print on this website what i WANT to say. what you posted was in poor taste and disrespectful #precortout
  23. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    sac state is wearing their black jerseys in the causeway classic vs UD d*vis... doesnt look like sac state at ALL
  24. greg napier, a sports talk radio host and play by play broadcaster for the sacramento royals professional basketball team said on his program today, prior to the royals clash with Los Angeles " so there's an expansion council for the PHL happening, and my 2 favorite expansion bids are portland, because they are great , knowledgeable hockey fans and with the new building opening up, i feel they would be perfect for the PHL. My 2nd choice would be Tampa, because they have a arena ready to go, and have a committed ownership group that always treats me nice when i head down there with the royals to broadcast games. In the future, i'd love to see sacramento have a team in the PHL if we can get an ownership group together as well, would be a great northern California rivrally. I'd like to know your thoughts call in at 867-5309 or 1-800-867-5309. back after this"
  25. maybe san francisco mariners, or something to do with fisherman's wharf or the cable cars?