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  1. According to this report in the Detroit News, the Horizon League is adding a new school for this season. The report does not specify who it us, but I believe rhymes with Brand Wanyon.
  2. Since we've magically moved on from discussing the Mets to other teams' possible affiliation swaps, should we rename this thread or not?
  3. You guys realize the high in Las Vegas will be 117 degrees today. I have to assume the uniforms are being unveiled outside.
  4. Two leaks and people are falling into two camps. One camp thinks these uniforms are an improvement. The other thinks the apocalypse is upon us. We need a middle ground here people.
  5. Left Field: The Mahnster Center Field: The old Tal's Hill in Houston Right Field: The Warehouse That's the American League, for the National League: Left Field: Western Metal Supply Building Center Field: Wrigley Right Field: McCovey's Cove
  6. The Pecos League is the NIFL of indy baseball leagues.
  7. This article seems to point that way.
  8. I'll just say this: Outside of the NFL(and outside of Florida), pro sports in the Real South(I don't consider Texas a Southern State) is cursed.
  9. Can you imagine the memes that will come out if the Warriors cough up a 3-0 lead? Oh, and free Doritos Locos Tacos for everyone!
  10. There's already a thread about this rebranding, but it needs to be discussed here as well:
  11. The Twins would have to fight tooth and nail with the Cubs to get in to Des Moines, but they do have Cedar Rapids.
  12. There is an event taking place in Des Moines today regarding the team. Announcement coming at 1 PM CT.
  13. State Politics. And the fact the Twin Cities is the only market in the state worth anything to the media,
  14. Highlights of the AHL's 2017-18 Alignment: *Belleville, Laval and the B-Devs remain in the North division. *Charlotte moves to the Atlantic division, leaving the Central with 7 teams. *No change to the Pacific.