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  1. No sports team should ever retire any number, regardless of popularity.
  2. Your team not in the playoffs? This is your place.
  3. Here's who's chasing Larry O'Brien this year: EASTERN CONFERENCE 1-Boston 2-Cleveland 3-Toronto 4-Washington 5-Atlanta 6-Milwaukee 7-Indiana 8-Chicago WESTERN CONFERENCE 1-Golden State 2-San Antonio 3-Houston 4-Los Angeles Clippers 5-Utah 6-Oklahoma City 7-Memphis 8-Portland
  4. I give it a 8237437211574063/0.
  5. The Twitterverse is totally ripping the logo(not really) to shreds.
  6. My god, you guys like this drivel? The whole league is going to have roundels as their main logos(Except for the Bulls).
  7. This is an absolute lie, the BW was more worried about getting at-large bids, which ain't happening these days or ever again. If I were UCSD, I'd call the WAC and ask for an invite.
  8. The Rules of Golf. As in, allowing some loser who lives in his parent's basement to anonymously call in rules violations. Search Twitter, you'll know what I'm talking about.
  9. Earth to everyone, the Timberwolves have NEVER had even a average looking identity. Everything has been garbage. EVERYTHING.
  10. Called it. Total FAIL.
  11. I had some ideas, but after reading the whole thread I have to vote None of the above. Look guys, Seattle isn't getting another NBA team.
  12. Have you considered suing the Mothership for stealing your username for their show?
  13. I live here in the Twin Cities, and I hate this already. Pre-calling a FAIL for this overhaul.
  14. The St. Paul Saints(Independent, American Association), Have a new 25th anniversary logo.