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  1. I had some ideas, but after reading the whole thread I have to vote None of the above. Look guys, Seattle isn't getting another NBA team.
  2. Have you considered suing the Mothership for stealing your username for their show?
  3. I live here in the Twin Cities, and I hate this already. Pre-calling a FAIL for this overhaul.
  4. The St. Paul Saints(Independent, American Association), Have a new 25th anniversary logo.
  5. The Dodgers should sue the Chargers for ripping off the Interlocking LA logo like that.
  6. Predictions, sure to wrong: CFP National Championship: Alabama Super Bowl LI: Dallas Cowboys Daytona 500(Surprise): Erik Jones Final Fours: Kentucky(Men), UConn(Women) Stanley Cup: Minnesota Wild NBA Finals: San Antonio Spurs AFL Grand Final: Greater Western Sydney NRL Grand Final: South Sydney World Series: Boston Red Sox MLS Cup: Toronto FC
  7. @paulpabst Raiders. Chargers. Snug. Loser moves to LA. At the death. CBS.

  8. 2016 can't end soon enough. #EnoughCelebrityDeaths

  9. #HawtTaek over Bubble Guppies.

  10. Know of any Vikings who look like Stimpy?

  11. WCCO-TV Bedtime Nooz, February 1969 via @tcmedianow

  12. @DavidDwork The schedule's already set for next week. Unless you have privileged information which I don't think you have.

  13. Someone set up us the big one.

  14. RT @briancgrubb: Set the Planet Earth iguana chase to the NFL Primetime music. Feel great about it.