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  1. Edited to reflect the final five that will be voted upon.
  2. buzzcut

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    The graphics on the HOF game will only be used on SNF.
  3. buzzcut

    Canucks Bringing Back the Flying Skate Uniforms in 2020

  4. buzzcut

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    You stole what I was going to post. But you should expand that thought to any city in the Midwest and Northeast.
  5. Vikings: This trope does not apply Twins: Ditto Wild: Ditto Timberwolves: Ditto Gophers: Ditto MNUFC: Ditto Geelong: Ditto Sydney Roosters: Ditto Arsenal: Ditto
  6. I smell a dupe in our midst.
  7. buzzcut

    Ranking Leagues By Color Scheme

    1. Southern California(Hey, I like to use the full name wherever possible.) 2. Oregon 3. Arizona State 4. Oregon State 5. UCLA 6. California 7. Washington 8. Arizona 9. Colorado 10. Washington State 11. Utah 12. Stanford MIAC next?
  8. 1. Warriors This is real folks 2-30. Everybody else
  9. Something for 2021, the B1G will NOT play in the proposed bowl at Wrigley Field, because the members prefer to play in warmer climates, while the Cubs, foolishly, wanted a high-level pick.
  10. But that's only because all minor league teams are mandated by Untied States law to work with Brandlose.
  11. buzzcut

    Let's help the AAF

    Atlanta Rising Birmingham Iron Memphis Sphinx Orlando Fusion Phoenix Fuego Salt Lake Pizazz San Antonio Justice San Diego Wave All logos NOT to be done by Brandlose.
  12. buzzcut

    the admiral

    Wow, this must mean a sweep of Russian bots is working well.
  13. buzzcut

    What if YOU were the XFL Commissioner?

    Rugby style helmets. No TV numbers, but numbers on front and back would be bigger. Glove usage limited to linemen. Pants over the knees. Cleats in team colors or white. Each team must have one Designated He Hate Me on the roster.
  14. buzzcut

    The Sports Media Thread

    MLB All-Star Game is least-watched ever. Tied for 2nd lowest rating, too. And yes, it lost to America's Got Talent.
  15. The Padres' fans want brown, but the ownership secretly wants to DARKEN the blue and add red to the scheme.