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  1. How is this one, as a gold alternate. I think it keeps with their traditional look as well.
  2. This is how I have felt of what the Celtics alternate should somewhat be like. I know that this is in paint, but that is all that I have for right now. I know that having an alternate in black for blacks sake, but I tried a gold color and it didn't look well and I thought I wouldn't go completely black. Also, I just didn't like having a Celtics alternate in green again.
  3. New Bobcats: Corey Maggette (Bucks) New Rockets: Jeremy Lin (Warriors)
  4. New Clippers: Chris Paul (Hornets) & Chauncey Billups (Nuggets/Knicks)
  5. The horse is Nokota. Lakota is another Siouian tribe. Stand corrected! Thank you and I should know better as my grandmother grew up in North Dakota. I think a logo design of the Nokota horse could be pretty good.
  6. Hawks: Tracy McGrady (old team - Pistons) Jerry Stackhouse Vladimir Radmanovic (old team: Warriors) Pacers: David West (old team: Hornets) George Hill (old team: Spurs) Celtics: Keyon Dooling (old team: Bucks) Greg Steimsma (from the D-League) Brandon Bass (old team: Magic) with Rajon Rondo Spurs: T.J. Ford (old team: Pacers)
  7. Clippers: Griffin, Jordan (now #6), Kaman (now traded to Hornets), and Butler Caron Butler (old team - Mavericks)
  8. UND should probably have their new nickname after the state horse; the Lakotas. North Dakota Lakotas don't sound too bad, but Bison would sound better. Except North Dakota State University already has Bison has theirs.
  9. New Knicks: Mike Bibby (old team: Heat/ Wizards/ Hawks) Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire, with Tyson Chandler (old team: Mavericks) New Mavericks: Lamar Odom (old team: Lakers) Vince Carter (old team: Suns/ Magic) Mavericks w/ new additions Vince Carter, Lamar Odom, and Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man (oops... Shawn Marion). New Bucks: Mike Dunleavy (old team: Pacers) Stephen Jackson (old team: Bobcats) with Brandon Jennings New Heat: Eddy Curry (old team: Knicks) Shane Battier (old team: Grizzlies/ Rockets) New/ Old Celtics: Marquis Daniels (old team: Kings/ Celtics) He was previously #7 & #8 when he played for Celtics before.
  10. New Magic: Glen Davis (old team: Boston Celtics) Gabe Pruitt Larry Hughes Von Wafer (old team: Boston Celtics)
  11. Why doesn't the NBA just change the rule that white uni's are for away and the color uni's are for home? Since, most NBA teams like to wear their alternates at home.
  12. I also wrote in for Springfield Legends. Good choices!
  13. Anyone notice the tree inside of the wolf, as well? It is in the silver/ gray part of the wolf.
  14. Why does the baseball look so much like a tennis ball instead? That might need some touch up!
  15. Instead of having Black alternates for the C's, maybe try having Gold alternates. Only the Kings have Gold alternates so far.