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  1. Rangers have picked Nashville, leaving the Nationals with...Fresno. HA, HA.
  2. When did you hear that this is confirmed?
  3. buzzcut

    Milwaukee Milkmen join baseball’s American Association

    This is more appropriate...
  4. I fully expect the A's to land Las Vegas as that city is building a new ballpark with vastly improved player facilities. Nashville is next and I expect them to go with the Rangers. With the Rangers leaving Round Rock, the Astros will land there. The Brewers will stick with San Antonio, leaving poor old Washington stuck with Fresno.
  5. Rumor has it that the Rangers have the inside track for Nashville, not the Nationals.
  6. buzzcut

    The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    Someone over on another forum I frequent had an ides of realigning the Australian Football League into 3 divisions: EAST Division: Brisbane Lions, Geelong, Gold Coast, Greater Western Sydney, St. Kilda, Sydney Swans VICTORIA Division: Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Richmond WEST Division: Adelaide, Fremantle, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, West Coast, Western Bulldogs In response, I suggested that Hawthorn was better suited to be in an hypothetical East than Geelong was, and offered him this realignment of the National Rugby League: BARASSI Division: Canberra, Melbourne, New Zealand, St. George Illawara HARBOUR Division: Cronulla-Sutherland, Manly-Warringah, South Sydney, Sydney Roosters NORTHERN Division: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, North Queensland OUTER SYDNEY Division: Canterbury-Bankstown, Paramatta, Penrith, Wests Tigers
  7. buzzcut

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Ravens Eagles Redskins Steelers Saints Vikings Falcons Jets Texans Chargers 49ers Rams Jaguars Broncos Cowboys Seahawks
  8. buzzcut

    The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    A future baseball realignment COMING SOON Reserved for the Major Leagues.
  9. Hey BRich, do you mind if I steal your story and post it on another forum?
  10. I'd swap the current IL West with the current IL South in your alignment, although realigning the IL would be very tricky. Also, I think you can name the third league the Central League.
  11. When does the PCL become something like the Western League? Or is the PCL branding too important to abandon?
  12. buzzcut

    Ranking Leagues By Color Scheme

    St. John's and St. Benedict are the same school, but each have separate athletic programs and branding schemes. St. Thomas and St. Catherine have been separate entities their whole existence, especially since St. Thomas went co-ed in 1977. Speaking of which... 1. St. Thomas 2. Macalester 3. St. Mary's 4. Concordia-Moorhead 5. Hamline 6. Bethel 7. St. John's 8. Carleton 9. St. Catherine 10. St. Benedict 11. Gustavus Adolphus 12. St. Olaf 13. Augsburg
  13. Not for 2019 but for 2021, Wichita will likely be joining the PCL at the expense of one of their Southern outposts. That city losing their PCL team will likely join the Southern League.
  14. buzzcut

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Falcons Ravens Colts Patriots Vikings Saints Jaguars Titans Steelers Chiefs Panthers Seahawks Cardinals Packers Lions Rams
  15. It's quotes like this that make me wonder why this site doesn't have the ability to downvotes quotes like this.