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  1. andrewharrington

    Re-Designed Buffalo Bills Logo

    i think it has to stay red. maybe a red outline on a nickel helmet? but i dunno, i think the helmet has to either be red or white. how bout nickel instead of white as the outline? something to play around with.
  2. andrewharrington

    What NFL logos do you want brought back?

    the browns are actually using a brown block B inside a brown football outline with a brown/orange/brown horizontal stripe in the middle as their "primary." i hate the panthers logo altogether. they got trumped by jacksonville from the get go. maybe if it was a whole cat or just a new design, i dunno, i hate it and both the wordmarks, and the colors and the uniforms too, but i do like them as a football team. go figure haha. the bears, jets, and chargers should definitely return those logos, the bears not on the uniform though. i want to do a concept with that chargers logo because it is really good, and they need an update. maybe a little powder blue and some yellow pants? the broncos should update the old D logo with the bronco in it. they could even use the current bronco, add some legs, and slap a good D on there. but of course they would have to change back to the royal blue first.
  3. andrewharrington

    DiscrimiBattle XXI

    that IS very close to the playstation font isnt it? haha i couldnt figure it out.
  4. andrewharrington

    Re-Designed Buffalo Bills Logo

    if i may offer my analysis again, i believe the intention was to both streamline and modernize the current logo, hence the replacement of the tapered block stripe with the new attractive one, and also to incorporate the bills third color as well, which is why you see royal blue AND dark blue here. this is GREAT work. taking out the unnecessary stuff made a huge difference.
  5. andrewharrington

    Retro Logo Contest

    oop. it got jpegged pretty bad. the pseudo five o'clock shadow is not meant to be, as is the phantom color in the faded B logo. such is life. enjoy.
  6. andrewharrington

    Retro Logo Contest

    your new bills logo right there is probably the colest thing ive seen in a while. removing those extras totally made the difference. GREAT work. okay, heres mine. remember brownie, the lil elf from the browns of the 40s and 50s? well he needed a little update, so what inspires you the most for a logo update of a small person? thats right, the notre dame leprechaun of course. the logo here is actually an inspiration from the ORIGINAL leprechaun, back when ND used green a lot. when i drew him up, i rounded the head off, added a full mane of elf hair, lost the beard, made him a little angry, drew his arms in a more proper football carrying/stiffarm position, etc. i combined the browns color scheme with the old school colors from the original, i.e. skin tone and sleeves/pants color. instead of the greay football of the original, i gave him the new browns B football logo to hold. finally, i enlarged that football and faded it out to create a composite logo. this was a fun project and a fun logo. props to retromaniac for creating the contest.
  7. andrewharrington

    Pittsburgh Steelers concept

    yeah, overall i dont really like this. i really wanted to do more with the uniform and the logo, becasue they look so similar to now, but i just drew blanks, and any grey accent i tried to add made it look like the raiders, and lots of fonts were too cute for the steelers and it was just a mess, so i just decided to go uber-traditional and just make some subtle changes.
  8. andrewharrington

    Re-Designed Buffalo Bills Logo

    EXCEPT for the blue mohawk design and the red tips (that means picture it without them), it totally does keep the traditional simplicity of the bills silhouette AND incorporates the third color into the logo, reselting in . . . drumroll . . . better uniform continuity and a much more attractive overall logo while still having the classic bills flaverrrr. (that new stripe youve created is far superior to the old tapered block one)
  9. andrewharrington

    DiscrimiBattle XXI

    subtle steelers changes removed yellow stripe from helmet changed font of 'steelers' insode logo to same as that of wordmark consolidated sleeve stripes into one changed number font and added grey outline (that IS the color of steel, isnt it?) added grey stripe to pants stripe added a black pair of pants for the away EDIT - see page 2
  10. andrewharrington

    Arizona Cardinals Logo Concept

    i agree it does look much better, but yes the top of the head is a lil off. maybe more of a sweep instead of a curl like jm said. maybe lose that little sideburn and just let the face line sweep up to the crest feathers.
  11. andrewharrington

