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  1. No one bothered to put up a college basketball season thread yet, so here ya go. And frankly, after the offseason we had, we need the diversion to hoops.
  2. It is the Best of Times, it is the Worst of Times. It is the Age of Wisdom, it is the Age of Foolishness. It is the Epoch of Belief, it is the Epoch of Incredulity. It is the Season of Light, it is the Season of Darkness. It is the Spring of Hope, it is the Winter of Despair. We have most of everything, we have little of anything. We are all headed to Heaven, we are still mired in Hell. In short, this period is so far like the past period, that some of noisiest pundits insist on its being received, for good or for bad, in the superlative degree of comparison only. I am of course comparing the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference of the NBA. Enjoy the season everybody.
  3. @FOXSports @CBBonFOX Anyone who doesn't pick Virginia is an absolute fool.

  4. I'm taking advantage. Is anyone else?
  5. NBA Standardizes their Logos, Design Experts Share Thoughts

    Trophy designs: Stanley Cup Borg-Warner Trophy MLS Cup Grey Cup O'Brien Trophy Lombardi Trophy Commissioner's Trophy
  6. Well, apparently there's this thing called training camp going on, so let's get this thread started, shall we? P.S. I had thought about subtitling this thread "New England and the 31 dwarves", but decided against it.
  7. @StPaulSaints You didn't like the selection shows either, eh?

  8. Your team eliminated? Come on over and get coal dust all over your clothes. Yes, mothers. It's Hot Stove time. Appropriate for the changing temp and conditions. Discuss freely.
  9. MIDWEST 1-KU(Wichita), 2-Cincy(Detroit), 3-Purdue(Nashville), 4-Kentucky(Boise) WEST 1-Xavier(Detroit), 2-Duke(Char…

  10. @PaulPabst Irish. Hokies. No snugness til Brooklyn. At the Death. The Deuce.

  11. NBA Changes 2017-18

    You can strike Dallas off that list:
  12. That also means that for the 80th straight NCAA tournament, we will have a first-time entrant.

  13. Hey TMZ, can you spill the beans on the Sean Miller situation?

  14. Welp, we might not even get the 2026 World Cup.
  15. RT @kanstin: @kenpomeroy I'm curious to see the seed FBI gets in ACC and PAC12 tourneys

  16. RT @FourFourTwoUSA: In 1988, U.S. Soccer laid out plans for a three-tiered men's professional setup with promotion/relegation. Here's wha…

  17. These #Olympics gifs from @BBCSport are awesome. And I say this as an American.

  18. @RescuesDogz @JoshuaGreen There is no bottom for these cretins.

  19. Bert Gandolf, 42, Current CEO of Gandolf Supermarkets, an Indiana-based chain of 200 stores in 3 states. Current team selected: New York Knights. I find it unfathomable that the World's largest market was not considered for the first season of the league. Expansion team: Boston Rovers, Market is far superior to the others on offer. Would easily provide a rivalry with New York. Next preference is for a team in Quebec City or Ottawa.
  20. RT @NickBromberg: welp

  21. @AP_Sports You mean the Vice President #TookASeat?

  22. I've got a better idea: Cancel the all-star game. This goes for all sports.

  23. Super Bowl LII Predictions

    My heart has a better brain than my head. I'll just stop there rather than ramble on.
  24. Super Bowl LII Predictions

    Patriots 38, Eagles(whom, reluctantly, I'm rooting for(Tactical Rooting)) 13
  25. @mid_madness #AllProgramsMatter