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  1. The PMS-metallic version is the best on-screen replication of the actual colors. It seems a lot of what's floating around is the CMYK version, which makes the gold look bronze and the grey look teal on screen. I have no idea what the CMYK version looks like when printed in the actual CMYK process, but ideally, the CMYK color mix would be best matched to the metallic, or the conversion created by PANTONE would be used. Either way, CMYK is never what you want to use for screen display as it is a print-specific color space.
  2. Here's a good look at what the colors are meant to look like. Not bronze, not teal.
  3. That looks really nice. The solid black numbers are clean, and are the correct complement to the solid black shoulder and pant in my opinion. The orange trim they’ve always used is too much. I prefer using the orange as a solid field like the socks and helmet. Other than that, I might consider a non-tapered pant stripe. I’ve also never liked the reversed coloring of the tiger stripes on the sleeve of the white jersey. Figuring that out is another challenge. One thing that’s bothered me about these Color Rush uniforms is that they plopped the exact same block numerals on a bunch of teams. I would have preferred some teams use their current numerals or maybe an authentic block style from the throwback era they were inspired by.
  4. 5 days left to grab it. Needs some help to get printed:
  5. I'm not being foolish. I'm pointing out the flaws in your logic. No team "owns" a stripe across the chest of a jersey any more than a team "owns" a stripe along the bottom hem of a jersey. Montréal owns the blue stripe with white trim across the chest of a red jersey, and those specifics make all the difference.
  6. What do you mean by "broad-stroke vector look that the Concepts folder craps out on a daily basis?"
  7. Even "ripping off" all the teams who wear or wore two color stripes just like this around the arms, waist and socks (Canucks, Devils, Jets, etc.)? Montréal don't got no stripe on their white jersey, anyway. :-)
  8. The gold color represents the brewing community in the ones that utilize it according to the design notes on the website. Again, huh? The current flag is in zero ways better than any of the finalists. Not in color, not clarity, not meaning, not symbolism, not iconography, not recognizability, nothing. There's a reason it is routinely graded the worst flag. The worst of the worst. Even redesigning the current flag would yield a flag with far too many elements and too much detail. There's a reason country flags rarely contain anything but color blocks and simple, easily identifiable icons. Each of the finalists instantly takes Milwaukee out of the basement as far as city flags go, and I think a couple of them even move it near the coveted "top 15 or so." Give it time and the new flag will relegate the old one to a fun trivia tidbit that post-millennials will show their friends on their Minority Report-inspired interfaces at sleepovers. "OMG. The flag used to look like WHAT!?"
  9. I think it looks nice a head-only mark. Would make a good circle logo like their old third jersey as well. Curious question for those of you who don't like the placement of the TV numbers. What would you think of having the TV number inside the stripe so that they are "properly" below the logos, but also allowed the patches to remain on the sleeve, which is undoubtedly the preferred location if they're going to use the captain tags.
  10. You mean like 99% of all hockey jersey until the 90s? :-)
  11. Similar gold outline? The team's accent color is gold, so of course it has a gold outline. As for the rumors, well, they are rumors for a reason and should be treated as such. The reason the logo doesn't have fangs is because, as the team explained to everyone, they wanted a stately, mature pose that's not overly intimidating and they wanted a shield with arched lettering inspired by the 101st Airborne crest (I believe the owner was a member in the 1970s). I assure you there was no last second change to get rid of any fangs or to deviate from the Jaguars. I can also assure you that designers look far and deep when researching for these projects. There's no way to half-ass the inspiration phase of creating an identity like this. Keep in mind that there is also a brief involved. If a client asks you for a logo that is inspired by the 101st Airborne crest, chances are you're going to end up with a Panther in a shield as opposed to, say, something that completely misses the brief.
  12. Well said. Regarding your comment about the numbers, using red trim on the blue numbers results in overly dark, heavy numbers, and using blue trim on the white numbers, while in theory connecting them to the logo more, actually disconnects them from the element they're meant to connect to: the stripes! I see the point in wanting more blue to tie into the logo, because on its own, the jersey has a strange color balance like you said, but on the players, I think there is a perfect amount of blue to connect to the logo. The breezers, hem stripe and collar do the job well for me. If you really need an extra jolt of blue, I think a better option would be to use blue for the nameplate lettering or even the TV numbers. The smaller outlines on the TV numbers eliminate the scale relationship that makes the gold outlined numbers work so well with the jersey stripes anyway, and using solid blue would connect those elements to the solid blue collar and hem as well.
  13. Because skating down the ice with your arms up is really common? Honestly, I think this is really getting blown out of proportion. I've seen plenty of rugby shirts where the chest band stops at the side seam. It will look fine.
  14. Maybe you just have bad taste? :-)