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  1. mantleisthebest7

    NASL Revival

    I can certainly consider resurrecting it, I think it'd be fun right now im spending alot of time trying to fix my All-Star logo series (which im having unfortunately no luck with ) but when I find the time I would love to resurrect this. I'm going to try and find the old images sometime and repost them. I'll keep you guys posted. Glad to see that there is interest in this again, thank you
  2. mantleisthebest7

    MLS Concept: Buffalo

    Sweet idea, i think its a great start and I love how you made basically everything on the logo mean something refererring either to the city or it's history. My only two gripes i think would be to 1) drop the gradients on both the nickel and the text and make them solid colors, and 2) make the "BUFFALO" and "EST. 2014" the same font as "NICKEL CITY" and "SC". Then i think it'd be an A+ job. Great colors as well, can't wait to see some uniforms! Keep it up!
  3. mantleisthebest7

    My First Concept: 2010 MLB ASG

    That's TEN times better than mine!! Mine was just a lousy Angel star lol and yours just totally pops and screams all-star game. Great work, I as well am looking forward to more!
  4. mantleisthebest7

    Quad City Mallards jerseys

    Those colors look fantastic together in my honest opinion. Really unique look. And the alternate is pretty sweet as well. I'd say that this is a winner!
  5. mantleisthebest7

    Uniforms that need to make a comeback

    Goin old school with these here. This is my favorite White Sox uniform that they've ever wore, and I think a comeback to this would be great: (Hall of Famer Luke Appling featured) The Braves need to tweak thier current uniforms to look something like this, and then it'd become the best uniform in baseball. (HOFer Warren Spahn) And last but not least.... The Tigers should drop the orange outline on the road wordmark as well as the front numbers and they'd have a winner like this beautie here: (HOFer Charlie Gehringer)
  6. mantleisthebest7

    Boston Pilgrims' baseball concept

    This is terrific, a flawless job. I absolutely LOVE the throwback, everything about it looks sharp. Great job, I have no complaints here. Keep up the great work!
  7. mantleisthebest7

    Single Color Sigs

    Jake, the sig you did for me is awesome, perfect job! Thanks a million!
  8. mantleisthebest7

    Mantle's NHL Re-design series

    I assume you meant watermarked bolt, rather than wordmarked. Otherwise, nice concept. Oh, yes. Thanks for cathcing that, i didnt even realize what i'd said lol. Thanks!
  9. mantleisthebest7

    Mantle's NHL Re-design series

    Okay, thanks for the input on the socks, i appreciate it. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve them? Is there anything else for Tampa Bay from anyone?
  10. mantleisthebest7

    Rays vs A's Retro Saturday

    I may be in the majority when I say this but, those unis have always been one of my favorites and I personally think they look great. Wish I couldve watched this game somewhere to see them in action! Here's my only question though - did they get the batting helmets to match too?
  11. mantleisthebest7

    International soccer sigs, with clubs now

    great work on the Real Salt Lake one, its perfect! Thanks a million!
  12. mantleisthebest7

    Best, most fitting team nicknames

    Not trying to be a homer here, but i've always thought that a few of colleges and universities here in Utah are pretty well named. Utah Utes - named after Native American tribe which the state was named after BYU Cougars - large amounts of cougars live in the Wasatch Mountains, near the location of BYU (Provo) Utah State Aggies - Logan (USU's location) and it's surrounding area contain great amounts of farmland and are among the biggest farms in Utah Weber State Wildcats - Much like BYU, Weber State (Ogden, UT) is located near a mountainous area which is home to many wild animals, including Cougars and other considered "Wildcats" And to prove im not trying to be a homer lol, here's other names from all sports which i think are well-named: Phoenix Suns Arizona Diamondbacks Phoenix Coyotes Texas Rangers Houston Astros Dallas Mavericks Oklahoma City Thunder Dallas Cowboys San Jose Earthquakes D.C. United Philadelphia Union Portland Trail Blazers Washington Nationals Dallas Stars Florida Panthers and the list goes on....
  13. mantleisthebest7

    Single Color Sigs

    These are awesome! May I request the following sig: (all colored black) Utah Jazz (Primary) Indianapolis Colts (Primary) University of Utah (Primary) Real Salt Lake (Primary) Salt Lake Bees (Cap logo - Bee in batting stance) Anahiem Mighty Ducks (Duck mask and cross sticks primary) Thanks in advance and take all the time you need!
  14. mantleisthebest7

    Mantle's NHL Re-design series

    Alright, Tampa Bay is finally up. Now on my previous post, I mentioned that Tampa Bay would have something that no other uniform in NHL history has ever had. That my friends, is what I present to you today. Yes, the template is new, but that isn't it. Your eyes aren't fooling you - that is indeed a "watermarked" lightning bolt, much like you see with some designs on soccer kits (Russia's new kits for example). That is the big experiment i've been hoping to try, and when I came across Tampa Bay, they seemed like the perfect team to try it out on. Not much else to say, tell me what you think!
  15. mantleisthebest7

    International soccer sigs, with clubs now

    Great sigs, these are absolutely awesome! May I request a Real Salt Lake one that says "no place like home"? Thanks in advance! And please by all means, take your time. No rush whatsoever