    Indianapolis Colts concept

    now THAT ^ is the right thing to do.
  12. andrewharrington

    I can't stop. Bengals & Browns New Logos

    id like the browns one if you dont mind. thank you.
  13. andrewharrington

    Re-Designed Buffalo Bills Logo

    lose the red on the tips of his fur and the blue mohawk thing above the stripe, and youve effectively modernized, beautified, and incorporated the bills new colors into their logo. (its still only 2 colors as of now) so for all you naysayers up there, THE MODIFICATION IS FUNCTIONAL. it incorporates the bills third color. so ha. great work. simple, FUNCTIONAL, and traditional all at the same time. no offense to the previous posters.
  14. andrewharrington

    Kansas City Chiefs concept

    i originally had a self-created, hand-drawn logo that bascally was an "italicized" arrowhead with smooth instead of bumpy lines and a more modern 'KC' font. i ditched it for a recolored and modernized traditional chiefs logo due to popular demand since this doesnt really have a finished quality yet. im not sure what im gonna do when i redo it. thanks for the comment though.
  15. andrewharrington

    Kansas City Chiefs concept

    i was going for some very native american flava with a team like the chiefs. i took the current colors, darkened and saturated them them to beyond redskins colors, leaving the concept with a classic array of colors with an almost old world muted effect. the basic scheme is DARK CRIMSON, SUNFLOWER, and CHARCOAL. the away jersey is less adorned as far as text goes, but has one extra stripe in the side panel. the home jersey has drop shadow numbers. each of the three pants can be worn with either jersey without mismatching the stripes. (something i made it a point to do) enjoy and let me know what you think. P.S. Sorry for the MS Paint quality. EDIT - BY SUGGESTION, I TRIED USING THE "TRADITIONAL" CHIEFS LOGO AND MODERNIZING IT. LOOKS PRETTY GOOD.
  16. andrewharrington

    Ironbirds Concept

    got some help for ya. if you use the BEZIER tool to outline the section you want colored, then SELECT YOUR FILL COLOR, etc. from the fill dialogue, you will get your color. (use NO STROKE on color fill areas to avoid phantom lines) after your color is there, SEND IT BACK a layer until you see the lines you want to show. then when you have everything all finished, you can SELECT IT ALL and GROUP IT so it moves as one. rule of thumb is PICTURE EVERYTHING AS INDEPENDENT SHAPES AND LAYERS instead of as a white "canvas."
  17. andrewharrington

    DiscrimiBattle XXI

    get up to the top, this is going to be a steelers redesign shootout.
  18. andrewharrington

    Bengals in action

    tigers actually have striped skin, not fur. anyway, i think the bengals are a good team to pull off an all black look. im not sold on the white side stripe though. white tigers are puh retty rare.
  19. andrewharrington

    Kansas City Chiefs concept

    im proud of this one. thanks for the feedback, friends.
  20. andrewharrington

    Indianapolis Colts concept

    i realize its a stretch as far as colts tradition goes and i guess ya cant please everyone, but, well i dont agree with the quote in previous post becasue A. the only remaining brown is kicker matt stover and B. that move totally killed the browns-steelers rivalry. it doesnt even feel bitter anymore. browns-ravens is more of a rivalry now. fo shame. i sure do hate the ravens though.
  21. andrewharrington

    Some logo questions

    you can still see that steel logo on most metal whipped cream cans.
  22. andrewharrington

    Arizona Cardinals Logo Concept

    i like the original shape, but i think these are the two key missing elements: instead of the top creat feathers making an arch shape, try flipping them vertically so the make a U shape and point upward. also, i think simply a longer beak would make a big difference.
  23. andrewharrington

    My NFL Re-Design Project

    I like the cardinals logo, and i really agree with a color change for denver (same logo, old colors) but the steelers logo is a trademark. check the back of your average metal whipped cream can, and you will see the pittsburgh steel company logo: three diamonds in a circle. i am entering the discrimichallenge XXI with a steelers concept soon, so let me know what you think once its up. rock on.
  24. andrewharrington

    Arizona Cardinals Concept

    this is very awesome. i love the logo,but maybe a little black or something could go a long way?
  25. andrewharrington

    Arizona Cardinals Logo Concept

    i love the lines, but i believe it should be all red, since it is a cardinal. also, id like to see the eyes chnged to something not completely black. great idea though.