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  1. I'm taking advantage. Is anyone else?
  2. NBA Standardizes their Logos, Design Experts Share Thoughts

    Trophy designs: Stanley Cup Borg-Warner Trophy MLS Cup Grey Cup O'Brien Trophy Lombardi Trophy Commissioner's Trophy
  3. @StPaulSaints You didn't like the selection shows either, eh?

  4. MIDWEST 1-KU(Wichita), 2-Cincy(Detroit), 3-Purdue(Nashville), 4-Kentucky(Boise) WEST 1-Xavier(Detroit), 2-Duke(Char…

  5. @PaulPabst Irish. Hokies. No snugness til Brooklyn. At the Death. The Deuce.

  6. NBA Changes 2017-18

    You can strike Dallas off that list:
  7. That also means that for the 80th straight NCAA tournament, we will have a first-time entrant.

  8. Hey TMZ, can you spill the beans on the Sean Miller situation?

  9. Welp, we might not even get the 2026 World Cup.
  10. RT @kanstin: @kenpomeroy I'm curious to see the seed FBI gets in ACC and PAC12 tourneys

  11. RT @FourFourTwoUSA: In 1988, U.S. Soccer laid out plans for a three-tiered men's professional setup with promotion/relegation. Here's wha…

  12. These #Olympics gifs from @BBCSport are awesome. And I say this as an American.

  13. @RescuesDogz @JoshuaGreen There is no bottom for these cretins.

  14. Bert Gandolf, 42, Current CEO of Gandolf Supermarkets, an Indiana-based chain of 200 stores in 3 states. Current team selected: New York Knights. I find it unfathomable that the World's largest market was not considered for the first season of the league. Expansion team: Boston Rovers, Market is far superior to the others on offer. Would easily provide a rivalry with New York. Next preference is for a team in Quebec City or Ottawa.
  15. RT @NickBromberg: welp