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  1. RT @footballzebras: I once got a "no comment" from Ed Hochuli that was three paragraphs long

  2. Spurs fans in San Antonio are disappointed in this news: The Silver Dancers are no more. Replaced by a Co-Ed hype team. You would expect a move like this in Detroit or San Francisco, but deep in the Heart o' Texas?
  3. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Deleted, found the thread the post I just made was meant to be in.
  4. The Sports Media Thread

    ESPN to become the Exclusive home to the UFC. Which comes on the heels of Fox getting in bed with WWE. I'm sorry if this is being discussed over in the wrestling forum.
  5. RT @MarthaKelly3: Every politician who’s blocked gun safety laws should be forced to spend 24 hrs in a room with parents who’ve lost childr…

  6. #PugBongos are this year's version of #BriefcaseTacos. Absurd in fantasy. Frightening in reality. #Badvertising2018

  7. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    I was going to point out that your leagues are imbalanced.
  8. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    Ah, but but no, it's too stupid.
  9. Just updated my profile pic:

  10. RT @Angels: The 3,000 Hit Club just got bigger! Albert Pujols, you’re its newest member! #Pujols3000

  11. When, not if, War Pigs is chosen, I hope they use this when they introduce the starting lineup:
  12. RT @JohnDingell: Never thought I’d ever want Rudy Giuliani to keep talking.

  13. Unpopular Opinions

    We need a dislike feature just for posts like this.
  14. RT @aggiefanclark: Good luck today @Shaquemgriffin from one of you biggest fans - Julianna!! @nflnetwork @richeisen #againstallodds #NFLDra…

  15. @PaulPabst Maple Leafs. Bruins. Game 7. The snug is strong here. 3rd Period. NBCSN.