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  1. buzzcut

    The Sports Media Thread

    MLB All-Star Game is least-watched ever. Tied for 2nd lowest rating, too. And yes, it lost to America's Got Talent.
  2. The Padres' fans want brown, but the ownership secretly wants to DARKEN the blue and add red to the scheme.
  3. I'm waiting to see whether or not the NBA redoes the structure of the playoffs for next season(and forcibly strips TNT of rights and gives them for a penance to ESPN).
  4. buzzcut

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    More like an XFL with Oakland, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Orlando, Myrtle Beach and Charlotte.
  5. buzzcut

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    As I said in the XFL thread, look for that league to have a similar lineup. Incidentally, 6 of the 8 markets will go up against the NBA(Birmingham and San Diego are the exceptions).
  6. Outside of New York, Atlanta and Dallas who are locks, here's my other seven sites: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC(no way you're leaving the nation's capitol out of this), Philadelphia and Boston. No Midwestern sites.
  7. On June 26, for one game only, the St. Paul Saints will play as the Raccoons.
  8. Washington DC First in War. First in Peace. First in Hockey.
  9. buzzcut

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    There are 5 legitimate cities for the AAF's 8th team: San Antonio, Albuquerque, Las Vegas(at Sam Boyd), Sacramento, and El Paso. Assuming one of these cities wins the 8th slot in AAF, I'll assume Albuquerque, these cities would likely form the XFL's Western Division. For the Eastern Division, It'll likely choose from these markets: Norfolk, Raleigh-Durham, Myrtle Beach(playing at CCU's new stadium), Orlando(Citrus Bowl), Mobile, Shreveport. Why no Midwestern or Northeastern markets? Market saturation.
  10. As the great college football philosophers Steely Dan once said, the Rest of College Football are all Deacon Blues because they can't stop(or contain, even) the Crimson Tide. Will this theme be evident, again? Or will a new theme rise this year? Find out all this and more on.... The Way to Santa Clara!
  11. buzzcut

    The Sports Media Thread

    There's an incoming clash between the Super Bowl and a Winter Olympics(Beijing), and in recent days, Ryan Glasspiegel came out with this tweet:
  12. buzzcut

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    In before Sod Poodles wins.
  13. buzzcut

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    You misspelled pure stupid when you wrote for the second time whimsy.
  14. RT @RandallTime: If the Cleveland Cavaliers win the 2018 NBA finals I’ll buy everyone who retweet’s this a jersey...